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JA RULE lyrics - Pain Is Love 2

Pray 4 The Day

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[Intro/Chorus: Leah Siegal] Pray for the day, your pain goes away And for the time, wasted on goodbye Can't get back the time, but you stay on my mind Forgive me for the lies... and all the tears you've cried [Ja Rule:] Yeah; so I pray, every night for a better day It's like the world's Ike and I'm Annie Mae But ain't no bitch here, though I shed so many tears for ya Only cause a nigga care for ya I'm talkin 'bout the world over, wake me when it's all over I don't know if it gets any colder, or any warmer I'm weak but I'm gettin stronger Forever young but I'm gettin older, lend me your shoulder But I don't wanna cry on it But at times I feel a need to lie on it; closure And some things will never change I could be last but still way ahead of the game I do my bid to go hot like 'Pac like Wayne Like Rick like Ray even muh'fuckin James I'm just sayin, (Love Is Pain) And all I ask of y'all is keep Rule in your prayers [Chorus] [Ja Rule:] Yeah... hope to see you when I get there Mile high heavenly skies will be a breath of fresh air G5, nobody on my plane cause it's private On my way to St. Elsewhere I swear, I know they say the good die young and I guess that's why I'm so scared But I refuse to die and I won't die Until history records my greatness, Amen I see angels, I see demons I hear laughter, people screamin' Makes me wonder what's my reason for being here And so I'm kneeling [Chorus] [Ja Rule:] Sing a prayer for me But don't nobody shed a tear for me I'm dyin inside as it is If, lonely is the way of the walk Then, I'm practically lyin in a coffin How often do you tell someone you love 'em? I bet not as often as you say you love summer And it's gonna be the coldest winter ever while I'm locked up CL and A-Team, one love and fuck fame [Chorus]

It'z A Set Up

GANG STARR "Moment Of Truth"
We got news for ya -- gt; scratched by DJ Premier Chorus: Guru and Hannibal [Guru] While they devise our demise, we grow wise [Hann] Upset the set up, the element of surprise [both] IT'Z A SET UP [Guru] It's time to upset the set up Verse One: Guru Though they conspire, fake us to make us retire With the burning desire we make it out of the crossfire Thoughts are higher, elevating and focused while the path is narrow, for those like us Primo beats provoke us to meditate like Zen With the will and the strength, of a million men While they introspect, where nothing is met It's been that way for a while so much has come and then went But I'm confident, a few, are due to redeem their respective kingdoms, with an abundance of cream So if I were to scheme, it would be on a realer dream Like formin effective teams to filter the smokescreens You totin in jeans, don't even know the true envy The man I'm pickin apart, and plus they both were friends to me Past trivial pursuits like East and West coast feuds Come against me on the mic, many and most will lose Like most dudes, I love this hip-hop, and this rap stuff But I don't like the shows, where the ignorant act up While some'll be rippin it, they be in the crowd wildin Flippin on kids, for the chains and medallions Or the kid they don't like, from a beef from way back And decide that's the night, perfect time for payback It's wack for the group, plus the others who came to see a fat ass show, instead there's bullets aflame Chorus Verse Two: Hannibal Still waters run deep this is leagues in depth Quiet as kept they slept we crept Society puts the squeeze on MC's like iron grips of death From here on in peace and blessings long cherish your breath Gifted and Rhyme U now how we do, stay true Follow through lay down the law, cause it's probable and overdue All systems overdue, my guns know me I only hold a few my nigga for only a few hold me Never forget the ones before me, my momma told me sacrifice for the ones behind me leadin the seeds Blind leads, black on black, crime to me Inclined to refine my creed I eat thinkin lead Conceive to make the beast bleed, enhance thoughts like tossed trees 'cross the Earth three-fourths Let my offspring feed all three, corpus delectis cost me Lost and found on enemy ground, quoted although they don't know how we get down at sound speed we breed Mo more confined to blind greed and self destructive deeds Heed my freedom war cry, of course I'm N.Y. Hug my peeps that died, the loved ones alive Reinforce and fly high as I lie so shall I from New I to Cali next plateau U.N.I.versal Unleash the black rain Show em who in control, electro-magnetic pull on the hole, ill as toters bang out Til we sittin on swole the strongest way to grow The only way I know, Underground Railroad on track No physical or mental chain can shackle that [answering machine messages]


