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Inkubus Sukkubus lyrics

We Belong With The Dead

Original and similar lyrics
It's too late to turn back now For we have slain the Sacred Cow For paradise we are bound We were lost, but now we're found As the razor cuts the wrist Rejoice for Heaven's love has kissed The icy blade shall lead the way Don't you cry and don't you pray We belong with the Dead (2x) Come and sleep eternal sleep Don't you fear and don't you weep On a chariot we shall ride, all the way to suicide You took me up, you dragged me down Now my soul is quite unbound Don't you try to change my mind To sense and reason I am blind We belong with the Dead (4x) On the ferry to the Underworld Round the blade our fingers curled Let me give you your release In my love and in my peace We belong with the Dead (10x)

Bed (Plies Remix)

[Plies: speaks] It's Plies baby, let me go tuck 'em in My bay just called me and told me to cum put her to sleep She said her period just went off, feel like she in heat I been feinding for her, I couldn't touch her all week I told her to get naked and be waiting on top of the sheets I wanted her so bad when I've seen her I didn't have time to speak I told her on my shoulders is where I wanna see her feet I put a pillow behind the headboard so it wouldn't squeak And put her hands around my waist and told her push me deep I told her I'm gonna work with her all night until she on I can feel her nails in my back that's how I know I'm beating I put my ear to mouth I love to hear her breathing I can tell she almost at her peek by the way she's screaming I feel her wetness on my stomach and I'm the reason She's clutching the sheets and running I'm tryna keep her even Whispered in her ear if you don't nut I ain't leaving She went from moaning to shaking and now she's sleeping [Chorus:] I wanna put my fingers through your hair wrap me up in your legs And love you till your eyes roll back I'm tryna put you to bed, bed, bed I'm gonna put you to bed, bed, bed Then I'm gonna rock your body Turn you over Love is war I'm your soldier Touching you like it's our first time I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed [Verse 1:] Girl, change into that Victoria Secret thing that I like Alright OK, tonight you're having me your way Perfume, spray it there Put our love in the air Now put me right next to you Finna raise the temp in the room First rub my back like you do Right there, uh-uh, right there uh You touch me like you care Now stop And let me repay you for the week that you've been through Working that 9-5 and staying cute, like you do oh, oh, oh [Pre-Chorus:] I love it (I love it) You love it (you love it) Everytime (everytime) We're touching (we're touching) I want it (I want it) You want it (you want it) I'll see you (see you) In the morning (in the morning) [Chorus] [Verse 2:] I'm staring at you while you sleep Irreplaceable beauty Put my face up in your neck and breathe (aww, breathe) Take you into my senses Wake up, it's time to finish Round two, it's round two Matter of fact it's closer to three She's like, "how long I been sleep?" Shorty, kisses turn into the sweetest things Like give it to me And I can feel her tell me My angel this is wonderful Thanks, for letting me bless you Come down, fly, right, drift back into heaven Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge:] Watch the sunlight peak over the horizon Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh The sun ain't the only thing that's shining Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Now, I'ma send you out into the world with my love Tell everybody aye, everybody aye, aye [x10] [Chorus]

All My Heroes Are Dead

Dar Williams "All My Heroes Are Dead"
You gotta admit Life magazine made 1968 look great, My father said it sucked, everybody died. All the troops you couldn't save, no one knew how to be brave, He said sometimes you were afraid to turn your radio on. It was enough to make you quit that peacenick scene. Well I heard about leaders, yeah I hear they're no longer around Cause peace was abandoned, and bravery hanged in his town. And they passed down a sentence For building on the beauty of some dream. All my heroes are dead, I got them in my head, saying Never again, never a war, no more fighting. So I'll stay true to them, and they'll come home again, I'll carry the light, follow the dream, I'll remember. The '68 convention was a singing the times they are a-changing, Well I guess they a-changed back. Oh I miss those peaceful folk, love and humor when they spoke, hey Phil Ochs you still sound great, should've stuck around to hear it. They say that compact disc makes songs come true. But Phil I never expected that I'd miss you like a friend, Cause I never expected that we would be marching again. And the soldiers of peace would tumble from this life as in a war. All my heroes are dead, and all the books I read, Said This is greed, this is wrong, fight your war at home . So I'll stay true to them, and they'll come home again, I'll carry the light, follow the dream, I'll remember. So back to the present passion, romance, love, or simply put a lack thereof. Shall we go on? I don't take it personally, it's our post-modern history, You know since Nixon was impeached it's just been hard to commit, So we cast our allegance left and right. But I always believed that our souls would come through. So I never expected that you'd take her home with you. And I never detected, how hardened and not sorry you could be. Don't you know? All our heroes are dead, we got ourselves instead. And oh my friend, all your lies, they won't do you. You gotta stay true to them, and they'll come home again, I miss them too, I miss them too, you know I miss them More than I love you.

