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INDIGO GIRLS lyrics - Rites Of Passage


Original and similar lyrics
Galileo's head was on the block The crime was looking up the truth And as the bombshells of my daily fears explode I try to trace them to my youth And then you had to bring up reincarnation Over a couple of beers the other night And now I'm serving time for mistakes made by another In another lifetime How long till my soul gets it right Can any human being ever reach that kind of light I call on the resting soul of Galileo King of night vision King of insight I think about my fear of motion Which I never could explain Some other fool across the ocean years ago Must have crashed his little airplane How long till my soul gets it right Can any human being ever reach that kind of light I call on the resting soul of Galileo King of night vision King of insight I'm not making a joke you know me I take everything so seriously If we wait for the time till all souls get it right Then at least I know there'll be no nuclear annihalation in my lifetime I'm still not right I offer thanks to those before me that's all I've got to say Cause maybe you squandered big bucks in your lifetime Now I have to pay But then again it feels like some sort of inspiration To let the next life off the hook Or she'll say Look what I had to overcome from my last life I think I'll write a book How long till my soul gets it right (till my soul gets it right) Can any human being ever reach the highest light Except for Galileo (resting soul) Resting soul (of Galileo) King of night vision King of insight How long? (till my soul gets it right) (till we reach the highest light) How long? (till my soul gets it right) (till we reach the hightest light) How long?


AB-SOUL "Long Term"
Guess it's got to the point Where I just gotta spell this shit out for y'all, know what I mean? See, y'all niggas hear the name Ab-Soul, right? Y'all niggas think I'm supposed to be talkin' about mu fuckin' The flowers and the earth or somethin' like that, know what I'm talkin' about? I'm a real ass nigga though, on everything Lemme break it down [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like the blood of fallen soldiers above You put it all together and you get Ab-Soul- Lutely, the best, salute me or meet death Like Gaylord Focker met the parents of his girl Martha We're staring at you, will depart ya Thats the 38 special Commentary from the King author not the knights of the round table sponsor But amongst the dopest the west coast has had to offer since the '80s crack epidemic I play drums for the contraband Matter of fact, hit me King Blue you a fool for this one I ain't even gon' spit, just drool on this one My saliva's way liver than yours, rappers Shut your trap 'fore I set it Y'all gassed up like your guns, unleaded Yeah I said it, don't chat, no telling where we headed Close shop when I open fire Cause Soul known to carry the cannon like Mariah Yes I uh Bring it to you raw and uncut No buts like an empty ash tray, what the fuck Matter of fact, lemme break it down for y'all one more time, look [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like a virus, it'll kill you if you buy it I'm with your girl playing games like Who could get the highest at the Hyatt, real fun you should try it I got her wet, I'll send her back to you to dry it You ain't the flyest or the king of the jungle, but you lying And I can see it through ya iris Drink like I'm Irish, think like a genius Fall back I'm all that like Kel and Keenan Add a bag of chips and the baddest bitch I'll be posing with a black in my mouth, grabbing my dick Constipation is an understatement I ain't ever gave a shit You know you hot when You only get 8 bars in a song and it's still everybody's favorite My fault, my god, I'm a problem like a broke condom A editor just told me nobody was in my column Top Dawg 4th wheel and I'm still ill Open up the car door that look like a steel mill I hotbox like cable in the hood And I'm good like wrenches with a sentence, understood? And if it's not I'll leave you with this Top Notch muthafucka, like snot muthafucka, I'm sick Don't get infected Bitch ass niggas T-D-E


