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J. COLE lyrics - We Got A Buzz Now

How High

Original and similar lyrics
Whats love got to do, go to do with it I get a little taste then I’m through with it Then I send it right back to you with it (How high) Whats love got to do, go to do with it I get a little taste then I’m through with it Then I send it right back to you with it [Verse 1] Visionary play your position, no missionary But yet I pack Gospel in the quotes I spoke You listening to the most high like the Pope on dope Now picture that My poetry’s deep now fish for that Only real niggas catch something, phoney niggas fail Shit you gotta feel like it’s only read in braille Both did the crime but his homie didn’t tell So he fucking bitches while he sitting lonely in a cell Thinking well, what the hell I been on They gave a nigga five then they threw another ten on By the time I’m back on the streets like a bachelor I gotta play the clubs like an old ass woman Life is a movie, pick your own role Climb your own ladder or you dig your own hole Sit around crying that's like sitting round dying You wanna touch the sky bitch you figure out flying [Chorus] Nigga how high, so high that I could touch the sky How sick, so sick that I could fuck yo’ bitch Nigga please, my squad stack plenty of G’s And if your girl like to smoke we got plenty of trees Nigga how high, so high that I could touch the sky How sick, so sick that I could fuck yo’ bitch Nigga please, my squad stack plenty of G’s And if your girl like to smoke we got plenty of trees [Verse 2] Hey, as the troubles of the world unfurl My niggas hit the trees like squirrels Tryna get a nut with your girl Think I need to quit trying ‘fore some nigga out there try to hit mine Karma for the karma sutra A lot calmer when the ganja’s through ya You need ya armour cause them niggas out here tryna shoot ya Kinda crucial, police piranha, gon snatch you out that Honda For stashing that marijuana Yes, ya honour, I feel ashamed I broke the law but look I’ll never smoke or steal again In your courtroom wylin’ out, I don’t mean to keep smiling But right now I’m high enough to probably steal a plane Man, just look at me, what if I couldn’t read? Would you throw the book at me What if I’m feeling sad, am I supposed to look happy It’s been a long time coming Tell my nigga roll me up something [Chorus] No I don't smoke, maybe once in a blue When the tention gets thick than there’s nothing to do Through the windows of my soul, open the blind My eyes get shut but I open my mind How high, la la la la how high, hey hey hey how high, yeah yeah yeah yeah How high, la la la la Is that a shot that you threw little man? I understand, you frustrated career ain't going how you planned Make it worse, you’re friends, now when they talk rap All you hear is “J Cole this” and “J Cole that” It must be hard for your projects to take all that I know your weak heart gotta break off that Boy, look, Cole World this is your worst fear I’m burning you niggas and I’m only in first gear I’m serving you niggas this is only the first beer 12 months from now, you’ll be having the worst year No tears for the haters, I’m still counting money Cole ain't dropping, that's real fucking funny Grade A dummy, sleeping on a nigga raps Something like a mummy But I’mma wake yo’ ass up Something like your mommy on school day I smoke two l’s with ya girl this is Cool J How high How high How high, yeah How high, yeah What's love got to do, got to do with it I get a little taste then I’m through with it Yeah I send it right back to you with it

Gunz 'n Onez (Iz U Wit Me)

