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JA RULE lyrics - Pain Is Love

Bitch Betta Have My Money

Original and similar lyrics
What up love You thought I wouldn't recognize ho like stats I peep you at the strip joint You and that little black chick Acting like you so innocent When you in the six Usually that bring the freak right out of a bitch I knew something was wrong Lesbian I go on Ain't nothing wrong with bump n' grinding right I like mines tight You like yours licked And we both like bitches to get high high wit You opted to leave a nigga with no options You freak hoe dance topless baby What's ya sitcho You ride dildo Plastic nympho Only see dick in porno Hun lidten I can make your life a world of difference Throw me in the mix of your sexual experiences See what happens In like two weeks These hoes is freaking Making about two g's a piece a weekend That's what I'm saying [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money Keep my ones on top My tens on lock My hoe in the drop Got a hot little co-op Prestigous Rock a cuban link with Jesus Lord have mercy Let me touch this Tease it For reasons I can't explain to you lord Cause you know my actions are censored Don't diss chips to fuck with no broad This one can get it Damn near split it Yeah picture me paying for some pussy I ain't even smelled yet Let alone got wet But I'm willing to make a bet That the next time we riding If she ain't riding On the turnpike you you bobbing While I'm weaving Getting weede Believe me This pimp shit ain't easy baby I tell you ain't no hoes like the ones I got They make you fiend for that pussy coming up out ya pockets [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money Baby girl you so hot I feel like Iceberg Slim I pimp plenty women Got to tip my hat to a ten Just been in too many run ins with dead ends Comparisions range from thick ones to thin Explosive sex thoughts coming from this young work horse I spend hard times like D.A.'s in criminal courts Fro the love of my life I'll cut down on the sport For the jewels with ice and creep to never get caught You know the game You and I is one in the same But you got my name tatooed on ya leg Shit is serious Now you caling me acting delirious Used to be my best bitch Now somewhat resistant Street life got you hot like Heather Hunter Worn out and don't nobody want ya First time i met ya you played me out of pocket I ain't know no better bitch Now stop it Game is the topic And what's between your legs is the product Use it properly And you'll make dollars biatch [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money

Lose Your Mind

Huey Dunbar
Lose your mind U know I always cook I always clean, and when you need me baby I'm always seen I give you tender love and care, wash all your clothes That's not so u can lay around these other hoes I'm tired of your silly games No matter what the problem is I'm still the blame ur running game Shica is my best friend and i heard you tryin' to holla at her in the benz (i aint trying to holla) and if i did what you doin' to me then its a crime my friends and family keep telling me that i'm wasting my time and evry time i ask a question u say i'm way out of line and if i ever did wat u doing to me... admit boy You would Lose your mind guy part- u popping house, you pay them bills ,who put you in da' baby benz, look at your wheels, keep'em real, who u kno in 24s make them count like cherrios with plenty o's theres plenty ho's wishin at they pleasure look at how u livin mami i'm lacin u now face it boo the jealous ho's they want your spot they talking slick we cocking whips fo' chocolate they hate it cause we live it up they envy us cause i keep you in the burberry and the 50 plus your the only female or spreedwhale(??) ice bangles from jacob ma you better wake up stop playing games girl act like you grown all that whining and star 69ning on my fone and if i was to leave you alone rite now admit it girl .. Both: you would lose your mind (x8) guy part- girl i see you got it bad like usher got it you in the rush just to cus' fight and fus about it i put the b's(??) in your face and you get the keys to the safe and i put the rocks in your ears lemme freeze in your face i walk through the mall in the realy good cockpit(??) new lockmen's code and shoe shoppin' what mo' could you ask fo'? i keep you in the air with your passport so what you mad fo'? popping me with tricks drinking vadca then i came home with lipstick on my box (kiss) .....

