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J-DAWG lyrics - Behind Tint: Volume Two

About Love

Original and similar lyrics
J-Dawg yea, yea... kinfolk you don't even understand I don't love the bitch nooo [Chorus:] This ain't even about love, it's the way this girl handle a thug She got a nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change On me I'm a leave you bitch. rite now you got me and it ain't Even about love it's the way this girl handle a thug, she got A nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change on me I'm a Leave you bitch. [Verse 1:] I got that jahiem bangin in my trunk, flippin through the hood Smokin on some killa feelin good. my niggas lookin at me like you On some love shit, I'm lookin like shit'd I gotta down ass bitch. I'm wakin up to grits, eggs all that good shit, she made enough for me She say she gone eat dick (nah that's love) I can't lie this hoe got my Nose wide open she say she love it when I'm high so she keep me smokin. (Fire) and I don't know wea she get it from, but everytime I come the hoe Know she betta have some. at frist I thought the bitch was tryna be Slick, it took about an hour for me to peep the shit. the girls green It's a blessin from god, she's been prayin for something real she had a Broken heart and at least she find peace in mind, she say if I neva Change she gone always stay down and I believe this bitch. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Rite now you got me, a sucka ass nigga? not me, see that I'll neva Eva eva be, but what you will see is a buncha "g" shit like all That wipe me down you ain't seen shit. I come up ot the bricks so I learned from the best, got yung hogg tatted on yo neck and Yo breast. ask me I'm I impressed I'm like bitch yes nah get yo ass Out so I can get my rest. now I'm ready to get it gone take of yo Clothes damn you the shit girl you killa them hoes forreal doe. It's hard for me to show my feelins, but shit'd you can tell look at How I'm chillen everyday. makin it my business and fuck them otha bitches My nigga my witness, I ain't fuckin with shit. might meet a couple Of hoes chill and get blowed then fuck around and get some head That's it I swear. [Chorus]

From The Bay

THE JACKA "The Jacka"
[Jacka] The Bay Area Yeah boy that's where I'm from I remember '85 That's when they cracked with cum A lot of niggas got gritz But most these niggas got stung With years under they belt Tryin' to feel what they felt To be the nigg Watch the ice it don't melt '86 through '88 The game got bigger We done hit the block Squatin' baby ninjas On our way to school Park my shit around the corner So fly, so cool Young nigga Brooklyn breed MC's The Bay breed drug dealers You got a youngsta that flows I got a young nigga that push coke Plus he got hoes Stay on the rope Can't understand life But grab the mic And let the track explode [Chorus: Dee Dee] And you know I'm from the Bay Muthafuckin' A-R-E-A You know what I mean No other place I'd rather be And you know I don't try to flee To another muthafuckin' state You know what I mean It wasn't thug enough for me [Jacka] On my way to the port To drop my nigga Cormega On Too $hort birthday Plus all the Figaz together The boys put us on the way To hustle up out the weather Yuk 85 turned out Hit the corner hit Then hit me on my burn out When you niggas gon' learn 'bout The muthafuckin' Bay It's superthug where I stay Frisco, North Richmond to O-A-K Central South Richmond and E-P-A Pittsburg got the coke For a price you must pay Yeah boy, believe what they say Ain't nothin' scarier than the Bay High speed everyday Adolescents tuck weapons Niggas bleed everyday You got to have heart Just to fit up where I stay And I've been everywhere Ain't nothin' thuggin' of me Yo, we live this shit That you see on T.V. (what) [Chorus] [Jacka] Fuck 'em, one time Like Hittaz On Da Payroll Hits on the street The radio don't ever play so Don't nobody know Who the real niggas is I dedicate this rap To the muthafuckin' Figz 3 X Krazy, Askari X, The Click, Mescaline, J.T. The Bigga Figga, The Gamblaz; them my niggas The Young D Boyz, Mac Mall, Never Legal, Sick Insane, Lil' Ric Mr. Braid, The Hoodfellas, Sincydal, San Quinn, Mac Dre, Willie Hen, Too $hort, Father Don, Lil' Boots, Mac Shawn, R.B.L., 11/5, Guce, Sandman, and P.O.D.E., Can't forget G-O-V And Seagram rest in peace And Rappin' Ron Rest in peace too I got my ears to the streets too This for the yay And they never could defeat you The Ghetto Starz, Big Block, and Richie Rich, 2 Pac, and 51/50 What the shit So with Digital Underground And Souls of Mischief Spice 1, Pooh Man, Dangerous Dame, and Young Cellski, C-Bo, Yukmouth, and Nutty B You out a town and study me Want me to show you How you should be You niggas thugs now But we been that And I'm the proof Cuz now it's back Where I begin at [echoes out] [Chorus x2]

