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INDIGO GIRLS lyrics - Nomads Indians Saints

1 2 3

Original and similar lyrics
From the bowery to the brimstone I tried to find your heart The drugs of initiation, the bottom of a barrel that drops I understand your causes sympathize with motivation All the details of this war are just self-infatuation 1 2 3 Nothing's for free 4 5 6 Pick up the sticks And go home Your manic blood runs thick my friend are you looking for a clean escape What's left when the locks have all been broken young children of authority Tell me how long can you be agile dancing between the alter and the merci seat Now here's a chance to make a choice are you aware of the fire beneath your feet 1 2 3 Nothing's for free 4 5 6 Pick up the sticks And go home You better own up to me Yeah Yeah Go home The basement lies within us Our fear comes through the door Now there's nothing left between us As the fear becomes a roar Once that wheel is in motion don't lose what you have found We're talking bout the burning wheel of tongues everything that makes it go round and round We're all born in the devil's scorn he wants to see you die I'm asking you, are you true , and everything they say is a lie is a lie now 1 2 3 Nothing's for free 4 5 6 Pick up the sticks And go 1 2 3 Nothing's for free 4 5 6 Pick up the sticks And go 1 2 3 (we're all born) Nothing's for free (in the devil's scorn) 1 2 3 (we're all born) Nothing's for free (in the devil's scorn) And everything they say is a lie it's a lie now Everything they say is a lie it's a lie Pick up the sticks (pick up the sticks) Pick up the sticks (pick up the sticks) Pick up the sticks (pick up the sticks) Pick up the sticks And go home

The Sound Of Your Goodbye

Aaron Tippin "Read Between The Lines"
(Aaron Tippin/Michael P. Heeney) Girl, I've got scars and I've seen stars From men nearly twice my size Yeah, life's sticks and stones have broke a few bones But I've always survived So when I take a look at all I've took It don't seem right to me How a little bitty woman with just a few words Come bring me to my knees Sticks and stones wouldn't hurt a bit Compared to the cold, cruel words that just leave your lips I'd rather you pick up a rock, a stick full of thorns Rear back and let 'em fly 'Cause those sticks wouldn't cut, stones hurt as much As the sound of your goodbye Yeah, I know I'm the reason you're leavin' I'm to blame sure enough It's like you say there ain't a woman made That can live without true love So if it's too late to set things straight And there's no forgivin' me Then don't say nothin,' just pick you up somethin' That'll end this misery. Sticks and stones wouldn't hurt a bit Compared to the cold, cruel words that just leave your lips I'd rather you pick up a rock, a stick full of thorns Rear back and let 'em fly 'Cause those sticks wouldn't cut, stones hurt as much As the sound of your goodbye