AB-SOUL "These Days..."
[Intro - Ab-Soul:] All my life All my life [Bridge - Ab-Soul:] I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was tight I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was sick I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was ill I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was I'll be here [Verse - Ab-Soul:] Everywhere, tell the truth you wouldn't dare Cross me like the gold you wear Soulo flow like the solar flare in the open air So much smoke that I'm comatose, but I still want mo' TDE generals, she ain't spiritual but she still want Soul God bless, God body, no fear in nobody, no thing Can I proceed? Collect all of my proceeds Don't I flow like I don't bleed? Every cut is just dumb After me there will be none I told you there is only one (Soul) Yeah, and I just might be in your hood Causin' havoc with my bros, and instill all to the good Horse and carriage when I roll, it's sober hopin' so it's 'stood I'm in Hollywood cause I remember when I had 50 Cent, up In Da Club All my life I knew I was major, I don't need no major I don't even write rhymes, I really shouldn't have to sign paper to dominate the Game yall praise on hand and knee, just waited till it came to me I just kept it real with yall, keeping it real with me [Hook - Ab-Soul and JMSN:] Cause I ain't got no fear, under the atmosphere Trying to stay high, as long as we down here Listen closely, see what we bout here Who really bout that, you'll see when the smoke clears Cause we really out here! (We really out here!) We really out here! (We really out here!) We really out here! (We really out here, yeah yeah yeah!) [Verse 2 - Ab-Soul:] Uh, and it might not be such a bad idea if I never went home again Fuck the same hoes again, bumpin' "Druggies Wit Hoes Again" with my bros again No, I want the world chico and everything in it Every beverage with Codeine in it How the fuck you say I sold my spirit? I'm still taking blows at the Senate Claims of Illuminati, I'm just tryna Illuminate Praise to the most high, God, Jah, Allah, Yahweh Selassie eye and I'm proud to say, I never need a 9 by my waist Niggass still respect my gangster, celestials respect my space And I just might be in your hood Causin' havoc with my bros, and instill all to the good Horse and carriage when I roll, it's over ho, it's over stud I was overlooked, I went overboard now I'm overbooked Ab-Soul-Lute just, my life is like an open book Read between the lines nigga I did this shit legally blind nigga Yeah, Soulo ho, Carson arson with Del Amo (Knock Knock!) Tell your folks I said hello, I ain't never scared [Hook - Ab-Soul and JMSN] [Bridge - Ab-Soul] [Break - Ab-Soul (Interview):] These days, at this point in my life, I kinda really wanna use music to help people get through their days instead of just staying in the dumps, just keep going. Bring light to the situation, maybe, you know, try to find your own personal message in that incident, that experience and try to move forward [Battle Verse 1 - Ab-Soul:] Y'all got me, everything good, y'all can hear me? Before we start, lemme just say this, lemme just say this I'm dating you Day Wait, wait, pause No gay shit What's the difference between a date and a day anyway Day? A date is a day that's marked I'm smart, and just cause I know you love 'em so much I came with name flips for days, tailored just for Day I'm expecting Day to base his verse on data based on turds My database said Day the basehead that date a basehead Is he dope? No Who gave Day the base, ball is what we do best Flock his projects, that's a home run, Day The baseball is what we do best Carpe diem, that's how you say seize the day in French I stand behind these bars for the rest of my life I will never see the light of day again Now witnessing this rare occasion I bear fruits of my labor this grape is green I gotta eat on the go Day I hope they told you that everything that Soul say don't go a long way Don't go a long way, what? A ho in Chipotle, no This is food for thought, from a dog on top We been nuts There was a fool who thought we was new to this But who knew this would end up, a glow stick and a uterus That's light in a box And that's light, that's light But light like to lick twat a lot so that's right That's what y'all call street? No tales from the Crip this evening, he slip Seems he forgot what the C meant It's your dumbass fault that last part was so concrete But I guess you'd have to be Ken to get that bar b, pardon me I bet right about now you feelin' like Jordan down in the Jordan Downs In fact it's crazy that you even play ball to clear your thoughts before raw backwards And that's cool, but for this round, save the bull before you let the Jordan downs and Jordan down Now, as for the crew Well, uhh, the villain been itchin' to skin a dog And this nigga bought, what, a hundred and three dalmatians? It's safe to say your mob of dots won't make it And I'm a fan first But it won't take too many seconds to leave you in a damn urn You deserve this disservice I put this man in ERs if he don't got no manners, man word I'm expectin' some etiquette in your segment kid I brought you to the 'Stu to show how we do So all them antics and funny shit you do for the cameras don't get aired here They can't see you Wave your title to this tidal wave, we do And you don't appear to be a peer to me, forreal You should kneel to me or somethin' Fuck it, to keep it 100 You're nil to me, that's nothing Heard they been raisin' raisins down on Grape Street, that's crazy right? That's what happens when you expose them grapes to too much daylight So your chances of standin' Much smaller than my plan to defeat you Wait, what, do I gotta put it in photosynthesis or somethin', son? Shed some light on Day? 