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JA RULE lyrics - Rule 3:36

Love Me, Hate Me

Original and similar lyrics
Do you love me, do you hate me Do you love me, do you hate me Do you love me, do you hate me Yeah, yeah This world loves me, this world loves me not I'm torn between the best of both cuz I'm hot In this game so brittely, literaly I got niggaz wanna riddle me, get rid of me R-U-L-E, need I say more World, hope y'all prepared for the chaos Cuz y'all want the beast in me, so I'ma give it Paint pictures vivid, live high as a spirit Y'all can all jump in it That's what you might as well do If you gonna live life timid And I ain't never been intiminated Believe me, and I don't wanna fuckin breath easy I wanna make it hard for these niggaz So when they can't stand me I'ma make it so these niggaz can't feed they family Now do you love me, or do you hate me C'mon and get me, I keep it off safety [Chorus] Do you love me Do you hate me Ready or not Here I come There's nuthin but love spread between me and my niggaz We bust guns together and fuck so many bitches But I know that Hell is callin In the name of the lord just let a nigga in Cuz I ain't done nuthin wrong, but love thy self And harm other niggaz that wanna stop my health Is that healthy Cuz love'll never be hand over hand It's man versus man It's Murda If I'm gonna be hated or to be loved I prefer ta live wild and die from slugs What you want from me Lord I'm only a human Tho I bear your name, I'm a devil in chains Release me, cuz Lord only knows it ain't easy When I'm scarred for life, I know that he sees me Now do you love me nigga Or do you hate me nigga C'mon and get me I'm waiting nigga [Chorus x2] Y'all just wanna watch me rise, then watch me fall Before it's all done I'ma die from it all I might OD in a club off drugs like River Phoenix Or get shot down like BIG and Pac for my genius I know this worlds seen it before, and here I come I know y'all fiendin for more, and I'm not done As long as I can run through current like state times Keep up a sane mind, and hand on my iron, I'ma blast off mine Look in the eyes of a nigga who seldomely cries I got a beautiful wife and kids, why me Y'all cats choose cash and cribs, why me If this good livin Lord, why me When I live so dirty yet I'm worthy to be Number one, the world's only begotten son Here I come [Chorus x4] Do you love me Do you hate me Do you love me Do you hate me Here I Come

Wheel Chairs

B.G. "Chopper City In The Ghetto"
[Baby] Too many playa hatin niggas in this world [the B.G.] That's why we ride through this world wit da black girl [Baby] Keep my nina for self protection [the B.G.] Just in case a reppin ass nigga wanna start reppin [Baby] I'm bout money and that's all we wanna see And if ya creep nigga watch out for the B.G. Chopper City posse nigga, and we roll deep 4 deep in the black on black Caprice [B.G.] Slangin is my thang man, I'm out for paper Tryin to catch a fuckin drain, lookin for kaperz My people say it's a shame They say I hate ya, but I tell 'em it's all in the game I'm a ducht taper I'ma a young money maker, fuck these hoez I can't be no faker, I play wit my nose And out your yay, I'll rape ya But on the downlow, boy I'll playa hate ya Ain't that cold If ya got it hide, on the real Cause me and my niggas ride, and we kill Causin homicides, that's the deal I'm bringin what a nigga feel Caps get peeled [Chorus]2x [Ms. Tee] Niggas in wheel chairs, half dead as it is [B.G.] T-shirts wit pictures representin dead peers 9 millimeters, glock, pump Ride guns, all that start funk [Mannie Fresh] Look out you bitch, you [B.G.] Watch out for 2 twos [Mannie] Automatics, with the static that ya talkin Stop ya from walkin with the Calico, stop ya hoes From playin wit me, my nine stayin wit me Niggas in banged up cars wit battle scars With shit bags attached to they drawers Take this time to pause For the not so lucky Weak like a sick puppy Fools that lost they name in the game 'cause they wouldn't up it Big money, heavy weight, make no mistake Triple beam wit da lean, the man wit da cake Shake don't stir my drank, nigga you aint Gon' get out alive without spendin five on somethin If ya wanna keep ya heart pumpin Tha downtown, Nino Brown dumpin Cause I done killed mo' niggas than cancer Lil B.G. won't ya take this timeout to answer [B.G.] Nigga, A [Mannie] Are you faster than a gun? [B.G.] Nigga, B [Mannie] Will I shoot ya if ya run? [B.G. Nigga, C [Mannie] I ain't showin no love [B.G.] Nigga, D [Mannie] All tha motherfuckin above [Chorus]2x [B.G.] Nigga thought I was just bout rappin, he disrespect Now they wonder what the fuck happened, I hit his set Rippin up da whole block and it ain't no stoppin When da chopper get ta choppin, you get ta droppin Niggas dead, niggas hoppin, tryin to get away But they can't get away from this K, nigga I don't play V.L. got street sweepers, 9 millies All us night creepers, actin silly Dirty 30's, AR-15's Nose dirty, totin uzi machines Brother, L.B., Donald D., Chun Chi Real niggas off Valence street Crazy G, Big G., Big Moe, Lil' P. All them niggas down wit me L.T., Cool Billy, Cooley Popeye and my nigga Larry So please, at ease, freeze, get on ya knees Pussy niggas stuntin like ya got keys I'll put your face on a fresh T If the cheese over your head start at 5 G's 'Cause I'm the motherfucker keep the coroner to work Settin examples puttin niggas 6 in the dirt I put that nigga on that T-shirt that you be wearin Me and my click do that dirt that them niggas be sayin They doin, but Uptown doin that Get in the chair, bitch rat, then got hit in the back Pussy, got rolled on round I mean rolled on round [Chorus]2x

