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JA RULE lyrics - The Mirror

Message To Mankind

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] You lived inside of me… there was noting I could conceive that you would do for me… trouble seems so far away you changed that right away believing you abandoned me (But I ain’t mad at cha) you abandoned me you abandoned me Hell no I ain’t mad at cha Matter of fact I was laughing at cha Crying with ya thinking god would grab a napkin Na he was just a hoopla bitch I'm a superstar bitch Get mine regardless parter than average Common use and knowledge but I admit I schooled these niggas And did it with honors came close to the style that is way to common now Niggas is cocktails got my shit all watered down, Hennessey flowa Me R.U.L.E. easy people you know what them guns do Kill any nigga that ever looked at me wrong Who ever said my name in vain in a hook of a song Got to be killed or reformed disrespecting the don Killing bitch niggas has got to be a blessing from god And Iv been blessed with the strength to go against odds If it was left to the fans it might have been hard because… [Chorus] you abandoned me you abandoned me Hell no I ain’t mad at cha This world dubbed me the soul snatcha When pac died it immediately put all eyez on me 5 foot 9,…1, 6, 5 raspy voice you see from queens NY I prospect usual suspects…The gossip word on the streets This nigga Ja Rule is a problem and runs with more shooters than robin Favorite gun is the lockin and got more beef than New York, Boston I.N.C. got the U.S.O. and time served the south turned turn back the time Mullah who the nigga who the nigga but still I know I got it like that Like For real but that didn’t stop the public from giving me hell and I wont stop continuously pressuring them so any nigga that jumped shift can jump back in Because… [Chorus] you abandoned me you abandoned me Hell no I ain't mad at cha.

Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 1

My path for tomorrow is relaxing at full throttle Born to be a leader but a tough act to follow Bet on me at all costs in spite of my cash If I can't afford the Whardarf I can't afford to fall off Stories over greatness No stopping my zone I'm bumping Roman's Revenge but I'm plotting my own Like a prophecy in case niggas haven't learned not to bother me 'fore you send your shots, check my returns policy Could do without the leeches Choose without the creases Miami heat hater but I do the South Beaches For any drama I be calling up monsters I ain't Gilbert I never met a wall I can't conquer Ruger aimed if I'm who you try an' belittle I learnd it's hard to get justice when you try and be civil Whatever the future holds I can live with the day Some niggas will sell there soul but some will give it away And as the devil in disguise they window of opportunity is minimised Simplified, check what I exemplify Bitch nigga, here's something for you to generalise Estate out by Tenafly Pool houses, winter rides Play in that water, you bound to get your feet wet Only rapper with nothing to hide, me and G-Dep My shorty might disagree with that sentiment If I keep something from you, I promise it's all innocent Bitches gon get you with that fake out beat Won't let the media takeout me A made nigga gotta know I'm dealing with me Gotta put up with a lot of hate before you say you love me How much of it can you tolerate You can't talk about marriage and giving birth If you hit the dirt anytime you think I lift a skirt It grows tiresome everytime you get berserk Plus if you abandom home over what was just a flirt Without a care, I just chuck Deuces My skin will turn numb and you'll be stuck with what your truth is Then you'll feel a way thinking I should have resisted Then you'll start to see a side of me You never knew existed Cause you've never seen me act like a jerk I know women will provoke you and get mad when it works Rather reserved and that always makes matters the worst Cause I go on about my business and not act like it hurts But wait It's to the point I gotta ask myself Why the fuck is it so easy to detach myself Maybe it ain't you Just something I lack myself But if these wounds are self inflicted I can patch myself Now listen I could give a fuck bout how them other niggas treated you If your ass was that perfect they would be with you I don't care if you dimed out You'll say your the best I'll ever have and I'll say I'm willing to find out Wait I'm thinking bout our bond and what happened to it If you ain't lifting the burden, you probably adding to it Just say my logic is wild and just sick to her Just say I'm all for self and don't consider her She feel like she don't have a voice in this relationship I'm thinking boo you got a choice so why you taking it Vertain shit I wouldn't stand for I'm giving them my all but she demands more I wish she would understand more Certain shit you couldn't plan for I'm guessing I love you and your worth it I should take some time out and figure if you deserve this But you just think that I'm full of it We both come from backgrounds of bullshit I'm fortunate that aint what you see in me...


