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J-DAWG lyrics

Ride On 4's

Original and similar lyrics
[talking:] Ha-ha, H-Town say [J-Dawg:] I got my Lac sitting low, like a Honda Civic Hundred sack of that dro, got a G lifted And the way I work the grain, gotta be gifted Dipping, in and out of traffic swiftly Tipsy, off drank but no beers here I got a tre, and a twenty ounce root beer Muddy, like a motherf**king hog pen Banging Pac "Makaveli", play that number eight again Time go by, puffing on high I'm feeling too fly, and that ain't even high See I's a gangsta nigga, I shoot or shank a nigga But it's some'ing about them swangas, that'll change a nigga Have you chunking the deuce up, to a stranger nigga You shining harder than a bitch, he don't blame you nigga Who could blame you nigga, you doing the damn thang Staying true to the game, you deserve to swang [Hook:] Behind that five percent, windows never go down Music never go down, my nigga say slow down Keep driving, pass that dro Tip slow while you ride on 4's, when we ride on 4's [J-Dawg:] Hit your breaks homie, let the third light glow Swang open the do', let em smell the dro Naw we ain't capping, that there for them bitches We grinding hard as f**k, and riding on our riches Shit the fam good, the kids good So why not grip wood through the hood nigga, come on now Kush got me gone now, I don't smoke the stress I been blessed, so if it's in the air it's the best And if it's in my cup, it's that purple Got me flipping through the hood, riding in a circle No destination, nigga just riding Big mothership gliding, motor on siding That's what it is, what could be better Send a couple pictures of the slab, in the letters To my niggaz in the Penn, I'ma hold you down Show the whole unit, how we do in H-Town nigga yeah [Hook x2] [Slim Thug:] I'm rolling on 4's, with the windows closed Dro smoke up out my nose, letting the trunk do shows Playafali on my toes, gotta show the world I'm having change So I bought a candy Cadillac, up on them thangs Hurting boys mayn, Thugga gotta represent I stay lit up, behind that five percent tint Stay bent on the daily, when I'm in the hood Shining like a superstar, when I grip the wood Pieced up smelling good, gotta stay fresh And show the world I'm blessed, everytime my voice up in your deck Wreck the mic, and I wreck on the 'vard Every season some'ing hard, coming out my garage I don't barred, H-Town repping till I'm dead From the Tre to the West, to my G's off the 'Stead Boys out here getting bread, and reaching our goals Behind tint with the windows closed, when I ride on 4's [Hook x2]

For Money

I need money (money), mo money. Mo money, (ching ching), money, nuthing move but the money. Money, money, look nothing move but the money. Money, money, that's all I want, that's all I want. I want it look. You found me where the papers at, where the capers at I don't ask for a motherfucking thing, I take the scratch Look I, franchise wearing, a franchise wrist I'm franchise look, I need a franchise chick She ain't gotta be tight, she ain't gotta be that rich She just like I tell the other bitches that my nigga's the shit Black on black, step out the house with a suit and a tie soon to die, black on black Scratch a mack, scratch a jack, matter fact nigga I always stay strapped It's the game plan, I gotta win, I can't afford to lose I can't be dressin in them kinda blues can't afford to wear tight shoes You know me, the nigga with the six four frame With a six four cock back and hit your brain You know the CEO nigga, ya'll done seen before nigga See me get dope and don't tell a popo nigga I don't give a fuck, I hate ya'll type Yeah I might know ya but we ain't nothing alike [Chorus] Now nothing move but the money, that's all I want Nothing move but the money nigga, that's all I want Nothing move but the money, that's all I want I'm on top cause I do what ya'll niggas don't, look Catch me playing ball with Shaq, and points from real how to act I did a shootin' range, shoot the mack, when I bust for me to shoot back See I'm nigga put the game that's why I'm on top I can sit eight seasons cold even when it's hot Come on drop the top for my Impala and shit Nigga I'm out to get paper spit some dollars and shit See how many ya'll niggas could follow this shit I got an attitude fuck the whole world, I gotta get rich Ahh, and cap niggas screaming shit, niggas gleaming the wrist You seen the six, seen his wrist, nigga you seen his chick This shit that ya'll spittin', it's meaningless Everything ya'll claim you did, I done it And if I got, man fuck ya'll nigga, I'm a flaunt it And if I don't got it I motherfucking want it Bitch I sold keys, I smoke weed at PE I got blunted Fuck the hatin', I pull off that paper shit Gotta love me or either motherfucking hate me bitch Gotta hate my flow, nigga hate that I got dough And if I spend it all bitch I can make some more [Chorus] Keep it hot, I keep it locked, guns I keep it cocked Runnin' on the shop like I runnin' on the block Keep one up in the top, like one up in the drop Spit till I spit, can't spit no more it don't stop Like I live fast, I'm addicted to cash Ain't a thief but sometimes I just forget to ask I like say what the fuck I feel, nigga do what I want If you don't like it, fuck, fine, nigga we can take it to the trunk And I get the spittin' in your brand new six Spittin' if you even with your motherfucking chick Spittin' if you with you motherfucking click But fuck it I'm just spittin, I'm just spittin the spit Fuck it thick, yeah nigga what Fuck that, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I told yall I don't like to windows shop to see how high it is Walk by and see how fly it is I'm a ghetto superstar like Pras and shit I got my idles so fuck it, I buy that shit You only live once so like I floss my shit Give to the poor, a nigga like floss on a wrist Yeah I got a few dollars but I don't even spend it no more I'm trying to save up, for what, so I can buy the ghetto I'm out to get money nigga Mo money, money, mo money, nothing move but the motherfucking money [Chorus] Gotta get yall money nigga. Nothin move but the money. Everything else is irrelivant. Nigga yall gotta be willing to get what yall want nigga. By any means. No Limit nigga. 9-8, 9-9, 2 G nigga, whatever. I'm out to get mine. Oughta get yours. Silkk The Shocker live in this motherfucker. I'm out.

