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J-DAWG lyrics - Smokin' & Rollin'

Animosity Of A Gangsta

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus: Insane] My black brother, we must, take a chill And stop bein', so damned hostile, tryin' to kill Hangin', hustlin', on the corner, all of the time But the feds don't much slow down, cuz animosity is all you find [First Verse: J-Dawg] Look You must have thought that you stopped the man I pull a strap from my belt and straight dropped a man Moms trippin' cuz she heard that I done popped a man But Ma, why these muthafuckas gotta knock a man? I'm on the block, curb servin' with the rocks in hand It's 3 o' clock and already I done clocked a grand Puttin' food in my Grandmama pots and pans Hangin' with criminals, growin' plots and plans Talkin' bout niggas shootin' pool and don't plot to stance Cross the boss, you and the Devil got'z to dance When it's over you ain't goin' to the Doctor man Cuz where you goin', you gone be covered with lots of sand Shots to land, I hustle cuz I got'z too man Burnin' trees, gettin' higher than the Rasta man Popo's done caught me smugglin' and contrabands I'm dead wrong, on the phone with Johnnie Coch-er-ran >From that O.J. shit, he got lots of fans Under pressure, time to dress up for the block again Now watch the plan Unfold Mama pray for my soul I'm burnin' in Hell for tryin' to survive in the World that's so cold [Chorus] [Second Verse: J-Dawg] This World is colder than a Polar Bear Collect my thoughts before I toss it back and roll up a square You don't scare me nigga, I know all you're blowin' is air Now I'm a fugitive because of what I hold in the air I have to be all dressed in black, come and show you the care And I'll be bustin' at the church before the opening prayer And ain't no holdin' me there And even though it ain't fair They find me guilty, I'm still walkin', fool I smoke with the mayor So fuck a load in the air Just come and roll to the square You cross the camp, you best to bail cuz you provokin' a bear Never start lovin' bitches legs until I opened a pair But now I'm fiendin' for the pussy, blowin' smoke in the air But watchin' out for burnin' bushes like I'm smokin' up there Ain't have no nuts when I was nine, I had to grow me a pair So throw up a flare And tell Mama pray for my soul I'm burnin' in Hell from tryin' to survive in the World that's so cold [Chorus] [Third Verse: Insane] When I catch you, bitches know I make it hard to return Bitch I'm Insane, you heard of me, the one that slaughtered your chirren And popos, makin' this paper thing harder to earn I'm like Jesus, still waitin' on my Father's return Makin' paper stacks, skills, slangin' water that burn A million and one camp niggas beauguardin' your firm Remember the time, we came to home and Brian slaughted some sherm? Heard the game's to be sold, it's gone cost you to learn I'm watchin' "Friday" thinkin' Big Worm's a dog for that perm Fuckin' bitches on the floor, now I got carpeted burn I hate a bitch with a pussy lookin' like it's crawlin' with worms I keep a six pack of rubber and alcohol for the germs Cuz this AIDS shit's definately cause for concern In the game of Life you gotta label it a loss of a turn Crosses gone burn Tell my Mama pray for my soul I'm burnin' in Hell from tryin' to survive in the World that's so cold [Chorus]


Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus"
[announcer] Mr. Len, a.k.a. Space Ghost, please commence intro Company Flow, perform, J-Treds, prepare El-P, prepare, you have approximately five minutes Fuck the bullshit, Time/Warner will fall Record labels will fall, the Earth will crumble Begin [El Producto] Enter the all city access and encounter the likes of these Regionally no one relaxes, actual No wonder I'ma type to crush contenders with pure chewing satisfaction Pervade your ultraharmonic with the back of your whole mediocre faction Sonic boom head zoom contact off antaxion Elbowed with a vacumn pure death MC's with closed captions Wind up in the willows, catch the whirling dervish Or the dead and dumb millenium is at your service Flow the plaque, instigate lyrics then backfile another MC who thought cause he was dipped in powder blue that he could rock past-el Got your hip-hop essence out of the Cross Colours catalog with analog technology Ask L. Ron Hubbard to break down my Scientology Fuckin up to the chest I bust insidious, Bad Touchin Boogie to break to bumrushin Fresh start taming biofeed this track achieves pain penicilin crack and AZT couldn't relieve Being Sizzlean I will trim the fat like Susan Powders Disrespectin burners like cap, lickin off shots from clocktowers Play ring around the dead nation The Deadhead situation, situated to see-saw creation MC's are helpless like Gadzook keep faggot like RuPaul troop to the new sensation fuck that whole wannabe gangster fascination The illusion is broke, or cock albums mispoke And got the El P rookie cards stuck in they bicycle spoke For those VH-1 crystalized pseudo rip flows Let the liquid talon soak into the seam of your coat Meet the professional dead or alive politrick technician Straight neck capital P for the deep throat dickin I was that first monkey to touch the Monolith, delinquent Up in that crack like white squaw for the weekend and I sunk your Battleship Parked in a hot zone, live to the E. Bola Manifest brain tumors through the phone as you roam in your Motorolas [J-Treds] All hail, J and El the fans rise, we got the grand prize Foes fantasize runner up, the closest they can see it because skills so lenient I've been boastin with half a flow They can't handle the whole weight son, diagnosis, bullemic believe it My best line, too advanced for Pop Warner you got cornered scouting report, can't scramble in the clutch But when I get down, it's third and inches threatenin to score How you gonna tackle the topic when you suck at two-hand touch We're too damn much for your defense break you down, zone weakens Words bring embarassment, Captains look like third string in comparison to this too well known to kick fat flow And beat suckers straight up and down, Tic-Tac-Toe Game over when I blow your mind, but then I aimed over explosive cuts Verbal flamethrower, serving roasted nuts as after battle snacks you wish you wore a cup in your panties So all you pussies in this rap game, time to up the ante What's your fancy Big time skills or small penny Dead to latter my varsity letter, fatter than your JV Only play with the big boys, toys bringin that weak shit Before the battle I hit em off with fat, ladies latest release on cassette They were done from the start Ran for the finish got detoured from the fast route by another One spot holder hold ground for our town, N.Y. For those who don't acknowledge they get left ass out plumbers [announcer] Congratulations Len, you have made it halfway They are falling, their armies are retreating The job is not over, you must continue, please move forward El P, bring out tactic evasion, start, summation equals now Do not fail us, we're counting on you [El Producto] For thoughts I see hot like three males with a cot included Where the Sidewalk Ends and all your linear math gets diluted Infant when he Star Spangled, packed a brand circular medicine and deject wreck-the-tangle Fuck Time/Warner and it's affiliates, for runnin that wannabe Big Willie shit Leave those fancy clothes up to the Pope List all personal posessions in your liner note While I connect wreck genuinely cuttin through these red ropes Son grip the love spigot, yeah that's the ticket This platoon pop 99 Luftballons While the one hit blunder rushes exhaust like city buses I bond, like resin cause for the sake of skill, lost and found Found by DNA patterns to wish you could climb Just a little girl around the way of my set, that's the time Enter the evil opus, focus on rap scrambling Record labels to expect not reaction is bad gambling I know a few true that make we, collusion El P and J-Treds pentrate cranial intrusion [J-Treds] We do this one time so catch it, two of the illest and unsigned Lethal seperate but combined, friction created a frontline a rhyming Got you steppin, tryin to evade us bustin caps in your thoughts But now crossfire catching's added to your job skills top of your resume Submitted applyin, for lyric positions that we occupied yesterday but got the pink slip, labels on some not think shit Requiring, brain absence lobotomy reigns/rains, rapids That trap gets full, by J and El evasion tactics Our equations infinite, punks distortin random access Havin half words recyclin tracks like plastic, please forfeit Flippin the same script, I hope it has reinforcements, or else it's torn to pieces while our thesis is untouched Saved on my PC under the filename of Funcrush Megabytes bumrush, by one punch, upon my keyboard My data's the top secret that mad suckers will fiend for Come from the last to be cut from Dream Team Three We be the ones who shine, prepare for butt, kickin Rarely benchwarmin throwin down, all too often While others barely touch rim and that's when they're butt licking [announcer] Done, job well done They know who we are, they know we know who they are They will fall, they are going to have to repeat Understand, they will no longer monopolize Time/Warner will fall, I'm proud of you, come home