[talking] [B.G.] What's up, Juvie [Juvenile] What's happenin', B.Geezy [B.G.] I'm chillin'. Me, I don't like them old bitch ass niggas [Juvenile] I don't like them bitch ass niggas either [B.G.] They better get tha fuck from 'round here [Juvenile] Rattin' motherfucker [B.G.] Nigga, come on my set, I'ma feel disrespect Now they gon' get they issue, they done walked into that No vest ain't gon' protect you The shit that's in my clique gon' sail through your chest fool I'm tellin' you I'ma bring drama, chaos, nothin' less When I'm ridin' 'round your set, it's a nigga best eject Nigga, like a rain storm, your whole block get wet All it take is one to tha head, bahdi-by-by, you rest Solja-Rees and 'Bauds, that is how I'm dressed I represent to tha fullest, nigga, in a Rolex Roamin' on tha streets, Feds got a warrant for my arrest Fuck that, I'm just a nigga they gon' have ta catch I kick a nigga momma door in if he tryin' ta hide And then I put one in his mom head if I don't get mine You could call it what you wanna, but that's how I play it Now play with me, I got a K, and watch how quick I spray it [Chorus] [Juvenile] I don't even want them niggas comin' 'round no more I don't even want them niggas fuckin' with our hoes [B.G.] I don't even want them niggas hangin' on our block I don't even want them niggas scorin' out our shop [Juvenile] I don't even want them niggas comin' 'round no more I don't even want them niggas fuckin' with our hoes [B.G.] Man, I don't even want them niggas ridin' down our block I don't even want them niggas lookin' at our shop [Juvenile] You don't know you're not suppose ta be around these parts You don't know you goin' in and you might get caught You be tryin' ta get some information out these broads Tryin' ta find out where a nigga hide his stash and cars It's niggas like you that be gettin' niggas like me stuck It's niggas like you that be givin' niggas like me up I'm tryin' ta figure if you work for tha police or what You plobly hangin' 'round a nigga 'cause you need a buck They got dope around tha projects, and it leads to us Feds know we ain't be sellin' nothin' but ki's and up Rattin', I gotcha I'm lookin' for ya with MAC-10's ta pop ya You never thought that I would do that ta stop ya That lil' man was surprised to have you like I gotcha See me empty every clip out of my chopper You gon' get caught up 'cause you keep fuckin' with poppa... poppa [Chorus] [Juvenile] I don't even want them niggas comin' 'round no more I don't even want them niggas fuckin' with our hoes [B.G.] Man, I don't even want them niggas hangin' on our block I don't even want them niggas scorin' out our shop [Juvenile] I don't even want them niggas comin' 'round no more I don't even want them niggas fuckin' with our hoes [B.G.] Man, I don't even want them niggas ridin' down our block And I betta not catch them niggas hangin' 'round our shop [B.G.] Wodie, are you ready ta get this beef cookin' 'Cause once it's on tha stove, get on your shit because I'm lookin' You betta know I ain't gonna let a nigga disrespect my clique And I ain't gon' let a nigga come and take my shit That'll make me look like a stone cold bitch So ain't no way I ain't gon' grab my K and let my shit spit When I spin the ben I don't give a fuck who gets split If you get hit... it's all on you if you innocent It's game we play, and it's hectic If you ain't got a vest, you ain't protected With pussy-niggas... my block's infested So one by one, they all gon' get rested Me and my others' dog act a ass, ho When I hit you all in your face, your casket is closed You came 'round tha wrong hood and got that ass burnt Nigga thought it was all good and got that ass burnt... that ass burnt [Chorus] [Juvenile] I don't even want them niggas comin' 'round no more I don't even want these niggas hangin' 'round my door [B.G.] I don't even want these niggas hangin' 'round our block I don't even want these niggas scorin' out our shop [Juvenile] I don't even want these niggas comin' 'round no more I don't even want these niggas tryin' ta come ta score [B.G.] I don't even want these niggas hangin' 'round our block I don't even want these niggas scorin' out our shop [Juvenile] I don't even want these niggas comin' 'round no more Look, I don't even want you niggas fuckin' with our hoes [B.G.] I don't even want you niggas ridin' down my block I don't even betta not catch you niggas lookin' at my shop, nigga [B.G. + Juvenile talking] [B.G.] Ha-ha [Juvenile] What up, what up [B.G.] Old bitch-ass, ruckus Fuck, did y'all just jumped off tha porch Ass-niggas betta stay... your mother fuckin' ass back [Juvenile] Turnin' state Motherfucker 'round here turnin' state, ha You're rattin' on a nigga, ha We gonna get your motherfuckin' ass [B.G.] How ya luv that [Juvenile] Askin' my old lady where tha dope at, ha Follow her again, bitch, I'ma catch ya [B.G.] Uh-huh Fuckin' with tha B.Geezy [Juvenile] I got a cake baked for ya [B.G.] Nigga, Juvie [Juvenile] We got a cake baked for ya

Gas Chamber

C Bo
(Verse1) It's time to drop the gas from the chamber Niggas on AWOL rearrange your Face with the quickness And it's the Garden Block sickness that got a nigga in this shit So you better watch your back 'Cause C Bo got the strap Pulling the ski mask down About to jack 'Cause marks come up short You better back back like an eight legged crawdad from the 44 Your'e scared to walk your alleys now 'Cause now days niggas from my hood Will snatch your ass out the fucking crowd And beat you down to the concrete And then I piss on your ass with some of that Crazy Horse, Of course Niggas die Meet my 44 Then it's over 'cause your'e hit by the hardcore We can't be in the same gang 'Cause the gang I'm in, ain't down with that ying-yang So raise up off the block 'Cause you get no props, nigga, against 32 shots Come to my set, get chin checked Mark, by an original gangster vet And then I put the niggity nuts in your mouth Your ass was in, but now your ass is out Quick, hurry, in a dash Get ready to feel the blast from the chamber punk Come take a whiff of the gas (Verse2) Check, Ace, Deuce, Tre So now it's on Release Slugs from my strap, until they gone And talking shit won't last Get your ass blast As I let the mac-10 tap that ass Bo-Loc is what they call me For the reason I stay strapped and smoke ducks all through the season

