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J. COLE lyrics - Truly Yours 2


Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Bas] They putting prices on heads, silver or lead I pray the scores settle 'fore the devil notice you dead Got me smoking the potent, my eyes open and Otis, they red Thoughts of my eye roam and words that I hoped I had said That aunty Sittana, we missin ya Even know you gone, your thought alone can lift us up This is us Got some niggas that never call me unless they need something, But I pick up, like, "whassup, what you need cousin?" My niggas know that I love 'em Give 'em roses while they can smell 'em Cause ain't no tellin' who'll be here tomorrow Used to borrow your digital scale Flippin' them sales But now it's digital dash while you're still in the past Boy, trust me when I tell you, the picture got much bigger The swishers and dutch fill up Bitches in lust with us Momma would dissapprove, losing my way Lost in the sauce, this bolognese is so amazing Had a talk and she remark: "you so engaging" Running game, it's all the same I'm growing jaded Had a couple things in common, like Lonnie Lynn But I'm too faded for conversatin' I'm sittin' here contemplatin' [Hook x2: J Cole] Time keeps slipping away, away Another day another love song, hey Another day another love song, hey [Verse 2: J Cole] Yeah Cousin in jail again, asking me for bail again Close when I was 12, but I was much frailer then He was like 16, a nigga from the gutter and Years ago his favorite uncle had married my mother and Here we are, runnin' through the Ville like dumb and dumber and For that summer man I swear I wish you was my brother then Well time passed and we fell off cause you moved back home Little did you know Jermaine done grew a new back bone Niggas thought he wouldn't make it 'till he proved that wrong 12 years later on the radio that Who Dat song Your homeboy bumps the Warm Up now you buggin' Cause you looking at the cover and you say "Yo that's my cousin" And niggas looking at you like you lying but you wasn't Next thing I know you blowing up my line all a sudden And I'm showing love saying "yo look what I did, Man, nobody coming from here ever did this shit this big" But now you saying "Man enough about you, Shit what about me, my nigga what about me? Oh you forgot about me?" Saying "Niggas showed you how to rap, now you don't know how to act Boy I'm at the bottom you could pull a nigga out of that Put me in a video, yo put me on your hottest track Bring me on the road with you, you know 'cause got yo back And I'm strapped up if them niggas act up See you headed to the top you need to let me catch up Please let me catch up Won't you let me catch up man" "I'll see you when I see you Harsh as it seems to say, I wouldn't want to be you Bail you out for your daughter and I pray to God A nigga never pull your card or she won't ever get to see you" [Hook]