Heltah Skeltah "Magnum Force"
featuring BCC MFC [?] Aiyyo I been spittin this rap shit for too long To let y'all heads get me hot under my collar through songs And best don't get it twisted My Magnum Force practice Operation: Lockdown And don't you clowns ever forget it The other half'll feel my brother's wrath that we break through And always been the type to take you there like ?Warren Staples? Blow spots wit no glock the show stop when domes pop You should of stayed your ass home bop, you got a flow--not [Illa Noyz] I set it off on a mission like the Sentinel Cuz I was sent to do, murder the crew sayin I'm merciful I wrote a few, journals in my Nocturnal state Blaze like an inferno, watch niggas just cremate Too late to run and turn to Rev. Run Some blessin the section, givin them niggas quick trips to heaven Straight murder wit the unheard-a, lyritifical Beneficial, that you never pursure the issue The ninth initial, thought as to rip the bits n kibbles I kick ass, more than a little, my rhyme riddle Your mind's a dead veg-e-table when I hit you Doin like I should do, bringin Noyz to my acquittal [Steele] Wit no discrepency, I rip MC wit no referee Devil tested me, can't let him get the best of me Wit accuracy, I'll attack an MC Spittin like I emptied the M-1 from the M-P Wit no apology, unload on your property causing atrocity At a rapid velocity, mental artillery, military anatomy After you battle me call me your majesty for mastering The art of fastening, grappling, locking down this rapping thing Tackling the majority, bomb with authority More than minority, S-T got seniority Rhymin since Knowledge and Quality wit college degree (Kill out to all the enemy, we killin all a dem Kill out to all the enemy, don't matter if it's enemy or friend) [Doc Holliday] Doc ain't nuttin but the truth, 100% when I get bent It's possible that I'm mad, forget ? I'm blind, deaf, and mute To all you shit poppers, put your money where your mouth at I roll wit bank stoppers, five-foot Reps who whip ass Erases coppers, it's mandatory, that D-O-C stay shittin Laws and lows to keep you hoes on my didick My foes stay foes so all you jacks need to quit it Doc shines, hot lines, and jackers come and get it And one false move, I'm guaranteed to be acquitted [Lidu Rock] Aiyyo, we gang bangin, through the tri-state area Act up, my MFC niggas'll have to bury ya Ain't nuttin scarier, than a five-foot eight nigga Holding the big toast, make yo chest piece shake I cut niggas like class and glass from dirty bottles Runnin through these streets high-speed at full throttle Ghetto role models, so what the fuck y'all tellin me Misdemeanor cats wit raps, wannabe felonies Fuck sellin trees man, I smoke too much I lay my raps, get my traps, then I roast the dutch Y'all niggas boast too much, about the shit you got I hope the money save that ass when the shit get hot It's Lidu Rock [Rock] Many think I ain't got it in me, cuz I'm plenty-friendly It could be because I'm skinny But I'll fuck you up like Henny and Remmy ?If any of trash?, we'll I'll scream gimme To any who make it hard to Get Away like Tim or Penny Semi-auto, wit a swift into your track, ?it cracks? And creeps morse code, I'm sendin smoke signals That's how my gats be Tactics, I crack piece are phenomenal Ask peeps, what kinda drama do the Bummy Jab wreak He'll tell ya, the boy cause straight Heltah Skeltah I got the block sweltering and hot like your biotch when I felt her So don't fuck wit my head, got static I'm buckin you dead I'll bend your body like Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Fuck what you said, for y'all I got nuttin but lead-o And stop fuckin askin me why Ruck cut his dreads It's up in the air, we buckin from here, to where you rest at In a jet black, Expedition fishin to get some get back (Kill out to all our enemies, we killin all a dem Kill out to all our enemies, no matter if it's enemy or friend) [Rustee Jux] My militant mind's impervious to submission Maintain in the rank, glorious in this division Killa Cartel-N-MFC in collision The scene could get bloody, two teams wit one mission I stomps through the crack slums of mother Medina Push weed to stack funds for my mother Dina Rustee Jux-man, Brooklyn mercenary Some say it's rap, some say it's legendary The pack that run wit me, attack wit guns swiftly My young legion niggas got smacked on one-fifty Cold mashin, straight