No Secret

[Intro - Oktane:] I'm a do this one time Ion run around bruh... Let's make this quick I'm a make this bitch jump too All off memory Here we go [Verse 1 - Oktane:] Uhh Aight Look Let me get my rain man Got me doing the rain dance That ain't rain boy, that's money Only piece of paper make ya act funny Only piece of paper that make the rats want me The kinda paper make a hater do his job I'm stuntin' Make the big booty whop out hundreds And when the beat drop Make their heads drop for me, let's do it! Fuck all that paper man, I'm just grindin' Tryna get it for family (Ya got it, ya copy) I ain't Mexican and she ain't Mexican But she at the spot and she callin' me "Papi" I said "Mexican" two Eses Guestin' (Hehe, damn hol' up) Cause she said "Papi the hottest" I've been waiting for the rock now I got it Now they wanna know the size of my wallet Ask me "How it go?" I say "I can't call it." When I know I go behind the back and ballin' Everybody callin' askin' for features And I'll do all them shits I'm happy to be here I don't mind gettin' paid to eat ya beats And make a couple "K" right in time for the weekend Niggas wouldn't get the game, so we peeped it And now we the fuckin' best and that ain't no secret [Hook - Audio Push:] Shit ain't no secret (Shit ain't no secret) It ain't no secret (It ain't no secret) We don't fuck with y'all boys This shit ain't no secret (This shit ain't no secret) And that's the way we gon' keep it (And that's the way we gon') And that's the way we gon' keep it (And that's the way we gon') [Verse 2 - Pricetag:] Look, about boy, got bars like Museum All y'all rappers sound the same, y'all need a new plan "Who the plug? ", We the plug Hear the crew chant I'm number 1, but I'll be second with my two fam Paper on paper, Him look like a newsstand Remember when I use to steal my Mama's food stamps Now these girls love me Got two Cams, two Sams All different colors like a beak upon a Toucan You can get kicked to the door like Martin used to do Pam See this one for the true fans From the Era where we used to throw them two hands (Mmm) Have you rappers looking like soup cans Sittin' on the shelf, needin' help Meanwhile we the Hardy boys with the belt On the turnbuckle Didn't have to earn hustle, we just had it automatic We was destined for the wealth Lord help Cause they praying on me (Cause they praying on me) And I'm just praying that somebody be out there praying for me Keep them away from me (Lord keep them away) Aye city look, if you have it, keep a space for me please I've been on my knees I've been at war with new devils My mama told me that it's new devils at new levels She also said I was special since I was riding on Mongoose pedals And that's the reason I ain't gon' settle [Hook] [Verse 3 - Rockie Fresh:] Right now, I ain't got time to be leanin' I tell you to do it, know that I mean it Don't get confused who the team is, Maybach forever But I'll pull yo bitch in a Prius She on her way to come see us I let her get high, but I say on the low "She should keep it" She went to tell all of her homies And now they all on me, so it ain't no way it's a secret We met in LA over summer She gave top 'fore she gave me her number You know she A runner Get on the track, do the same Rockie be ballin' I give em' that game I'm Audio Pushin' the limit Startin' to feel healthy Pockets full on lettuce and spinach I Might just go open a salad bar I pull up in the wildest car Yea Rockie a fuckin' star With the shit like it's Amistad I'm a boss, you could get a job I got the door, don't you touch the knob Turnin' that shit, it could be a prob You could meet the Mob I could make a call, cause I'm in charge Young Rockie don't catch the charge I ain't never gotta fetch em' y'all Cause I'm getting money in the Tesla charged (Hahaha) [Hook x2] [Bridge - Audio Push & Rockie Fresh:] Niggas all know we deep in this bitch (Say that, say that) I'm Reppin' my squad (Say that, say that) You know who I'm with (Say that, say that) My niggas go hard (Say that, say that) Yeah, we gon' get lit (Say that, say that) Don't care about y'all (Say that, say that) Cause we gone get ours (Say that, say that) Yeah, we gon' get ours (Say that, say that) Yeah, we gon' get ours (Say that, say that) (Bounce)


'D.R.E.A.M.' Drugs rule everything around me, fiend get the powder, drink another beer ya'll [x4] I keepin underground, it showed me NJ like macro, cuttin like you can't breath they call me Diablo let the gun smoke like Rakim say, kid I ain't no joke (?) city scapin this If it's a law kid, we be breakin' it 2001 we makin hits so one for the treble two for the bass three for the nights that puts a lump in your face the (?) says i get mad with you get the motherfucker bullets for the crew I ride for my niggas die for my niggas get your body get high on my niggas the bitch rap breaker rappin decapitated diablo, eagles, MC, eliminator what up playa? MC, Slayer kill you in your dreams muffle your screams put you in the earth, make you shake like a fiend (?) with your TLS spit fire and burn the hairs off your chest Mr. hard to get along with you wanna write a song with any given time you can catch me with a bomb bitch you think you catch me slippin? I think you better stop bitch(?) leave your motherfuckin wig split step back before you get smacked, no runnin' from it you too, I'll take you to school, you ain't above it I stay rock, hardcore, have you screamin 'no more'? I'll bust you in the face, point and laugh while your blood pours Mr. Bigshot, latino Gambino, rest in peace to my brother King Gino you can catch me on the West Coast, with a fly-ass stripper tied to my bed-post lookin' like Alicia Keys on her knees, lickin' the bag, just for a freeze he knows me baby (?) (?) happy and invisible we thug-killers, Ice Grill-as, wildin' out like a pack of gorillas you know man get the fam must be jokin' must be the dust you be smokin' (?) I wanna heavy metal smoke-ya stomp your ass like a roach-a player like a mom (?) (?) coffin trapped in a daze like Christopher Walken now look who's talkin' (?) smile (?) danny diablo's ok the devil's child LA (rockin') The Queens (keep rockin') Transplants (rockin') Diablo (keep rockin') [x4] Drugs rule everything around me, fiend get the powder, drink another beer ya'll [x8]

