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JACKI-O lyrics

I Got Your Boyfriend

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] Hello (hello) can I speak to rochelle (who dis) I'm the bitch that's been all over yo voicemail (what) driving by yo house, taking you through hell can you tell me why our nigga ain't answering his cell (quit playing hoe)naw I ain't playing on yo phone you see me when you see me pussy hoe I'm grown we got a situation straight up on the reala woman to woman girl we sharing that nigga he probley over here when you want a nice thrill in exchange he paying the mortage and the light bill I know you looking sick I ain't tryna cause pain that nigga ain't shit pussy nigga playing games (playing games) tella how you do yo creepness you said you leaving her and you moving in with me (say what) you better tell this chick or show her my picture tell her I'm the new bitch [Chorus:] Hoe I got yo boyfriend, hoe I can take yo man, I can put it on him just like he wanna like (snap) I got yo man (snap) hoe I got yo boyfriend hoe I can make him spend grands I can put it on him just like he wanna like (snap) I got yo man (snap) [Verse 2:] I'm fucked up bout you but trust me I understand you ain't fucking with a bitch then say it be a man I hear you it ain't nothing you can be in my rearview feel you I see how you deal boo just get yo shit together respect your rules I'm a whole lot of things but I ain't a nigga fool you might as well go and come correct treat both the same with the same respect I play for keeps I ain't going no where if she won't leave then we gon' share but we gon' do this shit the right way mondays, wednesdays, fridays gon' be my days when you adding up yo bills add mines to your budget don't be sucking and pucking holding hands in public you better tell her now so she ain't surprised that I'm the new bitch and I'm the a part of yo life [Chorus:] Hoe I got yo boyfriend, hoe I can take yo man, I can put it on him just like he wanna like (snap) I got yo man (snap) hoe I got yo boyfriend hoe I can make him spend grands I can put it on him just like he wanna like (snap) I got yo man (snap) [Bridge:] Guess she can't make it pop pop it like this like this like this bet you she can't make it drop drop it like this like this like this bet you she can't make it pop pop it like this like this like this bet you she can't make it drop drop it like this like this like this. like this like thsi like this [repeat] (I don't want him you can have him hoe)


Cool Breeze "East Points Greatest Hit"
[Featuring Big Boi] (Chorus) Who knows why we won't stop It goes on and on and on.... Who knows why we won't stop (Nobody move nobody make a sound) It goes on and on and on.... Hey My Partna got this way wit his toungue He told ya boy give me tha money wait right here til I'm done And made bomb When we get ya we gon' floss like stars From buyin outfits to everybody drinks at Charles We got them cars Black Range Rover wit bars Big Beama AMG kit with them stars Bro we hard Like when everybody buck at tha park Them girls be screamin Ya'll don't wanna make them start When we say Shhhh! They be quiet When we say jump, They say when When I say get out my face don't preach They do it right then It ain't no mystery my partnas know I'm gangsta as Hell Bustin raps but so first I got some dank ta sell. Four mo bails Three mo blocks two mo owes Ay everybody ridin gatorbacks and rims got chrome All the cribs got gates and all the Kids wear Nikes And ain't nobody girl trippin cause we'll cut of the lights (Chorus) Lets hit tha club Hate ta be a lamppost This tha night we get it tight and see who clockin the most Just bailed in off them dangerous streets Fresh off a Lick 5 G's a piece Me and my favorite gangsta partna did good this mornin We get love from Decatur cause we run this Point It felt good bro runnin off wit all that dough Man I had that nigga lay it down feel it for sho Suckas flexin n' flauntin they gonna buck what they wanna When police look we ask em what tha fuck they want We some high school drop-outs wit high class jobs Gettin weight from outta state And tell em we got robbed Calhoun Jeans brand new ride pockets fat 3 level condos wit a hustle ta match (CHORUS) Boi it's time ta beat the sac man Tha last one I'm burntThats why me and my gangsta partna,Boots?Be dirty from all the workThat we put inNigga got cut up firstThen I stood in We takin it back to reverse 8's Ya'll Niggas thought we couldn't I'm talkin bout that old school shit From the Swats Get so fiery from the Gentlemens club and Cheapinin out ya crops Nigga Don't Stop Magic City right around the block And You know the (?????) on the camps And SouthernPlayalistic drop But I think I'm gonna catch the crib Gotta get up in the mornin and fix some breakfast for my kid And I did boy sho as my name is Dwayne but it ain't My gangsta partna pulled some young bitches at tha skating rink Don't let them niggas smoke up the dank He said nigga what you thank Your gangsta partna turnin cake (CHORUS to fade)