'Til he's cropped out No not now, I won't need a plant to defeat you The sequel, this movie, won't need to be continued You finally encountered somethin' you can't counter, coward You're counterfeit You ain't gotta be in a Walgreen's pharmacy To see quill drug over the counter After your mother consumed you, you were the fruit of the womb After you were born, I'm sure you wore Fruit of the Loom Now I'm tryna figure out, is you from Grape Street, Crip? Or just another fruit in this room? It's crucial, you choose, I'm sure you don't want me to assume I should be against the law to run into Cause we all know in LA I'm double you, all so true Today is the day I split Day in two What the fuck has battle rap turned Day into? Are you from Gotham or from Watts?, Are you Batman, Spawn, or Davon? Did you really think "Paul Walker" was a dope song? If so, you were wrong Hold on, I got one more, and don't lie to me Do you really have a Batmobile outside, my G? Don't be so transparent, this nigga's light - through If you don't know what transparent means, let me enlighten you If it's transparent, that means that it lets the light through So I should smack this trans' parents for lettin' light through Like, he nerve of this cat Lyin' with a motionless emotion This nigga Day all bitch Somebody get Quill a quilt before Quill get kilt Do Quill got skill at all, homie? It was some Braveheart shit, all I heard was Nas, homie Did you really expect to last, Day? You know Revelations say that we livin' in the last days I mean, I see you skimmed through Genesis and Timothy but did you get to that page? You got Gats? You think your little arm'll get in the way of Armageddon? Forget it Day, no, really, forget this day If I had a time machine, I'd go back in time to see Just how many people would say "Yes" to Day Nobody, fam, nobody, fam That's why I'm ahead to day No, no body fam, that's why I'm a head today No, nobody fam, that's why I'm ahead of Day Somebody check the clock, I think I'm ahead a day Send him to the choppin' block, off with the head of Day It's only right I be blunt to Lyt I only gave Lyt a match to light a blunt I see I should have used the lighter instead Chill Loc, we ain't smokin' no purple We need the fire instead When I think of daylight, I think of shit like Breakfast, morning, birds singin', kids playin' See where I'm goin'? That means you better break fast, or I'll have your family mournin'' When that bird sings, kid, I ain't playin' and you know it But you know what? (Hold on, hold on, let me get you right, we have this shit) Take this 500 before you clap this shit up Say this, let me say this, let me just say this These flashin' lights got Lyt flashin', nigga, for the glory You're Buzz Lightyears from here, Quill, and you tellin' toy stories You boys bore me, that's why I'm hoggin' all lanes All your bars Häagen-Dazs, that's on everything Day a dairy queen, Deluxe, Blessed king Dearly beloved, all first verse, all first verse You know I brought a hearst for the sausage you brought worst Dearly beloved, here lies this little light of mine that tried To let it shine And I hate that we have to Hear the lies from this little light of mine that tried To let it shine But I'm ill, you men ate when I finished Lyt You get it, Lyt? That's how you ILL-u-min-ate, and finish Lyt, good night (Hold on, hold on, hold on, let me get you right You got that for me?) Brought you some complimentary TDE ski masks [Battle Verse 2 - Daylyt:] Question, you know how many copies The Matrix sold? It don't matter, The Matrix's old I double cats, I ask 'em if they seen the glitch No, no, no Face it, I got it covered Prevail, they say the sail was a thread to Hell The gravitational stitch cause some niggas seem down They come up with this perfectly clean round But I hope you not doin' this cause of fear Of the pen, I'ma prove you pussy within But I guess it's up to you to risk your career I retire niggas, I'm the [?], I could OD too And even the odds some He thought he could least get a baby victory But all he got was "Nah, son" Check this out, he not ready Either you fight back or I ether you Thought you could face what I hand you, well this is impeccable Soon as I took a peek at you, you looked shocked Peep at you, put everything at stake Well done, this is beef, right? Jesus, holy cow, cut