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Passin Time

Original and similar lyrics
Peace Song is an Emily Saliers composition, probably written in 1985, as it appears on Blue Food. If you're intersted in a more definite terminus post quem, it makes reference to the TV movie The Day After. So, all you gotta do is find out when THAT was, and you've got a nice TPQ. Anybody who knows, let me in on it... Peace Song. Now, everybody's looking for a little peace of mind We're a generation running out of time There's a bomb, there's a man, there's a gun in his hand, yeah Well, nobody smiles at strangers, we're scared from birth Afraid the man's gonna take us for all that we're worth Strip us of our pride - make a strike from inside (Come on and tell me) How long will we be victims of fear With a man and a gun and the day after fear Jesus, smile down upon your children Smile down upon your family Now, even lovers have trouble at hand What's your preference - where do you stand? You get uptight about it, gonna fight about it Gonna fight about love - that makes no sense to me Wanting independence, separate but equal Some are here, and others there One more for the sequel to the heartache How much more can we take? (Won't you tell me) How long will we be victims of fear With a man and a gun and the day after fear Jesus, smile down upon your children Smile down upon your family...

What It Is

Give it up to this time full of strife Get down, you might be fucking with the song of life Extend your deeper senses, there will be no fight At the never ending ocean of perfect insights 'Round your molecule beam with a halo of light The animated aura will give delight Soon, your every single worry will be out of sight With the power of It, we are about to astound All your preconceptions, they will come unbound Listen very close, my inner voice expounds We are the human race, and we groove to the sound Yes, we deliver the truth to our musical birth A soul shocking sound with electrify the earth People have to know that it's not about money Cash is not the way to make your life sunny There is no need if you got the soul seed Love, life and peace, it can only begin When you know in your heart that the change is within Love all your brothers and love all your sisters Love all the missus and love all the misses And don't be shy when you're sharing your kisses Greed, jealousy gets boos and hisses What it is, what it is, so much to be found What it is, what it is, groove down to the sounds What it is, what it is, what it is in a song What it is, what it is, you can do no wrong Balance your life with the right kind of foods To eat a sad cow is to eat another you Well, that's an unfair rap, it's unforgivably rude It'll put your Karma in the worst of moods Someone's drinking booze and taking too many ludes 'Cause when you cop, don't you cop an attitude And that's an ugly thing, it's not the real you So please y'all, take some sound advice Be yourself, clear your mind, make a sacrifice The always sober you is especialy nice Don't loot, don't shout, give comet the boot I love it kickin' back and playin' my bamboo flute Refuse to fight wars for political whores Unsurpassed peace lines the salt water shores It is my notion that the perfect peace potion Can be found in the wake of the green sea ocean The long rocky swells of the mighty blue ocean Is the cradle of peace, it's the perfect peace potion There you will find it, with sweet sea creatures The smile of a dolphin is a built-in feature We will learn much peace will the whale as your teacher Good morning class, how very nice to meet you What it is, what it is, so much to be found What it is, what it is, groove down to the sounds What it is, what it is, what it is in a song What it is, what it is, you can do no wrong Open up your hearts to the planets; to the stars With your spirit take a trip from Venus to Mars You know, Einstein did while Hitler hid Now, Albert lives forever in every single kid But, with Adolph Hitler, we are permanently rid Picasso, Mister Dali and my man, Jimi Hendrix These cool brothers make the world go 'round Yeah, they do it with art, and Jimy did it with sound But, by all these men, it was found Each and every person can be just as renowned Don't let the world's racist creeds give your pretty face a frown Stand up for equal rights, I mean buckle down Go spread the word from town to town We are the human race and we groove to the sounds Now that you've heard what it is in a song From here on in, you can do not wrong

Soon She Will Run

JONNY DIAZ "They Need Love"
She sits and stares through a window pane On a rainy august day Her strength is erased from years gone by And her hair has long been grey Her company is the memories But even those decay Her children were gone the moment that Her mind began to fade But through all the fear she dreams of a home That she's never seen but soon she will know Soon she will run on fields of green And never wake up from her dreams Embrace with joy the mysteries Of beautiful that she's never seen Soon she will run (he) Big brown eyes and messy hair Little boy wild confined to a chair The cancer has spread and there's not much time He's struggling through eight and hoping for nine He waves to his friends as they play in the yard Love can be soft but life can be hard Run and not tire for his life's just begun And for so long he's battled and finally he's won Over pain and the fear that for so long he's known Oh but peacefully now he is headed for home

When King Jesus Calls His Children Home

When they plant me like a seed in the ground In silent sleep beneath some mossy mound I'll be like a rose just waitin' for the spring 'Cause I'm a gonna rise up, rise up, shout and sing 'Cause there ain't no grave gonna hold my body down When I hear, I hear that trumpet sound I know I've been a dyin' since the day that I was born But now I'm living for that resurrection morn' [Chorus] When King Jesus calls his children home When King Jesus calls his children home I'm a gonna wear my snow white gown I'm gonna put on a starry crown When King Jesus calls his children home Like a bird in a cage that's been set free My soul will sing throughout eternity I'll shed this mortal shell, oh, let ol' Satan stay in hell I'll see glory that no human tongue can tell [Repeat Chorus] Ye know not the hour Ye know not the day So, be humble, my children Hide and watch and pray [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Chorus]