12 O'Clock Whistle

The air raid siren at the high school blew Every weekday, twelve o'clock noon Dinner time, people as if we didn't know I guess the city fathers liked to hear that thing blow The boys were chasing the city truck, spraying DDT It kept the mosquitoes down And that stuff won't hurt you none the neighbor lady'd say Encephalitis, now that can ruin your day Granny was hanging out wash, talking across the fence The neighbor lady nodded like it all made sense She's just gonna stay with him 'til the kids are grown Fetch me that clothes pin up off the ground would you hon' Won't you stay with me 'til the sun goes down? On that flat top mountain to the West of town Won't you stay a while, I just don't see Why you must be leaving? Won't you stay with me? I had a cherry coke dripping on my cowboy clothes Riding down Scott street in that big white Olds We're going through nigger town, honey lock your doors 'Course that's not what we're supposed to call 'em anymore We're going to the beauty shop, it's not too far You can come inside or you can just set in the car No you can't go with grandpa to the pasture today They're shipping calves and you'd just get in the way Won't you stay with me 'til the sun goes down? On that flat top mountain to the West of town Won't you stay a while, I just don't see Why you must be leaving? Won't you stay with me? We had fried okra and black eyed peas Granny had her saccharin, she was putting it in her tea Pull that screen door to hon' you're letting in flies Don't you know nothing Yonder comes the pickup, he's coming down the street Run help him put the horses up so we can eat He's always late for dinner, Lord, he moves so slow 12 o'clock whistle blew half an hour ago Won't you stay with me 'til the sun goes down? On that flat top mountain to the West of town Won't you stay a while, I just don't see Why you must be leaving? Won't you stay with me?

