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Incognito lyrics - 100° and Rising

Time Has Come

Original and similar lyrics
(J.P. Maunick/R. Bull) All things have meanin' If we take the time, then we will see Smoke means there's a fire So we live and learn to understand Recognising the danger (and) Throwin' out a lifeline if we're able Gather inspiration Together in a harvest of the free Chorus: Get up, 'cos the time has come You'd better believe, that it will be done You can't make pretend it's and illusion Get up, 'cos the time has come You better believe, that it will be done The reason bein' life is not a dream We're all witness To the politics, of life and survival New day is commin' Every woman, every man will be as one Can't stop tryin' like a mother To give her child a better life if she's able Keep on fightin' Believin' every word to be a song of freedom Chorus

The Bottom Line

When we were out dancing the other night You almost got me into another fight You always want to prove you've got the touch, baby To make all the other guys want you so much But if you ever do that to me Just one more time I swear to you that I will blow And baby that's (Chorus) The bottom line The bottom line If you really love me like you say Wouldn't keep on hurting me this way You always turn away when I call your name And baby things just stay the same So if you ever do that to me Just one more time I swear to you that I will blow And baby that's (Repeat chorus) Here we go You've got to believe it's over You've got to believe it's true You've got to believe it's over And we're through You've got to believe it's over You've got to believe it's true You've got to believe it's over And we're through The bottom line The bottom line The bottom line All that you have ever done for me Is show just how rotten life can be But this has taught me one thing that's for sure yeah I'll never let that girl back through my door And if she ever does that to me Just one more time I swear to you that I will blow And baby that's (Repeat chorus two times) I'd like to thank you all for coming this evening All you people all you people out there You're all beautiful I wanna take each and every one of you home with me tonight

Lush Life

QUEEN LATIFAH "The Dana Owens Album"
I used to visit all the very gay places Those come what may places Where one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of life To get the feel of life... From jazz and cocktails. The girls I knew had sad and sullen gray faces With distant gay traces That used to be there you could see where they'd been washed away By too many through the day... Twelve o'clock tales. Then you came along with your siren of song To tempt me to madness! I thought for a while that your poignant smile was tinged with the sadness Of a great love for me. Ah yes! I was wrong... Again, I was wrong. Life is lonely again, And only last year everything seemed so sure. Now life is awful again, A troughful of hearts could only be a bore. A week in paris will ease the bite of it, All I care is to smile in spite of it. I'll forget you, I will While yet you are still burning inside my brain. Romance is mush, Stifling those who strive. I'll live a lush life in some small dive... And there I'll be, while I rot With the rest of those whose lives are lonely, too...

3-way Phone Call

hello hey little brother hey sis how you doin'? fine; what's goin' on with you? oh nothing much got your message from earlier this afternoon and something just didn't sound right and so im calling you back to check on you how you holdin' up oh everything is fine you know i don't believe you what chu sayin' you think i'm lyin' im not saying that, but i know you how [do] you know me kuz you're my brother and therefore i can tell when something is troubling you ok, ok, i give you that, 'nothing's wrong' i take that back,there is something on my mind but sis, i don't wanna waste your time but I have told you time and time again whatever you're going through, you can come and talk to me and i will say a prayer with you but ive been prayin and prayin' night and day hm hm, and i still can't seem to find my way Rob,that ain't nothing but the devil telling you that you're washed up and you're through but big sisters here to let you know boy, you're gonna make it through sister do you really believe that i can rise again yes! and not only that, Rob, God will forgive all you for all your sins g, tell me what to do but first you gotta believe the truth sometimes it's hard to believe in Him that's O.K. because He believes in you. CHORUS the winds the waves the storms the weapons that are formed against us (i will survive) the trying times, the sleepless nights, just know that faith is with us through all of the hills and valleys low, that we must come to walk side by side, follow the light, and know we'll make it through s-so what you're saying is believe a little more yes! cause faith is the key that opens up the door what you're saying to me is hard to recieve especially when trouble follows me when we're keepin' it real, Robert sometimes trouble can follow where you lead yes sister i know sometimes but i- just wait let me make a phonecall to who this [family] friend of mine,she can help you tear down your walls i don't want nobody in my business she's a friend and besides you need this you know how church folk can be boy, im your sister, trust in me now hold on (dialling ringing) maybe she's gone, maybe we oughtta just try..- no hello hello is Kim there? yes i think she's around here somewhere hold on now you just let me do the talking hello hey girl how you doing hey Kem my li'l brothers on the line and needing advice from you ooh what can i do for you...hello? go ahead Rob she's talkin' to you oh, well i know you must be very busy so i i'm not gonna mess around just tellen my sister how my life is upside down n' i don't know if im going left or right half the time, sometimes think im gonna lose my mind (feel me) umm hmm, similar [to] what i used to go through yes sometimes i still do see it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from if you struggle, God will use you amen sista, what you're saying is so true Rob are you there yes i'm just listening to the both of you it's so easy to say but not so easy to do,yes but if you stand the truth it will free you just stand strong with your hand held high said it won't be long any time He will provice stay in the race and keep on running and don't til the end til your day is coming CHORUS he'll give you peace in the midst of your storm sometimes i feel like it's too late for me but He'll never leave you you just gotta hang on Robert stay in prayer keep your head [up] God will do just what He said finally i think i did it yes that's it, that's the spirit CHORUS / he'll give you strength to keep you strong, the Devil is a liar, you'll/we'll rise again and show the world yes He does save, if you really want it then fall to your knees and lift your hands and repeat after me.. and say God i love you i've sinned forgive me im sorry i love you please help me Lord, i need you to come into my life and save me, save me, save me, save me, save me, save me, save me, save me...whoa i'm gonna have to call y'all back

Angel City Gamble

The Struggle! Resistance on the heels of our climb But without struggle we'll never learn to rise! Above and see beyond the preconceived What's in front of your eyes is only lies ...Unless you choose to believe! BREAK AWAY! FROM THOSE WHO IMPEDE! CUT ALL THE TIES! BREAK AWAY! AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!! RISK.IT.ALL!!!!! Find solace in uncertainty Now is the time! to make a move!, defy the odds! In the face of adversity we reach for the sky Hesitations no longer allowed Today's the day to attempt the impossible! Sever the voice that hinders!! And follow your Instincts!! WILL YOU PURSUE?! WILL YOU. PURSUE?!?! WILL YOU PURSUE?!?! An easy way out or a road less traveled? The solution can be found within you! An easy way out or a road less traveled? The solution can be found within you! BREAK AWAY! FROM THOSE WHO IMPEDE CUT ALL THE TIES BREAK AWAY AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!! And if you want to succeed... You must Risk It All Do not fear the failures Stay clear from the trails of the heard This Time - TIME WILL NOT BE WASTED!! AND IF YOU FALL STAY DETERMINED TO STAND!!!!!!

You're Only Punk Once

Good Clean Fun "Positively Positive 1998-2002"
You ate and you smoked and you drank all your words We all know it's true because of the rumors we've heard You've grown up and moved on, you're ready to leave But not a thing that you do can touch what I believe So someone has gone and sold out punk rock You know it's happened before so why all the shock? It's so clear to see that it was never meant to be And that's O.K., what they do now will not change me It now seems so clear who could have guessed at the time It was just like a miracle they turned from water to wine Raising their glasses they say they feel fine They've all turned their backs, but I will never turn mine You're only punk once so you'd better do it right Before you become the system that we all choose to fight You say nothing lasts forever we are wasting our time We should not even try But I say I'll stay positive until the day I die

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