Ain't No Nigga

JAY-Z "Reasonable Doubt"
(feat. Foxy Brown) [Jay-Z] I keep it fresher than the next bitch no need..for you to ever sweat the next bitch ..with speed, I make the best bitch see the exit..indeed, you gotta know your thoroughly respected by me, you get the keys to the Lexus, with no driver you gotcha own '96 suh-in..the ride and keep your ass tighter than Versace thats why you gotta watch your friends you got to watch me they conniving shit the first chance to crack the bank they try me, all they get is 50 cent franks and papayas, from the village to the tele time to kill it on your belly no question I got more black chicks between my sheets than Essence they say sex is a weapon, so when I shoot mmet your death in less than 8 seconds still poundin in my after life.. laugin my shit is tight you who askin right... [Chorus:] Aint no nigga like the one I got no one can fuck you betta sleeps around but he gives me alot keeps you in diamonds and leathers friends 'ill tell me I should leave you alone hah hah, hah hah, hah hah, hah ha tell the freaks to find a man of there own (man a they own, man a they own) [Jay-Z] Fresh to def in Moschino, coach bag lookin half black and filipino fakin no jacks got you a beeper to feel important surrouding your feet in Joanie Dega's and Charles Jordan I keep ya dove but love you know these ho's be makin me weak yall knows how it goes 'b and so I creep Ive been sinnin since you been playin wit Barbie and Ken in you can't change a players game in the 9th inning the chrome rim spinning keeps em grinnin so I run way the fuck up in em and wrinkle the face like linnin I play hard-eh till they say God.. he's keepin it real jigga stay hard lawd don't even trip I never slip, nigga what you dont see is whatcha get weapons concealed what the fuck yall feel when you nigga play sick we can all get ill -whats the deal- [Chorus] [Jay-Z] Yo, aint no stoppin this, no lie promise to stay monogamous, I try but love you know these ho's be makin me weak Y'all knows how it goes B so I stay deep [Foxy Brown] What up boo just keep me laced in the illa snakes bank rolls and shit, back rubs in the french tubs Mackin this bitch, wifee nigga so when you flip that coke remember them days you was dead broke but now your style and I raised you basically made you into a don flippin weight..heroin and shit you know my pussy is all that thats why I get bagets 5 carats and all that From Dolce Gabana to H Vendell I'm ringin bells so who the playa, I still keep you in the illest gators Tailor made so we can lay up in the shade reminiscin on how I fuck the best a shit specially when Im flippin Baileys dont give a fuck about how you move with them other mamis I push da Z, eating shrimp scampi with rocks larger than life Fuck them Reebok broads, you made it known who your wife was I got you frontin in Armani sweaters before this rap shit when you was in letters and bullshit berattas and eek classes with mo in the glasses shows in Cali wit all the flavor suede Bally's now all your mens' up in your benz's high post, I swear you be killin me playin inside my pubic hairs I never worry bout them other chicks cuz you proved who was your wiz when you was spinnin that bitch I took a little when you was up north your comisary stay pilin how you livin large on the island all them collects have me vex but when you come home knew I was comin off wit half of dem checks now we on the rise your diamond mami wit the slanted eyes holdin this grip cocked the green and the shit Fucks no, I see half the dough Made you into a star, pushin hundred thousand dollar cars [Chorus]

Who's Tha M.F.