Protector's Of 1472

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Life In 1472"
Biiiiiiiiiach What cha wanna do [2x] We're the Legion of Doom [3x] [Warren G:] 1472 is the same cut throat and locs and plenty dopes can you cope You can call me Count Chocula I control all the bitches, Chi-Chi control the riches and fly surf the snitches [Snoop Doggy Dogg:] Look up in the sky as the fly My herion wip, clip on hip, now trip on this A bunch of outlaws try to take my town set up shop, run me out, and cut me down And how that safe, when I'm the illa-superhero born and raised on that muthafucking underground Brrrrbrrrrbrrrr stick 'em, ha haha stick 'em try to catch me slip 'em but now you about to be my victim I'm not aquaman but a aqua-boogie I'm sorta like a monster, chasin' cookies And I spin a web any size you can call me to fly I walk walls and this is for all my dogs (WOOF!) I'm like the wonder twins, my style activates the many niggas get in it and try to paper hate It's fly, the rider maine and ri (man, man) I do it like a muthafucking rider And I represent all the time and I represent the mad ass fuckin' eastside (eastside) -look out, look out, come out cause here comes the rider man (rider man), nigga [Jermaine Dupri:] I rock the blue cake on 'em, drop the weight on 'em the more they hate, the more I elevate on 'em I swerve and collect, serve and protect never hit the streets without the ice on my neck I'm all about partying, hoes, and getting paper they call me Chi-Chi and do it up cape crusader Contact through the frame no mistakes to bank rules back in town and it's on us to shut 'em down now fly what cha wanna do (nigga what) [Snoop Doggy Dogg:] Let's put this shit down my lil' homey Mr. Turner with the murder He got my back you know he put me up on game When they get up, they getting lite up, heat that shit up Enough sed, don't tell it, jus sell it we blowin' in the wind and we gunna ride til' we win young soldier stickin' to it we put the folger It's your turn gone get on up and get the light and don't forget to grab your strap [Chorus:] Look up in the sky, it's a bird, no it ain't it's the Legion of Doom ain't a damn thing changed Keep it safe and sound, get it locked down and you don't have to worry when we in your town [2x] [R.O.C.:] Just a young muthafucker from the street forced to be a G-angsta, knock-knock with a glock, pump-pump answer Throw your hands up nigga, yeah death's a callin went from petty deaf bank robber straight to ballin' Stop with us, walk with us as we bust through the doors 40's fallin' like parts in us off in dust steroes got many hoes in, plenty dope plus we fly as fuck Duct tape while room up, toe tag 'em have him feel the strength of a black magnum Body bag him, nobody is as bad as them as shown as them, set kissed like FM Life in 1-4-7 to the deuce, right then I slipped in the bullet-proof suit And swoop down on the bank ruler with the gats waiting for the permission to cancel his ass Handle his ass I love to see his guts and his blood spill and cracked up as I drugged as I rise flying up high with a 45 if a red demon in it from the sky Drop and i put the barrel right between his eyes and said you fuck with the Legion and now you must die We serve and protect all the hustlers and G's from the west to the north, south and back to the east [Chorus: (2x)] Look up in the sky (in the sky) No it ain't (no it ain't, no it ain't) Mean a damn thing changed (changed, changed, changed) Got it locked down (locked down, locked down) When we in your town (in your town) Look up in the sky (in the sky) No it ain't (no it ain't, no it ain't) Mean a damn thing changed (changed, changed, changed) Got it locked down (locked down, locked down) And you won't have to worry when we in your town (in your town....) [Fade]


