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JACKI-O lyrics

Picture Perfect

Original and similar lyrics
Picture perfect Hustler [3x] 8 by 10 Picture perfect Hustler (y'all chicas take a picture of me) Picture perfect Hustler [3x] (Y'all haters take a picture of me) Picture perfect Hustler, 8 by 10. Picture perfect Hustler [4x], 8 by 10 [repeat] See I keep a nigga waitin, he hoes hatin, they wanna fight I did this crack on snake skin Force playing but I don't cheat I been married to the streets that these hoes still datin He like my energy he say that I got stamina He love my lips he think they pink but they just lavender He lick me up in the tub before I have it up I ain't fucked I bust a nut and tell him 'Pass the dutch' I get the Benzes and y'all bitches get the Maximus Cause you lay there when you fuck a man I suck him like I'm Dracula He think he ....... He wanna brag to his friends so I let him take my picture with his I-Phone I'm the main attraction and y'all just commercials Y'all hatin hoes tight and I ain't talkin detergent So don't be acting like we friends get to the point like a pen And when you take my picture make sure it's an 8 by 10 Picture perfect Hustler [4x], 8 by 10 [repeat] See I shine for my city, my lights don't dimmer My rocks on shimmer and I kill'em and grill'em They look like they suckin lemon cause they mad cause I'm winnin And they growlin like they bears but they softer than chinchilla I know a whole lotta hatin hoes, but I got Henny Cause when I check'em they act like I'm speaking spanish You never seen a balls bitch? Here, one up! And you ain't gotta blow my spot, here bitch - blow cock I'm a level 10 chinchatter, 305 better rims Jack the ripper walking while there ain't a bitch that's better than I'm the realest thing in Miami, y'all been fooled Y'all fake rappers playing hookie but I take you to school I'm sewing what I reap, what I cook I keep And best believe I ain't the last one in the kitchen to eat So take a picture cause you looking at a chick on lean and when you take it please make sure it's a 8 by 10 Picture perfect Hustler [4x], 8 by 10 [repeat]


JARREN BENTON "Freebasing With Kevin Bacon"
Oh my God, man What the fuck is going on, man? I can't feel my fucking face, dude, I can't feel my fucking face, dude. Oh my God, oh my God! Mom, mom! 2pac back, 2pac dead, see I ain't put a price on his head. Walk with a motherfuckin knife by my leg, woke up with a couple dikes in the bed. Random nigga but like it don't care, rainman holed all up in the head. I'm so big, don't knock with the mess, back hand hoes and I'm out with they friend. Okay, Jarren, sweep the leg, basket list and easter eggs The cameraman take that danger, she don't need them, I'm gonna keep the head. Murder, murder, kill, kill, atleast that's what the reaper said. And I know why I'd rather save these bullets and make you eat the lead. Get it? I said, eat the lead, Hit a motherfucker with the infrared There my bad man link for it, sneak in niggas, you ain't affair. Go home, nig', best knock us neat, and you bitch will be in the band Call that bitch, meant the brand, that's 'cause hard names melt the brand. What's the hard need won't if you don't? I said, than I'm gonna lent my brake. Shot myself in the leg, look down at it then it bled. I didn't need that piece so I cut it off and threw it in the shed Yes, I got five mighters on my hand, bitch, I'm no kid the friend. Two, girl, but I got a rule, girl, that I go through you bitch when I do you I'm gonna leave you next time I see ya, I will act like I never knew ya Call from cuba back to the future, then I scuba dive in aruba With two losers bitch I'm cooler, Jarren Benton, a ruler. You're stuck in a piece like Luda, bitch, I'm about my good up Yes, I fuck that hoes and we get ice cream on some brusters. Bitch, I'm stuck in this small and I might just rip your spine now. Grown up as same dope and fucked up Amy Winehouse. I'm out, sike back in, mac ten, I make you do a fucking back spin Sipping coke and cab. Diable, slam the motherfucker in the trashcan. Legend in the making, bitches wanna rape 'em White boys' mad, 'cause I free based with Kevin Bacon. Shout out to my chick and eating niggas down in megan. And if these niggas sleeping, we're about to wake 'em. I got hoes on my dick, don't you think that's sick? Why? Bitch, literally, I got hoes on my dick. Jumping out on cobra starships wanna start Shit, I'm a punch a hole in your chest, rip out your fucking heart and beat it. Rap game's anargon, got these niggas panicking Whoop a nigga's ass and I ride wid 'em in the ambulance. I'm I'll enough to blow a hole in my dick, And this is just the intro, so niggas, know that I'm sick. Oh my God, oh my God! Mom, mom! Mom! Preston is freebasing with Kevin Bacon Starring Jarren Benton and Kato Oh my God, mom! Mom! My dick is falling off! Mom, my dick's falling off, mom! Mom! Mom, I can't see my dick anymore, mom! MOM! MOM! This track was ready. Mom! Mom! Hey, mom! Oh my God.