Callin' My Name

THE JACKA "Tear Gas"
[Intro: Mistah F.A.B] This song goes out to all the hustlas out there Trying to leave the game you know It keep callin they name [Verse 1: Mistah F.A.B] When I wake up in the morning you know what I see? The world is the ghetto smoking on " D" my lil cuzzin thirteen strung out on "E" Can't blame him his mamma on "C" Uh O-K-E 27 but she look like a old lady grind grind fuck working at old navy Rather slang girl and make the world go crazy Who am I? mayne ain't no betta just a yung nigga lost tryna get this chedda Starring out the window wishing on a shooting star Tryna get dumb money go and buy a stupid car Pray to lord trying to heal my flaws hollin to the heavens hope he hear my calls Wana leave the game but I'm stuck and I'm trapped so I call on my nigga jack [Chorus:] Trying to leave the game but it keeps calling my name [Verse 2: The Jacka] This rap shit will have you on a hole 300 kick a black nigga down a hole like 300 Twist an 8th in the backwood boy and breathe on it down to ma list key Bout to copp a quarter kick all the real niggas see I'm still out there They like he rappin but I'm trappin I'm a real nightmare White tee's blue jeans nikes all I wear lost a nigga to a gunshot I've been there Killed a nigga for a small amount life ain't fair coke white leather seats 40 glock under there catch a sucka in a traffic and I'm aiming at his head Ran back to the game became a millionaire hit a lick on my connect I got so much shit for sale I'm on my nigga nextel bout to take the streets back Rainbow fish scale coke feel is all I know Islam help me let It go when times get hard It's the game that I'm running to many nigga dies from the "D" that runnin though What would the profit do so I maksallah got the world in my palms Something about the streets got my heart and my mind Up with beasts fuck school I'm on the grind got slapp in the benz My nigg let's ride around fresh out the lab with the new shit nigga check out the sounds [Verse 3: Mistah F.A.B] Man I'm riddin gettin tacked pro-meth in ma cup chain in my stomach Strapped near the gut paranoid can't lie been throught it all Still here another year yea I made it dawg trying to get further without getting murdered Moms words brought me ain't trying to disturb her I got a good girl but I really don't deserve her cause I'm out here doing shit that's unheard of Trying to do right but wrongs so easy lied soo much when I'm right she don't believe me Gotta stay strapped niggaz jack for the bling So I ride with the jack cause he stay on his thing Giving me game so I could survive in this game he said he trying to leave but it keeps Callin his name looked him in the eye And said "bruh it do the same shits fucking with my brain I need a change" [Chorus: x2] Trying to leave the game but it keeps calling my name

