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Inu Yasha lyrics

I Am

Original and similar lyrics
sagasou yume wo KAKERA hiroiatsume setsunakute mo ima nara sagaseru darou mekurumeku mainichi no katachi kaete setsunakute mo tashika na ima o kanjiyou (Let's search for and gather the shards of dreams Even if we're sad, we can probably still find them now, changing the shape of the brightly turning tomorrow. Even if we're sad, let's feel the sure present.) mikake yori mo tanjun de dakedo tsutaekirenakute iitai KOTO wa itsumo POKETTO ni shimatteru NE (It's simpler than it looks, but I can't tell it all. I'm always putting what I want to say away in my pocket.) kodomojimita KOTO nante ima sara ienai toki ga kaiketsu suru to ka yuu kedo wakariaezuni (I can't say things with childlike plainess now. It's said that time settles all, but without understanding--) nijuuyo jikan kimi o shinjiteru yo mitsumeteru yo arifureta kotoba demo toki wa itsumo isogi ashi de warau omoide yori motometai ima o mitsukeyou (I believe in you 24 hours a day I stare wide-eyed, even at common words Time is always laughing on its swift feet Let's find a present we want to look for more than memories.) ugokidasanakya hajimannai nayamidasu to tomerannai hitoyo kagiri no yume ni amaete itaku wa nai shi (If we don't move, we can't start. If we worry, we can't stop. I don't want to be coddled by dreams of this world's limits.) otome CHIKKU na negai mo sono mama okizari ai ga subete SA bokura no jidai wa koko kara hajimaru (A maiden's cheeky wish is left behind as it is. Love is everything. Our era starts from here.) sora o tsukinuketeku tori mitai ni NE oozora mau IMEEJI ga ugokidasu arukou michi wa tooku tsuzuku keredo itsu no ma ni ka kagayakidasu DAIYAMONDO (Like a bird cutting through the sky, the image dancing in the great sky begins to move Let's walk -- the road goes on for long, but it'll shine like a diamond before we know it.) [instrumental break] nijuuyo jikan kimi o shinjiteru yo mitsumeteru yo arifureta kotoba demo toki wa itsumo isogi ashi de warau omoide yori motometai ima o mitsukeyou (I believe in you 24 hours a day I stare wide-eyed, even at common words Time is always laughing on its swift feet Let's find a present we want to look for more than memories.) sagasou yume no KAKERA hiroiatsume setsunakute mo ima nara sagaseru darou mekurumeku mainichi no katachi kaete setsunakute mo tashika na ima o kanjiyou (Let's search for and gather the shards of dreams Even if we're sad, we can probably still find them now, changing the shape of the brightly turning tomorrow. Even if we're sad, let's feel the sure present.)


A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "Beats Rhymes Life"
(Girls talking on phone) Q-Tip: It was Friday afternoon in the middle of June Heineken bottle caps and the aroma of boom Around the time everybody had just got home from class Shootin dice, talkin shit, hopin the cash would last Yo, this was around the time when I didn't know no better Juney moved around in a tinted out Jetta Phife: Then he introduced me to that hydro smoke Then I took one toke, yo, I almost choked See I never smoked before and my nerves got shot Then he told me about the party at the spot jam rock It was guaranteed on but I said son, chill There's a joint around the way that's supposed to be real Word Q-Tip: He said we got no Js, so we gonna do it right Hit your man's joint first, then jam rock at one night Then I said aight , then I jumped inside the jetty Let me take a shower, I'm sweaty, and then I'll be ready Tonight is the night I get my groove on steady And get my drink on with that Ford named Betty I went upstairs to get fly, broke my tie On some liquor, to meet my high quicker Now, I'm tight, them know, the party is the M.O. Me and my crew, we get it started like a demo Eleven in the evenin, I'm feelin like a heathen This thing is goin down and I highly doubt I'm leavin Booty cheeks start to motion and the kids is drinkin potion Word is bond, that Black Moon joint got me open (Don't front) Consequence: A yo, the DJ put this short groove on The good shit that makes a kid lose his drink Blendin Risin to the Top and got these shorties hoppin Nuthin but coppin, ain't no stoppin me now Yo, I'm bound to win until that thing kicked in The Alazay had me drunk, I don't know where to begin(echoed) Phife: Not I'm feelin kinda jaded, wildly coherent Me and the fellas acted very irreverent Butt grabbin, mad laughin and assin Consequence: When that chick caught up, the shorty lookin fed up They say you drug one with this one, gibbin with that one Q-Tip: A yo, I'm just doin my thing, yo I'm just havin fun You don't see me in here wylin pullin out no gun Yo, I see some of that thing girl and I want some So let's step inside this corner so that we can rap on Over this bumpin ass song and some Dom Perignon Phife; I hit ya with the good lovin plus fillet mignon (Yeah, yeah scrammy scrams, yo, that's that same old song) (A yo, tell me why the hell your breath smells so strong) Consequence; Yo, put some brakes on your yappin or you won't live long (Please nigga, push on) Alright scrams, see you later (scrams) Can't mess with these street sharks or these alligators Phife: I can't take it no more, yo it's damn near four I've been partyin and drinkin since I came out my door Q-Tip (Consequence) Look at these kids about to mix it, damn, where's the exit? (Son, jetted to the ride and got the burner out the Lexus) Yo, he cocked his joint back like he's about to let him have it (Kid, I kept it movin like the Energizer rabbit) A yo yo, it's time to skate, ain't no time to contemplate (all: Whoops, looka there, there's Jake)