Life Ain't The Same

Hook: Life just ain't the same (Life ain't the same) Life just ain't the same (Coming up in the new game) Life just ain't the same Life just an't the same (Life ain't the same) Life just ain't the same Life just ain't the same (Coming up in the new game) Verse 1: WildStyle I know I gotta make my life right Cause this shit ain't just nothing nice Niggas in the hood wanna take my life Wid a knife so I strap up every night This game ain't no joke I pray to God I don't get smoked Never trust no hoe woulda known that Bitch would set me up she gotta go uh, Thinking back in the days when I played But now I see that life is real, I got a shorty to make my name live If I get killed, but I ain't no bitch That nigga that try ta get me gon' Have a hard time, let's see when I pop That damn nine, paralyze yo ass from head ta spine I live a life of crime, Niggas like me keep mommas crying I think I'ma lose my damn mind If I do some damn time Gotta watch my back and pack a gat That's how the game goes Times change how they bang Life just ain't the same no more Hook Verse 2: Kilo Sittin, wid a shorty, They box, but they shoot not Talking that shit you wanna gangbang Well we gon' show ya how Try ta kill me I'ma try ta kill you Vic, what you think you slick Ain't no love forever hate Demonstrate, bring yo clique Tell them folks in the hood Ya coming up making cash flow, GOOFY! How the fuck you claim ta be a pimp You punk ass hoe, I'ma come from the back and rock ya knot Take yo pack and run yo spot If you strapped show me what you got Being a chief gon' get you shot Betta get on it niggas I creep wid So you got ta be fast It ain't the same, shit done changed That's yo ass if you don't blast, And you fucked up trying ta go to war Now it's on every night and day This is serious, ta game any joker Less it's gun play, bi-otch!! Hook Verse 3: Never Creeping ain't no sleeping Life ain't the same in the game Nowadays it's hectic, had to make up my mind Found myself drifting in the wrong direction Back up in the old days, Niggas used to fist up on the block Capping ain't no thing to me When you wanna get rough Nigga pull that glock, but I kept on focus Everytime I start to think bullets scatter Have a man caught up in the system's Making us brothers ratter tatter And I really don't give a fuck My attitude is in the indo It ain't gon' never be no old days In the ghetto no more So you betta get a grip on reality And triz-out, I make a wiz-a Coming up in the new day's a damn shame Nigga might think that it's still the same But the shit done made an ugly change Coming up in this fucking game Tryin' ta make it in the new days man Hook Verse 4: Coldhard You know from what I can see Life just ain't the same now I don't give a fuck no more And I ain't afraid ta die I'ma be all I can be Fuck who try ta top me Down wid tha gangbangalistic shit From the eighties to the nineties Nowadays we gotta wreck shit Niggas coming up wid they clique stick Gangbang about a bitch Jealous cause a nigga slick What the hell is this shit? Youse supposed to be legit Talking all that pimp shit Nothing but a sweet vic I bet I ain't gon' be the one Kissing up to no nigga's ass Just because they say he bad Get his bitch bump then he sad Crying like a baby Life ain't like it was punk Betta get on top of yours Fo you fuck around and get gunned, Punk. Hook

Where's The Love

LIL' TROY "Sittin' Fat Down South"
Where the love at...Momma told me ther'd be days like this But I didn't listen Never question the woman's intuition My ambition is to give you what you missin Sweet love Take off your shoes, come and get your feet rubbed Us in the tub Taking bubble baths That'll be the shit Anybody that don't believe this can eat a dick I think we soul mates Cause we got so much in common You make them hoes wait When you find the proper woman Then next to me Put your head on my chest Attraction stimulates me But it's not all about sex I respect you got a mind And you... self sufficient Opinonated... yet know how to listen Now what's mine is yours If I'm ballin' you ballin 'Tell that other nigga He can stop callin 'Check this out Chorus *background* repeat I want to be your man *along with background* I want to be your man baby I'm talkin' about Providing you with all of life's securities I mean, I think the first step is Going to pick out some rings What you like Baggets and pistol skirts Can't I spend a night Without giving you my answer tonight Cause I gotta catch a early flight What you yellin' about The simple fact that I'm bailin' out I'm makin' moves My albums sellin' out I need some affection Love can't you teach me a lesson I might be sittin' fat down here in Texas But the thugs ain't mean So how deep is your love for me How real do you cut for me If the laws came and got me How long would you be stuck with me If not long then don't fuck with me I want you down on my team And support When I'm tryin' to make my green It's for real I'll throw some karots in your ring I'll make it last forever Cause you know had that cash forever We can ball till we pass together baby Where the love at Chorus *along with background* yeah... that nigga Lil' Troy Short Stop Records Puttin' down like a G yo That's how we get our groove on Recognize the mobb I bet you co-working star When they see the flowers that I'm sendin' to your job Read the cards Stick it in your purse Let's keep it rosey Cause everybody so nosey So you can't believe what people say Misery, loves company tell them keep away It'll be ok If you trust in me to make it right Before I hit you I'll freak ya That's on my baby's life Will you be my wife Please take this ring And a service to token To make you realize baby I ain't jokin' I'm coping But my advisaries got me not I need a god-fearing woman Who understands my heart Leave your baggage from past relationships Out of the picture I put my old flames out I done changed All of my digits And that's real Chorus *along with background* I want to be your man Sober Ain't really no need to question me It'll make no difference to us For my loyalty or my commitment life You know my presence But you alone To let you know You don't want to mess with me You need to spend time with me I bring the heat You want to play It ain't a thing to me You say you changed You look the same to me Eat and ball too much On the real, cause I done stall too much Girl I want you all too much Ain't no way in the world Me and you can ball too much Imagine having cabbage Straight lavish Friends wish they can have it Cause I push a rolez, sip crystal glasses I'm all wet Don't listen to your friends about me cheatin' They dont' know that Your best friend want me Tell that hoe that For show that You know she want the kids You should have knew this True this Two real niggas left I'm one of the fewest Holla at me girl I'm all this We can do this Do that love thing girl So I can prove that Chorus... till fade