Hoes Can Be Like Niggas

THREE 6 MAFIA "Hypnotize Camp Posse"
(feat. Lil Chat) I'm sick and tried of coward bitches taking advantage of me I told these hoes that I can't go I grip my crown three-eighty I keep my distance from these bitches cause they are with that shit Ain't got no choice these hoes be clicking Lil Chat can't fuck with no bitch I'd rather kick it by my lonely cause I'm all that I need I'd rather kick it by my lonely cause I don't share my weed You see most of these niggas See they do not know Gone call Lil Chat that come with flow that make you kick in them does So most of you hoes that be trying to run dope Fuck'em hong'em by the rope befoe I grab you in a chock Tossing foties hold up shorty niggsa there ain't no love Don't give a fuck bout what you say and I don't play with that bud I'm hitting a seven on my row cause you can't fuck with a mac If you fuck up no hesitation I'm gone go get my gat I got my block I slang my rocks I'm now busting down them streets That chick so hot my baby daddy got the vest watching me [chorus 2x's] Hoes can be like niggas and pull triggas slang dope up on a curve and droppin bodies in the river I said Hoes can be like niggas and pull triggas slang dope up on a curve and droppin bodies in the river playa My everyday race is different places Yeah I'm about that chedder When I got my glock my drank and smoke I'm guaranteed to feel better A real true thug ass bumping slugs Ain't got no hoe in my blood These fake ass bitches throwing falses so I show them no love Ol' shit tell my why these bitches be bringing me ana They must don't know where I stay So strapped on situations I handle We could be feddy I be ready to release out these slugs You pump your nuts its going down Bitch you better be strapped up Hoes you should think before you start cause once you start I'm gone finish I guarantee your so called niggas ain't gone want to get in it Can't catch me slipping You fucked up I keep ny nine in my truck They call me that phyco bitch that't leaving you dead on your porch A bad ass bitch that's making sure I'm teaching all hoes a lesson Muthafuck a friend I don't need no friend My friend is spim'em west'in Grab that skee mask off my dresser and that rifle to get ya Just letting you know that I'm the bitch with no decision but kill ya [chorus 2x's]

Bat A Bitch

B.G. "Chopper City In The Ghetto"
I back the fuck out the bitch quick cause these hoes ain't shit they good for open mix shit i put they mind on my dick gotta put my ???, keep my hoes in check if i let them disrespect then they always gone disrespect always have these hoes in line, never whine or dine break them off nine, kick them in they fucking behind its necessary to pimp, gotta mac on these hoes don't be paying for these hoes, put that bozack on these hoes the B.G. don't give a mannie mutha fuck bust a nut and I'm up I'm the type that fucking duck you see the push come to rub rub come to shove, these hoes out for jingles so you can't show no love pimping ain't easy but you do it cause you gotta knock her and chia pop her, ignore her nigga drop her i know my dick got power, leave a pussy sour pump it hour after hour, stank bitches gone shower I see bitches handeling niggas, hoe try to be hard nigga don't let them pull your card, if they down be saw i leave a pussy hole cheezy, greasy once again nigga pimpin' ain't easy (Chorus)2x Pimpin' ain't easy, gotta keep these hoes from talking back Hoe I'm your daddy respect it or get batted Ain't nothin' but a G thang baby these stank ass hoes going crazy (Baby) I'm so down but still hard on these stank hoes what the pimp of C.M.R do to them be so cold i'm still taxing these wanna be bitch niggas I sell the coke by the pound on these bitch niggas (B.G.) These hoes like mosquitoes, sucking dick and lickin nuts ridin these '96 blue trucks (Baby) You want a pound of coke come with a hundred g's half of pound of coke, selling them for 50 g's you can't afford that find me on V.L street and we front you niggas right before the ??? (B.G.) Whole keys, half keys for 10 5 Four in a half for 16 25 (Baby) I'm straight fronting my coke nigga uptown no disrespect I don't sell to niggas downtown stick where I'm from thats where I be so I can see my muthafuckin money on the streets we're the baddest bitches in this fucking city (B.G.) One short, one tall, and one a dog (Baby) But see that dog bitch nigga she gone catch hell but she gone trick, suck dick and stack mail I beat a bitch like Ike every chance I get I beat a nigga like Joe beat Mike at ??? And I'm gone rep and stunt till I just can't quit and I'm gone keep my diamonds to blind a bitch (B.G.) I wanna see all my homies get on they feet ride camaros, sittin on momos lexus with D's and Vos, pimpin ain't easy but it less??? (Chorus) (Mannie Fresh) Cash Money in the power, you bitches in the Eddy Bouwer a whole city of niggas that follow, the thangs I do, the way I walk, the way I talk, the shit I buy, the shit I bought see I gets more pussy than cotex, I sport rolex, purchase with bad checks just to get with me, sit with me get a pit for me, bitch you ain't shit to me cause I done gave more dick that a calio got bricks she used to be your hoe but thats my bitch that hoe calls me realist, nigga you one of the realist Ding dong, daddys home, to the break of dawn, lets get it on so you can feel it, dick down your spine, I don't mine takin it off, breaking it off, shakin it off, doing it again stickin it in, bringin a friend, cause these niggas be laggin about the bitches they pimpin straight braggin but if your dog was preganent and all you couldn't be taggin the bitches I fuck, the bitches I duck, ask that hoe next to you, that bitch know my truck Mannie Fresh, a.k.a Warning, warning city a big ballin ass pimp comin through (Chorus) (tallking till end)

