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JA RULE lyrics - R.U.L.E.

Stripping Game (Skit)

Original and similar lyrics
Stripping business started in Africa long time ago long long long time ago White man went to Africa and He saw these beautiful black women walkin' around sagging' Dancing Workin' Livin' in the nude You can see there public hair This white man went from village to village to seek out these black women Watchin' them perform in the nude Whit man had an idea he figured he gonna go back to Europe right Start the same type of business that started with black women Get them white bitches to dance the same way Huh anit no shame in our black women Wasn't no shame in them walkin' but ass naked people over the years try to start the same thing But it didn't happen Those white bitches told him the most beautiful words we ever heard in our profession What she say? baby those whit bitches looked him in the eye and told him Fuck that! Pay me! thats why I get 30% where Can I Start?

Twitter Freestyle

Man ain't a sideman like nick clegg Don't try take man for a smeg head Young black boy baidin n ting Durag no skin fade n ting Boybetterknow black card dats mine BMW black car that's mine BBKmobile ring off my line Badman without the 419 Rep for my ends and I ain't got a tat I've been about when youngers attack But 1 on 1, you don't want that Eidyats wanna try glitch under the map This badboy lyric I'll start reeling it off The ends FEDS start sealing it off You man are bored Dip ya hand in pva & start peeling it off I turned my Blam album into a car I turned a Tottenham man into a star You man are jokes Like dyslexic man walking into a bra I'm on the beat, I'm on the tune Look at me, look at you I win this ting Using the rare candy cheat on pikachu Clash me fam you will regret diss Pace! jme will set diss Borat. You will neve get this! Slap man in the face with a wet fish It's peak it's tense RT Ring Tempz Bare eidyats trying it with meeeee? Switch! Turn SSJ3 Jme where's Wiley, where's Skepta, did he do a tune with diddy Shutyamouth fam don't be silly Asking bare questions like my names SIRI My names jme, the grime fixer Moesh & pictures like Disney Pixar Don't mess about with me fam This is the fucking catalina wine mixer I'm on a roll, you can't stop dis Mans baiding, ain't you clocked dis? Big up BBK supporters everyone showing love Hold tight my block list I don't care what you say I'll miss my food in Chinese Tuesday If somebody that don't know me tries to Boy man like man like Toby Jme FDMD Headtop a man M W 3 CONFU? you can't read Red ring of death PEAK If not then I will spray quick PP 90 M1 with the grey clip Man still wanna chat I'll 360 noscope man with an arcade stick

Cry To Heaven

ELTON JOHN "Ice On Fire"
I found a black beret on the street today It was lying in the gutter all torn There's a white flag flying on a tall building But the kids just watch the storm Their dirty faces pressed on the windows Shattered glass before their eyes There's a mad dog barking in a burned out subway Where the sniper sleeps at night No birthday songs to sing again Just bricks and stones to give them Wrap them up in your father's flags And let them cry to heaven There are many graves by a cold lake As the beds were when your babies are born And your rag doll sits with a permanent grin But the kids just watch the storm I saw a black cat tease a white mouse Until he killed it with his claws Seems a lot of countries do the same thing Before they go to war

Names And Dates And Times

ANI DIFRANCO "Puddle Dive"
I know so many white people I mean, where do I start the trouble with white people is you can't tell them apart I'm so bad with names and dates and times but I'm big on faces that is, except for mine I believe you when you tell me we've met before this time you've got my interest this time you've got the floor why don't you go and tell me something I don't already know give me something to remember you by when you go I eat too much I laugh too long maybe I'll like too much of you when I'm gone let's go over to the window and sit in the neon light let's go out walking you know, it's garbage night let's go down to the east river and throw something in something we can't live without and then let's start again the more you talk the more I get the sense of something that hasn't happened yet the more you talk the more I want to know the way I'll remember you when I go I eat too much I laugh too long maybe I'll like too much of you when I'm gone I am so many white people I mean where do I start they've got lots of personalities I just can't tell them apart and I never remember anything except for those things which I never forget you know there's no in between I'm big on your face yeah it's big in my mind you're like the rest of the human race you're one of a kind

