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IGGY AZALEA lyrics - The New Classic

Don't Need Y'all

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] I remember when it used to be simple But all this cash it just complicates things And all this money we into It will drive you crazy but it only makes me go harder Grow stronger and get tougher when the road get longer Sometimes you gonna think that it's too much on ya But think what I'd be doing if this wasn't going on So I just keep pushing when I'm being pulled in every direction Now I'm popping so the they watching every step of my progression Sometimes fame like a curse latched to my blessing On the road to the riches turning earth into heaven Dear Lord, if you hear me, I don't need not a new friend near me Cause I don't want none of that fake love Cause I'm looking and all of that be made up [Hook:] I remember when I wasn't this big And now ya'll wanna act like ya'll helped me get here Oh now everybody wanna love me Try to knock me down but I'm strong I did all this on my own Ain't got no time for no new friends So for now just leave me alone I don't need y'all anyway [x6] I don't need y'all [Verse 2:] Making each and every song like it might be my last one But still making sure the cash come Still ain't forget the times when I didn't have none Back against the wall feeling like I had to grab some That's when, I took time and I figured it out I'd rather deal with the stress more than living without Take a one way trip to the top one time Let you have it for a minute now I want mine Same girl on the cover of the magazine Was the one hiding pain that you haven't seen Talking 'bout No money, no family Sixteen in the middle of Miami Same critics love me nowadays couldn't stand me Now we talking 'bout VMA's and a Grammy But in due time, turn nothing into something So now I need money, put it all in my discussions [Hook] [Verse 3:] And if you wasn't here when I was down Then you won't be here when I'm up Now the same one you looked over Be the same one that blew up Ain't it funny how this life thing works When you think it's finished is when it all begins Go from doubts to having the thought it might work It goes up and down then it starts again When I reminisce sometimes I can't even keep a dry eye But my how time flies by when you on top of the world sky high [Hook]


[Mr. Gene Poole] The loveliest sound coming out to yo' system I spark to get y'all off to a good start Show me some heart, walk through my hood after dark, dodging poison darts Catch one in the left lung I hope the Cherokee parks by itself tracksmart Act like you part of this you'll find yourself victim of the rhyme bombardment Weak shit, I have the tolerance I write the best rhymes in my sleep Dreamland beats and freelance techniques fuckin' up the sheets Ink spots, puss spot niggas tryin to stop this Think not get ? and listen for your bank knock We do a lot of this activity in my city Get a job in my world, join a futuristic commitee Weak assistant of three had to be persistantly equal In order for it to work out in a balance Which comes down to a question of natural talents Can't keep those gifts isolated in tablets It's not about rap ballads, or who can flow the best What kind of dressing you gonna have with your life salad? (Hmmm...) French...yes..thank you very much..On to the next [Slug] Yo, you rappers elude me but that's nothing new I still stick to my duty, to kick something true Still if you wanna boo me we can do this in a circle of peers Tell your bitch to kick a beat so I can work you to tears I've made a full of strangers throw hands in the air (Man) I know you sense danger, I can see it in your stare (Man) Don't provoke anger when the mic's in my hand, Cause if I get that spark I'm quick to rip apart your plans Yo Ant, let's keep this one accesible Take the fruits that wanna test these bros and make 'em vegetables Just to let 'em know that the course tastes pure Pissed off all the local rappers so it's time to go on tour I'm sure, so I never break a sweat when a fate steps Instead I break that snake's neck and take his breath Half the time half of 'em don't catch the rhymes They need they friends with to show 'em how we wax behinds Please fool, hella stupid I'm assuming probably Couldn't even rock your own family reunion and I'm through with the politicket Rhymesayers on a mission, watch the following thinking, motherfucker! [Mr. Gene Poole] I stick two fingers through his nostrils and a thumb through his mouth And swing em' like a bowling ball make 'em strike the fuck out Take a hook and stab it through his back and curve it around his spine and throw em out By the lili pads and wait for a hit on my line (Damn!) Cause this rap shit makes me wanna catch niggas like catfish Chop 'em up into steaks and sop 'em up off the plate with biscuits and rice I put the hand of the one that likes to hold mics in a vice Make sure he never writes in his life When it's time for me to display (Stay the FUCK out the way) And when its time for you to DJ you going play what I say The word for the day is "Fette" cash lessons Get ready to mash when I give the word don't ask questions Pack yo shit, dont smack yo bitch Leave peaceably cause these'll be vital elements of livin' feasibly ? the urban ? mocha latte, Saint Paul nigga rocking the uptown partay like coca angel vatte I provide that mental rush and that physical feeling like yo' whole worlds being dusted Be hushed when you see me in deep thought Hand clutched interrupt and you just might be caught then crushed [Slug] Yo, yo, I quit fronting, really-really I know wrong and right, wrote my songs, shed light to promote a longer life When I reflect that night, I seek light in the confusion I stick to the music and skip the baggage of delusion Managed to come through and I'm in the minimalism, yo The damage is due it's time to climb to catch a vision Yo, I've had it with you, and the terms which I work cause it matter to you The flight's cursed, I might burst challenging who? Balance the mood, yo Stress, let's gather the crew, Commence to wreck shit then exit, I'd rather that you Throw your hands in the air And if that's too demanding you can stand there and stare