the bull, soul before you get meatsliced I'm from the third, I gotta try you Guy you play Ryu, lose a Ken in street fight [?] You still couldn't see Lyt Division, I got it covered, I'm so eye lit Pilot, fly, I be the goblin We battle for a stack, in fact they had to get a cataract cause I be the problem But it's useless, use less filler Excuse this, excuses, but, but, but These asscheek niggas dead You said you would fry Day previously But that's what the last week nigga said But, but, but, keep cool Joe cause a dog crazy Get down, we turn niggas vegetable if they don't let us up He know the heat blowers like Daffy at the casino, nigga you better duck But I tell them tails we never tuck We gon' line that ass up I from the Watts block for decision My profession is stompin' squares the fuck out We played hopscotch for a livin' But that's def, that's just plain old def It's funny how we're all in here but bro don't listen Have a seat, picture this, picture this photo This a Soulo [?], hold up Is it because he 'bout to get smoked? Common roll the physics, so exquisite, thought I was in here dolo No bro, somebody tell Soulo this not a solo mission The deal closed, SoHo is it Thought you could fuck with Me Gal? I gotta Cotto split him Look at your girl dead in her eyes and say "Fuck Dorothy dog" I'm toto dissin' But at this moment, everybody in the room should be scared as Hell As I release bars, they better bail Objects that I process is parallel Let's get this aligned Minus sinus, the stuffy nose flew overhead, it's cold Redemption, stay still, as I apply Dayquil Cause you look like you need medical attention, don't mind me See where mind be is a mine, explosive Interior is inferior, this is a hobby probably Y'all see I got the drop on everybody That's why I reign superior Whether you like or not, it's Hell for you, ice plate These blister niggas still can't overshadow a nice Day, remember You did say you would fry Day But you don't realize you're on the weak end to the streets Preacher for they peeps, you asshole You in the motion to grab toes, you're reachin' for defeat I tell 'em I got the foreign Cut the sheep, it's all for the woolish Game, I play is death, get sword for the hoodish Actin', it's Tinactin, it's all for the footage I'm dope, I'm practical, crack to you I need a lot of space, the galactic crew, the actors knew You feel it it's Felix, see what the old cat could do But you got the roots stirred up Gelatin dropped and slide, this game is stormchasin' Based on whether you got the drive Win rounds, destroy their whole city Will they get toured? Nay, do you realize I still got a break, brother When I quake in action, think of Blake and Jackson Take cover That's Lyt work, Soul Cut your lights switch, see how the Lyt works, Soul I cut the light switch off and your light switch off, Soul Somebody get this nigga help I mean, like, Soul, assist him Get him help, I'm sendin' this nigga out the Solar System I mean it's simple, Aretha Franklin, you a soul sister (That's enough, man Imma have to throw one of these masks on, man Should I finish him off? Use the mask, Day I ain't done) And I told you once, I gotta give 'em the quill And I gotta give 'em the skill I be on the tip like I tried to give 'em the bill New approach, Bull coach, I tried to give 'em the Phil For Watts, starvin', gotta get us a meal Bein' modest, this is modern astrology for the real You can't back up defeat but I try to get up the hill Cold, rack up the heat but I'm tired of niggas that grill Chicago in my blood, but I used to be the shyest Cat form, but now I'm back searchin' for the highest Platform, see where I come from, it was sirens Blackboards, eyelids see the violence, what is that for? 44 shoot, they screamin', "Who's that guy?" Jesus, his face, they screamin', "Who's that god?" We be on the top, careers gettin' too high They knew I would get a million dollars, what I do buy That pink kid in the cup, that Majin Buu fly Tragic, twin maggots, I grew up too fly They askin, "Who I?" in front of that triangle black That's that guy that come with the side kangol hat We take it back from slangin' packs to the stars mission Older now, I'm in the Rover but it's not a Mars mission Settle down, one child, marry, feel like I'm Marge pimpin' Bitches wanna eat my shorts, feel like I'm Bart Simpson I feel this a full moon, chocolate, dreams puddin' They be likin' everything I do, they're teen wolfin' But you got it, you got it bad 2Pac, [?] Two watches, that's pocket change Dude coppin' that clock exchange Credit good, I'ma pull the card out Better be hyesterectomy, show 'em how to ball out Cough, they can show that they're stomach so they fall out Whip, double roof, dog barkin' in the dog house And I gotta give 'em the Lyt My people in the struggle, I gotta give 'em a fight Ain't no equal piece of puzzle, hope God'll give us the mic Ain't no sequel to this puzzle, I gotta give us the life Wow, they say the Bugatti went up in price Wow, that's a million I'm done [Outro:] Ces jours-ci, je suis très concentré