JAMIE T "Panic Prevention"
[Chorus:] From here to Salvador the ladies dance To fill us reckless sons with the passions of the heart I've been around this town for so long She's been dancing since the first day I've been all around but I love coming back to see Lucy She swings me over to pull me out twirls around And I fall about in giggles and laughter Oh I'm plastered and can't deal help it I'm sorry love What's to falling feeling feet but you know Who dancing around these streets there Lonely like you and your falling to ask For a dance or two With a heart of gold and a face so pale With a second hand dress and the lips of a tempress With a barstool banshee who howled at me The kings and queens of the clubs evolved from pubs And too much broken heart love And singing up the blues in a locked box bedroom A whap bopalu bop to whap bam boo Are you gonna take the chance Why do you care no one play fare And neither do the lords of the dance [Chorus] Well a bang bang Anglo Saxons at the disco atishoo you all fall down Hound dogs rowl on the prowl for the next young girl Who told her daddy I'm going round Gemma's to learn and study Cos I'm young so free and I'm kinda sexy and when I'm on the floor All the boys that feel me and old dear diaries never been a friend of mine [Chorus]

The Key

CHRIS DE BURGH "Far Beyond These Castle Walls"
Each time that I hold you, your eyes fill with fear, You can't lose control now, the price is too dear; But love, I have heard you crying in the dark, And the tears on your pillow came bleeding, weeping from your heart; Oh Sinner, you're losing all that you had, Your day is in pieces, your night has gone mad, And love cannot touch you, the search has no end, And the one you've forgotten was really your only friend... Then your soul flies to Heaven You reach out for me But the door will not open, You've thrown away the key; No the door will not open, You've thrown away the key... Oh Stranger beware the life that you lead, Is filled with the warnings you can or will not read; Your castle has fallen, it lies in the sand, I heard your voice calling, I thought I felt the brush of your hand... Oh Gambler remember the love that you lend, Will never come back for the game has no ending; The smiler is calling, your turn for the deal, And the aces keep falling with every spin of the wheel; Then you gather your winnings, You're ready to leave, But the door will not open, You've thrown away the key Oh there's no point in staying, So don't wait to see, For the door will not open, You've thrown away the key.

Lights Out

[Kardinal] Again, again, agian, again, again Yo! This is Kardinal on the past two Yeah, uhh you all know how we go Mastermind tape five 0 T dot O Oh start to the bricks Kardinal and Rah Digga with the shit Yeah, yeah! Ha Yeah You know its gotta be the Circle and Flipmode Squad, damn breaking all odds You know how I mean, watch out Yo, yo its a big solider in this rap shit I'm cappin' bad ass I be motion style and take 2 stripes off you adidas Pass the mic while you got the chance, fast The master of the class That you cant surpass When night come be in the ninetys (You cant last) I'm fresh-ahh, contact you necksta Can when I begin to mash out like M.O.P. Thats what the memo be Retaliate and find hos in your Gu-o-chi Listen to me, I'm the phat track filler Rhyme killer when I combine with Rah Digga (word) The styles mad flashy, the flow is insane Instead of tryin' to fuck with me, try to abstain (uhh) Its a "Trival Pursuit" and I dont play the game I roll dice with you life, you get trude like sugarcane (nigga) I'm ten times better than you will every be You are what you eat and I'm the best emcee, no doubt [Chorus: Kardinal] Now my niggas up north, dirty cats down south Kardinal and Rah Digga will [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) Flyin by emcees all the wrong bouts Circle and Flipmode will [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) Talk a lot niggas getting tapped in their mouth Better watch what you say for me [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) [Kardinal] Ladies and gentlemen [Rah Digga] (Live from the bricks) Rah Digga uh huh Check it out now Very first to spit, nigga I'm put 2 in You might get lucky like Knicks without Ewing I'm come with the shoe in, bring the 3 hearts and I'm back to the bench, then I hit hI'm with a peace card! Raw diva gonna spit the crazy type Known for spillin' the ill, thats not so lady like +How High+ Bitches going to bounce the ride Pullin' over coppers watch taking pisses outside With her highney, on the parkway haulin' ass Getting pulled over giving cops my autograph Little bity thing weighing buck and change I'm frontin' emcees like they weren’t playin' tame Come on everybody sing along if you heard it Heard it for free now gettin' Gs to reword it Seed and the weed be my pride and joy Holdin down for my thugs screamin' nobody would [Chorus: Kardinal] [w/ extra Method Man sample at end] [Kardinal] Ya love, Yo I'm the mic thug +UR Ghetto When+ Rap veteren, paper bag around the over proof birds pedaling Gettin' chedderin', more type chedder type fella If I cant afford sample clearance, rock and acapella [Rah Digga] Uhh, legit mas to hide the mini scandles Cross them semi handles to match my 50s sandles Floss like sicked and a blind AIDs patient O.Dn' off good ass weed and PlayStation [Kardinal] Yo, yo I run with peeps who break in the back door Rush in urbs sellin', smokin' weed off the floor Gun finger in the air, on some hard nigga shit Mastermind Volume 50 thats it, Rah Dig [Rah Digga] Comin' hardcore as I swing in the north And I mostly do the drugs but I say no to pork So when I say Master- You say -mind My God bless the child that write their own rhymes [Chorus: Kardinal] [w/ "We big dark rebels with the glocks out"] ["Watch what you say for me" added to the end] [scratched out until end] [Method Man sample] (Puts your lights out) [x6]