We Are The Dead

DAVID BOWIE "Diamond Dogs"
Something kind of hit me today I looked at you and wondered if you saw things my way People will hold us to blame It hit me today, it hit me today We're taking it hard all the time Why don't we pass it by Just reply, you've changed your mind We're fighting with the eyes of the blind Taking it hard, taking it hard Yet now We feel that we are papers, choking on you nightly They tell me 'Son, we want you, be elusive, but don't walk far' For we're breaking in the new boys, deceive your next of kin For you're dancing where the dogs decay, defecating ecstasy You're just an ally of the leecher Locator for the virgin King, but I love you in your fuck-me pumps And your nimble dress that trails Oh, dress yourself, my urchin one, for I hear them on the rails Because of all we've seen, because of all we've said We are the dead One thing kind of touched me today I looked at you and counted all the times we had laid Pressing our love through the night Knowing it's right, knowing it's right Now I'm hoping some one will care Living on the breath of a hope to be shared Trusting on the sons of our love That someone will care, someone will care But now We're today's scrambled creatures, locked in tomorrow's double feature Heaven's on the pillow, its silence competes with hell It's a twenty-four hour service, guaranteed to make you tell And the streets are full of press men Bent on getting hung and buried And the legendary curtains are drawn 'round Baby Bankrupt Who sucks you while you're sleeping It's the theater of financiers Count them, fifty 'round a table White and dressed to kill Oh caress yourself, my juicy For my hands have all but withered Oh dress yourself my urchin one, for I hear them on the stairs Because of all we've seen, because of all we've said We are the dead We are the dead We are the dead