After Dollars No Cents

MASTER P "Ghetto D"
Master P Come 1 Come All, TRU niggaz ball (I told ya), I know there's niggaz out there wait'n fo' tha fall Chorus: After Dollars, No Cents. From Shabz 2 Benz, From Cheddar 2 Cheeze, Tryna Pay Tha Rent. (x2) I'm a hustla, balla, nigga gee'z, cut keyz, gats for enemies, freeze, hund reds of greens. Kill, robbery soldiaz born 2 ride, killaz born 2 die, mommaz born 2 cry. Wild like tha lone fuck'n ranger, niggaz from tha South keep 1 up in tha chamber. Lord knows when ya enemy is quick, that's why niggaz watch'n niggaz back, cuz they gone off that pila shit. Cane, niggaz game, heroin in tha vain, fuck'n with there brains. Who tha next nigga ta get popped by a cop Who tha next in tha hood 2 get shot I hope it ain't me, so I'm strapped with a bulletproof. Nigga on my stomach see muthafuck'n TRU. Soldia till I die, fuck it I won't cry, look my enemy in tha eye. Fuuck every nigga that ain't real, cuz we bout it, amp; if I have to die cuz a nigga gon' shout it! I was born a No Limit Soldia from heart. Cowards run they mouth, but killaz don't talk. Chorus (x2) You no Kris, I'm Kros, y'all ran, we walked. No Limit niggaz got Ghetto Dope by pounds amp; balls. Blow'n tapes up in flames, like weed. Got boxed albums up like keyz from tha South 2 Overseaz. Nigga, Independent amp; Rowdy, niggaz check billboard, number 1 amp; Bout It. That's why niggaz tryna get us on tha radio, now niggaz might see tha P on tha video, but a niggaz still TRU 2 tha gizame. Represent tha hood, amp; every fuck'n nigga that gang-bang. These streets iz so real, fool guard ya grill. Smoke 1 fo' tha homies that have made it over tha hill, cuz we... Chorus (x2) Silkk After dollarz, no cents. We represent'n No Limit, put it down rolex, presidential. Nigga ride everythang I done sent u. Nigga, I went from riches 2 riches, not muthafuck'n rags to riches, cuz I've always had money, plus I've always had bitches. Young muthafuckaz tryna get Mojo, nigga act like ya muthafuckaz know, cuz I pull a high solo. Hit em fo' they gee'z low, lay low, crow. Get a bien 2 go. Why ain't you ever know, don't crush dimes, amp; mo mo's. Nigga runnin' from tha po-po's, high from a low low, take a trip together to tha ocapulka. But show those, put ya breasts right up under my polo's, nigga strapped with a 44' amp; I'm solo. To try test'n tha best nut amp; that's a no no. 365 days, 24-7, I'm bout my richez, see money is a must, everything is a plus, including weed amp; bitchez. It went from $18.5 a key, not $18.5 fo' me see'n P ta do a show, act like y'all know. Ghetto millionaire, ship amp; guard tha dope. Master P You know me, we have Silkk amp; P, ugggggggghhh!!!

