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JA RULE lyrics - Rule 3:36


Original and similar lyrics
[Tah Murdah] Yea We about money and murda The fuck y'all want to do Either pass that paper Or we gonna have to kill you It's like that nigga Don't question why Cuz when it's murda motherfucker Everybody gotta die Die motherfucker die Die motherfucker die Die motherfucker die Die motherfucker die [Tah Murdah] Money ain't never been nothing I hit the block if this shit get ugly And it ain't never been in my heart to let niggas thug me Hit the dealer and cop a drop if the eyes is buggy And pull up in front of the spot cause the mommies love me (It's gangsta) yeah and ain't no nigga gone match me Stocky, chubby nigga voice real raspy I see you real flashy but that ain't gone last nigga Pop fire off shots and that's your ass nigga It's war now that's why I keep the four with long nozzle Six-hundred bad bitch on it holding down the throttle And fuck that beef shit cause some beef won't die And some niggas will say they gangsta but they won't ride And while it's hard for you to decide I'll let it fly Forty shots hit your ride up hit the tropics and hide up Under palm tree's to white sand Everything is a price man You snipe when bullets are piping hot When it's your flesh it begin warming you Now die motherfucker die Cuz I'm tired of warning you [Black Child] Yeah we hear now, die motherfucker Don't be scared now, die motherfucker Black Child I'm off parole it's murda now In a hood near you about to burn it down Word to God it feels like I'm from every hood Cuz when you ghetto your ghetto with gats you good Sell cracks if you could bust your gat when you should It's for my blacks from the bricks back to Inglewood We eat together nigga fuck the crossroads In this world my flow is another lost soul My shit sounds like shots from a four pound For these bitch clowns it's war now It's all about paper that's my issue Fuck peace you can have a piece of the pistol [Chorus x2: Ja Rule] Everybody gonna die but nobody want dead Die motherfucker die, it's your life Everybody wanna live, but they wanna live scared Die motherfucker Die, that's your life [Ja Rule] Niggas know the truth Rule raises the roof Cuz I pop more shots than Abdul-Rauf And when the concludes I bring closure to the situ Come thru squeeze eight out the stolen black pinto Niggas know my mental kill or be killed head for the hills But don't never slide down it if you to high ground it (puff, puff) uhhh! Is how it sounded two shots thru and silent And one nigga stripped of his talents New fucking Yiddy City the sex and violence Where first time offenders get floated to the island And one time give a nigga one time Breathe wrong and a nigga have a blown mind I blow lines like an addict Bust guns erratic shine blind like carats Rules above average me and this music make a marriage So I thee wed till I'm either jailed or dead motherfuckers Feel me niggas [Black Child] Word to God Feel us nigga We here, again It's Murda [Chorus x2]

Goin' Off

J. COLE "The Come Up"
Fuck it, Ay, Do or Die, new arrival, Holla at my niggas, You survive you's alive, yo, Now either you follow me and ride, or you's a rival. The difference between you and I is you a model, you posing. But who am I though? The mulatto out for that lotto, Money coming soon, the newest model, Your crew is hollow, The type of niggas got more dick, chew and swallow. Your girl told me shoot in her face, she suicidal, Oh shucks, you niggas is closed, you fold up. I'm from the Ville, niggas get killed over four bucks, Thank God we made it, my niggas, we grown up, Now we crazy over that bread, call us the "dough-nuts," uh, More sluts once the money blows up, But them hoes stop if the dough drops, I won't stop though, a chip off the 'ol block. I'm from a city where niggas hole blocks, Leave you looking like old socks, damn, Cops patrol blocks, spotting on us, The boys is rotten, I know they want us, Probably arrest a nigga, get a bonus, You kill a nigga, get promoted, Shit is crazy, girls getting babies before they get diplomas, So much I just go nuts, Niggas telling me slow up, Remember that, I'm tryna get where that cheddar at, Y'all don't hear me, Always somebody that don't want you getting cheese, yo, This whole bullshit is like Tom and Jerry, I'm kinda very raw, niggas can't deny facts, If you black they sending you to jail or Iraq, Honor is something you can't sell or buy back, Niggas don't like bragging, they 9-11 fly cats, Hijack niggas, "Get up out your whip nigga, strip! I want it all- ice on your wrists and the kicks," This shit happens, I ain't just rapping, believe it yo, They got streets in the city police won't even go, Peep it though, uh, It ain't no secret, niggas beefing cause my ego so big, It got me speaking like I'm diesel, like I'm devil, oh, Niggas know my stylo, I ain't tweaking, I am lethal though, Have your daddy looking for you, This ain't Finding Nemo though. Let me slow it down, dumb it down, y'all warned, The son came up out that womb, yo, a star is born. If real recognize real, y'all are foreign, My team run a play on your bitch and we all scoring, yea!