In My Continental

ATMOSPHERE "Seven's Travels"
[CHORUS] In my Continental Splinter off the mental When you want the best show Never accept anything less Elements of purpose True love from the first kiss Spread it on the surface Sit back and watch the progress [VERSE 1: Slug] T-t-t-t-t-t-teacher, teacher, how can I learn patience? Planted in the middle and outside of your nation Take the care to build a familiar foundation Speak to the youth that keep the truth sacred Free the, free the good inside your heart Your neighborhood, it needs you to travel with your art From New York to Cali, some day they'll all know Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Chicago Now I've come a long way from the younger days When I used to look up curse words in my dictionary If life's a game, gotta choose a side to play If I gotta pick a position I'ma pick missionary I've had a little bit too much to think tonight But it's cool, I be alright, just make sure that I keep travellin Your reactions only reinforce the previous thoughts You'd feel the distance even if the bridge was collapsin Well, kudos and props and every hollow desire That you could conjure in an instant that it takes to breathe I got my Duplos and blocks and Lincoln Logs for when it's time to build I wait patiently for them to catch up to speed (And I'll be) [CHORUS] [VERSE 2: Slug] T-t-t-t-t-t-t-teacher, teacher, show me what you know now Load up your van with musicians and go south Visit Atlanta, Memphis, Tulsa, Texas Plug in the decks, check the mics, fight the wreckage Keep the, keep the motive in your movement Let em know where you come from and show them how you do it Children are the focus, give em one to grow with Learn em how to take they minutes, turn em into moments See, nowadays cats think they on some next And they sacrifice they voice just to go over heads If I felt as if I had somethin special to tell Why would I work against myself and hide it under my belt? I used to try to lace the phrases with magic tricks Every paragraph needed translation attached to it They saw the style, respected the craft But all I did was confuse em, would try to get em to laugh Painted pictures in the primer, no one got the pulp Found the humor, the anger and the insult Why should I waste any oxygen Tryin to find the in-between-the-lines that they get lost within? I'm out there for the craft, for the cause The laughter, the applause, the passion for the flaws The fact that I'ma draw some heads to what I'm feelin Lift em all up until they try to touch the ceiling Come on and reach the, reach the masses won by singular They hold you and they smile when they feel what you can bring to the Culture and sow it, cultivate the flow with Breath control and he kept it whole, be- Cause piece by piece the picture turns to puzzle If you lose a few those that remain change into rubble Freedom is a word not heard from those that own it Can't fix the machine if you don't have the components (And I'll be) [CHORUS] Cause we're not from this planet We come from somewhere else And you can't understand it Cause you don't know yourself But when the time is right Our path will be unveiled Till then you seek your light While I sit and bite my nails

Same Space

AESOP ROCK "Appleseed"
Killaz reflect the destiny of the village So when 20 count regrets float down futility spillage See I'll pass the broken arrow this time for certain Yea but from here on out its hoof the mare the bare footed urchin Dig it in person Now exhibit true audacity and passively hack grease into ribbons Your excused from the roundtable admissions committee Activist legends turned hostage in fallen cities Dirty earthlings circling vision immaculate Spin me dizzy in a crosswalk My too far gone mastodon senses inspect relentless For fitted boogie systems and crook addictions Well sure my crown is formed of thorns Yea but my thorns are formed of sound And I have found sound will keep me warm When the mornings born with frozen ground Put a rope down pull me from where the buzzards cleared I mean from the bones you and your little badass mad max musketeers When the silhoettes of emaciated frames dance on a highwire Mistook for aspiring third world poster children But is inserted ghost with dealin Dead to administer links like chief then whats your forte Devil dragger in disguise seeking the match made in your eyes Friend it don't take the wise this minute triplicate pace unified I don't condone the blasphemy naturally its procreation From the floods, to the fires, to the droughts, to the cyclones Tidal waves, the twisters, tornadoes, and hell stones Whirlwinds, tropical storms, blizzards and monsoons All of which I witnessed prior to waking up inside my room Look at the crook as I panic episode tantrums Fuck hugging my cool The edginess readies the mock knock quick draw hence the duel The company of similars couldn't excite the motor But hermit crab Ace home alone-uh One barrel of idioms and charcoal stick, courage under desire Canopy draped beautiful messiah reluctant Stuck in the pluck in the haul buzzing the fuzzing televison mixer Book of saturated matches and a half-made bed Pick of the litter, litter of the pick Pack leader will huff cannibal fumes, mechanical zoom There's ample room Stowaways inside the cargo bed Said leech prior to firing up his barnacle magnet Instincts leashing himself to where the wind splitting ice storms And termite swarms are commonplace I'm a trace this silver lining winding round the profit chase I know there is good in you if one peels back the opulence But I also know its ratio the bad don't feed my confidence The nutrients will be intense circle The clues units of success being personal Then sucked basic diversion Rusty anchor budget for nothing Wedged between aesop rock and a scarred face of frustrated fuck yous Bound by concern I can't believe I'm still concerned I can't believe side children turn in their sleep over one-liners Well I yield to hear your burns Color me out of my skull draggin a wagon of creature features And all I ever wanted was to aggravate the sleepers Look self-crafted heroics murder worthless Crash test ideologies, catalog alien doctrines type disturbance Got em out, killing machines turn belly up Buckled, the troubles I've seen Coax twenty four sevens of wide eyes from day dreamers Clean or dirty serpents in turn wish preference for the latter Justified the germs burn cauterize the gashes after On my left, one finger for each burrough I can touch On my right, one finger for each time that I wake up midsummer night Who's cloaked in a pristine mantle of hellfire But A-capital glaciers out the east slide lateral Born for one task indeed To spoil the citizen kane emote self this ugly duckling seed Look I aint too attired of draggin the baggage over the seasaw seeds When the reapers turns mortals to caspers See the plain and stone conjurable can't mimmick the null Of a billion troops holding matchsticks to empty cannons Stand of a many moons when the sun hit the mountainside splendidly Bask in the last warmth that be known to man's tangents In the wink of an innocent starchild's eyelid drop he vanished Managed to carve initials in the granite wall the damned it all up I hung with cats that do the donts Cats that forage through the moats Hoping they open with soveriegnty and a cantine deemed with prodigies I love the wake, the watch, the walk, the work The well its almost six o'clock I've never seen so many tugboats miss the dock (watch)