Rowdy Rowdy

50 CENT "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'"
[50 Cent] Yo LA niggaz are the rowdy niggaz New Orleans niggaz is rowdy nigga D.C. niggaz is some rowdy niggaz New York Niggaz is the fucking wildest nigga Yo, your man could have ran when I rubbed him but he froze Son I ain't even rock him to sleep, the nigga dozed The bitch could have helped you get rich, but she sold now you heartbroke, that's what you get for lovin them hoes An ill flow with no beat, is incomplete, it's like a stickup kid runnin round without no heat, it like a fifth with no kick a fiend with no hit, a willie with no wit A bad bitch that won't blow dick It's like a rollie with no ice, a gamblin spot with no dice Like fuckin supermodel bitches and not bustin off twice I murda any mic device, for the right price, I'm nice I only say tthings once, never twice, dont fuck with me [Chorus: 50 Cent] St. Louis niggaz is rowdy rowdy Cleveland niggaz is bout it bout it 50 cent ain't gonna kill ya nigga, don't get doubted Got your gun, well don't leave home without it The Memphis niggaz is rowdy rowdy Them Shytown niggaz is bout it bout it They'll kill you and act like they don't know shit about it Leave your body somewhere where no one can find it [50 Cent] Now if I pull out the gat and just push your wig back I bet niggaz will stand around sayin 'Damn who did that' I'm the type nigga to dare you to touch the I'm the type to borrow your gat and wont give the shit back Im F to the I - F -T - Y - C - E - N - T Caress the ass gently, and back up Bentleys You thought she was pimpin, son I was in the Hamptons in a heart shaped hot tub with the bitch flappin I plan to take over New York and start expandin Was Bob Marley singin about tex when he sung 'I'm Jammin'' Nigga fuck with my cash and I'ma blast yo' ass Smash the glock out the stash in the dash in Flee in a flash, lay low let time go past If you survive the shots I'ma find yo' ass Put the gat to your head and remind your ass I ain't playin with you, I want my money motherfucker [Chorus] [50 Cent] Yo, some nigga just shot the block up dog, word He had the same shit you got on dog, word I know you done did it so get the fuck up outta hear, ya heard I run with niggaz that spray and strip and say that shit You won't let us pump on your block, fuck it, we makin it hot I'm that nigga that call the shots, with the iced out watch From the cordless cell phone, and the baby blue drop I got a lot of hungry niggaz with me straight from the street Cause these three niggaz are startin to look like something to eat They got watches on they wrist that cost like 60 thousand My niggaz live in section eight of public housing They murder you and keep shit low cause niggaz heard of you [Chorus 2X]

Anti Love Song

Skin No I don't want love you, 'Cos I know who you are, That's why I've been staying away from you, That is why I ever call, Huummm, I know that you could possess my body, And I know you could make me scrawl I know you'd have me shaken, Have me climbing the wall That's why I don't wanna' love you Lenny Kravitz 'Cos I know how you are Sure you say you're right on and your righteous, girl Come with me, I know you'd be right off 'Cos I know you could possess my body, I know you could make me crawl, And just as hard as I fall for you girl, Well you know you would fall for me harder That's why I don't want to love you Skin 'Cos I know what you would do to my heart You scourge me like a hot iron, Leave me whining all alone in the dark, 'Cos I know that you would make me suffer I know that you would drive me wild ( that's right ) wild You would take me in a circle And when it gather you, I know you'd disappear That's why I don't wanna' love you Lenny Kravitz 'Cos I know you like to be in charge, And with me you know you can't control me, baby, 'Cos you know you drive your car I have you eating your ego ( I don't think so !! ) I'd make it pocket your pride, Oh no And just as hard as I've been loving you, oh girl, Well you know you'd be loving me harder Lenny Skin That's why I ain't gonna' love you Lenny Harold, come on Lenny Skin That's why I don't wanna love you No I don't want to love you X7