Surf And Die

Walter Becker "11 Tracks Of Whack"
Earthbound to Johnny boy just picked up your message 'Bout those Balinese ikats you thought I might buy Now your voice on my machine is more alive than what you are Since your daredevil hang glider fell out of the sky Now Armand's looked all over but he can't find your car keys Were they under the tire? Were they under the seat? Because as it stands now your beloved white Aires Is fair game for the vandals up on Makapuu Street And your grandmother's number, we know it's here somewhere But Suze can't seem to find it, now she's losing control And so what about her, and little Eldon and Layla And that hypothetical spectre, your gilt-edged soul Which defied many perils, in the face of all reason And in so many settings and for all your young years Insisting on pure freedom for its too-short season Riding high on its ration of enchantment and fear Over the hill and into the next meadow and on and on and on In a near random universe there are still certain combinations Picked out from all other possible ones Which, when given some time and the just-right circumstances Not too far from the earth or too close to the sun They will dance and they'll spin in the embrace of the trade winds Playing havoc with the hearts and the upturned faces down below Until the laws of curved spacetime, susponed without warning Kick back in with a vengeance for the last act of the show Going too far too fast in that final wing over As your glider comes tumbling out of the clouds And you clutch at your chest but the chute never opens And they find you there tangled in that white nylon shroud When we get Grandma's number I think I'll just say to her Your Johnny's home for Christmas, it was a hell of a ride And I know that some day you'll be showing me those blankets All covered in glory on the hereafter side, saying There was never any question, it was always all or nothing Surf and/or die