My Main Roni

FIELD MOB "613: Ashy To Classy"
My main girl, aint that some shit I aint with it Niggas aint shit, bitches aint either All that fallin in love and all that It don't work, it aint never work Adam and Eve couldn't even true to each other So how you expect me and another shawty I aint lyin I aint lyin I aint gone lie I admit I just wanted to fuck some Get cha, split cha, hit cha and trick you to suck some Love and leave ya, like Tina and Rick James But I fell for your jazzy class and trick games Your in the process, I'm just tryin to get cha naked Not slip the bullet see and plus that you should be respected Never neglected gave you my all and all I bought your jewelry, nails hairdos and all your draws I call and call, straight bug-a-booin for real That's when I knew this never imagine love for you was trill Makin love was like heaven right here on your couch Beatin and diggin each morning (smoke don't stop) My wife, damn right and proud to say it My lady, I can trust I done finally made it My main thang, my lil' shawty, my old lady Took coversation wit my homies, this hoe crazy This hoe think we be goin on trips and fuckin groupie hoes And I be lyin when I say I'm at the studio Listen'n to he said, she said so she went and cheated She be givin me head and him, too Heard you be caken him and call'n him boo I want back my pink ice rings and Tim boots You can get back all this bullshit you bought me Fooled me, had me think'n you was my shawty, shawty Caught her fucked up, can't say shit so keep ya trap shut Knowin ya wrong on my phone and I know when I tapped up [Chorus] You was my main Roni Got all your game from me But then you changed on me I, I, I never would have thought that you was cheatin on me Cause you got game from me Shiny diamond rings from me But then you changed on me I, I, I never would have thought that you was cheatin on me I know it was plain for me But now it's plain to see You're not the dame for me I, I, I never would have thought that you was cheatin on me Cause you put shame on me You left me to hang Roni Love'll never be the same for me I, I never would have thought that you was cheatin on me [Kalage] Yeah, yeah, yeah Back in the day When I thought about us girl I thought about marriage Me, you, new crib kids and a carriage Thought everything was all good all gravy You was my Hope I was your Bo Brady For real, I loveded you so much My damn dick got hard think'n about your touch You were sweeter than candy And had a pussy print that look like a midget man Standin in your panties Fine motherfucker thick thighs, boleggs Thought you was a queen, hell yea I broke bread For slow sex and more head than asprin Lately huff'n and puff'n, bus'n nuts gaspin For air, grabbin your hair, you booted over Never reachin the bed legs spread on the sofa Gave you my time and money that's all I had I aint ask you for shit but you gave me crap Yea I heard you was fuck'n and suck'n my boy Dennis (sean let me explain) wait a minute let me finish While I be at the job work'n bus'n my ass You be sneak'n and creep'n the street fuck'n for cash I can't believe this shit girl I loveded you Now I wish I wouldn't even fucked wit you You can use the phone you better call Tyrone Pack your shit and be gone when I come back home [Chorus x2]