Battle Cry

JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
How many times I gotta tell y'all I'm second to none. No magazine's top ten cause I'm negative one. So I don't pay attention to them dumb folk Cause I'm a always be in first like the clutch broke I'm from where the cut-throats cut coke Cause school ain't cut it, they cut out the puff smoke And guess what? That's who I hang with, so when you speak INDUSTRY - I don't know the language But play the beat and I'll show you why I'm head honcho Ya'll gettin' away with murder like the white bronco Bunch of trash inbetween hooks Bars too cute to be gettin' all these mean looks Put the hottest rappers all on one stage together See who'll hold their arm up like Che Guevera I rhyme hotter and I say it better I'm a winter cold war I'm a product of the Regan Era Day thinkin till the page inkin' My 16 free ya'll I'm hip-hop's Abe Lincoln. Fam I don't know what they thinkin These niggas got me fucked up like I spent all day drinkin I'm a boss not a loss yet You're little lemons in a race with a souped up corvette I'm so hot I could stand still and pour sweat in the North Pole fully naked with my balls wet I'm a monster, these other niggas small pets Claim they sick but they get cured by your dog's vet I'm thorough from my Yank' to my gourtex You're bluffin, I play Poker I'm callin all bets Local boy, when's the last time you all left? I don't even know where the FUCK I'm goin' on tour next Last month Canada, before that? Europe I had Waffles out in Belguim, you ain't had Syrup Every time I write it's another flight Another whore with my kids on her underbite Another "YAOWA!" chant when I touch the Mic Another Magazine spread, yeah you fuckin right I'm on my grind like a pair of in-line skates Get on tracks and go banana's like a Primate Baboon, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, I'm Wild Ape King Kong under your skin, I'm bout to Sky-Scrape But the sky ain't the limit I could teleport through my mind any minute Take you to a place where the Lions go "ribbit" All the frogs "roar" and the fire is frigid I'm outta this world - don't belong here What heir'ing the thrown if I taught you from a small chair? Family, you niggas got it twisted Flow out of the box, yours chicken and a biscuit Gave me chicken pox when I listen, I be itchin' to cripple your career like a ligament is missin Dawg I'm on a mission like an intimate position When I swing it's Knock Out's I ain't gettin' a decision From here on it's locked ya'll a prisoner to spittin Can't escape my bars no visitor's permitted Welcome to Hell where Joell holds a pitch-fork And you burn in eternal flames for your bitch talk Dick in my hand I'm pissed off But I ain't bucklin', 'Everyday I'm Hustlin' - Rick Ross One day the whole globe will know I'm Clark Kent Underneath the shades on a Project park bench Superman when I grip the Mic The only way I'm slowin down is if I blow a pound of Kryptonite From now on I'm a bully I'm a pick the fight Let them pick you up off the ground when I check ya bite You'll become a little memory, gigabyte Me and these beats got married, I'm Mr. Right Little man you spit aight, I'm on fire You gotta little buzz - Miller Lite Man there's so many words runnin' round my brain If I don't put them on a track I would go insane Maybe that's why everything I say is crazy And everyday I wake up, with a naked lady With a V.I.P. band on my right wrist Pants on the flow, J.D. with a slight sip Left in the bottle tele-key on the night stand I go to the bathroom to pee and then I scram I live the life of a rock-star They ain't wanna let me through so I became a Cop Car Put the Sirens on every time I touch a pen Everybody move like dope - that's a fuckin '10' My peers know I'm gonna win. This music's like my first crush, for years I wanted in I'm here. Oh boy will you taste the wrath I'm a make it ugly like what's underneath Jason's mask I listen to alot of mixtapes and laugh All Ya'll nigga do is whine like Jamaican ass Every night I celebrate, we take a glass of Champagne to the brain Sometimes we take a bath Victory feels far better Than Defeat, you niggas weak, Solar's Letter I'm harder than a fonz-lebber My worst rhyme's 30 times rougher than your hottest bars ever I could front like a car fender Cause everything I'm on DJ's pull up like the bar tenders New York I'm the answer to your prayers Head Nod music, leave the dancin over there Project Shit, ain't no Mansion over here Just Murder on the strings, Charles Manson on the Snare I'm hungry the game's like a Food Court I just gave ya'll a loose hundred, Newports. Chea Joell Ortiz Who feel they... Who feel they better?

