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Incubus (Brazil) lyrics - Beyond The Unknown

On The Burial Ground

Original and similar lyrics
[Lyrics: Francis, Moyses/ Music: INCUBUS] Die by violence in this world Is nothing strange for us With all those chemicals, wars and destructions We do not know mother nature has in store for us The race for economy makes people forget The lives around this planet As men become more egoist Pretty soon there will be nothing in this world For men to spare [Pre-chorus:] Stupidity, causing pain And sickness To our world Suffer [Chorus:] On the burial ground Is what this planet is all about It's where we are right now We might not have any future to be found On this burial ground We have nowhere to hide Death is laughing at our cries And now we are feeling the effects That the forces of nature has brought The droughts, Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions It's gettin worse than even before We can see the revenge of this planet upon us As we keep hurting the sea The soil and the air Sometimes some catastrophic accidents happen Causting death rate and we wounder from where People are dying in civilization of different lands Because of the drought Occurences of flooding everywhere Killing innocent people and leaving others in despair Abomination because people fear that all these events Happen without any warning killing unexpectedly Men subjugate the forces of nature But we don't know that it's destroying us slowly The animals are becoming extinct Seas and rivers polluted by toxic waste Combustible smoke Factories are creating acid rains That is burning our skins Damaging plantations And soon it will bring us to death Air pollution is disintegrating our atmosphere Allowing the ultra-violet rays to burn the earth And to provoke us fear [Repeat chorus] [Lead] Soon some of the lives on this planet Won't exist anymore Because we won't be able to recreate Some of the beauty thta we had before Nobody seems to care About the future of our children's civilizations We better act now So they won't have a life of torment and frustration [Repeat pre-chorus, chorus] Cursed by men this world has become We are building our own tombs By eliminating our source of life When blindly we continue the destructions There's no future Day by day we are reaching the end of our lives


Charlatans UK "Us Us Only"
Forever you're my foundation I know I can keep Told I was good for nothing Branded a cheat Now I know why you listen I can help you anytime Love is all there is I wonder what you people do with your lives Hey! Oh! I wonder what you people do with your lives Once more this will be forever I can't withhold secrets I know I'm going where the sun always shines I know my son we've made it It can't escape my mind I know my star is a brighter star. brighter star Forever be in my arms This could be a myth in the making Under a spell Down to ambition I guess you could even call it a miracle I see my true love coming My little bundle of joy I can help you realise IT'S US AND US ONLY I know I'm as good as my neighbour A starter for ten I can't promise I will always be with you I promise I'll always be there Oh! I wonder what you people do with your lives! When you find it, you'll feel it I'll give you all of my love Hold it, Don't lose it, Misuse it As long as you believe enough My mind is multiplying I have so much to give I wouldn't estimate you for the way that you want to live FOREVER!


Manhattan is an island Like the women who are Surrounded by children in the car Surrounded by cars Or manhattan was a project That projected the worst of mankind First one and then the other Has made its mark on my mind It's sixty years later near the hypo-center of the a-bomb I'm standing in the middle of hiroshima Watching a twisted old eucalyptus tree wave One of the very few lives that survived and lives on Remembering the day it was suddenly thousands of degrees In the shade And what all of nature gave birth to Terror took in a blinding raid With the kind of pain It would take cancer so many years just to say Oh to grow up gagged and blindfolded A great big mans world in your little girls head The voice of the great mother drowned out In the constant honking haunting the accident scene up ahead Oh to grow up hypnotized and then try to shake yourself awake Cause you can sense what has been lost Cause you can sense what is at stake Yeah it took me a few years to catch on that those days I catch everyone's eye Correspond with those nights of the month when the moon gleans like an egg in the sky And men are using a sense they don't even know they have just to watch me walk by And me, I'm supposed to be sensible, leave my animal outside to cry But when all of nature conspires to make me her glorious whore It's cause in my body I hold the secret recipe of precisely what life is for And the patriarchy that looks to shame me for it is the same one making war And I've said too much already but I'll tell you something more To split yourself in two is just the most radical thing you can do So girl if that shit ain't up to you, then you simply are not free Cause from the sunlight on my hair to which eggs I grow to term To the expression that I wear, all I really own is me I mean to split yourself in two is just the most radical thing you can do Goddess forbid that little adam should grow so jealous of eve And in the face of the great farce of the nuclear age Feminism ain't about equality, it's about reprieve

Expensive Pens

[Verse 1: Action Bronson] Yeah Yo drop to the ground and one knee me if you see me Take off your top like ZZ Mushrooms by himself causes shown to give samples of the body That I demolished you novice I'm polished Dip in impala quick Ah motherfucker your only kinda sick I'm fully blown like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia I'm out for self-ia, Bronson not helpin' ya Trying to get the Lexus ah oysters for breakfast ah I'm still in queens that's my native land I sport a headdress baby veil on the headrest Bitch Buscemi frame by my favorite chair Asian hair on a dominican with cajun flare I keep the coke clean, father and son dope fiends Mother and daughter strippers sniffing all the codeine Affliction shirts and dress paints like I'm Oakley Three bitches waiting for me Toyki oh shit Roll whip, panorama tough Salamander tux, fucking Alabama Butts Ah we known to galavant in trucks With an Irish bitch that will put a hammer to your nuts [Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren] Compose a fly rap with an 18 karat meisterstuck My people like to shoot Bronsolino dice the fluke Phenomenal fish platters Plus everyday is turkey day My vision is clear so now we getting it the murky way Pillaging daily plus we give thanks and fill tanks with premium Cadillacs my people always steaming them Turn the car into a sauna with some marijuana If you know Bronsolino then you know that's his persona Slang school PHd holders in the building Far from elementary but we do this for the children Ready able and willing Dealing constantly building Seen niggas make a million standing outside they building I'm from New York home of the hustle Where skinny people move big cause chrome is the muscle Just to get a rep you get left with a darker past You just a little sick my fucking flow is Arthur Ashe