It Yearns

MYSTIKAL "Unpredictable"
[Intro, some guy talking] Old school niggas. (IT'S YEARN!) True hip hop niggas. Ha, ha. (IT'S YEARN!) This something y'all niggas can dance to. [Verse 1] LIKE THAT! I be a black muthafucka from the 12th ward I want some bullshit niggas () hittin em hard I hit em with more () I make em run I made a lot of noise with the shit I done I give y'all a chance to roll but y'all niggas can't roll Sit your ass down, let me show you how it go I thought I showed you last time, when will you learn Watch what you ask for, nigga, IT'S YEARN! [Verse 2] The maniac brotha's back with another dramatic track Crossin my path struck you like you a black cat Maniac, abused, used, and abused Try your luck and bring a pack for the horseshoes You got nothin to lose, it just might help you out a bit Shit, I doubt it You're better off dead, goin head to head with a nigga like M-I-K-E Your best bet's to pack your shit Calm your head, bleedin bitch Sucka tragic you'll never get none You better leave cause you only get one Chance to make a break for it Uh huh, leave now or get the pow Get the fuck out this area, I'ma have to bury ya Mo thug, I draw blood Whip that ass, leave ya face down in the mud Militant, bitch I might be But that's a risk you take when you fuck with me Headlocked, yo I dirt ya like a nacho Shit you go, bigger than G.I.Joe You ain't know I thought you knew This time you can have it, it's for you IT'S YEARN! [X 3] [Verse 3] Come on, come on Well come away sucker fake MCs in the place There's only one Mystikal so make no mistake Comin straight in your face, sucker MCs I hate Rhymes bite you in your ass like a rattlesnake Bout your screamin no way Bitch you won't escape I'm like a boa 'strictor I kill, I suffocate Hittin harder than Hitler, no slidin, no livin, no jivin Got more niggas runnin and hiding than Batman and Robin Takin out adversaries with rhymes I wrote The sucker () I'm the antidote I the conductor of shive rhymes (.......) Stretch like elastic, pure fantastic Lift off and burnin MCs like amino acid Nigga please don't try to battle, it's suicide Those who have time watch me I do survive This is only a suggestion, so ask no questions Try and digest my rhymes bitch you get indigestion Wrote this as a lesson so you will know Comin hard muthafuckas this physical Be pussy bitches in my fans I brought a dime and Understand I'm comin strong nigga harder than He-Man With these hands, nigga laying face down on the curb IT'S YEARN! [Verse 4] Some murderer got the nerve to talk about me Bitch I never heard of ya That's a shame, you got the blame cause you're blind You know my name, the M to the Y, S-T-I, the K-A-L Rebel, ya smell, ya fell, ya tell, ya sell, hotter than hell Soft as hell, I might as well SPELL! I'm a big marine, M-I-K-E, you figure weaker then me I speak uniquely, how in the fuck do you plan to beat me Ruler of hip hop, left ya shell shocked Scare the fuck out ya like Alfred Hitchcock Don't wanna be bothered (....) I'm a rough motherfucker from the 12th ward Never left nothin undone, breakin jaws for fun Cocky as Paul Bunyan, have ya cryin like onion Flyin low, a soldier born, ya chicken's choked Explosive, bitch I'm the one that wrote this I scream like rebel with the sword and snake Your boss come to battle, it's not your week I reverse my verse, I love to curse You won't be the first muthafucker in the back of a hearse Stomp, pop, clap, havin the last laugh Then, I step back and grin at your dumb ass Watch me burn, can't miss my turn Like, do you want it IT'S YEARN![ X 2]

Life Ain't Easy

MASTER P "Only God Can Judge Me"
(feat. C-Murder, Porshe) [police siren] [Master P as cop] Driver, slowly step out of the vehicle Passenger, keep your hands up high You don't have a right to remain silent Anything I write in this report is gonna be fuckin used against you, hahaha Where dey at - where dey at, where dey at [Porshe - repeat over other vocals] Life ain't easy (life ain't easy) I know they comin for me (comin for me) [C-Murder] This ghetto got me strapped I keep my hand on my nine, I can't depend on the one time This ghetto got me strapped I keep my hand on my nine, I can't depend on the one time Is you scared or is you real Cause yo' face is kinda pale I know these streets is kinda hard but me, I'm bout my fuckin mail They say that evil lurks in the dark, and the trigger gots no heart I've been doin this shit from the start and yeah my bite is worse than my bark Nigga please, I'm a motherfuckin dog ass nigga Steady reppin on them hoes and I'm steppin on them niggaz Bitch I thought that you was hard, til I caught you in yo' garage and I hit you with that , now you tryin to press some charges like a bitch - talkin bout, 'It's all good - I ain't trippin' Shook my hand - but man, I can't wait to catch you slippin in the STREETS, cause I'm crazy gang related, and it's FUCKED UP Them bitches tryin to ban me cause my music get y'all bucked up Fuck! [Porshe - repeat over other vocals] Life ain't easy (life ain't easy) I know they comin for me (comin for me) [C-Murder] This ghetto got me strapped I keep my hand on my nine, I can't depend on the one time This ghetto got me strapped I keep my hand on my nine, I can't depend on the one time [Master P] Did you fear me when you see me Look in the mirror you wanted to be me Put on your Converse and your green cause you thought that you had seen me Now you afraid of the real For that you better guard your grill I'm the Candyman I'm Master P and you might get spilled For the lights and I'ma shine like Joe the Jeweler See I'm a big bout it Benz and you a sixty-nine Cougar Ahahahaha [tires peel out] [police siren chases]

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