Pull It

DJ Clue
[Featuring J.D. R.O.C.] Dj Clue: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Chorus 2X R.O.C. (J.D.): Now all my niggas say what(what) We dont give a fuck(uh huh) gotta let a bitch be a ho(hoooo) Now all my niggas say what We dont give a fuck Gotta let a nigga stack dough(money money) [J.D.] All the niggas fuckin in between be the the main man Never get stuck on the scene without a game plan understand I went from pop lock into tops droppin To one of the reasons why the day parties keep rockin No stoppin niggas is like (wa-what?) And shorty from the south keep fuckin it up I'm the glitter and the gliss of this industry Makin hits, is how ya'll remember me Niggas dream to be like this one here JD type cat dont dissapear I'm the J to the E, R to the M A-I-N-E, got so many Bitches I should set up shop Bettin against me, Please! my bank dont stop I come through, bumpin Clue, with a 7-5-0 Screamin, I gots to have it, I love the dough Chorus 2X [R.O.C.] Nobody wanna fuck with the R.O.C. Young G from the streets And he's banned from t.v. Nobody said life was easy Out on the block I got shot And nobody came to see me Back on my feet Packed my heat Got back in the beef Blazed it up Are ya muthafuckas lookin for me Raized it up And now they see I'm makin rap songs All I ask is my real doggs smash on... I said yea and ya dont stop Cuz its a 1-8-7 when ya fuck wit R.O.C.!! I said yea and ya dont quit I'm comin live from the Bricks wit the gangsta shit All my niggas on the corner at the end of the block Infront of the stores, shakin my dick at the lady cop Shakin my clip Til the hatas drop And I'm in a drop-top, bumpin down ya block And I'm dumpin Chorus 2X [J.D.] I seen a lot of niggas go down the wrong path And I learned from they mistakes, how to keep cash In this world it's snakes, I dont care, I dont break, Pushin Benz, cuz a nigga know how to create On and on like a jeep go Any nigga standin in my way of my papers, automatically fonito Suckin on the end of Rosco pico's Trained to name Deleted from the muthafuckin game Ain't no mo shoppin throught the glass Beggin for ass If it ain't 1st class I let it pass Ya'll that dont got it talkin all that trash Tryin to play tough ya'll when ya really bitch-ass I'm the cream of the crop The dream of the top I'm the one they come and see when they dont want it to stop I'm the bass, The snare, The one that dont care Rip shit the fuck up then I'm outta here Chorus 2X

Let Me Blow Ya Mind

EVE "Scorpion"
(feat. Gwen Stefani) [Eve] Uh, uh, uh, huh Yo, yo Drop your glasses, shake your asses Face screwed up like you having hot flashes Which one, pick one, this one, classic Red from blonde, yeah bitch I'm drastic Why this, why that, lips stop askin Listen to me baby, relax and start passin Expressway, hair back, weavin through the traffic This one strong should be labeled as a hazard Some of y'all niggas hot, sike I'm gassin Clowns I spot em and I can't stop laughin Easy come, easy go, E-V gon' be lastin Jealousy, let it go, results could be tragic Some of y'all aint writin well, too concerned with fashion None of you aint gizell, cat walk and imagine Alotta y'all Hollywood, drama, passed it Cut bitch, camera off, real shit, blast it [CHORUS: Gwen Stefani] And if I had to give you up It's only been a year Now I got my foot through the door And I aint goin nowhere It took awhile to get me in And I'm gonna take my time Now crank that good shit in your ear Now let me blow ya mind [Eve] They wanna bank up, crank up, makes me dizzy Shank up, haters wanna come after me You aint a ganster, prankster, too much to eat Snakes in my path wanna smile up at me Now while you grittin your teeth Frustration baby you gotta breathe Take alot more that you to get rid of me You see I do what they can't do, I just do me Aint no stress when it comes to stage, get what you see Meet me in the lab, pen and pad, don't believe Huh, sixteens mine, create my own lines Love for my wordplay that's hard to find Sophomore, I aint scared, one of a kind All I do is contemplate ways to make your fans mine Eyes bloodshot, stressin, chills up your spine Huh, sick to your stomach wishing I wrote your rhymes [CHORUS] [Eve] Let your bones crack Your back pop, I can't stop Excitement, glock shots from your stash box Fuck it, thugged out, I respect the cash route Locked down, blastin, sets while I mash out Yeah nigga, mash out, D-R-E Back track, think back, E-V-E Do you like that (ooooh), you got to I know you Had you in a trance first glance from the floor too Don't believe I'll show you, take you with me Turn you on, pension gone, give you relief Put your trust in a bomb when you listen to me 'Dancin much, get it all now I'm complete, uh huh Still stallion, brick house, pile it on Ryde or Die, bitch, double R, can't crawl Beware, cuz I crush anything I land on Me here, aint no mistake nigga it was planned on [CHORUS]

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