I'll Be Back

JIM JONES "Vampire Life: We Own The Night"
[Verse 1: Meek Mill] Yeah! Meek Milly Uhhh! First off, I'm a beast bitch (Beast) I'm with the mafia, and I ain't talkin Three 6 (Nahh) I remember when they said I'd never be shit (Wooo!) Look at me now my neck and wrist done cost me three bricks (Ahhh) I'm in this Panamera, same color as Heathcliff Niggas talk about me, when they see me it's the remix (SCERRRR) My waves spinnin (Spinnin), she sea sick (Sick) Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she gon eat dick Rollin round with Jimmy (Jimmy), Touchin on the semi (Strapped) Finger on the trigger (Huh), Cause niggas wanna hear me (Yeah) I'm rollin through my city, make a bike look like a Bentley When I pull up on them hoes, it's like eany miny mo There he go, where eyat? Niggas know, I be strapped (Strapped) I'm a terminate me something, if I tell em I Be Back Arnold Schwarzenegger Audemar, It cost me 90 stacks And it ain't got no ice in it, I be shinnin bright with it [Hook: Meek Mill & (Jim Jones)] Niggas say they need that work. I tell em I'll be back! (Mutha Fucka yeah, I'll Be Back) I fucked a bitch in one night, I tell her I'll Be Back! (Baby girl you know that I'll be back) Thinking when I was fucked up, I tol em I'll Be Back Back! (I got my weight up Mutha Fucka, I'm Back!) Now every time I'm up in Neiman's, I tell em I'll Be Back! (I stay fly, so I'll Be Back!) (SPOOOOOKKYYYYYY!) [Verse 2: Jim Jones] Went from the hardest nigga out, To the smartest nigga out (And!) If you niggas act dumb, I'll bring retarded niggas out (Ga'Head!) Cartridge in ya mouth (Grrr), we got it in the drought (Grrr) Saw so many bricks, we got parts down in the south Thought I was a southerner, the white girl I'm lovin her Bitch I got uni-bombers to run up on a governor (Pow) Ain't no worries, I got lawyers like O.J. (GRRrr) Run up on ya block and make it hot on a cold day (T-t-t-t-t-t-Ttoww) Bullets kiss yo neck like it's foreplay And you shouldn't be upset, you know my forte (You know Wuddup) Stone cold killer, no felonies, cause we murdered any motherfucker that could tell on me! (Grrr) See Me in Philly, Meek doin wheelies (Andd!) Hopped out on Broad Street, my feet looking illie (Philly Wuddupp) Niggas know the dealie, cause niggas off millies Let up off the shoes, I thought this bitch was tryna kill me! [Hook] [Verse 3: Fred the Godson] The bells is back, low in the hole Big Jesus piece, t-shirt that say slow Been ridin with Meek, y'know it's all dough Boutta hit the streets, Capo said flow So packs, Go Back to the coupe, it's back to the booth Before I get a plaque, forty-four in the mac You'll collapse when I clap, so relax before I... (Woooo) Or keep goin and switch ya spittin lyrics to vivid Like I'm the devil backwards, so you know that I lived it [?] this shit is 50, the bricks is with me On the first, I get more exercise than Mississippi Or get the bliqey, I got the whip and the gunnas in it Dead in the middle of little Italy, No Pun intendid Your funeral, no discussion Ya moms will take care of the coffin, Robitussin You duck while we clap, if I miss I'll be back Fred, I'll Be Back! [Hook]