Through The Chaos

The evil flower's born in my spirit And from my mist up conscience I won't listen to anythink more. I walk in the night, desperate Guiled by the death I'm spreading! A life without sun, a sorrow without tears Victim of my victims, forgot by myself I don't understand more... Will I knew how to overcome my anxieties? Guiled by the death I'm spreading! Guiled by the death I'm free, eternal Guiled by the death I'm spreading! No more love, no more hate I'm only master, onlyy god I owen't somebody anything I'm born to kill, born to be free No more slaves, no more rights Alone with my despair Alone in front of my destiny I'm born to kill, born to be free

Pick It Up

ANDY MINEO "Formerly Known"
Yo, even if it means carrying an anvil up a steep hill During an avalanche, I wanna walk inside His will These habitats and conditions is giving me the chills This is not a thrill, and it doesn't feel like a walk in the park It kinda seems like I'm walking in the dark, lantern in my heart These thorns and these thistles, are picking me apart And cameras keep flashing, they depicting it as art Fool, I'm on my knees right, stains on my jeans Filthy from head to toe, I finally get to see light (C-Lite) Still in the batter's box after three strikes Walking like Rev Run, steppin' in my three stripes Walking this way and that way, I found a narrow path It's like a tightrope He's gonna catch me, if I fall Guess we all need a challenge, To battle through this race in the Cross that we balance In that execution, jury on your chest Pick it up, and if you would look to it Your soul will find some rest, pick it up Ooh Pick It Up, Pick it up Question, how would your face look if Jesus were to scroll through a page of your Facebook Better one, would He be a bit confused If He seen His name written in your religious views Feeling conviction, they tick like "Didn't you know He's love?" Yeah you right but when He come back here to judge Lamb to the Lion, He's ruling the nations Packing a rod of iron, making a fool of Satan Tattoo on His thigh, King of kings, Lord of lords That's the name that's inscribed White horses he'll ride, got flames in His eyes I'm not playin' His fury is crushing enemies like grapes into wine Ain't nobody know the day or the time So I pray that you make up your mind, deny yourself and take up the pine Live the Cross, it ain't a chain or design, 'cause Sin Is Wack Don't wear one on your chest if you don't bear one on your back, fam. In that execution, jury on your chest Pick it up, and if you would look to it Your soul will find some rest, pick it up Ooh Pick It Up, Pick it up He want us sold out, searching our hearts Even believers got sin that they keep in the dark You know that one thing, God ain't pleased with He told you give it up, you wanna keep it You got a million excuses, a billion reasons But at the end of the day you still ain't at peace yet Well let me let you in on a secret We can't go deeper in our relationship till we leave it Decease it, put it to sleep like a Posturepedic 'Cause sin is a fatal disease and only Jesus can treat it And light of the fact that He freed us, By His blood, cleaned us, washed and redeemed us Uh, that's reason to make us rotate from our old ways Desire to please and obey, tell the Lord okay When the road may seem kinda lonely, my life Your way Yeah

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