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JACKI-O lyrics - Free Agent

Something Tells Me

Original and similar lyrics
[Jacki' Laughing] They say Jacki why you always laugghing on all your tracks [laughing] Cause I'm happy bitch, see I let the lawyers handle all that paper work shit And it's a beautiful thing, it's a beautiful thing I'm stress free I'm finally out the projects living like a goddess every day it's pradas Sipping yellow waters you mieserable hoe and I ain't got no problems Look what him working that product and me rapping done brought us My name is Jacki-o or jalepeno brown I fuck street niggas they all nino brown The streets need me now these veteran bitches could see me then I know they can't see me now you should see me now in this see through blouse It's like ohh la la ohh wee meow see what they don't understand Is I been getting money when these hoes was just wanted for man It's not a stick shift but I just find my clutch I break the cript down and he buss the dutch They talk realk greesy on they CD's and shit Well I got the bootleg hoe and I frizzbied it Yeah ooooohhhhh something tells me That I am gonna light up the skies Yeah ooooohhhhh something tells me That I am gonna just be alright

All For The Love

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
[Jadakiss] What's the deally yo? Wha?> I gotta squeeze the juice outta the headphones (Jadakiss...) Yeah (I like that) Squeeze the juice outta the headphones Yo, yo yo [Verse 1] When you think of me you think of a problem Who? What? When? and how you gonna solve em Automatic or revolving The K I double S and, Here's the lesson Most beams is infared, but mine's is flourescent No matter where you go, I'ma spot you No matter how many people you put me in front of, I'ma rock you And if you try to be the hard top, I'ma drop you I got to, treat you like the clutch, and pop you Creep threw, in the 4-20 with your honey Cuz you ain't nuthin' but a playboy that turned bunny And the only the thing left to discuss is more money In these ??? games these chickens, try to run me Ya'll know ya'll can't touch us, I flow lushes It's so real I make her hop out, and get the dutches I'm sittin on a thousand birds, and I hide from the cameras (why?) Cuz a picture's, worth a thousand words Ain't ya'll heard? Ya'll get what ya'll deserved Ya'll do the catering, while we just get served And you got some nerve, for P-Hing Jason, do you have any idea who you facing? Just something about my shit, you'll never figure out It's hot it's burning my mouth, that's why I spit it out It must be, real hard for ya'll to listen And it's sad, niggas is to broke to pay attention [Chorus] Chilling, sittin' on about half a million And all my niggas, all my guns, all my women Next two years I should see about a billion All for the love of drug dealing -Repeat- [Verse 2] Hey yo, niggas know the line of work, Bullet proof designer shirt Rolling with a China Doll, She'll be reminding ya'll Don of the underworld, every block minded it of course Jadakiss and L-O-X boss A pro cause I grow off the shit that I absorb You just another so and so, trying to flow, going broke You trying to buy property, set it up for growing coke Niggas making a movie, so I came to edit Wiping everybody out, right before the credits I'm a hard guy to get along with, get on a song with When shit be going right, I flip into the wrong shit The prime artist, expect me to rhyme hardest Slash con artist, gonna get mine regardless I ain't even big and I size niggas up Cuz they eyes give em up, look at em and see they butt I'm 22 with 10 ends so there that go You hear that flow, and drove the underground wacko Every since 12 I've been spittin like tabacco Relax though, Pop the tape CD and the wax though They wonder how, but the thing about ours We open up 24 hours Niggas don't sleep with eat so when they speak it mean power So you should keep quiet, you a coward About to be layed out flat, and pushing up flowers [Chorus to fade]