125 Part 1 (The Bio)

JOELL ORTIZ "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles"
[Intro:] Mirror mirror on the wall Who's the most feared up and coming emcee of them all [Verse:] Joell ortiz what they call you crazy that kid has been nothing but short of awesome lately His mixtape recieved 4 stars in the u.k Toured s.o.b's down several tuesdays Valet it up on hot 9 with kay slay He on nba live 05 Cuz ea sponsored the rap battle last year that he won A flight from l.a headed back to where he from 6 Hours so he copped a little somethin to read son Source mag page 66 was a regun He got unsigned hype the reckonightion had begun Very next monday was double x l's chairmans choice Recently the p.r prray got to hear his voice Now he back in xxl this time show and prove Cuz he writtin hit records and his shows improved He's the dude you need to worrie about 3 More mixtapes done he fin to put those out Thats how he laugh at doubt If i was you i would clear his path Cuz everything about him says you really wanna feel his wrath He turned down 3 deals this last month Labels playing tug a war with his name he who they want He signin over there "Nope" He signin over here "Nope" The both of ya'll wrong he grindin over there In a city near you tryin to strengthen his fan base Layin down cuts like a band-aid He know how many dudes this man paid the list is endless He carry big crates just to get into the club And when he got into the club he gave out his mixtape His work ethic is great his drives like t-mac You let him go share a poster RELAX He's back give him room to breathe All those that hated will all soon believe All those who made it will all soon just leave Once the fans get a whif of mister ortiz He spits raw please dont confuse him with these other cats He's a full workout they 3 jumping jacks Front to back he's an obstacle to overcome I mean you know nothings impossible but dont be dumb He grew up in cooper projects so you know he's slum The only child homie wild he the only one i ever heard nick named the peoples champ Under-dog all his life earned his stripes doin things he aint like Like igniting the fifth all night huggin the strip servin a pregnant bitch hard white He happy his mom's never sucked a glass pipe She use to sniff gettin her off that shit was a fight Why the fuck you think homeboy go hard when he writes Tryin to make his future bright cuz his past got him tight His cash might be lite pockets empty kid But same time next year its mtv cribs His put his life on it twice on it To make sure he cant ask ? His crib must gon' have a nice price on it Chandaliers with the ice on it, Persian rugs with no mice on it Huge tv screens with classics episodes of miami vice on it Indoor pool and the floor got a mic on it Plaques all over the wall with his name engraved nice on it Man listen his ambition gonna have the game locked like the box in san quentin Fin to win his race cuz he ran different In through the no's out through the mouth Not worryin bout his competition radio clout Look straight same pace let them nigga's be out They true colors gonna show later on when they breathin all heavy and they legs is worn Duke gone from havin an ill buzz in the streets To yo dont nobody give a fuck when he speak I know it could happen in a couple of weeks Lifes a bitch aint it? But me i love every picture that this kid painted He's the difference between artists and rappers Artists draw hits rappers take flicks Other rappers trey sick man these nigga's aint shit Everythings basic they should claim the same clique Thats why everything he give hip hop game sick Like the syringe in the vein of an aids patient C'aint spit on this b.k bemis take that The kid is go sign by the dudes who made rap Face facts g-rap told mike he got a problem on his hands Mike is joe's a & r just so y'all understand Krs responded with one word "damn" The cyphers complete once he shake rakim hand He a one man movement General coronel seargent major private and them youngin's on the front lines shootin Gun high troopin through this war with his music And he aint gonna stop till he drop get use to it He speak english fluent his spanish pequeno So doin regeaton a slight problemo plus he sound moreno They aint know he was spanish till he transformed so quick and got his goverment established but none of this matters if you nice you nice You could be ethiopian rhymin for rice You could be hatian tryin to rhyme for your rights You could be south african writtin rhymes for ice You could be cuban rhymin to cop you a nice little boulder to make it to us coast over night It is what it is in this buiss you live When you die thats when your records sales sky high He tryin to rep while he alive his heart still beatin Brain still sumbin his nerves still tweakin Stomach still growlin cuz what he's eatin Aint enough bring the twelve gauge out its duck season give him one reason your carreer is gone Say his name on a song he'll put yours on a tombstone Not a pizza either im talkin everybody blacked down cryin to the wrods of a speakin preacher He's a deep believer and what goes around comes around and whats comin around is dope And what went around is his name and the strength of his flow His ill show his radio apperances and more Some things is maybe's and some things for sure Some niggas is crazy and some nigga's m.o some nigga's is lazy and some nigga's just wont stop workin till they get what they deserve ya know That nigga is joe e double l o r tiz pa' please you one match in the snow He's like a crib on the sun sittin next to the fireplace with the heat on a million and one This young man is hot he'll sun tan your block He gon' keep firing your gun jam alot Heat rise expect to see this man on the top [Outro:] Mirror mirror on the wall Who's the most feared up and coming emcee of them all Joell ortiz what they call you crazy that kid has been nothing but short of awesome lately