Box Cutter

CANIBUS "C True Hollywood Stories"
*Helicopter flying, and Pilot talkin* 'Record Industries most wanted: Rip The Jacker:' Wanted for the '98 slayings of several rappers One of which went on to be a successful actor Here's the reactment: He called me at my mans crib The phone probably rang 2 times then I answered He sounded really amped up, he tried to scare me He told me that Def Jam wanted to ban me And told me Trace at the label wanted to bang me Damn I wanted to get in her panties, she was scared of me Canibus hates the media and the magazines They have so much credability to elaberate schemes Internet chatrooms with live feeds of a rapper Being eatin alive by La Peez Sound barriers like the Lockeed even without means I run a course rough Terana Mach speed Thats a rhyme from like 9-3 Thats vivid in the mind, as pictures with 600 DPI's to a sheet If i'm high when I speak the knowledge is deep Silent as concrete this is real hip-hop for the streets I never leave any witnesses, its rediculous They serve me court papers in the studio I did this in Missin from society, because they lied to me They didnt want to accept my documents in society I study with hundreds of scientist and science teams And various Ivyleagues, they respect my asteam What do you want me to rap about? Go ahead try a theme Gimmie a person, place or thing I'll create the time and scenes Somewhere in Afghanistan, U.S.A survival teams Keep a eye on their surroundings and the Jahad Rageam I total riot scene, back and forth they encript fiber optic beams On my album out next spring You motha fuckin right nigga im about that cream I promissed my self I wouldnt shoot it without that scene It doesnt look right like Cash Money without that bling Siblings, I mean we all got the same last name Jermaine Williams, thats my name Say it again Jermaine Williams, Danggg I think he goes by the name of the Canibus Man And occasionally Rip the Jacker but never Stan Get it through your head and dont ask me again Box cutter, blade runner nigga rap till you sweat Have you ever read the book called 'The Catcher in The Rye'? It so happens I'm looking for a copy I could buy Canibus is comin for ya'll round day outside Round day outside, round day outside Alotta ya'll shine, but ya'll cant rhyme And its about time that I put ya'll in line Twist your mind with twisted rhymes As weird as Michael Jackson's nose from the side Flows that'll buy the quite bow for the times No need to hide your freinds are all associates of mine Dont be a stranger come over some time I got coke if you do lines, you get a Rover to drive If you hear the engine knockin, just pullover to the side I guess it hasnt been serviced in all this time Halloween: True Hollywood Stories release date We should have a who wants to battle Canibus sweepstakes Limited to three states New York City: home of the greats Philly and out West piece-a-cake Old school rappers, I wouldnt be around without Aint got shit to say but keep puttin albums out Dont let what I say get you upset Box cutter, blade runner nigga rap till you sweat...


XZIBIT "Man Vs Machine"
Multiply f/ Nate Dogg [Xzibit] I've beeeeen this way and I can't stop (ah) Hands on the ball and I won't drop (no) Half-assed rhymes that you can't watch (no) It ain't cause I want to it's cause I got-ta Get it Crip while the gettin is good before the game is 10% skill and 90% Hollywood I don't need that, I don't believe that E'rybody gon' get hurt, if I do dirt I flirt with the idea of quittin' the game Nah!! I'ma evolve continue to change It take brains, balls and backbones to get it on and keep it on, we keepin it movin, to each his own So I spit about it, whatever I feel about it I'm just bein real about it; X get hot nigga forget about it Speech don't failllll me now Dedicated to the enemies and friends that hold me down [Chorus: Nate Dogg] (We) back on line (We) came to ride (We) deal (We) stack (We) multiply (We) stay on the grind (Until) we die And back for mo', cause we can't get enough [Xzibit] Above the rest, accept no less Go ahead, check the game, be my guest Somethin brand new and heavy to get off my chest Win time after time 'til there ain't none left Hardhat, punch the clock, back to work I'm bigger, stronger, faster, built to hurt everybody and anybody who come to my party like they ready to get roudy and touch somebody Who's that nigga y'all came to see? 'X!' Often imitated, but cannot be, 'X!' What's next, collect respect like paychecks Straight to the bank with my bitch and have safe sex What do you believe in? I believe in seizin the moment, livin and dyin to spit with a vengeance Here for redemption - been around forever Y'all cats were just too blind to listen [Chorus] [Nate Dogg] It ain't my fault.. we keep droppin hits And you can't spit like this, so I'm takin yo' bitch It ain't shit changed.. we gon' bang like this And I'm drinkin this fifth, we still don't take no shit [Xzibit] I got a 'Sixth Sense,' that tells me you ain't worth six cents I'm sick with my sixth sense Whattup Doc? I'm gettin down to business Crooked ass the cops to the Rampart district Loose yourself in the music, move it or lose it Abuse it, let's booze it, please don't confuse it with the next man, it's the X Man rollin Stand firm, solid as the ground I'm holdin Make mine +Golden+, permanent +State+ issue Stacked with the wealth that you can't take witchu Long range missile, if we got issues I'ma squeeze this shit and nobody gon' miss you I'ma keep swingin 'til the medics come get you We busy, stay off my line, you can't get through Peep the design from the mastermind Yo Dre, bring that shit back one more time! [Chorus] - repeat 2X