Off The Corner

SISQO "Return Of Dragon"
[Intro] [1] Hello, hello [2] Yeah [1] Yo, where you at? [2] Yo, I'm at the airport I just got back from Paris Had this girl dancing for me and shit [1] Oh, word? [2] Yeah, where niggas at? [1] Oh, we all up in the studio [2] Oh, I'ite [1] Won't you drop this joint? [2] Yo, I can't yo I might not be able to make it there [1] For real? [2] Yo, I got a idea Put the, put the joint up to the phone And I'm gon', I'm gon' just I'm just gon' rock to it Just over the phone [1] Ayo, yo put that joint on the big speakers [2] Yo C, get me some water, yo [1] Turn it up real loud [2] I'm just gon' rock this joint yo Go 'head, go 'head [1] Here it come [2] Press record [Sisqo] Un, all eyes over here We about to show you You know Ballers down the hill [Associates] Yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Ayo, my mental is keep the rock cut, keep the glock up Keep the rock pucks in the basement with the lock shut Used to sliding under street lights, puff a peace pipe Keep the heat tight by my side so I can lead right All I knew is hit the block and how to crack deals Make it hot with this rap shit and stack bills All I'm used to is struggling, juggling, bugging With thoughts in my head knowing crack kills Out for papes, gotta let the desert eagle blow I get cake, this rap shit is legal though Check the resume, slit that spit that And put my name in the game, Mr. Book I'mma shine till a nigga can't shine no more I'mma smoke so much weed I can't find no more I'mma keep my chest bluish Keep hitting 'em hard like Ray Lewis 'Till they can't feel they spine no more [Chorus:] Slow it down walk away And then you swear you heard this shit before Niggas say they from the ghetto Legend has that they from Baltimore Niggas off the corners now Ain't we gon' hold it down Associated, now we made it What can stop us now [Associates] Ayo, we bash in brains Then hit a nigga pockets for the last of his change Then put a slash through his veins Bullies of the block, we harass in the game With a sound that so hot it turn gas into flames Y'all keep jumping around like my rap's entertain Fuck around, get beat down with some bats and some chains When ya'll was on them lots, dropping cash on the range I was tongue kissing blocks, pump and stashing them things And now my nigga on only half of the chains See the corner's in the past, but my ass is still deranged I rumble in your ear like that flash when it rains When I hits, ya get the picture, knock the glass out the frame I rap for the name with dope, crack and cocaine And I'mma drill it in your ear so you can lapse from the pain And after the fame I'm goin' back to the wane But for now nigga, feel the wrath from my game [Chorus:] Slow it down walk away And then you swear you heard this shit before Niggas say they from the ghetto Legend has that they from Baltimore Niggas off the corners now Ain't we gon' hold it down Associated, now we made it What can stop us now The whole swell hold it down for my hometown Show the world how we live, how we feel, we get down That's my mission, show up in my diction Rep Baltimore every show 'till there's tension Ain't the fact that we arrogant, we just go hard High confidence gotten us feel we should bogard Take over like Bush did the poll sheets Alot of rappers falling off cause the flow weak That's what we here for, to bring competition Battle anybody, we them four lynchmen Ayo, I bet we won't lose, what track you wanna use Let's do it acappella, freestyle for your shoes Nigga make it hot, don't get it twisted Dumb gifted, Baltimore once again if you missed it Can't miss, the butch make it hot, Cooley High Associates coming and we knocking nigga out [Chorus:] Slow it down walk away And then you swear you heard this shit before Niggas say they from the ghetto Legend has that they from Baltimore Niggas off the corners now Ain't we gon' hold it down Associated, now we made it What can stop us now Infatuated by the clothes But it's more than that you know Uh, we got style, baby Infatuated by the style No, it ain't no stoppin' now Now, oh Oh yeah [Chorus:] Slow it down walk away And then you swear you heard this shit before Niggas say they from the ghetto Legend has that they from Baltimore Niggas off the corners now Ain't we gon' hold it down Associated, now we made it What can stop us now Uh Yeah, yeah [Whisper Chorus]

Drop It Like Its Hot

Snoop Doggy Dog
[Intro] Snooooooooooop.. Snooooooooooop.. [Chorus - Snoop Dogg] When the pimp's in the crib ma Drop it like it's hot Drop it like it's hot Drop it like it's hot When the pigs try to get at ya Park it like it's hot Park it like it's hot Park it like it's hot And if a nigga get a attitude Pop it like it's hot Pop it like it's hot Pop it like it's hot I got the rolly on my arm and I'm pouring Chandon And I roll the best weed cause I got it going on [Verse - Pharrell Williams] Uh! I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams? Eligible bachelor, million dollar boat That's whiter than what's spilling down your throat The Phantom, exterior like fish eggs The interior like suicide wrist red I can excercise you, this can be your Phys. Ed Cheat on your man ma, that's how you get ahizzead Killer wit the beat, I know killers in the street Wit the steel that'll make you feel like Chinchilla in the heat So don't try to run up on my ear talking all that raspy shit Trying to ask me shit When my niggaz fill ya vest they ain't gon pass me shit You should think about it, take a second Matter fact, you should take four B And think before you fuck wit lil skateboard P [Chorus] [Verse - Snoop Dogg] I'm a gangsta, but y'all knew that Da Big Bo$$ Dogg, yeah I had to do that I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside But only on the left side, yeah that's the Crip side Ain't no other way to play the game the way I play I cut so much you thought I was a DJ [scratches] 'two!' - 'one!' - 'yep, three!' S-N double O-P, D-O double G I can't fake it, just break it, and when I take it See I specialize in making all the girls get naked So bring your friends, all of y'all come inside We got a world premiere right here, now get live! So don't change the dizzle, turn it up a little I got a living room full of fine dime brizzles Waiting on the Pizzle, the Dizzle and the Shizzle G's to the bizzack, now ladies here we gizzo [Chorus] [Verse - Snoop Dogg] I'm a Bad Boy, wit a lotta ho's Drive my own cars, and wear my own clothes I hang out tough, I'm a real Bo$$ Big Snoop Dogg, yeah he's so sharp On the TV screen and in the magazines If you play me close, you're on a red beam Oh you got a gun so you wanna pop back? AK47 now nigga, stop that! C mid shoes, now I'm on the move You're family's crying, now you on the news They can't find you, and now they miss you Must I remind you I'm only here to twist you Pistol whip you, dip you then flip you Then dance to this motherfucking music we crip to Subscribe nigga, get yo issue Baby come close, let me see how you get loose! [Chorus] [Outro] Snooooooooooop. Snooooooooooop..