The One

KANYE WEST "Cruel Summer"
[Hook: Marsha Ambrosius] The storm is on the horizon I'm standing here alone Got a pistol on my hip And it's gonna be some shit If you want it then bring it on See I'm a motherfuckin' soldier And I'ma be here till it's done And when they asking who I'm is, shit You just tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) Tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) Tell them that I'm the one [Verse 1: Kanye West] I'm the one, baby Yeah, I'm the one, baby Since God gave his only begotten son, baby It's hard preachin' the gospel to the slums lately So I had to put the church on the drums, baby You on a run, baby You on a run, baby You think you free but you a slave to the funds, baby You think you me, but you ain't me, what you done lately? Mhm that's cool but I been runnin' on the sun, baby We on a galaxy that haters cannot visit That's my reality so get off my Scott Disick If you ever held a title belt you would know how Michael felt Tyson, Jackson, Jordan - Michael Phelps Yeah, had to take it to another realm Cause everything around me got me underwhelmed Best way to describe my position is at the helm Best way to describe my new whip - Yeeeaaaalmmp [Hook: Marsha Ambrosius] The storm is on the horizon I'm standing here alone Got a pistol on my hip And it's gonna be some shit If you want it then bring it on See I'm a motherfuckin' soldier And I'ma be here till it's done And when they asking who I'm is, shit You just tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) Tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) Tell them that I'm the one [Verse 2: Big Sean] I told Detroit I'ma fuckin' get it I told my brother we'll be fuckin' winnin' Ye told me I'm the man for the job So I told my mom, call her's up and tell 'em that she quittin' Started off in that Chevrolet, but it's Ferraris I gotta drive I'm on HBO with my Entourage I'm 5'9" fuck a 9 to 5 I need a hundred million no compromise I'm a double XL nigga Magazine and condom size See what I seen and be traumatized I don't wait, I marinate, variate erryday Erry state, sold out, fuck around and need a barricade My weed loud I need a hearing aid Livin' life behind a pair of shades I be a billionaire if I could get a dollar For all the bullshit that I hear a day I did it [Hook: Marsha Ambrosius] The storm is on the horizon I'm standing here alone Got a pistol on my hip And it's gonna be some shit If you want it then bring it on See I'm a motherfuckin' soldier And I'ma be here till it's done And when they asking who I'm is, shit You just tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) Tell them that I'm the one (One, one, one) Tell them that I'm the one [Verse 3: 2 Chainz] Treat the back seat like a sofa bed Break bread with my niggas, call it profit share This some good shit, but it get better And yeah my bitch cold, nigga thin sweater Like my verse suede and the beat leather Just tryin' to stay above sea level When my nigga went to jail, I said, "Free Gucci" I done bought so much shit, I should get free Gucci Bought my baby momma anaconda bags I shouldn't have bought it all I should've went and cut the grass Snake ass niggas in my fuckin' face Bring your girl here nigga so I could fuck her face Yeah I run this place, this is cash mill swag niggas treadmillin' goin' nowhere fast Sittin' courtside at the Hawks game Louie's on, I could trip a fuckin' ball player [Outro: James Fauntleroy (x2)] fuck yeah, awesome, yeah I lost some of my mind And then I found weed was really kind of awesome It's possible, goddamn right I've been honest the whole time