When The Lions Come

JON BELLION "The Separation"
[Hook - Jon Bellion:] When the lions come and they turn to fight Will you lose your soul? will you lose your pride? Cause the only thing they need is to smell a drop of fear inside When the lions come, will you turn to fight? [Verse 1 - C Dot Castro:] Yeah, they tried to stop me Tried to box me in the ring but I'm rocky Indeed I'm a rumble If the lions come I am, uh Gonna be deemed new king of the jungle I came from the bottom where it's not a problem You know they got iron and chrome And they firing at domes And they hold more grams than retirement homes I made it out all on my own, the homies know I was alone But they be calling my phone, if they need some money In other words I was a loan, now I'm in the zone Should have been another statistic But I said fuck it I'll risk it Looked death right in the face and I kissed it No evidence and no trace of the lipstick Now ain't nobody gonna stop me now Ain't nobody gonna knock me down I'm from the school of the hard knocks breaking doors down they trynna lock me out If you stayed to fight then you might have won But they caught your ass cause you tried to run Me, Jon B, Blaque Keyz, in a fighting stance when the lions come [Hook] [Verse 2 - Logic:] Yeah, lemme get it like this lemme rip it Like this so sick don't spit I vomit, bomb it, wearing the freshest of garments Blowing up yeah we the bombest Never cocky I'm just honest, reppin' artanis, woah Maryland what I be reppin' the second I step in, I murder like weapon Let me bring the tech and I'll hit ya like tekken and I'm gone Whatever record I'm on, I just wreck it and I'm gone R-A-Double T -P-A-cock, V's up, all day, yeah we do it our way I push white keys like Beethoven, while blaque keyz drop 16's, Like the sistine, that's so mean Hell yeah that's so clean Can I get it, Lemme get it, I got to get it I got to spit it from the heart, lemme tear it apart Living the real life, everybody want to wonder what it feel like Rock with a drop top, living on top, lemme get it I get ready to pop, when they bopping they head When they rocking' the bed If I couldn't do this then I'd be dead [Hook] [Verse 3 - Blaque Keyz:] Man it's unreasonable to think that Keyz won't leave MC's extinct I never had a reason to, until now to get that spear and hit that Jeep? See me swerving like Steve Irwin through herds of nervous MC's I sink my teeth in their verses, each feature becomes a feast Lay back, relax in my den, get paid from the royalties And bring it back to the pack and just let my family eat I'm a predator on this beat, every metaphor is my prey My roar rumbles your feet, I'll place your head on my tray I'm letting your girl pat me, run fingers all through my mane The pride of a dying breed with ferocity in my veins At the top of the food chain, the philosophy is the same So live properly, so one day they won't throw you in no cage Keyz is king of the jungle no rumbling with the snakes You running when I'm on the prowl, I pounce you can't keep the pace You know I've been earning stripes, got zebra print on my face Got to make it apart of ya See the world through my wardrobe like Narnia

Rexroth's Daughter

JOAN BAEZ "Dark Chords On A Big Guitar"
Coldest night of the winter working up my farewell In the middle of everything under no particular spell I am dreaming of the mountains where the children learn the stars Clouds roll in from nebraska dark chords on a big guitar My restlessness is long gone I would stand here like an old jack pine But I'm looking for rexroth's daughter the friend of a friend of mine I can't believe your hands and mouth did all that to me Are so daily naked for all the world to see That thunderstorm in michigan I never will forget We shook right with the thunder & with the pounding rain got wet Where did you turn when you turned from me with your arms across your chest I am looking for rexroth's daughter I saw her in the great northwest Would she have said it was the wrong time if I had found her then I don't want too much a field across the road and a few good friends She used to come & see me but she was always there & gone Even the very longest love does not last too long She'd stand there in my doorway smoothing out her dress & say "this life is a thump-ripe melon--so sweet and such a mess" I wanted to get to know you but you said you were shy I would have followed you anywhere but hello rolled into goodbye I just stood there watching as you walked along the fence Beware of them that look at you as an experience You're back out on the highway with your poems of city heat & I'm looking for rexroth's daughter here on my own side street The murderer who lived next door seemed like such a normal guy-- If you try to follow what they shove at us you run out of tears to cry I heard a man speak quietly I listened for a while He spoke from his heart to my woe & then he bowed & smiled What is real but compassion as we move from birth to death I am looking for rexroth's daughter & I'm running out of breath Spring will come back I know it will & it will do its best So useful so endangered like a lion or a breast I think about my children when I look at any child's face & pray that we will find a way to get with all this amazing grace It's so cold out there tonight so stormy I can hardly see & I'm looking for rexroth's daughter & I guess I always will be

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