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It Dies Today lyrics

Freak Gasoline Fight Accident

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All hail the unseen one who dances in the shadows. Hidden from everyone in a veil of joyousness. Bathing in the darkness exuding from the very bowels of mankinda. With such longanimity had he tolerated the atrocity known as man. And when this world finally comes to an end he'll simply smile and laugh for he would take such comfort in knowing that there would be no tomorrow He'd take such comfort in knowing we will never see another day And for their degeneration, Mankind will finally know what it means to suffer. Understand that he is hopelss. He is bitter, and he is filled with great spite. From witnessing first hand man's decline, He is simply hopeless, he is bitter and filled with great spite Here's bidding farewell to a loathsome world.

Whisper Of Whispers

JOSEPH ARTHUR "The Ballad Of Boogie Christ: Act 2"
How many warning shots must he fire Into the emptiness of crescendoing skies Just like Beethoven conducting goodbyes With orchestra strings and notes made of fire Which burn in the eyes like a truth from a liar How many wars must he wage in your head As misery's chief just lays there as dead With the spike in his arm And a bullet in his brain Like a seed of repulsion Which brings its own rain How many skies must he rip from the clouds And let them hang empty against nothing at all As he says your name and you write on the wall His voice growing louder you ignore every call How much joy must you forsake for pain Your stupidity flows like the noose of cocaine A string made of powder you hang in the sky Strung by your nose, sniffing goodbye I know you will make it I know you will finally fall And hear him call Paranoid eyes of blood and mistrust The disease of fools and bankers of lust Corruption just bleeds from your every pore Like destruction which feeds a leech on a sore How much salvation must he offer for free Against your denial of who he must be Against your betrayal of his heart so free Which forgives and relieves all your misery I know you will make it I know you will finally fall And hear him call How much deceit must you force him to take As he waits around for you to be awake Into the blossom reaching through who you are From under the pavement into each falling star How much disease must he embrace and then cure Like a leper of gold, eyes white light and pure Crushing your sickness which cannot be contained Into your sheets, bloody and stained Float from your womb, aborted and gone Like the echo of voices in the silence of song How many missions must he endlessly take Until others are with him, alive and awake To rise to his level, as real and as true To be a beast in the jungle instead of the zoo How many liars must he first strike down With the weapon of words and the mercy he found I know you will make it I know you will finally fall And hear him call

A Fond Farewell

ARI HEST "Someone To Tell"
My mother once told me The thicker your skin The better off you'll be when this world brings you down Well it's trying to control me And leave me without hope In the past I've been burned But I've lived and I've learned Beneath the shelter of the pouring rain In the absence of this fear and pain I will finally bid my ball and chain A fond farewell On the road that leads me to my place I will rid my heart of past disgrace I will finally bid this sluggish pace A fond farewell When I heard their reservations When I read their bitter words I shined a light upon their wisdom no matter how absurd And it broke my heard to pieces And I questioned my own beliefs My dignity was gone But it's time to move on [Chorus] Say goodbye to feeling sorry for myself To begging others for far too much help This is my hand, these are the cards that I've been dealt Only I can make these changes, nobody else Say goodbye to those sleepless nights Those corridors with no end in sight A driven man with these words I write I'm making peace with my soul tonight [Chorus]

Be Great

ACE HOOD "The Statement 2"
[Verse 1:] Uh guess again they hesitant Just to let him in Walk a mile in my shoes I swear they never did Nor they never will Finally I'm center fielder See a mill cry tears, for my old fields Looking back I promise mama that I never will Gave me chills this humble nigga remaining still Underrated be the best my ultamatum is in my flow Cultivate'm, moving like a terminater ugh So inspired the swagga they so admire Sitting court side with the Boss with the empires Used to be a dream I'm a smoking the entire Moment R.I.P. My homies Differnent kind of strokes For The boy Gary Colemen Meeting different women And I swear I gottem open No love for them because my ice box frozen Been to the bottom now it's spring like Poland Wattup 'tho Renegades we rewritin history I'm inspired by the beat Cups for victory [Hook:] Hey hey hey hey And I been through that pain In my life earning my stripes But still I'm going fight this war Cause they say that I won't Show them I will You with me let me hear you say That we never gone stop aim for the top head to that sky I just wantto be great Be great be great be great I just wanna be great Be great be great be great I just wanna be [Verse 2:] Hella passinate adamint yes accurate Science to the game I study like that anatomy Used to can't battle me now I triple your salary Back full of batteries that's definition of strategy Day I let them win homie that'll be death of me Something you will never see Dope like methamphetamine Riding in some shit that probably dropping 2017 Martin Luther ain't the only one who had a dream I just wanna be great MJ style Doubted by the critics hiphop's stepchild Little boy or girl why your head down You can be great you just got to say it proud On a mission my ambition got me living different Big crib but a made man living in it Words to my niggas they the living witness Believe that I'm great glad you here to witness [Hook]

Such Great Heights

Iron And Wine "Garden State Soundtrack"
I am thinking it's a sign That the freckles in our eyes Are mirror images and When we kiss they're perfectly aligned And I have to speculate That God himself did make us into Corresponding shapes like puzzles pieces From the clay True, it may seem like a stretch But it's thoughts like this That catch my troubled head When you're away, when I am missing you to death When you were out there on the road For several weeks of shows And when you scan the radio I hope this song will guide you home They will see us waving from such great heights 'Come down now,' they'll say But everything looks perfect from far away 'Come down now,' but we'll stay I've tried my best to leave This all on your machine But the persistent beat Sounded thin upon listening That frankly will not fly You will hear the shrillest highs And lowest lows with the windows down When this is guiding you home They will see us waving from such great heights 'Come down now,' they'll say But everything looks perfect from far away 'Come down now,' but we'll stay...

Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies

I have walked along the Paths of dark and light And I have seen the sunrise And I've seen the night I've seen the calm before The storm and then the fight And now I see the sparrows As they begin to fly And all that's left For me to do is cry I've had my view of happiness And my view of despair I've cleaned out all the cobwebs And I've learned how to compare I've seen all of the circles And I've had my last affair And now I see the sparrows As they begin to fly And all that's left For me to do is cry Thinking that I was lost Then finding the end To all beginnings Gave to me the key Made of lead and golden Freeing locks, Pandora's boxes Devils are expended And I'm finally free And when all the Tears are finally cried And I am finally clean inside The gentle winds will come And they will dry my mind And I will see the sparrow That need no longer fly And all that will be left For me to do is die

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