Til' Infinity

J. COLE "The Warm Up"
Uh, yea let me warm up man, let me warm up man! I got to warm up man! Yea, Elite what up! Yea Warm Up Yea, look niggas wanna know the formula for success, sheeitt, but I studied for this test Ay nigga I'm better than the rest you just rest boy please Me I'm trynna stretch my treasurer chest like some double D breast So a nigga on a quest no question, so I tell em birds no nesting Laying in my bed I hope to lay a niggas egg, No- you'll never hatch mines Baby, you don't match mines I'm trynna shine like the bat sign when it's crime and the gats flyin up in Gotham Watch em Far from a thug but I'll drop one Far from a scrub but I'll mop them Watch em better leave em alone like Stockton when he retired Shit your shit is fire boy stop I don't buy, boy caught, stop laying Ya shit is not hot man if niggas not buying It's not rocket science But the way I rock it help me build up my alliance These niggas ain't playing in New York like the Giants-ha! A little line to show love to the city that got no love Don't want to see a nigga grow rather see a nigga hold-up That's cold blooded, well never to fail If you can make it here you can make if from heaven to hell I'm just a little nigga strait out the Ville Always been sick probably never get well And no time soon, step to a nigga get 4 times 2 Bet the way I spit it leave your mind blue with more rhymes due Nigga you tryning who? Sheeit, nigga you tryning me bitch I'm better than all them niggas you trynna be Shit, nigga you trying me? Bitch I'm better than all them niggas you trynna be Look, it's no time to chill I'm trynna get Mills There's not time to chill I'm trynna build Bitch there's no time to chill I'm trynna get Mills There's not time to chill I'm trynna build It's no time to chill I'm trynna get Mills There's not time to chill I'm trynna build Bitch it's no time to chill nigga! Yep

Throw It Up

J. COLE "The Come Up"
Yeah Yeah, uh Yea, Yea Yeah Carolina, nigga Fayettenam, nigga Yea This is for them street niggas to them deep niggas, Them politics, them geek niggas, To them freak bitches that swallow dick, it's real. Or them sheet niggas ain't proud of shit niggas, and still, Even them bleak niggas without a cent could feel. I never sleep nigga, I gotta get them mills I never cheat nigga, my heart is with the ville. When niggas greet niggas with hollow tips, but chill. You'll never reach nigga, I got an itch to kill. Word, a nigga bringing heat to the third My shit in every street, like the curb. So bitches wanna meet cause I'm deep with my words, So them niggas wanna peep like a perv, But peep game. Before they start saying "He changed," A real nigga can never forget where he came. So if I'm up in Carolina kicking deep game, Or if I'm riding through Queens like the E-train, I throw it up! Yea If you a down south nigga, throw it up, (and) If you an east coast nigga, throw it up, (yea) If you a west coast nigga, throw it up, (ay) If you a mid-west nigga, throw it up, (ay) If you a Fayettenam nigga, throw it up, (yea) If you a ATL nigga, throw it up, New York to L.A. niggas, throw it up, Yeah, Chi town throw it up (yea) As you niggas smoking more kush, South niggas wreaking niggas, ask George Bush, Ask Bill Clinton, a nigga Will Smithin' My jeans a 'lil less baggy, money still fittin.' The streets a lil less rowdy, but they still kickin' Them Randy Johnson O.G. niggas still pitchin' And yeah, I know she got a man, but I'm still hittin' So when he be up in that shit, he be like "This feels different," No shit, throw dick like the veteran I am, I got that vitamin D, it's like medicine to them. I got her climaxing like it's never finna end, That's why she fucking me a lot better than her man. She try a new trick, she so wet a nigga swam, Like a salmon in this bitch, my dick drowning in that shit. They love a fly nigga on that frisbee shit. Plus a nigga get Gs like them Disney flicks. I throw it up! Yea If you a down south nigga, throw it up, If you an east coast nigga, throw it up, (yea) If you a west coast nigga, throw it up, (yea) If you a mid-west nigga, throw it up, (yea) If you a Bull city nigga, throw it up, (yea) If you a H-town nigga, throw it up, (yea) You represent that Bay nigga, throw it up, (yea) And if you from that BK nigga, throw it up (yea) Greedy niggas want the money, so that's where my aim is, Hoe niggas love the attention, wanna be famous, Real niggas fuck the attention, they know it's dangerous, Rather make a mil' and nobody know what my name is, (uh) But that's the price when you nice with it. And them ladies gonna like cause you light-skinned, I take advantage of the situation, I'm hitting dimes from Atlanta up to Pennsylvania. They catch feelings and I switch next, "I made it clear baby, just sex, I'm too young to settle down, shorty get dressed!" Even them white girls tryna be my princess, But I only fuck with sisters like incest. I've been stressed, I'm so in-depth, I get this weight up off my chest like a bench-press, I sense death in the air, but it's nothing for me, Some niggas better be aware or meet the cousin of sleep, get it? You slow niggas still ain't felt that shit. How she gonna upgrade me dog? I built that shit. Rapping's a cash cow, finna milk that bitch, You better hit up homocide, I just killed that shit, boy! Throw it up nigga! Throw Throw it, Throw it up! Yeah!

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