'03 Adolescence

J. COLE "2014 Forest Hills Drive"
I grew up, a fuckin' screw up Tie my shoe up, wish they was newer Damn, need somethin' newer In love with the baddest girl in the city, I wish I knew her I wish I won't so shy, I wish I was a bit more fly I wish that I, could tell her how I really feel inside That I'm the perfect nigga for her, but then maybe that's a lie She like a certain type of nigga, and it's clear I'm not that guy Ball player, star player, I'm just watchin' from the side On the bench, cause my lack of confidence won't let me fly I ain't grow up with my father, I ain't thinkin' bout that now Fast forward four years or so from now I'll probably cry When I realize what I missed, but as of now my eyes are dry Cause I'm tryna stay alive, In the city where too many niggas die Dreamin' quiet tryna dodge a suit and tie Who am I? Aye who am I? (Yeah) Things change, rearrange and so do I It ain't always for the better dawg I can't lie I get high cause the lows can be so cold I might bend a little bit but I don't fold One time for my mind and two for yours I got food for your thoughts to sooth your soul If you see my tears fall just let me be Move along, nothing to see I always did shit the hard way, my niggas *** slangin' in the hallway Burnt CD's and trees like this was broadway, Times Square Kept the dimes there in the locker Some Reggie Miller With more brown hairs than Chubacca Whispers that he got it for the low low Sell a, dime for a dub, them white boys ain't know no better Besides, what's twenty dollars to a nigga like that? He tell his pops he need some lunch and he gon' get it right back I peep game Got home snatched my mama keychain, took her whip The appeal, too ill to refrain I hit the boulevard pull up to my nigga front door His mama at home, she still let em' hit the blunt though I told her hello and sat with my nigga and laughed And talked about how we gon' smash all the bitches in class I complimented how I see him out here getting his cash, and just asked "What a nigga gotta do to get that? Put me on" He just laughed when he seen I was sure 17 years breathing his demeanor said more He told me, "Nigga you know how you sound right now? You won't my mans, I would think that you a clown right now Listen, you everything I wanna be that's why I fucks with you So how you looking up to me, when I look up to you You bout to go get a degree, I'ma be stuck with two choices Either graduate to weight or selling number two For what? A hundred bucks or two a week? Do you think that you would know what to do if you was me? I got, four brothers, one mother that don't love us If they ain't never want us why the fuck they never wore rubbers?" I felt ashamed to have ever complained about my lack of gear And thought about how far we done came From trailer park to a front yard with trees in the sky Thank you mama dry your eyes, there ain't no reason to cry You made a genius and I, ain't gon' take it for granted I ain't gon' settle for lesser, I ain't gon' take what they handed Nah I'm gon' take what they owe me and show you that I can fly And show ol' girl what she missing The illest nigga alive Aye who am I? Things change, rearrange and so do I (Aye who am I?) It ain't always for the better dawg I can't lie (Aye who am I?) I get high cause the lows can be so cold I might bend a little bit but I don't fold One time for my mind and two for yours I got food for your thoughts to sooth your soul If you see my tears fall just let me be Move along, nothing to see I never felt better