Perfect Bitch

Fredro Starr "Firestarr"
Perfect Bitch *Fredro talking* Now lemme do the intro What up yo?, yo i'm Smokin this joint right And I was thinkin, what if I could make The perfect bitch, get all the bitches I like Knumsayin?And make my own bitch, fuck that, yo , yo Chorus:3x If I could make the perfect bitch She would look just like th-is If I could make the perfect bitch [Verse 1] She would look like Mya, face like Tamia Lips like Aaliyah, haircut like Nia Wit a twist of Halle, body like Jennifer Physique like Vivica, more soul then Erykah Not to say, bad as Beyonce Typical hood vitch like Mary J, wit a Ass like Janet Jackson, not Toni Braxton Titties like Janet Jackson Wit a splash of Stacey Dash, sittin phat In Prada bags, steppin out the topless jag Skin tone like Ananda, freak bitch like Madonna Wit a lotta Prada, bada like Donna Legs long like Tyra, and strong like Mya The perfect bitch jump into flames of fire Brandy mixed wit Monica, body like Veronica, perfect bitch Chorus:3x [Verse 2] If I could make the perfect bitch She would look just like thid, begettes on her wrist Down on the crist, exotic bitches, switch wigs like Kim Choclate like Fox Boggie, draggin her timbs Wit a smiley face, take the charge my bitch faithful Malibu spilffs is where I take you, wish I was trapped On a island, wavy hair like Kimora Simmions, the baddest Bitch like Trina, wit a ounce of Christina, you might've Seen her brickhouse like Eve, in the black beemer Not to tall like Lisa Leslie, more like Lisa Raye Short a mix wit Lisa'left eye', and Lisa Bonet She kiss the dice when I gamble, catch me cheatin Start a scandal like Taral Hicks, my ghetto Naomi Campbell Eyes like Vaness Wills, dress to killin em softly like Lauryn Hill Chorus:3x Where my down south, perfect bitches at Where my up top, perfect bitches at Where my west coast, perfect bitches at Where my ghetto, perfect bitches at Where my project, perfect bitches at

Picture Perfect World

AVALON "Avalon"
We circle winter, spring, and summer to fall Spend a lifetime tryin' to make some sense of it all Trip over questions raised by fallen men As if there are solutions for the state we're in In a picture perfect world there would be no crime In a picture perfect world we'd be free In a picture perfect word we'd be colorblind But it's all right, I know we'll be cared for All right, a place is prepared for All right, 'cause sooner or later we'll be In the picture perfect world Another summer, autumn, winter and spring We grow accustomed to the nature of things Do we chase the questions we can't figure out And overlook what life is all about? In a picture perfect world there would be no pain In a picture perfect world we'd believe In a picture perfect world love is not in vain But it's all right, I know we'll be cared for All right, a place is prepared for All right, 'cause sooner or later we'll be In the picture perfect world We are here but a moment and then the moment's gone So why spend precious time we can't afford? We have only one purpose before the curtain's drawn With all our lives, for the cause of Christ, we must glorify the Lord In the picture perfect world there will be no pain In the picture perfect world we'll be free In the picture perfect world love is not in vain But it's all right, I know we'll be cared for All right, a place is prepared for All right, 'cause sooner or later we'll be In the picture perfect world

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