JUVENILE "Solja Rags"
[First Verse] Nigga just came home from jail look how he played me Kicked my door down took my shit an tied up my ol' lady Now i'm just kick back broke poverty is still in my head hurtin Cuz i know this nigga gotta be killed My good side tellin me let'em slide cuz he aint worth bout my bad side Tell me to kill'em cuz he deserve no mercy Follow my bad side and put a feelin through healin Any motherfucker seekin his business relentless Thoughts goin through my mind nigga had tried to shine I would be bout dat iron in this foolishness frame of mind In the front door actin a donkey wit tha .44 Let a funky snatched the money handle business to momo Tired of havin nothin wearin my brother's clothes Many times i got drove by niggas in front of hoes You know how it be dogg you aint been ballin all your life You was round dat bitch still dirty stealin bikes Buildin escape mobile all fixin the grilled cheese In the store breakin snaps crown derby a key [Chorus: Repeat-8x] Whos the muthaphucka I'm the muthaphucka [Verse Two] You lil boys runnin wanna do somethin c'mon I gotta somethin fo' lil bitch ass your potnas and your grandma Cuz i'm on a killa playa hata type boy you Dont ask me none of that but i'll take a lil of dat Step and i'll cut your breath short like its bestis Should've had your mama sayin 'lord mama child loved'em' They say i'm losin weight boy whats wrong wit you I'm hungry and i'm broke now brake me off wit a bone or two I know a, nigga should be good for that ha But all that nigga had tol' is i aint got it right now Lil bitch you not my round you hoes lay it down Lemme get dat out your potnas better me than them coppas Fa sho yo' hoe, tried to crown me on the block You probably would've got me put dat nine wouldn't stop A witness scored a bag cuz your boy tried to slam me Out chip ass sellin whammies busta wont see his family I let dat nigga slide cuz i been in his shoes too Like twenty-four-seven breath smellin like beaucoup [Chorus: Repeat-8x] Whos the muthaphucka I'm the muthaphucka [Verse Three] I'm runnin wit dat gal thats after niggas wit six figgas To get wit his sign us a wit no repayin Now i'm in it lay wit'um it violate ten and fuck'em juv Set up his to conduct an attitude Look here How many of you niggas ready to start big tymin Look here How many of you niggas wanna be ridin reclinin Diamonds be shinin sippin on heinkens your mind was in a trans Probably takin a chance to his baddest police You kill in the peete and make a million a piece And we'll got off of the streets in there a house in the east I know the answer is no so up into my dad I'm screamin fuck yo' clangin tha five doe Look here When i was young i didnt hardly know shit Bigga ballin would get the medocore nigga noticed So i approach like i was coached refuse in the gun Gangs could be over come if you silence your tongue My name went after choosen one threw out the slump Sense of envy up in these other mennies brains i [Chorus: Repeat-8x] Whos the muthaphucka I'm the muthaphucka

Tha Beehive

LIL' KIM "La Bella Mafia"
[Verse 1 Lil' Kim] Ms. White, that bitch with a thousand looks Come through with a thousand crooks I just know what it takes to get this money like Blow Catch a body, get a face lift, disappear like Pablo Ya'll niggas think I won't jump in the heap Well let's dance... you lames is finished I serve all ya'll cowards like a game of tennis Act like you want some of this and I'm a give you the business You see the yellow and the black, you know what it's about Wrinkled assed niggas this iron'll straighten you out I got thugs in the east, thugs in the south That'll stick with a AIDS needle and piss in your mouth I kept 'em on a leash and now it's time to let 'em lose Better pray to Jehovah, the game is over Don't ever, ever, ever, ever underestimate Lil' Kim the postergirl of 718 Ride outta town with my nigga, holdin' his weight After it's cooked, chopped them eights the size of plates You bitches ain't been through shit, you just minors What you know about stuffin' half a bricks in your vagina It's the dick licker, it's the... the baby sipper Ain't a bitch alive can make a nigga cum quicker Baby girl pussy get wetter than a shower cap Got my mans back like a Jansport napsack And Queen Bee gon' bring you nothin' but heat Homicide is lookin' for me for killin' this beat You in the wrong department, this the upperclass section and you hoes is startin' to irritate me like a yeast infection Good heavens, somebody get the Monostat 7 And hit me why don'tcha, hit me why don'tcha The boss lady, I hold it down for my babies Rappers better run and hide 'cause here comes the Beehive! [Verse 2: Reeks] Yo It's your boy, Money Cash, I get love in the streets Breeze in' dro colored Benz's with dutch colored seats Lay in the crib on Tuesdays, duckin' the sweep Nigga jump off, then get pumped off your feet I'm like Rostein, low key and brilliant with numbers I'm tryna blow sticky in Brazil with the Hummer If you spittin' and I'm grippin' this tech Then that's 32 shots, I throwback like Mitchell and Ness Man, I'm a project nigga, still piss on the steps And keep the brim on my fitted a little twist to the left I play the block, fifth in my sweats, reppin' my set It's Rossie from the pharmacy, get it correct [Chorus: Kim] The Beehive! Fuckin', fuckin' Fuckin' with the Teflon bitch from the Stuy Fuckin' with the Tef-Teflon bitch Beehive! Fuckin' with the Teflon bitch from the Stuy Now putcha hands around your mouth and holler out The Beehive! [Verse 3: Bunky S.A.] Yo, it's Bunky S to the A, and my guns ain't warm Beatin' niggas close to death with my house slippers on You ain't a thug cocksucka, you a coward to front Fuck your project, your building got flowers in front Every chick I roll with, OZ in the cunt I was OT in Mass, pushin' flower for months Sprinklin' gun powder, all ova the haze on my blunt I spit a hundred and fifty bars when I'm blazin' 'em out 'Cause I can do that with razor blades up in my mouth Forget a hotel, I'm fuckin' shorty right on the couch Any rap shit I ever barked on, to hot to handle And my rims bigger than lower Manhattan manholes Listen up for 2003 tan rover Stash box hold guns like Afgan soldiers Wanna murda 16, we the niggas you call Queen Bee and Gotti Kids, muthafuck all ya'll [Chorus] [Verse 4: Vee] (Uh, yo) Im Vee The Kid, that's the name I earned in the streets 'Cause my bars so hot, it be burnin' the beats Melt my pen, I have slugs meltin' your chin When I throw you over the bridge, who helpin' you swim you better wear a metal hat when you rappin' on stage Or have my bullets like , packin' your waves Or snatch your face off like I'm Nicolas Cage And it could be five of ya'll, puttin' eight in your grave 'Cause niggas think they hard, but they softer than bread When them shells hit your throat, you be coughin' up lead The next step is to off you, dead I'ma cut your fuckin' head off and have Kim auction your head (Beehive) See the kid don't rap for love, I rap for checks Even if I know you, I demand respect And if I put you in the body bag, your man is next The Advakid and Queen Bee gon' leave the game in a mess (The Beehive) [Chorus] [Verse 5: Goldie] It's young Goldie, the Advakid, a put you to rest I ride around with two 38's tucked in my sweats A pump in trunk and a nine under the seat Enough ammo to blow the earth from under your feet (Beehive) And we got cake for killas like Hyde and Jeckyl Snippers put red dots on your face like freckles Don't make me have to reach for the lead You'll think the bullets was rain drops how they all hit your head I'm that slim kid that they say is probably hot She only with me 'cause of what she think I probably got Am I gon' be with her for long, probably not Unless you're cute and suck a dick like a lollipop Niggas talk about guns and they just bust caps Niggas talk aboit ki's whey they just flip packs When it come to my money, suggest you gimmie that 'Cause ya'll know bullets fly in pairs like Pitti pat (Beehive) [Chorus] Now putcha hands around your mouth and holler out The Beehive!