blastin, steady mobbin I rose to large drug dealin from petty robbin [Supreme] Well it's the five-eight, hands I'm holdin brothers for ransom Operation generation down to the seeds of your grandson And blow off like a handgun, hittin niggas at random Damn son, got love for thugs singin my anthem I amp them, spittin my raps spectacular Forever clappin the rapper that's bitin like he Dracula You see what happens to all of these fake rhyme fashioners I bring disaster to niggas thats claimin they done mastered the Art, who's the next on my chart to mark You know I swim wit the shark, why y'all niggas wanna start Big gram and knee low, stay on the d-low Rollin black in the back of the fat Ex-P-O [Tek] Well it's the lazy-eye criminal, baby nines the minimum In the gat cabin, Tek we make it happen You just rappin, bitch niggas get bitch smacked when You start yappin, get your shine snatched for flashin Straight extorted, like an IRS audit You never gonna bust that gun, so why you bought it? See you came home frolic, but you show fake love Like the Feds try to get close and lay down bugs Try to skate but got schemed on, you had to lay Didn't know niggas got Desert E's and PK's [Starang] Me and my crew ride up and down St. James like a pack of great danes Ain't shit changed, see y'all niggas take your gold frames Spit in your face and I'm a have to smack flames Out your ass for tryin to laugh and plus play games (word up) We ain't Connecticut, ain't even sweatin it Pack up your bags bitch, come wit some better shit Son them niggas probably home right now, for real regretting it I don't want to be y'all, when we see y'all I'm settin it Niggas on my dick so much I brought a saddle We can take it to the streets(word up word up), bring your heat, battle For your seven-forty Beamer, wit your shorty Kima in it If you platinum you can drive me through Manhattan while I hit it Everywhere I go, I let em know Starang's the shit Over three-hundred thousand fans and ain't never had a hit William H. is the name, MFC's the click Y'all niggas takin us out?, y'all smokin the shit (Retreat retreat, all pussy boys, retreat Magnum Force come to take over Retreat, retreat, all pussy boys, retreat Magnum Force come to take over) [Ruck] SEAN P., you better recognize, I be wreckin guys Fuckin cockroaches still breathin up your pesticides Like D-Con, see Sean be on some shit from day one Spray guns at funny style niggas who actin gay son Ruck made the paper, you could turn to page one Butt-fuckin your chick wit a mothafuckin gauge son Who said that? Ruck said wack shit, aiyyo dead that For the headcrack, leave your face lumpy like Craig Mack I read that, niggas want beef aiyyo so get back ?Happen in? person cuz I'm hurtin niggas who said that You fuckin wet back, smack you wit the fuck med's pack Then have sex at, the same place I park my Lex at [Buckshot] The last black gene, green socks Serve the fans quick like servin fiend rock Understand the scene is locked, when you dead bolt Hit em in the throat, ride em like the jet black colt Through the jungle, it's another rumble when I set it so free And flee from his body back to the OGC I never heard of that nigga, in the first place I hit him in the worst place, hid the waste Need a replacement killa, hustle dope shit so I'm a drug dealer So for real-a, on point wit the nine mill-a Straight give a nigga guillotine shit Heads come off the ?lean? wit one stroke Two tokes from the mack tilly Give a mothafucker two to the belly Stop, look and acting like the shot from your ass whippin Nigga, why you trippin, don't start slippin now Fool keep flippin [Rock] It's not over, it's not over, oh oh [Louieville Sluggah] Yo it was on to the next phase Spit ink on a page, hostile rage No sugar and sour like lemmonade Bing came to me in a dream he said come clean So I scalped and praise, I'm on my way Gat and pick straight out the gate When I see yo say you back up on your duty ? Yo my mouth spittin arson, new shit is startin But ain't shit changed, you know your range, beg your pardon Starv like Marv, I'm on the job First rob and ?slug? mothafuckers licked the knob Be like that, when I clap back time I feel it deeply, for my niggas I left behind I rep for mine, here son feel the shine Can't say no names, cuz all my niggas is on my mind Yo I'm all about me sonee, hand me money Ja Ja, and bring yo ass here to poppa [talking and threats to the end]