Miss Macbeth

All the children testified that Miss Macbeth wore a fishbone slide in her cobweb tresses Her eyes were black like first foot coal, clutched as white as chalk-dust Her fingers sweated india-ink and poison-pen letters There is a hungry hanging tree, just below your bedroom window You can hear her take a broom to beat out a tattoo on the ceiling Her bloodless face ran red inside but was she really evil, was she only pantomime Now the chalk on the wall says that somebody saves, that somebody's face has just been washed off the pavement Into a puzzle where petrol will be poisoned by rain Miss Macbeth saw her reflection As confetti bled it's colours down the drain And everyday she lives out another love song It's a tearful lament of somebody done wrong Well how can you miss what you've never possessed Miss Macbeth Well we all should have known when the children paraded They portrayed her in their fairytales, sprinkling Deadly Nightshade And as they tormented her she rose to the bait Even a scapegoat must have someone to hate And everyday she lives out another love song You're up there enjoying yourself, and I know it's wrong Well how can you miss what you've never possessed Miss Macbeth Sometimes people are just what they appear to be With no redemption at all We try to walk upright when we can't even crawl Miss Macbeth has a gollywog she chucks under the chin and she whispers to it tenderly Then sticks it on a pin And It might be coincidence, but a boy down the lane, that she said went white as he could do, then doubled over in pain And everyday she lives out another love song It's a tearful lament of somebody done wrong Well how can you miss what you've never possessed Miss Macbeth

Love Joint

OUTLANDISH "Outlands Official"
The most incredible dame style and grace fame all up in my face pretty delicious - Cleopatra really wanna do this chapter light skin – she’s a Muslim got my mamma thinking real thoughts where’s my grandkid wears a scarf but I see her beauty with it or off don’t nobody knows the deal but me and my lord deep thoughts I filling my mind (hitting my brain) with adrenalin (like a train) like she and my child (feeling no rain) calling my name me the king – she the queen wearing my ring got me feeling so loco 24 constantly – never thought so instantly like automatically mentally lost in space but I’m fitting in perfectly feeling alive energetic like a samurai really really high got me feeling pacified keep u to my self u´re classified under my distraction I’ll be your bullet proof vest u’re under my protection Corazonado Prohibidamente enamorado Locamente apasionado Y mi sueño es Estar contigo como la primera vez Pasé lo que pasé Digan lo que digan La niña más bonita eres tu solo tu Si mi amor solo tu que conoces Mi forma de reír y mi forma de llorar Te llevo preservada en mi corazón Tengo el sabor de tus labios en los míos Tus ojos perfectos como la noche Cabello como seda que al tocarlo me enloquece No lo quiero pero estoy En la cárcel del amor Cupido me ha pillado Felizmente encadenado (Translated) Love hinted Forbidden in love Madly passionate And my dream is To be with you just like the first time What must be, must be They can say what they say The most beautiful girl, that’s you Yeah you my love one, only you know My way of laughing, my way of crying I preserve you safe in my heart I get the flavor of your lips in mine Your eyes, they’re perfect like the night Hair like silk, when I touch it, drive me crazy I don’t want it but I found my self In the love-jail Cupid has pillaged me I’m felicitously chained. I’m in deep thought I didn’t want to get caught U had me from the start hard to live my life without u U like a soul penetrating slug For which I’ll mug A deadly hug U make no sense are u for real janat ki tu hoor Chasmebadoor You’re aroma Putting newcomers in comas Ready to spend coroners Down to my last dime While other pass u around I keep u close to the last round 4 real mai tera ranhja Baby got me high like ganjha I’m elevating as soon as me and u collaborating I’m hallucinating but who cares U take away tears Enable me to face the world without fears U killing me softly with your innocent grace An amazing creature with a heavenly glow in your face I got no time to waste cause stakes are high You and I like ´Bonnie and Clyde Imagine us rise Bridge: My lady Got me feeling - got me open - got my needs All I want that she got My girl Everyday and everyway in anyway

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