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J RICE lyrics - The Covers


Original and similar lyrics
Troublemaker, troublemaker That's your middle name You had me hooked again from the minute you sat down The way you bite your lip got my head spinnin' around After a drink or two I was putty in your hands I don't know if I have the strength to stand, yeah Trouble troublemaker, yeah That's your middle name, oh oh oh... I know you're no good but you're stuck in my brain Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad? My mind keeps saying, "Run as fast as you can." I say, "I'm done", but then you pull me back, oh oh oh... I swear you're giving me a heart attack It's like you're always there in the corners of my mind I see your silhouette every time I close my eyes There must be poison in those finger tips of yours 'Cause I keep comin' back for more, yeah... Troublemaker, That's your middle name, oh oh oh... I know you're no good, but you're stuck in my brain Why does it feel so good, but hurt so bad? My mind keeps saying, "Run as fast as you can." I say, "I'm done", but then you pull me back, I swear you're giving me a heart attack Maybe I'm insane 'Cause I keep doing the same thing Thinking one day we gon' change But you know it don't work that way You make me forget my name Don't know how I don't remember You said "You troublemaker" Troublemaker, yeah That's your middle name, oh oh oh... I know you're no good but you're stuck in my brain Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad, oh oh oh? My mind keeps saying, "Run as fast as you can." I say, "I'm done," but then you pull me back, oh oh oh... I swear you're giving me a heart attack

Do It Up

ERICK SERMON "No Pressure"
featuring Soup [Erick Sermon] Oh.. yeahhuhh! Def Squad Chorus: Erick Sermon It's all in the mind.. (Pump pump lickin shots!) *7X* (Pump pump lickin shots) [Erick Sermon] Aiyyo it's the master rap maniac comin fat like dat That's my habitat with the funk track From the Boondocks when I rocks my styles out the docks Who who? I hear someone knockin at my door It must be Soup a black human bein I think it's about time for y'all to see him [Soup] Sometimes I get blindsided with the flow, I never know They yell HOE, assumin the motions of a cool flow Notions of a cool, it's the S, Ohhhhhh Never come test, noooooooo, cause even the best'll have to go out with the rest, Nestea and a bag of sess for me Ackninckulous, I kill the weeds in my chest [Erick Sermon] Back on the rebound, it's the magnificents funkdullah Old schooler, more sole/soul than Dr. Scholl-ah Freakin wicked so it sticks in your dome On the chrome microphone so I take it home Don't neglect, just respect, the mic check Don't forget, I still snap necks and come correct I leave the microphone burnin (burnin) Green Eyed Bandit, my ? full name is Erick Sermon [Soup] Erick Sermon, sermon with the preaching I'm fuckin up people's heads without speaking, without speaking Clearly, loudly, niggaz crowd around the speaker to hear me freak the, note like Tamika But sweeter, sixty phoneta, sneaker if you peep the, jams and you reap the fields with the roots and uh, my name is Soup, and uh I flow like orange juice or Tropicana, and uh Chorus [Erick Sermon] Breaker breaker, shh, I hear some static Stop and get my automatic, the rusty one from the attic And shoot, or be killed, and if I ill I might cause a bloodspill so I have to chill and get totally disgusting on the microphone Whyyyyyyyyy, because it's onnnnn (it's on, IT'S ON) It's on (IT'S ON, IT'S ON, IT'S ON, IT'S ON!!) [Soup] The industry is a trick, and everyone is on the dick A cheap trick, just like ? like ? I peep it, everyone, wants me to sound like a ?, I'm dyin, before I get up from behind It's crushin up the rush of the rhyme in my mind Drink and trust - blind, think and trust - my, nine Because, nine lives nine triggers Fine rhymes equal the nine figures Yeah the cold cash, I hold a bold stash Yeah pockets next to my nineteen year old ass Yeah, God bless the child with his own God bless the roots and outsiders who zone Motherfuckers caps, get bucked in the dome Lick a shot, in his mad packed crazy chrome Chorus (+ Soup shouting over) [Soup] Like that, but it's all words Words can kill more pens, than guns, and friends and foes, God knows, I chose the pros that rose, still froze-n, chose-n, YOU S-O-U and the P, E, R-I-C-K Erick Sermon, kickin a rhyme this way Yeah! It's all in, your mind It's all in, my mind It's all in, my mind..