You Know I'm a Hoe

MASTER P "Gameface"
(feat. Ice Cube) [Master P (Cube)] I'm ready (Ay yo P What's crackin' nigga) I'm tryin' to get my roll on Cube. (So where we headed) The Player's Club fool. You 'Bout It (I'm 'Bout It nigga I heard it was hoes at The Player's Club.) Oh yeah like that big booty girl that you know yo' boy was tryin' to holler at her uh she be out there too (Oh yeah yeah) let's go get our bump on You ready [Cube] Now which one of y'all freaks wanna get down with the biggest nigga in town the world renowned You can meet me downtown in the lobby walkin' past niggas that's dry as the Mojave (unnnngh) step into the elevator push the Penthouse (what) Smell the smoke in the hall we gettin' bent out we just sent out for room service Why you actin' cool & yo' cousin lookin' nervous Bullshit conversation 'bout yo' occupation here we go with this mandantory time wastin' My nigga Master P is in Suite 23 doin' hella shit (unnnnngh) to ya relative In the ghetto we turnin' fine hoes into petals hands on our metals never have to fetch hoes they come runnin' with they fans & they best clothes to get stuck by the nigga with the million bucks I won't lie and say I had a million fucks I tell you what 'cause I get 'em then I share 'em I get my ham fucked up then I 'em Cause I'm a hoe you know I'm a hoe I fuck three different bitches after every show Cause I'm a hoe you know I'm a hoe How do you know because I told ya so [Master P] If it don't make dollars then it don't make sense (no) Cube & Master P goin' half on a wench (biotch) I ain't Whodini I'm the nigga with the beanie (yeah) 'bout to hit the Player Club lookin' for a genie 36-24-36 a hoochie with a big butt & some tits she gotta be rowdy I mean be 'Bout It share the nana with my boys or ya outtie My El Do ride up with the 20 inch wheel wood grain in the slamp for the sex appeal got 'em bumpin' jumpin' sayin' somethin' How ya do dat there the hoes keep comin' There dey go there dey go there dey go no matter how much ya give 'em they gon' want some more So I'm a ho you know I'm a ho make 'em say Unnnngh then I let them go See I'm a ho you know I'm a ho make 'em say Unnnngh then I let them go See he's a ho you know he's a ho How do ya know 'cause I told ya so Yeah Westside hoes say Unnnnnngh (Westside) Down South hoes say Unnnnngh East Coast hoes say Unnnnngh Midwest hoes say Unnnnnngh You's a ho you know you's a ho How do we know because yo pussy is sore A diggi diggi diggi diggi diggi dick one A diggi diggi diggi diggi diggi dick two What huh what huh huh huh A diggi diggi diggi diggi diggi dick one A diggi diggi diggi diggi diggi dick two [C:] Ay yo P man with all the hoes I see you with man I know you's a ho. [P:] Shit nigga you the ho nigga all the bitches I done seen you with. [C:] Naw man homey you the biggest ho in town homey [P:] Nigga but when I say ho though Cube you know I that didn't mean nuthin' bad it just mean that you got a lot of hoes that's real, so probably when yo' son grow up he gon' be a ho. When my son grow up he gon' be a ho. But ho mean good though (fa sho) yeah nigga. Ha haa My fuckin' grandchildren probably gon' be hoes (Damn) [C:] That mean my great great great great grandchildren gon' have bitches (& they gon' have hoes) fa sho [P:] They probably gon' be hoes. The niggas gon' be hoes & oh I don't know how it go but uhh what the bitches gon' be then if the niggas gon' be hoes [C:] Hoettes Bitches Hoes nigga (oh OK) Well what hoes you talkin' 'bout [P:] Don't make me call yo baby mama [C:] Don't make me call yo baby mama [P:] Chill out chill out nigga chill out [laughter]

Above My Floor

AER "Aer"
[Chorus - Dave:] I never wanna know ya I think I see him walking Collide with the ghost above my floor High, headed up the corner I think I see him walking Say hi to the ghost I won’t become [Verse 1 - Carter:] He and I could fight all night But he is me, so get this right I’m torn inside but act so bright And who to be i can’t decide So I’ll roll the rest up, rid the pressure Diesel from forty, on top the dresser Inhale the smoke, I’ll clean the mess up Opaque hope, extreme measures Indulge in all types of pleasures Don’t talk to him I can explain it much better Imma medicate myself if I want to Not a level head and will say anything bout you Looking in the mirror finding someone to shout to The answer’s in the haze so I’ll figure it out soon I’m keeping up cuz I’m fast learner Tryna disregard my evil as the worlds turnin The ego in each of us wants to eat through the furnace And then heat up your house and just laugh it off as it’s burning [Chorus - Dave] [Verse 2 - Carter:] I’ve learned to pick quality over quantity When does confident become cocky? What if i told you that’s not me Hiding behind expensive liquor and kawasakis The diamond’s getting bigger I’m in the rough of the rockies Power trippin, tricked into giving the guy who brought me What he deserves, been on my nerves Despite it all i can find the courage I’m high in attic, so close to the angels But he’s in the basement playing games with the devil I’m tryna get out and see the world from all angles He only wants to stay in and polish up all his medals Spun out in the city makes it hard to say I’m stable Ain’t giving up for nothing no homie I won’t settle Crumbs crushed up on the old wooden table High above the problems is me having my head up