Leather Rebel

JUDAS PRIEST "Painkiller"
(Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford & K.K. Downing) Hero of the night Blood and thunder Rushing through me Till the dawn of light The sky is turning red Like a renegade All alone I walk through fire Till I crash and blaze I'm living on the edge Start a chain reaction Sears the neon light Stealing all the action Always takes the fight Leather Rebel Lightning in the dark Leather Rebel With a burning heart Master of the streets Bullet proof and bound for glory Cities at my feet I'm turning on the power Running wild and free No-one dares to stand before me That's my destiny To rule the darkest hours I can see my future Writings on the wall Legend in my lifetime Stories will recall

Cocoa Butter

Albanian style: rock leathers in the sand I’ll shoot my cousin for nothing: dominant man Go visit fam with no problems - on some normal shit Straight from Skopje, Macedonia, the floral lit Licorice liquor, one cube, a touch of water Watch it mix, turn white like the Duchess' daughter I’m in the corner puffing Ganja with the musky odor Destination back of your throat - cup of soda Uh. This is Bam Bam Bigelow, Queens to Asbury Park connect: Figaro My uniform Carhartt sweats and Gore-tex athletic horses on my chest and on my short sets The Leslie Nielsen of the weed and the words This is Action Bronsolinni, 33 and the 3rd, kid Naked gun, the serial is scratched off Armed like Rocket in his prime, blast off On and on, push it through, we won Never stop till the day we there On and on, push it through, we won Never stop till the day we there Push your seat back. The Rickey Henderson of rap Jets hat, underneath a little blubber lie the 6 pack Summer time I cop the musket with the kick back Then sit back, stand up, eyes low, hit that This happens continuously throughout the night Now my eyes are like diamonds, that’s looking blue-ish in the light Like a prism, shooting out hope, honor, and optimism Never stop it till we're coastal on the aqua mission Reach my hand in the water and grab a tuna Silhouette you see reflection of light, right off the Mezzaluna That’s a half moon, wavy like my man’s fade The European carry-all. Color: tan, suede Handmade, hand blades, carve up your features, I’m a creature Section 39 - I’m in the bleachers Fiends get washed up like turtles on the beaches It’s mating season make the verbal for your speakers On and on, push it through, we won Never stop till the day we there On and on, push it through, we won Never stop till the day we there Ill prosciutto. legend, Phil Rizzuto Marijuana like the pussy, I keep it crudo That’s raw, now I declare war You in the women’s league I show you how a man score Look at my beard and my body like a grizzly I’m shoulder pressing 3 plates Obama - EBT. I'm a G. Supermarket sweepstakes Still drinking vintage out the bottle with the cheese plate The Derek Harper with the low Caesar, flow fever More than likely digging in your ho's beaver Drug smoke to my neck just like a turkey Dough dirty, make your brother do a curtsy. no mercy, Van Buren cop Hershey Square Tyson and I’m in the mountains eating rare bison Clam chowder, you ain't fucking with this man-power Straight from Queens, where we're known to make your plans sour On and on, push it through, we won Never stop till the day we there On and on, push it through, we won Never stop till the day we there

The Majesty Of The Night Sky

Like the tide, shadows flow towards the shore of light. The night comes whirling like a maelstrom. Warring waves of cracking clouds embrace this nightside landscape. The heavens bleed, through open wounds, the dim light of the moon. The winds are crying mournfully and tears fly with the gusts. They whip my clenched faces freezing skin with ice-cold burning cuts. Too long have I suffered the desert sands of time. But as I drown in darkness it will release the sign. My soul will leave this mortal coil of flesh and earthly life, to fly into the mist of the night, into the nightside eclipse, and experiences existence on the other side. As a stone of scorching enthusiasm I refract the reflecting surface of this unfathomable sea. Growing circles of grief and pain slides across the land as an omen of the horror yet to come. The strength of a thousand fire-breathing demons breed in my infernal, sinking soul. And as I reach the surface once again these powers are under my control. Now I am one with the night sky majesty.

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