Lettin' Em Know

SCARFACE "The World Is Yours"
Yeah nigga Back in this muthafucka once again I'm just lettin a nigga know You know S.A. and 5th Ward forever, fool [ VERSE 1 ] Niggas watch your back cause here I come again Rappin funky shit for the 199-trey In 1989 I sold dope for a pasttime 1991 they called that nigga Scarface Started on the team when a nigga turned 16 Stackin that green sellin dope to the dopefiends Daddy seen a scheme, thou so it seem Cause he hooked a nigga up with a nickel-plated triple beam Had a lotta game with the beam, that's what it came with Taught a nigga how to get to funk when it jump If static jumped off, then I was down for the dirt When puttin in work I ain't no muthafuckin punk Down with my partners that a nigga fucked around with Huntin for some shit to get up into and we found it If you had a problem with a nigga we was down with We rolled by your set and shot your whole click down, bitch Niggas play for keeps in the city that I come from Niggas talk shit from out of town, but they don't want none If you think you want some, then go ahead and come It ain't where you at, you stupid bitch, it's where you from And comin through my hood is where you findin all the thugs at Lookin for some dope and they gon' show you where the drugs at Lookin for some trouble, well, a nigga's gonna plug that Niggas keep they pistols up underneath they rug mat Show your little ass, go ahead and let your ass show Talkin that shit, punk bitch, you better dash, hoe Once I get it on it ain't no muthafuckin holdin this Kinda fucked up that I'm a nigga that be chauvinist Niggaroe, the heater want this fool to let the trigger go But bitch, I gots to give you one to let you niggas know I'm lettin you bitches know Front, back and side to side I'm lettin you bitches know [ VERSE 2 ] How a nigga back in the game I used to start shit Moppin up the hood, makin muthafuckas squab You fucked with one nigga out of the muthafuckin click You had to fuck around with the whole fuckin mob Cause niggas rolled thick and they didn't take shit Quick to put that ass up in a muthafuckin lynch Whip it on your ass, then tie it up to a fence And since we began it's been that way ever since My niggas used to kick it up around the fuckin pikes Smokin swisher sweets, drinkin Miller Lites Takin turns heatin up the muthafuckin mic And maybe beat a buster out his muthafuckin bike Crackerjacks kept a muthafucka on the hustle Makin sure my business stayed stead' trump tight Hoes sell flippers, gave two for ten And even gave up shake to keep my clientele tight Before long I had customers out the ass buyin flippers Bearskin coats, tight ropes and fat slippers Fresh fade daily, I had my own fuckin clipppers And all kinds of hoes on my cocksuckin zipper Hoes came in handy, but my money came first Causebitches get aghost when they see a nigga's hearse So if I ain't have shit I had a muthafuckin And could pull on my dick if worse came to worst So if you got a problem with the way I run my business Let a nigga know, so I can put you in your place 9 times out of 10 you ain't man enough to deal with The born killin, dope dealin Mr. Scarface Rougher than a muthafucka, takin no shit from a Busta muthafucka who be flexin off the bullshit Got my bull pump on all you bitch-made niggas So let a nigga know when you bitches wanna flip I'm lettin you niggas know Front, back and side to side [ VERSE 3 ] I had to let you know I ain't that nigga you should toy with So don't come in my face with that muthafuckin boy shit Never comin soft with that 'love, peace and joy' shit Mr., Mr. Scarface, the real deal McCoy shit Sendin out a shot to all you busta-ass one times Suck a nigga dick, or make a nigga rich Cause you don't get props for what you doin for the cops Except a swift kick and a mouth full of dick Lettin muthafuckas talk ass about your gameplan Just because you got a big gat you'se the same man That used to get your ass kicked daily back in the neighborhood Finally got a nigga back pushed like you said you would Fuck it, I'm a nigga gettin down for his cash flow Down to down a hoe, I'm lettin you niggas know I'm lettin you bitches know Front, back and side to side I'm lettin you niggas know You know I'm sayin This is for the Front, back and side to side Sendin this out to all my muthafuckin partners

Imma Get Rich

JUVENILE "Rejuvenation"
I'm a get rich or die trying like Phiddy All life long pop bottles like Diddy Bitch, you're only visiting, 'cause this is my city Blame it on your hoes just to say that I did it. [x2] I'm official like black and white stripes That bitch you're calling your wife, I've been handle that twice I see you're watching, nigga, analyze wise Observe, I'm about to resatelite heights I live my fucking life down, I don't take the shit The right bottles on the table, I don't drink this shit No disrespect the Diddy, I do it for the hoes Caramels in this bitch, we shoot Juv' exposed I'm killing your momma, my Louis and Dior shit Juvi', you're winner, all your haters better fall grip. I need a big invelous cash, not a kind of pity Ain't got that rustles in them money, but I'm gonna get it Who, me? I'm tryin' to be a nigga rude group I'm about to drop my own Juvenile proud juice Pull off, I act like hoe and get a shoe deal Fuck the world, at first day I ship through meal. I'm a get rich or die trying like Phiddy All life long pop bottles like Diddy Bitch, you're only visiting, 'cause this is my city Blame it on your hoes just to say that I did it. [x2] Customized French suits, crocodile shoes, I'm elevated, it's all the conversation about you I see you nigga living like you're seeing in a dream 'Cause I got translation imagination in a grin So why the contracts that I'm trying to get paid I got homes, I can say you anything and and say you're here from Fly in the motherfucker swag, I got wheez And I'm running like a company like Jimmy AV You know you're getting money when you bitch are in Forbes And you ain't gonna say a shit to get a bitch under the folds And in the fin, the life it's gonna take it's own course Nobody helping me and we open his own doors. Making too much money to be worried about credit We're tired in my city as we're chatting like Betty's Niggas don't get it and they act like it's a game torn They won't mean the telethon, how could I explain it to them? I'm a get rich or die trying like Phiddy All life long pop bottles like Diddy Bitch, you're only visiting, 'cause this is my city Blame it on your hoes just to say that I did it. [x2]

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