I Got A Right Ta

COMMON "Electric Circus"
[Common] Yeah! Hah! Yeah, we got, come on Y'all cats know the abstract nigga with the attitude Pass the booze, and let's build on it I'm rolling in a Cadillac with the grill fronted I ain't even smoke no mo' but I feel blunted Yo I'm tokin on the freedom Stepping to the A.M., cats be tokin in the P.M. Tell the players I'm the G.M. Told my team let me get my plays straight, I'ma feed them They need me like I need them See the streets is bleedin Had to meet with my mind and to be defined and Stay on my climb I'm grind - ing, 'til I get blue balls Everyday, same shit new star Don't make me act like where I come from because he grew tall There's a place that to run from it if you neu - tral Hustlers and vogues, customers and smokes I kiss the sky feeling high off the stuff that I wrote [Chorus (x2)] I want to ride in my car, smoke my weed Keep my head high, let the chrome spin I got the right to feel hood I got the right to feel high I got the right to feel hood I got the right to feel high [Common] I'm the only cat in hip hop that can go into a thrift shop Connect, get up to the ghetto and get props If you gonna get that kick-a-box Make sure that not If you gonna get that glock don't be scared to big shot Hip Hop is changin, y'all want me to stay the same Sorta like Barkley on how I see the game I recognize game like a scout Ayo, I'm bound to wreck your lady as I turn your lady out I ain't about that Messing with no other man's women Because of jealousy then a man go under Understand a man and his mental Listening to Joan Mitchell With the fan and the window Can it be so simple then I rock Rockports, you rock Timberlands I want a Rover, but I'm thinking long range I ain't switch over, I just made my own lane [Chorus] [Common] Like a pimp to a hoe I connect to the track I feel it in my neck and my back A thug came to me, said it changed his life Said the love of his life, he used to bang to the light I'm trying to do better I ain't claiming Mister Right I'm a grown man, I'm too old to fist-fight I stay on point like trick dice Tweeking like the sound man who need to switch mike Sounding bitch like I know the block is hot, but we just can't get ice When our children's children sit nice I sing the song to make the fiend's strong King Kong ain't got shit on me I train days to rip emcees, I'm peaking But I still gotta get that cheese You on some monkey ball damn chimpanzees Mobbin through the Chi-Town to feel the breeze yo [Chorus]


BIG PUNISHER "Capital Punishment"
[CHORUS:] I gave you fair warning, beware...beware...beware... [2x] [Mobb Deep sample] Yo...what you thought punk, shit was sweet, now you can't sleep Gotta keep ya eyes open wide and hide ya face from the streets I'm like the beast with a warrant, far from alarmin' Gave you fair warnin' now you on the stairs swallin' I'm callin' out any rapper that I doubt, smack 'em in the mouth Throw 'em in the yoke, BOOM!, then I knock 'em out No doubt, Freddie Foxxx files 20-shot auto glock, BLAAOW! Benny blind Puerto Rock style Wit' a twist of black in the brow, twist ya cap and I'm out Sleep wit' the fish-dips for yappin' too loud What's happenin' now Niggaz is hard as hell but they Gargamels Pickin' on the smallest victim gives 'em heart to kill My squad is real and holds it down the hardest regardless Besides of the largest, we polish the floor with the rawest hardcore artists Flawless victory you niggaz can't do shit to me Physically lyrically hypothetically realistically I'm the epitome of catchin' wreck, catch you when you cash your check Smash you when you pass then jack you for your fuckin' Lex Nothin' less than the best if the squad did it Hard-headed niggaz better beware and fear like God said it [CHORUS (4x)] Ay-yo I warned you, now all niggaz could do is mourn you I'm born to kill and still thrilled, I put it on you There's no regrets, remorse, only results and loneliness Only the strong survivors strive through life as warriors All of us die, some of us kill, even massacred Who wanna try Punisher will if you ask for it I'm hazardous for your health and hell's your next stop For real my shit's cocked the world has just stopped... [pause] I'm not the one you should be underestimatin' Come test your fate an' I guarantee I'll be under investigation You can't handle the whole, I'll slam you on your skull Or we can go blow for blow like Evander and Bowe, ya never know However tho' I still hold the title When all my rivals the chance to dance who missed the homicidal Hand on the bible I swear to defend my crown I've been around since forever and never let it touch the ground Don't fuck around and catch a rude awakenin' My crew's basically waitin' patiently for you to move your patrons in Then we'll surround you, form Desert Storm and pound you Look around you, Terror Squad's everywhere like Soundview The Boogie Down do it like nobody, who are we The foundation, you're facin' a whole army... [CHORUS (2x)] [Fat Joe] yeah yeah yeah, whassup now potna! Know I'm sayin' Think this just some rap shit We do this shit for real...Terror Squad nigga! Fuckin' shoot the place up! Muthafuckas know the time. This muthafuckin' rap game. Joe Crack, Big Dog Punisher, Full Eclipse crew What da fuck...WHAT! BEWARE...BEWARE...BEWARE... [fade out]

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