Right In The Middle

LUTHER VANDROSS "Dance With My Father"
If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get the same old stuff Life can treat you good, then turn as cold as ice And believe me when I tell you This thing called love, for sure, is like most things in life Not all bad, not all good (it's just something that I believe) Not all cold, not all hot (yeah, I like that) Not all bitter, not all sweet (sounds all right to me) So don't miss all the good, waiting for the best, there's still happiness Right in the middle Perfect love sounds real nice But that never seemed to happen with any relationship of mine It was always up and down, in then out And after the last goodbye, I still didn't know what it was all about You get disappointed if it ain't bliss all the time And you get so annoyed if you can't feel the same every night Not all bad, not all good (I'm tryin' to tell you that it's) Not all high, not all low (not all high and not all low) Not all heaven, not all hell (as far as I can tell) It's not some prize you win, you don't have a thing to prove, just enjoy the groove Right in the middle ‘Cause I've learned when it comes to love, it's the exact same reality That's why they say 'Que sera, sera' Which means whatever's gonna be is gonna be Whatever's gonna be is gonna be… Not all bad, not all good (I need somebody to understand) Not all sunshine, not all rain (you know that too much of a good thing is really no good) Not all laughter, not all tears (I'm only trying to tell you) To let your good times roll, keep your self-control, there's a lotta soul Right in the middle

Feels So Good

311 "Unity"
Well everybodys got an opinion thats loud and unbending I spend my time healing and mending, together It's a question of whether live positive well i give P-Nut joins our back, must be arthritic Tim is from the '70's and so we live it SA has the wisdom of a nobel laureate I'm down for our days of glory It's easy to do when you're up with Sexton A rhythmatic genius, turnin' up the next one Would you know, you're a bro, I flow in that circumstance You'll get your chance Becuase payback is a motherfuckin' mission To the sharp-ass rocks slippin' on us but we rock It comes to writing on us derision Sendin you a voice now we're sending you a vision And those who fought me they say they taught me everything I know I go awwww, when I hear that, that chit and that chat, bullshit! So sick of me knowing everything, saying! In your face That's right And it feels so good In your face Yeah It feels so good Take it to 'em bro, throw down, now say Settin' forth a course I'm really wiggin' out In my dome I roam, no time to doubt Fucked up you right there while I was rhymin' Now you're sulking in the corner, a baby crying Hittin' up now we feelin' to rock Mars Fuckin' up the shit, now their heads bob We ain't new to jack swing, the groove and that We got crazy factiffs and we all that I don't often rock and I'm a laureate I don't pull the punch you know I'm throwin' it Freestyles my style on the mic and flex You're stalkin' the mind of a punk that's next I get retarded now that I started you know A condition which I keep close together Like the kind buds you know my scene My team thinks I sing supreme, but you, the weasel, Try to bring us down but in reality it make you look like a clown Too bad cause we'll be sittin' in the sun and choose a rocky ass fast ball In your face That's right And it feels so good Choose a lock y'all In your face Yeah It feels so good Yo P-Nut, beat that thing Won't you warm the mic Nicholas Can't get with this my stream of conscieceness is a sea Much like Bukowski with a rage Speakin' to page Beasts in the cage Jumpin' off the stage Divin' Thrivin' Strive for a better day SA Beat back by flesh Shattered doors braggin' fists to the sky we're feelin' high Has to live and die Just take a moment to have a fit once in a while You know, you know I do it daily and like it but that's my style, yeah, here I go In your face And dow your throat And it feels so good 'fraid so Fuck it up y'all In you face And down your throat It feels so good That's all