Paper Chase

JAY-Z "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life"
(feat. Foxy Brown) [Foxy Brown] Uhh, uhh, uh-huh Uhh (paper chase) Bonnie n Clyde Y'all motherfuckers know how it's goin down (gotta get that paper y'all) That's right, uhh (Uh-huh uh, yeah, Roc-a-Fella, yeah Paper chase y'all, paper chase WHAT Uh) Greyhound bitch, stay down bitch Bout to set up shop with Jay, round this bitch Half a brick of yea, bout to lay down this bitch (til November) Nah, I'm here to like slay down this bitch What you think I don't wanna have to spray down this bitch Call my whole team, from around the way down this bitch I'm tryin to stay down this bitch, play down this bitch Had a sound, so my nigga Jay drown the six Roll the windows down and, weight round this bitch But there's a couple things 'fore it's OK round this bitch Gotta talk to the natives, let em know I'm here for all to get the paydays, first I line up all the haters I got jobs for ya, drop stars for ya More arms than Green Bay's Brett Favre for ya Money providentials hope that's not a problem for ya If so, Jigga be here, day after tomorrow for ya (That's right!) [Chorus: Foxy, Jay-Z] [F] Gotta get that paper dog [F] Gotta touch that, love that, paper dog, uhh! [J] Gotta get that paper dog [J] Gotta have that grab that paper dog! [F] Gotta get that paper dog [F] Gotta spend that, bend that, split that, get that [J] Gotta get that paper dog [J] When I needs that, G stack, tell me where the weed's at [Jay-Z] I got my two guns, I came to scoop ones A down ass bitch and she down to click Got a nice little hooptie that I get around with And my plan is, not to leave this town til I'm rich Gotta find a nigga sellin all them ounces and shit Tell them get down with the click or get found in a ditch See I drop down and strip, I turn around and spit Not to hit em, just to let em know the sound of shit Return later that evening in the club with Fox And I got the snub nosed for those that love to box I'm in search of them young niggaz that hug the block all day, til it's like gray outside Shoot dice talkin shit all day outside And even when it's hot, they outside Let em know, how it's gon' go, Bonnie n Clyde And aiyyo, you will want me on your side [Chorus] [Jay-Z] Yo, yeah, I got that stress and I got it the best I ain't got it to give but I got it to test And if you wanna get down, all you gotta invest is your time, I gotta move this in a, week or less For the next couple of days I brought her all I posess The Rolex, necklaces with the VVS Twin to drive in the passenger with a TV rest For my top draft picks I cop the new GS Now all the little soldiers wanna roll with my team Cause I ain't sold em a dream, I just showed em the cream Picked em up in the afternoons and told em some things You know the regular shit you do when you moldin them teens Yo, never lay your head where you holdin them things From family, to your business, nothing goes in between Never feared no man, put four in his Beem Drop your gun then, blow the scene, ya heard me [Chorus]

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