I'll Find My Way Home

Jon And Vangelis
[shooting] [movie like speech:] Frankie: Okay, this is the picture. Johnny's been hurt. He's been hurt bad. Woman: Look, we can't leave him here, we can't. Look, he's in a pool of blood. He's gonna die, I know it. Frankie: We've gotta leave him here, honey. We gotta. He won't talk, I promise you that! Will you Johnny? Woman: Frankie, I don't care whether he talks or not, I just can't leave him like this. Johnny: Listen. Leave me here I... I... I can ... I can ... handle it. Woman: Oh, no, Johnny, no... [interlude] Frankie: The cops are outside. Luke's in the car. Come on, let's get the hell outta this joint. Woman: Frankie, when they get here wer're gonna be dead, I know we are! We don't have agun! Frankie: Listen. We got three million... Listen, [spud]. We got three million in the can, here. We can't look after him, I'll send the bird to his mother. Come on, let's just get out of this place, we can do it! Woman: Oh, no, Johnny, no... [interlude] Frankie: Okay now, just lean up against that door. When I give the word Go we just..., we just go through it and blast at the same time. She came, as in the book, Mickey Spillane That Saturday night dark masquerade Had filled his friend with lead, the same, sweetheart But then, as nothing happens quite the same Investigation is the game He had to check her story right away-he dead Sam Spade his buddy Archer first to go he got it She spelt it out, how could they know the 'Fatman' got it -he dead Her sister didn't really live at all-confusion-he dead His chase led to the Fatman, to face the friends of Mr. Cairo [movie like speech:] Woman: Hey, there's a really terrific dress shop. Can we stop this raid while I buy a new gown? Frankie: I'll buy you the whole factory, sweetheart. Don't worry. That night, the double crosser got it right Pretending he was really dim He slipped to Sam a double gin (Mickey Finn) He woke, the boys had gone, but not his gun They'd left a note to lead him on The chase to find the Maltese Falcon-you bet- Early thirties gangster movies Set to spellbind population From Chicago to Hong Kong Via Istanbul the Talking Tong Dirty rats thru' prohibition Money flowed thru gangsterism Acting out this fantasy In Hollywoods vicinity The best part for the best rendition Al Capone he sent to prison Citizen Kane came fast and quickly Conquering ol' New York City Poking fun at superstition Media became television Give me Cagney anyday Or Jimmy Stewart for President Or Edward 'G' and all those guys Who always shoot between the eyes Between the eyes Between the eyes [movie like speech:] Kasper: ha, ha, well done Mr. Cairo, and what do you have to say about that, my friend? Spade: Allright. So you've got me in it. What about her? Brigid: Don't worry about me, I'm okay Kasper: Very magnanimous, sir, very magnanimous indeed, ha, ha, ha Mr. Cairo: You mean..., you won't make us an offer we... we can't refuse... Father love do you work, do you work for Mother Chances could call, and accept that, be no other Science as it might, disappear correspond with colour Chance is the fruit, will outlive, what is now the brother Call for total wealth to distribute like a picture In black and white, give it joy, give it, let it hit you Spoil our existence by extreme gift to population Father love do you work, do you work for Mother Tell me straight be the Godfather be no other Media Kings give us now give us total movie Straight right now, give it clear, give us total movie Now being here, being now, being here believing [movie like speeches:] Man: I don't know which words to put in there sweetheart, you know, I can't do it. Pretty kind of useless, though, don't you think so Mary? Man: Come with me to the far lands of Baghdad. Woman: Oh, if only I could. That's what I want more than anything in the world, but it could never be... Man: Of course it can... Woman: But my father would find us wherever we went. Yes, he has forbidden me to... to even speak to you, if he finds me now. I don't know what he'd do... Man: But he doesn't know that I'm... I'm a prince. Before, I was the thief of Baghdad now... Woman: It doesn't matter... Man: Then follow me, darling, follow me now to the ends of the Earth One on one to talk to you Like film stars they get close to you You've mirrored his appeal He wants you so, he wants to be beside you Then you pass by giving him the other side of you Like the mystics do So that every time he moves, he moves for you Soul and light can always see The meeting of true love and she This silent night and I, I guess a lonely mind might see I've seen love on the screen I've seen a screen goddesss and me-oh How often this, how often, this the power of you And so, I must confess Whatever I see I'm meant to be there with you With you with you Silent golden movies, talkies, technicolour, long ago My younger ways stand clearer, clearer than my footprints Stardom greats I've followed closely Closer than the nearest heartbeat Longer that expected-ther were great- Oh love oh love just to see them Acting on the silver screen, oh my Clark Gable, Fairbanks, Maureen O'Sullivan Fantasy would fill my life and I Love fantasy so much Did you see in the morning light I really talked, yes I did, to Gods early dawning light And I was privileged to be as I am to this day To be with you. To be with you [movie actor like speech:] Mr. Cairo: Listen. I have arranged this display for... for all of you people to... to come here this evening and I... I know you have been searched, but, what you... you don't realize is, is that in the back of the Maltese Falcon, I have it ...

End Of The Road

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes "Take A Break"
[Spoken:] Darlin', You complete me. But you make alot of asumptions, and when you asume things you make an ass out of you and me. Don't make an ass out of me. We belong together And you that I'm right Why do you play with my heart? Why do you play with my mind? Said we'd be forever Said it'd never die How could you love me and leave me And never say goodbye? When I can't sleep at night without holding you tight Girl, each time I try I just break down and cry Pain in my head oh I'd rather be dead Spinnin' around and around [Chorus:] Although we've come to the end of the road Still I can't let go It's unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you Girl, I know you love me You just don't realize You've never been there before It's only your first time Maybe I'll forgive you One day maybe you'll try We should be happy together Forever you and I Will you love me again like you loved me before This time I want you to love me much more This time instead just come to my bed And baby just don't let me down [Spoken] Hey babe remember when we walked down to the beach and drank the 12er? We were so wasted we passed out. I got that narly sunburn, it was so ghetto But ever since then you totally backin me, your bitchin' fully blazed of me we've got a radical future infront of us, i'm so stoked. come to the end of the road Still I can't let go It's unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you come yes we've come to the end of the road Still I can't, I can't let go It's unnatural, you belong to me, but we've come to the end of the road.

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