8 Mile

EMINEM "Slim Shady LP"
[Eminem] Sometimes I just feel like, quittin I still might Why do I put up this fight, why do I still write Sometimes it's hard enough just dealin with real life Sometimes I wanna jump on stage and just kill mics And show these people what my level of skill's like But I'm still white, sometimes I just hate life Somethin ain't right, hit the brake lights Case of the stage fright, drawin a blank like Da-duh-duh-da-da, it ain't my fault Great then I falls, my insides crawl and I clam up (wham) I just slam shut I just can't do it, my whole manhood's just been stripped, I have just been vicked So I must then get, off the bus then slip Man fuck this shit yo, I'm goin the fuck home World on my shoulders as I run back to this 8 Mile Road [Chorus] I'm a man, I'ma make a new plan Time for me to just stand up, and travel new land Time to really just take matters into my own hands Once I'm over these tracks man I'ma never look back (8 Mile Road) And I'm gone, I know right where I'm goin Sorry momma I'm grown, I must travel alone And go follow the footsteps I'm makin my own Only way that I know how to escape from this 8 Mile Road [Eminem] I'm walkin these train tracks, tryin to regain back the spirit I had 'fore I go back to the same crap To the same plant, and the same pants Tryin to chase rap, gotta move ASAP And get a new plan, momma's got a new man Poor little baby sister, she don't understand Sits in front of the TV, buries her nose in the pad And just colors until the crayon gets dull in her hand While she colors her big brother and mother and dad Ain't no tellin what really goes on in her little head Wish I could be the daddy that neither one of us had But I keep runnin from somethin I never wanted so bad! Sometimes I get upset, cause I ain't blew up yet It's like I grew up, but I ain't grow me two nuts yet Don't gotta rep my step, don't got enough pep The pressure's too much man, I'm just tryin to do what's best And I try, sit alone and I cry Yo I won't tell no lie, not a moment goes by That I don't pray to the sky, please I'm beggin you God Please don't let me be bitchin holdin no regular job Yo I hope you can hear me homey wherever you are Yo I'm tellin you dawg I'm bailin this trailer tomorrow Tell my mother I love her, kiss baby sister goodbye Say whenever you need me baby, I'm never too far But yo I gotta get out there, the only way I know And I'ma be back for you, the second that I blow On everything I own, I'll make it on my own Off to work I go, back to this 8 Mile Road [Chorus] [Eminem] You gotta live it to feel it, you didn't you wouldn't get it Or see what the big deal is, why it wasn't the skillest To be walkin this borderline of Detroit city limits It's different, it's a certain significance, a certificate of authenticity, you'd never even see But it's everything to me, it's my credibility You never seen heard smelled or met a real MC who's incredible upon the same pedestal as me But yet I'm still unsigned, havin a rough time Sit on the porch with all my friends and kick dumb rhymes Go to work and serve MC's in the lunchline But when it comes crunch time, where do my punchlines go Who must I show, to bust my flow Where must I go, who must I know Or am I just another crab in the bucket Cause I ain't havin no luck with this little Rabbit so fuck it Maybe I need a new outlet, I'm startin to doubt shit I'm feelin a little skeptical who I hang out with I look like a bum, yo my clothes ain't about shit if the Salvation Army tryin to salvage an outfit And it's cold, tryin to travel this road Plus I feel like I'm on stuck in this battlin mode My defenses are so up, but one thing I don't want is pity from no one, the city is no fun There is no sun, and it's so dark Sometimes I feel like I'm just bein pulled apart I'm torn in my limbs, by each one of my friends It's enough to make me just wanna jump out of my skin Sometimes I feel like a robot, sometimes I just know not what I'm doin I just blow, my head is a stove top I just explode, the kettle gets so hot Sometimes my mouth just overloads the ass that I don't got But I've learned, it's time for me to U-turn Yo it only takes one time for me to get burned Ain't no fallin no next time I meet a new girl I can no longer play stupid or be immature I got every ingredient, all I need is the courage Like I already got the beat, all I need is the words Got the urge, suddenly it's a surge Suddenly a new burst of energy is occured Time to show these free world leaders the three and a third I am no longer scared now, I'm free as a bird Then I turn and cross over the median curb Hit the verbs and all you see is a blur from 8 Mile Road [Chorus]

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