Snoop Bounce

SNOOP DOGG "Tha Doggfather"
(feat. Charlie Wilson) [Intro/Chorus: Charlie Wilson] Ain't no funk, it's funky, it's Doggystyle (Ain't it funky nuff) (Death Row-ow, Death Rowwwww) (Everybody knows I got more bounce than an ounce) [repeat] [Verse 1: Snoop Doggy Dogg] Shucks, stompin in my big blue chucks More bounce to the ounce while I'm ditchin you clutz Bump-bump-bump-bump while you're bumpin your sounds It's the zoo and the Pound we don't fuck around Relax your mind and let your conscience be free and get down, stompin grounds is the LBC I slid up out the game and MC's get wacked but now I'm back (Oh shit!), so go get your strap Watch your head, I break wit wit G's, Muslims, hardheads and dreds Bounce, rock while rollerskatin on them 20 inch tyres wit the platinum Daytons I'm not that BG poppin all that junk about 'I'll fuck you up', he sound like a punk I been there and done that, no inspiration All day illustration beat conversation [Chorus] [Verse 2: Snoop Dogg] I keep niggas in the studio, word is bond Been workin on ya new album for two years strong and still can't come up with the right song You know what they say:'Study long, study long' All aboard the train so come along cos we keep the glue stuff against the bone It's alright ain't no room for wrong Doggyland is the motherland, make yourself at home I got money loads by the barrels I even got a few fans that's crazy like DeNiro I'm international money maker, player hater shhok up off the sake of spendin dollars and I always holler at a player though cos players know the real from the fake You can put that on your toast, your coast and your state I give you people what you like What I look like in jail and can't get on the mic [Chorus x1 1/2] [Verse 3: Snoop Dogg] Killin up crews, give em the real street blues Have em slidin in their eelskins, groovin in their tennis shoes Of course it don't stop bein a Westside ridah Wit no tattoo that's how they got the clue I lay conversation on wax and CD's BG's and o-riginals, here come the mission Makin biters ride the Pound for the rest of the season Doggy DPG ya lil homey, uhh I represent the LBC-ment Windows tint, nigga that's the president I hit you with a tune every blue moon Collard on your plate so you can stuff it in your face Nigga say your Grace before you touch your plate It taste like it's laced but it ain't This one puff uncut, no doubt Everybody know I gotta ounce and a half [Chorus x1 1/2] [Outro:] Shucks (Oooh ooh ooohhh oooohhhh ooh, oooh oooh oooohhhh ooh) (Death Rowwww, Death Rowwww) [repeat]

Bug Zapper

[Verse 1:] The first step is a doozy, it's roulette with a mood ring The birth of an old slang, the death of a new speak A permanent post-game, a spitter with bridge trolls Skirting the copay, divvy the death toll Maneuverable codenames, alerted and mobile Familiar rising, and furnacing cold piles Resilient style kings, impossibly tantrum Wandering wild things, obelisk phantoms On linoleum or lava, leaders of a leadfoot fauna His left source blunt force trauma Not pillar of the commune, a splinter off the pagan Who vote off the elusiveness of truth and exultation From the point of view of students labeled putrid little aphids By the beautiful and cryogenic stasis Sadists, meanwhile makers of a hideous whatnot Committed to a lowdown Sisyphus up-rock Are shaving at a truck stop, aging exponentially Homie, no myth flowers grow where he piss And I still row boats outta bottles without abandon To shrink into the sunset bumping Pachelbel's Canon In D motherfucker, the author of the artistry May or may not be weeping to an automated pharmacy Hello. Hello? Shit [Hook:] Too geeked up to even keep it down Too peaced out to even be around Too beat up to even breathe it out (Too freaked out to even leave your house) [x5] [Verse 2:] You wish you could dance more, I wish you would talk less My gentleman transformed, to bringers of offed heads Moments of land war, my Lazarus species Tattered and bruised up, from back in the cheap seats Hackers on crew cuts, foam at the mush mouth Gag at the news truck, notably unsound Dragging his clown shoes, food on his moustache Raggedy hounds tooth, zilch on a bus pass I'm good, house at the beach of expelled hubcaps Black lawn, backyard melting into Lovecraft Bad yarn spun by the hum of the bug zapper Of kings becoming runners, and runts becoming alphas And underdogs with posters of a front-side Tony Alva On the sticker laden walls above their uncle's Bowie albums Graduate to flyers of an execrated sigil And live to see another sexy generation fizzle Out, keep rap homely Bear claw slippers, over-sized Billy Joel tee Fat-faced, potbelly, neckbeard, crow's feet Rat nest, gross teeth, pock marks, goatee I walk with Hawaii on the greenscreen behind me So even the awkward pauses feel inviting Standing at a landmark sleep drought keep out Can't talk now too freaked out [Hook]

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