Electric Ice - Featuring X1 And Mieva

Fredro Starr "Firestarr"
[Chorus 2X: X-1 Mieva] We put lights in the chains, baby, that's what's up Strobe lights in the range, baby, that's what's up High beams in the bracelets, that's what's up Electric diamonds, baby, that's what's up [Fredro Starr] Aiyo I pull up in some big shit, poppin B.I.G. shit No stearin wheel, Benz toyin wit the joystick Park the spaceship, special effects On the bracelets, ice jumpin out like The Matrix Who light up for than Vegas Nigga lookin like Times Square on New Years, when the ball drop My neck is like a light show on Fourth of July Both wrists like fireworks lightin the sky Private airports, Air Force, one's untied Blunt in my mouth, stretch now, you waitin outside Shit, even when I tuck it in, it blink through the shirt How does it work? bitches askin how much it's worth Killin eighth street, Ferrari drop, niggas'll clock Bitches'll stop and waive, high blondin, bitches to watch Is that lights on ya stage, that ice on ya chain? Yo I'm C.O., Other People Money type thing Now haters in the game wanna take my place Live my life, wish they could take my face Fuck my wife, wish me death to rock my lights But that's the price of fame, Electric Ice [Chorus 2X] [Mieva] Floss out, strawberry lights, lavender life More money than Blake character's wife Lady ice criminal, rock minerals Bitches can't stand it, Electric Ice, lookin transparent You ain't gettin no brighter, a hundred watts in the bezel The face of an angel wit the body of a devil Diamonds rock like glaciers At the tennis courts wit high beams and tennis bracelets Blindin Venus, hahahaha [X-1] Ten days out the summer, put them blazers up Ninja bike night ridin wit my helmet up Sock on my Nikes, look at bitches clockin the lights Go ahead and touch that and get the shock of ya life Who that nigga over there wit the glow in his chest It gotta be X, niggas stay flirtin wit death Lookin like I got a Christmas tree around my neck You try to cop that, by Jacob ain't got those yet Wires inside to shine, kid the hottest design Try to define a nigga that's inspired to grind Yesterday my lights was green, today they red I turn the bracelet off, before I goes to bed, Electric Ice [Chorus 2X]


Grand Puba "2000"
Hook: Don't worry about Big money Can you dig it Amazing (x4) Verse 1: Well don't you know what time again for the big shot (BIG SHOT) Doogie Ready or not hit the buddah spot (BUDDAH SPOT) Time to get the cash (TIME TO GET THE HONEY) Time to get cash (TIME TO GET THE MONEY) Check it I got the nack to put the groove in your back Squeeze a rhyme like a pistol cause I'm smooth as Harvey Grisco I come clean with more protein and overtein The way I heat shit up you think my jaws was dipped in gasoline Whoa now that's a fire Puba got the hi-tech shit while other MC's come cheap like propiya So let's get down to the situation Smooth like a Temptation Puba makes it good like penetration That's how it's suppose to be No question so don't you put a rush on me I'm not a rookie I'm a pro you see my flow Give me the doe you better ask somebody if ya don't know Hook Verse 2: Dig it, see I like to know where you got the notion Said I like to know where you got the notion Dig this, my beats kick you in the head like a Timbaland Me and my crew stay tight like the X-men I gets mean and then I turns into the Wolverine Then I grab the mic and blow the spot to smithereens I gets down for the money honey I got the style tha'ts real What's why brothers chew my shit up like Gummy Bears It's the New York shocker representin' like a Knickerbocker Watch me get it cookin' like Betty Crocker I'll make you trip like I'm indo smoke Cause I'm down right nasty like Diet Coke See I ain't no joke cause I got mad style wicked and wild Mama's second child throwin' rappers to the pile Games point blank call me Shabba cause I Rank Don't run around with toast cause my people on a tank Clown won't get me cause I'm God body Moses asked me how to part the Red Sea Trippin' MC's up like astroturf Puttin' wack MC's outta buisness like Woolworth I'm a tell you straight off the god damn press I'm a handle my buisness right Boy I ain't come here for no foolishness I hit the set then I jet Can't trust a girl who couldn't standin' up tryin' to get a whole lot of niggas wet Because I con ya (Khan) like Chaka hit ya like a blocker Me and rhymes connect like walls and magic markers It's Grand Puba for the membrain Wiping borthers off the map so leavin' shit stains That's how I feel cause I always keep my shit on the Reel to Reel Makin' niggas happy like a kid with a happy meal So ah what you need to do is do a little dance Yeah smoke a little bud say what Get down tonight uptown get down tonight dig it yo We gonna do a little dance do a little dance Some a little bud smoke a little bud Get down tonight uptown downtown get down tonight yeah Niggas hold tight uptown situation like always youknowhatI'msayin All day, mash ya, one time. Doogie love , hold tight nigga.

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