Good Life

SALT 'N' PEPA "Brand New"
[Intro:] Ooh, yeah, SNP livin' the good life Can you pace platinum and gold Lexus, drop top, gold Big houses, crazy dough Mad lucci, crazy Gucci Knowin' Lawton Let's get it on I'm livin' a good life No more showin' inside, ooh I'm livin' a good life I'm livin' the good life A good life, a new life [Repeat] [Deidra 'Spinderella' Roper:] Crispy currency is my smell And the body's packed well Can't you tell, Spinderella got new clientele Well I'm livin' swell, or should I say swollen I eats gourmet, and it slides easy through my throat And when I'm rollin', cruisin' in whatever car that I be usin' Passin', knowin' who's Always winnin' and never losin' now (Who rocks the best) Yo, it doesn't matter, cuz I live a little phatter No concern about the chit-chatter Once I heard the pitter-patter, I had to blow so You know what happened, reach and grab for all the dough, yeah Livin' good like a Nubian Queen should Just put it on the bill cuz it's all good [Chorus:] Good life, whoa whoa (I'm livin' the life, oh yeah, yeah) I'm livin' the good life No more wastin' my time It's the good life, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah) I'm livin' the good life (I'm livin' the life) Yes, I made up my mind (Made up my mind, yeah, yeah) [Sandra 'Pepa' Denton:] Credit to the hills, pimpin', loungin' by the pool And I love the way it feel, of course, I keep it real Garcon, come here yo, I'm kinda parched I want a big Blue Hawaii and easy on the liquor part Plus an entree, forget about the buffet Don't feel like walking, these dogs are barking Spend all of day shopping and I stopping to relax My credit cards are maxxed and I wonder what's the tax On 60K, call my accountant cuz I want to know today But Lou that never played 'em in the black, baby Schedule bounce is a moonlight cream like Columbia to Texas [Chorus] [Cheryl 'Salt' James:] He runs smooth, ooh, I'm in a groove Movin' in my land cruise cuz my Lexus caught a flat So had to take it back Gold and platinum albums bought me gold and platinum credit cards I work hard, and now I'm livin' large, caviar, fast cars Living lavishly, this has to be a dream Then again I think not, I bust my ass to get the cream-team My royalties exceed, brought me on my knees, please Anything I want, anytime, anywhere I be I know my C's will keep a-reelin' if I feel like skippin' town No need to hang around another place we're pavin' out We're climbing stars, we're gettin' into cars And mixed drinks and live on bars Chauffeur, once around the lot, Rodeo Drive is where I shop [Chorus (2x)]


When I walk the room, You hurry up and hang the phone up Girl why don't you tell me (Who is that somebody?) When I'm akin' love to you You act like your mind is somewhere else Rather than on me (Who is that somebody?) [Chorus:] Is there somebody (Who is that somebody?) I know you been ugh, ugh with somebody (Who is that somebody?) Is there somebody (Who is that somebody?) I know you been ugh, ugh with somebody (Who is that somebody?) When you come home 6 in the morning (oh yeah) Acting like it's alright (Who is that somebody?) Then you wanna flip the script on me girl (Flip the script on me, yeah) Then we argue fuss and fight (Who is that somebody?) [Chorus] I love you, c'mon and take my hand Started out it was cool, to good to be true I was good to you baby and you was good to me too When I was caught up in the bad you, found the good in me too And the cheatin' type, it wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't be you And when it comes to the lovin' that I gave (nobody) Could ever to the wonderful things I did to your (body) You confessed I was the best to caress your flesh And pressed her with the S all you could say was yes But I guess your ex made a harder impact, Caught you cakin' at the mall it's like you want him back, Nowadays all you do is lie to me, probably tired of me My woman, you ain't gotta be I tried to be your friend but I gotta go off intuition Ou relationship is a play, it needs an intermission Drifting on memories when our love was strong But baby I can reminisce alone What's wrong with my mind (what's wrong, what's wrong) What's come over me? (Who is that somebody?) What's wrong with my ears There's a seed in me (Who is that somebody?) What's wrong with my mind (what's wrong, what's wrong) What's come over me? (Who is that somebody?)

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