Sweet Gene Vincent

Ian Dury And The Blockheads
blue gene baby skinny white sailor, the chances were slender the beauties were breif shall I mourn you decline with some thunderbird wine and a black hankercheif? I miss your sad Virginia whisper I miss the voice that called my heart sweet gene vincent young and old and gone sweet gene vincent who, who, who slapped john? white face, black shirt white socks, black shoes black hair, white strat bled white, died black sweet gene vincent let the blue roll tonight at the sock hop ball in the union hall where the bop is there delight here come duck-tailed Danny dragging Uncanny Annie she's tehone with the flying feet you can break the peace daddy sickle grease the beat is reet complete and you jump back honey in the dungerees tight sweater and a ponny tail will you guess her age when she comes back stage? the hoodlems bite thier nails black gloves, white frost black crepe, white lead white sheet, black knight jet black, dead white sweet gene vincent there's one in every town and the devil drives 'till the hurse arrives and you lay that pistol down sweet gene vincent there's nowhere left to hide with lazy skin and ash-tray eyes a perforated pride so farewell mademoiselle, knicker-bocker hotel farewell to money owed but when your leg still hurts and you need more shirts you got to get back on the road

Coke And White Bitches: Chapter 2

ASAP MOB "Lord$ Never Worry"
[Verse 1: ASAP Ant] Chickens on the sink, crack on the stove Triple beam for the weight, cut the middle man Tryna get 8 white bitches snorting off the plate Coke from Columbia, riding 'round in the Benz Looking like a trap star, flipping raw day and night Tryna get my money right, naw I ain't living right Fucking bitches all night, kick 'em out the next day Everyday is pay day Hit me with a half bring it back in two days Living in Cali by the oceans Condo got em open, long dick stroke em I send 'em to the husband, he over there fussing I'm over here fucking no loving Puffing on heavenly, rock star 70's Slim pants, ripped jeans, Jeremy Scott wings Bucket hat on lean, counting up cream Rolling on beans, disobedient with dreams Tatted from neck to air, bitches they want to stare Macking with hoes as I pose Hammer in my drawers, Henny out my pores, as I pour Hit the blunt, 200 on the dash as I pass [Hook: ASAP Ant] Coke and white bitches Coke and white bitches Just coke and white bitches Coke and white bitches Coke and white bitches Just coke and white bitches Coke and white bitches Coke and white bitches [Verse 2: Danny Brown] Snatch a nigga Carties off his face, no burner Got a Eastside nigga that'll leave you on Vernor Burberry belt, yo bitch wanna unbuckle it Off of 2 lines, now she wanna suck on it IPhone ringing and it's all about a profit Coke and white bitches, nigga that's the topic Smoking on them cookies, dropping ashes on the Balmain Ain't talking 'bout hooping, when she say ball game Drinking on a [tall can?], bitch get naked Told that ho to suck my dick, she said "give me a second" The mothafuckin' bruiser put it all in your medula Hit the poop shooter, shoot it on her soup cooler [Hook] [Verse 3: Fat Trel] Okay, let's talk about alice, mansion out in Dallas Like to sniff white in my off-white palace Said she getting married, I love her for her talents And she love me cause I grind, I grind, I (malice[?]) Sniffing when she wake up, stripping with no makeup Ecstasy for dinner, I'm a winner, you a pay cut Skinny white bitches, rich dyke bitches E'ryday a movie, groupie Lee Spike living You ain't got no money cause you need white bitches White S5 with switches, that's big business Living room filled with women, filthy living Whipping rental whips in the winter, December, nigga [Hook] [Verse 4: Gunplay] Nigga, cocaine connoisseur, white bitch carnivore You can see I'm high, no need to ponder more I put my nose to the straw and tear the condom off, I know I'm kinda off Human bath salt, with a passport And a cracker ho that give me what I ask for It's a party, every bitch here named Molly 'Til crazy ass Gunplay came and Tec Nined it Just a thug on drugs, not doing much So skeed up, man I can't even nut Got the bitch jaw sore, ho can't even grub Who got the hoes and the blow, I wanna know, hit me up

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