SNOOP DOGG "Tha Doggfather"
(feat. Dogg Pound, L.B.C. Crew, Prince Ital) [INTRO:(PRINCE ITIAL)] Watch it!Watch it! Daz is coming and there'll be no more waiting Watch it!Watch it! Kurupt is coming and there'll be no more waiting Watch it!Watch it! Doggystyle is coming and there'll be no more waiting You might be shooting up close with the Itial ever lose respectin [VERSE 1:(KURUPT)] Now follow me deep in the depths of my mind Thinkin many plots blossoms how amny times I'm sedated my (conscriptiated) from beginning Broke in the bombest weed smoke that will make a nigga choke To my loccs way down in the Valley deep To my homies in the Pound from L-ong Beach To my bulls out in Philly coz all they smoke is phillies Wit' these silly ass bitches out for a niggas riches Now really really ever slip or trip A big shout out to my niggas in I spits the vocabulary to sinks MCs like ships With my nocturnal rhymes and editorial clips I gotta click that'll hit you like a thousand volts The homies catchin cases,robberies and assaults It ain't my fault that my shit might hit like that Listen in,get elevated off the verbal contact [BRIGDE:(DAT NIGGA DAZ)] When a nigga gotta strive for his he can't stop Gotta get somewhere When a nigga gotta mash for his he can't stop Gotta get somewhere [VERSE 2:(DAZ,BAD AZZ,unknown)] My mind-state these days make the average nigga afraid Hurt em in the worst way,put it down for myself Put em to rest,confess nevertheless Snatch em a cap and destroy em at my best For the simple fact that with contact we the block entourage We drop bombs and we known to calm down the savage beast And the rest of the jungle,while mistreat Any MC tryin to fuck with D-A-Z I represent it to the fullest,it could be a verbal massacre In '96,with a diff'rent approach I'm shit I got the flavour and I'm major,bust the ass Niggas can't stop us and can't fade us Shady ass niggas can't stand next to ya When the Tek connects to ya,swift as a cheetah when I'm catchin ya I bet'cha I won't let ya escape Face-to-real on point-to-train-to kill beyond the violated area When the smoke clears the area,rather we toast So at home I blaze the zag or the bone Once again another zone is gone MCs try to step they get lit and blown At the end the lights go out so before they do I'm a L-B-C on through,stayin true Demanding my respect,respect is what I've given So respect is what I expect,the money got me driven To the point of no return so the streets I roam Don't catch chrome to the dome of this flack black .45 calibre Glock,gat,gun or pistol Whistle and watch all my homeboys come run Or hear the click,damn that shit that you get hit with When we bust I let loose,this is pre-meditated dick-up To all the busters that jealous and hate it but can't fade it With the every attempt they fail,oh well Consequences get suffered,I put pressure on sucker motherfuckers The bill is crisp,(the deal is )the deal is this- I gotta plot em on a mash for my chips Get in my way and get stepped on I'm stompin,steppin with my projectile weapon Wuz up (Jex)so's eject the hum When I swarm through,who knew about the real deal I conceal But still can you feel the topic of the whole situation is trust No ho is a must!If I bust My brain constructs to form knowledge to the max Defeatin and deletin elevation set backs We wax tracks and smack up MCs who compose the violence Bringin drama with no parental guidance Eyes went deceived,somethin up my sleeve to intrigue And these MCs will be Gs also D-P-Gs and L-B-Cs When we do the do to you so go call your crew And who wants to compete with technique Conflict will be verbal so watch how you speak And what you say when I display Sleepless acts as (bombin ya),suffer from insomnia And I'm a gonna be comin for you So please be on the lookout for the Doggystyle Crew (Watch out nigga!) [OUTRO:(SNOOP DOGG)] It's the sucker MC barbecue cookout!Cookout! Watch out now! Ha-ha yeah wit'cha bad self.Watch out!

One Thousand

JUICY J "Stay Trippy"
[Intro:] Yo! My lil bruh Wiz just uh Poured me some champagne, appreciate that bruh I first pissed some real shit man, you know what I'm sayin so uh, you know We trippy Getting fucked up You know what I'm sayin? [Bridge 1: x2] Roll em up, pop em up Roll em up, pop em up Roll em up, pop em up That the bidness, get the bidness up [Interlude:] Trippy niggas Real shit, real shit, let's get it [Verse 1:] Scared young nigga let me put you on to the game Fuck do you think they know? Make sure ain't nothing lame No trickin a nigga, don't trip at a nigga A nigga might come back and bust all you niggas And these hoes shy, make sure you get the prize Before you roll the dice Ratchet ass hoes Pocket full of money, know a lil something Life getting silly, you get mo fo a bundle Take it from me pimpin, me I'm like forgive it The way I hear we don't consider that lyrics Fuck that bitch, mistreat that bitch Say it again, say that shit again If they start killin give em the barrel end Give your all again, and this will never end It's the different kind but have me for a man and a pimp Our beach half full of these niggas getting sick [Bridge 2:] I'm so turnt up I won't turn down [Hook: x2] Not that Charlie Brudges so don't play with me Guns like roommates, they stay with me Plenty goons and they gon spray with me Nigga I'm 1000, I'm a stay a G [Verse 2:] Nigga pick the wrong day for they fuck shit He mustn't heard I'm bout that fuck shit Baby choppa, fresh out the bars nigga You was hard then now you actin box nigga I'm on the beam, I wanna pop a nigga I blink my eyes, my youngin shot the nigga Ballin on these haters, I don't need a GM Shootin shootin at yo ass, like do a rim Put yo ass up like you took a swim Choppa chop em down, call him a lim Trippy ass niggas turnt up OG Killers finding where you live then they going in Run up in yo shit, take yo presidents Give everybody no evidence North niggas, we don't talk, we a mug a bitch 44 killa – David Berkowitz [Bridge 2:] I'm so turnt up I won't turn down [Hook: x2] Not that Charlie Brudges so don't play with me Guns like roommates, they stay with me Plenty goons and they gon spray with me Nigga I'm 1000, I'm a stay a G [Bridge 2:] I'm so turnt up I won't turn down I'm a stay a G I'm a stay a G I'm a stay a G... I'm a stay a G...

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