Brang Yo Azz OutDoz

YING YANG TWINS "Thug Walkin'"
Aw shit let that pussy nigga write whats out ah, that nigga dont know nothin 'bout us soldiers what, what [Chorus 1] - repeat 2X Test that nigga, rush that nigga get that nigga, man bust that nigga [Chorus 2] You wanna front on me in front of them hoes (Fuck you) you wanna go and try to steal my clothes Brang yo azz out doz, brang yo azz out doz, nigga, brang yo azz out doz You wanna rat a nigga out to the feds (Fuck you) You wanna flex you gon' bust my azz Brang yo azz out doz, brang yo azz out doz, nigga, brang yo azz out doz [Verse 1] The same nigga with the same limp, and if you that same ol' bitch Then I'm the same pimp, you niggas make me so sick She call us perpatrators, and if them day to day haters See if we modivators, aint got no love, fuck scrub She come to move the crew I'll take niggas oldschool back like some gucci suits I weigh 'em down like tide, so you can't see the wine It aint no fear in my eyes, this aint no fall ?? Them niggas holdin my back, see we got hella shit Now watch my shit get lit - up like a cigarette I smoke my bud by ounce - at least in downtown Cant even holla with something, see I done lived it now These niggas thinkin I owe 'em, when I dont even know 'em I keep my mind on paper, so I got hella paper They want me - a heavyweighter, and a inovator I put a hole in yo neighbor, 'bout big as the equator BITCH, I'll see ya later [Verse 2] I remember when a nigga didnt have these clothes Remember when a nigga didnt have these golds Remember when a nigga didnt have no ends But now I'm straight clockin dividends, A-Chick-A Check It take long time, but now a nigga livin good Ballin with the thugs in my hood - the woods If you didnt know TD drop thangs, put a bullet in yo motherfucking brains CAN YOU HANG? [Chorus 1] You get mad 'cause a nigga jump fresh (Fuck you) You got anamocity on yo chest Brang yo azz out doz, Brang yo azz out doz, nigga, brang yo azz out doz You wanna front on me in front of them hoes (Fuck you) You wanna go and try to steal my clothes Brang yo azz out doz, Brang yo azz out doz, Brang yo azz out doz [Verse 3] Mayhem, double hands on the above To me I'm putting the Ying on Kaine, putting the Yang to 'em Murderers, killas, thug niggas Atl. grave diggers, Inglewood cap pillers, East Atlanta wig splitters, drug dealers Cause I'm gon be there wit my True City Thug Never leave home wihtout that chrome unless I'm thugged out They will be my drug out, young niggas grilled out Smokin on some sticky green, stop the car for the gangsta lean Murder, murder, (murder, murder) kill, kill, (kill, kill) You talkin shit, that same nigga got his cap pilled (cap pilled) Kaine got that thang in the aim, ready to get which ya Aint gon let'cha get away, I think I had a bad day Smucky bear with it, even though ????? in Adamsville I dont give a fuck, nigga what if you book I'm here so you can get me, and there's no way its gotta be 'Cause Roc that thugs keep a motherfuckin latchet [Verse 4] Get rapped up with that ying on yo azz when I swing it Came up with that yang on yo brain with that thang man Lyric, killin, and drug dealin, riders, and soldiers comin out of Georgia, slangin wit that water My other voice said hi today, so I gotta get high today Tell my folks dont cry for me, just ride for me And scream free me Fuck about some bunkshots, and what knots And altitudes, my niggas she botilary For bustas who be talkin shit [Chorus 1] You wanna rat a nigga out to the feds (Fuck you) You wanna flex you gon' bust my azz Brang yo azz out doz, brang yo azz out doz nigga, brang yo azz out doz You get mad cause a nigga jump fresh (Fuck you) You got anamocity on yo chest Brang yo azz out doz, brang yo azz out doz nigga brang yo azz out doz [Verse 5] It was this fly guy ? named frosted flakes You should tramp on the hill, down by each lake See you ran into this nigga, named suga bow Suga bow was suga slim, with some long azz hair Had this brawl on the strip, that was cuttin for chedda She ?? freaky deaky bitch, met fruity pebbles Up, another pimp, I hate to say it, green shirt, and blue jeans Iced out, on the arm, I'm rollin, sayin you niggas gone [Verse 6] The mind murderer deep game, to talkin hoes out they clothes It got me lost, gotta pay the cost, they say I'm off Cause I'm a dead man walkin, deep dog talkin Small time scracker, well be a thug trainer Hangin by yo feet, yo bitch gon be with me Because I'm known to fuck and gettin my dick sucked So black yo wanna act up, you betta back up 'fore you get slapped up like biscuits Sucked on like incense [Chorus 2] You wanna front on me in front of them hoes (Fuck you) You wanna go and try to steal my clothes Brang yo azz out doz, brang yo azz out doz nigga, brang yo azz out doz You wanna rat a nigga out to the feds (Fuck you) You wanna flex you gon' bust my azz Brang yo azz out doz, brang yo azz out doz nigga, brang yo azz out doz If you hard like you say you is, punk bitch You aint got no gat, you better use yo fist (repeat 5X) Test that nigga, rush that nigga, get that nigga, man bust that nigga (repeat 2X) I said y'all motherfuckers gon' learn If ya play with fire nigga ya gon' get burned (repeat 4X)

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