C-Murder "Trapped In Crime"
[C-Murder] Baby, you can't listen to all that he say she say stuff going on out there right there you know I can't explain why they mad at us Why they don't wanna see me and you happy You know but uh You my girl, you my world, you know We gotta stick together through thick and thin Don't none of us need to be alone right now baby, you know As a kid I used to dream of us being together But as we grew, it broke my heart when you went with another It didn't last, cause he smashed, didn't wanna love you like me Just lookin' at your picture, I knew I had to be with ya And tryin' times wishin' you were mine, many years no play But up and down relationships would release you comin' my way Didn't have no money, but I was funny with big dreams of the future Never competed, always completed and there when you needed Broken hearted and lonely, you were there like my homie No time for dates with them bustas because you knew they were phony All the years that I waited, I guess they all paid off Cause now you call me your baby, and uh I call you my ladie Chorus: Be alone, be alone I don't wanna be alone, I don't wanna be alone I don't wanna be alone, I don't wanna be alone I don't wanna be alone, I don't wanna be alone [C-Murder] Many haters tried to play us when I made to the top Tryin' to crush our dreams but it didn't seem to stop It's like they didn't agree with the happiness we shared You confused, 'bout to lose all the times we had Are we victims of a jealous crime or lost in time No need for livin' unless you given' me the love that's mine Damn near fightin' in clubs, females testin' your patience Talkin' marriage and livin' lavish but still pushin' engagement Up and down, tug-of-war between me and your freedom No time for shows or who oppose because we really don't need 'em Conversations of you leavin' home pick up the phone Cause baby girl let's stay together, cause we don't need to be alone [Chorus repeats while C-Murder talks] Baby boo pick the phone up It's your baby, I know you hearin' alot of jealousy out there People comin' at you sideways, tryin' to break us up I'm not havin' that though, i'm not ready to be alone I'm ready to be with you so uh Let's stick to that marriage, let's live lavish, get paid, Get engaged, and stop fussin' and fightin' Because an up and down relationship thang, that ain't cool You know, I know you want me, and I want you So let's stay TRU boo, and stick together through all that bad weather baby Cause the world is ours, the world is ours

Fuck What U Heard

THREE 6 MAFIA "Vol. 3 - Kings Of Memphis"
[DJ Paul talking] Yeah nigga this shit still goes on Punk motherfuckas, I want you to listen to every motherfucking word in this song bitch Cause this is directly to you hoe You motherfuckin' in the face ass Cross this nigga, fuck y'all This for you nigga, bitch [Hook:] Fuck what u heard, Fuck what u heard about me nigga [3x] Step up to these killas Feel the fuckin' trigger [Verse 1: Crunchy Blac] Fuck what you heard if ya ain't heard this That I roll wid a group ah niggas quick to throw fits Quick to go get, Quick to go rob him a bitch, Quick to go lay down some platinum hits I'm tired of you bitches go runnin' y'all mouth Talkin' about, we ain't really keepin' it South I put the gun in yo mouth, And blow ya motherfuckin' brains out Fuck what you heard and it just no doubt, nigga [Verse 2: Lord Infamous] Niggas like to gossip like some bitches They down be round they bitches Cause they bitches groupie bitches And since I cut Three 6 these bitches wanna claim my dick, We throwin' hits, they throwin fits These bitches need to quit, They wanna be down wid it But these niggas won't admit it, They droppin' to they knees They beggin' please to be a 6, You niggas on my dirt, I smack you like a bird, Because you fulla sherm, And by the way, fuck what u heard boy [Hook (2x)] [Verse 3: DJ Paul] My nigga fuck it what u heard You need to find out the truth, Or get ya guns and come and test this hundred ninety proof, Pounds, and silent spotted Nuthin' but tickets in my wallet All these hatas got me scopin' man They still can't stop it for sure, There's crosses all up in this shit Crosses all up in my click Got most of them crosses out But still I got a few to get Those who used to be wid me like, Hope that boy ahead and he fall Sick ah hearin' from they dogs, Man you need some beats from Paul Never happy keep on rappin' Tryna live as good as me Just bought my crib for a half a mil My life complete I guess that's why they dis-like And claim my shit, wouldn't twirk Tryna make them locals come above me But it didn't work, I got you bitches hot (hot) You hopin' that I stop (stop) I'm ten years in the game Wid out a fuckin' clock (clock) It's like I hear me And it's like I don't hear me I guess I get bad off in these streets While they bail off [Verse 4: Juicy J] I was born up in the ghetto streets Always learn to pack the heat Call me on my cellular phone If you want that work from me Cowards like to talk and plan Point some fingers say some names Nigga if you claim you buck Handle ya fuckin' business man I been rollin' from the start Always snatch a coward car Evergreen is where I'm from Sippin on the syrup we slum In the night we smoke and light At the club we start a fight When we pimpin' on yo bitch We show them golds and flash the ice [Hook ('til fade)]

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