The Worst (DJ Tedsmooth Remix)

[Intro: Jhene Aiko (DJ Tedsmooth)] Don't take this personal, better act like you know (TEDSMOOTH! STRAIGHT FACE! U REMEMBER!!!) In the way, funny how everything changed Once you got all that you want, nothing was ever the same And though I don't need you, I don't need you, I don't need you, I don't need you I still want you! Ohhhhhhhh!!! I don't mean to, I don't mean to, I don't mean to, I don't mean to But I!!!! But I love you!!! [Verse 1: Raekwon] Six days deep she left she left a letter on the stove This how it go you violated Chef I know you was the mayor but playa I never knew it would come To my love rolled in, then you got numb I'm uptown washin the wraith, guess who run up on me? Little strawberry come on with this, break Yo arguin, put your feet on my shit, botherin me Tears in my eyes you dead wrong pardon me Faith the magical word crack a few nerves yo She had integrity expected me to swerve But I didn't, stood right there I know my limits Know my ground know my surroundings knowin that I'm finished Damn another one lost what more divorce you 'gon break me It's tax time now that's like extortion Why me the flyest of all to keep it irie This is a black man's diary Why me queen? [Verse 2: Jhene Aiko] Tell me what you say now? Tell me what you say come again? If you cannot stay down, then you do not have to pretend Like there is no way out, I should've never let you in 'Cause you got me phased out And don't take this personal, but you're the worst you know what you done to me And although it hurts I know, I just can't keep runnin away (I can't keep runnin away, I can't keep runnin away, And I can't keep runnin away) [Chorus: Jhene Aiko] I don't need you, I don't need you, I don't need you, I don't need you But I want you! I don't mean to, I don't mean to, I don't mean to, I don't mean to But I love you! [Verse 3: Jhene Aiko] Tell me what you say now, tell me what you say? You said that you would come again You said that we would remain friends but, you know that I do not depend On nothing or no one, so why would you show up? So uninvited, then, just change my mind like that Please don't this personal, you weren't special 'til I made you, you better act like you know That I've been though worst than you, I just can't keep runnin away (I can't keep runnin away, I can't keep runnin away, And I can't keep runnin away) But I don't need you! [Chorus: Jhene Aiko] I don't need you, I don't need you, I don't need you, I don't need you But I want you! (But I want you!) I don't mean to, I don't mean to, I don't mean to, I don't mean to But I love you! (But I love you!) [Verse 4: Jhene Aiko] Everybody's like, he's no item, please don't like him He don't wife 'em, he one nights 'em I never listen no, I should have figured though All that shit you was spittin so unoriginal But it was you so I was with it, and to tell you the truth, wish we never did it 'Cause I usually do, stick to the business But you came out the blue, then and you just flipped it God damn baby my mind's blown Be forgettin you live in a different time zone Thinkin I know what this is it's just my time's wrong Yeah I know what you did but baby I'm grown And my love is patient and kind of sick This is where we could build, through different types of shit If you was really the realest you wouldn't be fightin it I think your pride is just, I think your pride is just [Chorus: Jhene Aiko] I don't need you, I don't need you, I don't need you, I don't need you But I want you! I don't mean to, I don't mean to, I don't mean to, I don't mean to But I love you!

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