JIM JONES "Pray IV Reign"
This shit is fucked up 'cause some niggas call it tough love It's crazy 'cause you might know a nigga all your life And he got a twisted alterier motive And he just wanna see you do bad See a smile on your face all day So he just acting like your friend when he is really your enemy Or your best friend can become your enemy Through the, through the the jealousy so we call those frienemies Knew him since a child, played cops and robbers My best partner grew up to be monsters Stayed in my crib, ate out my fridge We was on a grind, even wore the same clothes My brother, fucked the same hoes His beef was mine, even had the same foe We was inseparable, joined at the hip I let you get the checks, I kept the joints on the hit And what happened, the sneaky hating Niggas in your ear and a plan deviating Snakes in the grass just waiting for the moment Niggaz on your team and they're really your opponent Play the game and you know goes booments Mama said friends come by the dozen Know I'm feeling for their guns when I hug em' I hate them from a close, from a distance I could love em' Frienemies, frienemies The ones you kept close, the ones you love the most Frienemies You know who you kiss, you know who you lift This shit is getting scary Frenemies, frienemies The ones you kept secret, you had plans to make it Frienemies You can smell the danger Over the money best friends become strangers Bailed you out of jail, wait, let me backtrack First you came home then I got your ass a deal Fresh out the can, signed a quarter mill Running through the paper, buying copes and popping pills Money got low, you started acting ill You grew desperation, once again you got nailed Someone got killed, conspiracy And even still I bailed you out of jail Without me you would be facing in a pale But who knew dis, you would be Judas But in the process flew you in the world Put diamonds on your neck like you was my little girl Put money in your pocket like you was my son Su Food in your stomach like you was my son Pooh The streets talk, heard you partnered Tru Now you talkin' shit like you really wanna do it A will-wack the type that deceive you Your mama should have told you never bite the hand that feed you Caught me off guard, I met you through my man I let my guards down and accepted you as fam Told you get a chair, let you eat at the table Never thought that he would be ungrateful But guess what, I own the pub and the label So if a nigga feeling itchy, I got killers on the paper Frienemies, frienemies The ones you kept close, the ones you love the most Frienemies You know who you kiss, you know who you lift This shit is getting scary Frenemies, frienemies The ones you kept secret, you had plans to make it Frienemies You can smell the danger Over the money best friends become strangers Hope y'all paying attention, keep y'all eyes open Hope I ain't wasting my breathe About this shit that I'm talking about 'cause it's so real You gotta watch these niggas around you 'Cause you never know whose who now a days And all of our love we be showing They might not be showing the same type of love back Matter of fact they might not be in there for your best interest See an alterier motive is hard to see when You've known a person for so long Or you've became a custom to their ways But you gotta stay on fifty, you gotta stay on fifty 'Cause you got some people that think like If niggas is moving fast like that then karma will get em' But sometimes karma don't come around fast enough To handle the situation But sometimes for us to learn a lesson we go way to far Then the consequences become way too heavy That's what I'm trying to let learn from experience And please don't be naive to the fact that the nigga next to you Could be the nigga that set you up for failure or even kill you You know how the game go and you gotta watch these bitches These trifilling bitches, man, they set you up for failure too You know, they're in there for the money, man, gold digging bitches It's a fucked up world but you probably won't even get a chance You know, might put you up in a gang Frienemies

To All My Friends

ATMOSPHERE "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy - The Atmosphere EP's"
[Slug] Yeah, I saw the sign in the window, for the job Yeah I got a high school education, but that's all Skills? You wanna know if I got some skills? Yeah I got some skills This goes out to all my friends What you gonna be when you grown up? I'm all grown up and still don't know what I might throw up, I rock a tow-truck Long as it means that I can get old and post up I used to be a typical winner Living off the gratuity from delivering your dinner Cause as a kid, I didn't consider that I would get the opportunity to be a full-time spitter I love this occupation I got bosses across the nation Validation is an understatement and I don't really know how to take a vacation My kind don't have any free time I'm so distracted, but everything's fine I speak shine and I read signs Appreciate your opinion but this dream's mine It's all love, we're cool But you don't tell a cowboy what to do I was the ugly kid that didn't listen Little big man full of ambition Based on imagination, just like you Daydreaming, thinking bout the things I might do I used to paint, draw and illustrate Mom would facilitate and it would feel okay Seems like yesterday still plays a part When I grow up, I wanted a job making art Picture that, how many years old? Young enough to mix up love with career goals But I was just this tall when they told me that the world was mine, but the papers weren't signed There's no deed, so proceed to go seed up the whole piece like it owes me groceries Don't breathe until you formally know me Won't leave? Better call authorities It's all love, we're cool But you tell an astronaut what to do The turntables stole my heart Burnt the paintbrush, broke it apart I miss it, I might revisit But I wasn't that good, I admit it, maybe you can't tell But as a kid, I wanted to be Melle Mel And later as a teenager I wanted to be LL Then I discovered weed and I wanted to be Del But thank God eventually I found myself It's funny when I bump into fools I used to go to school with, and they ask what I'm doing Half of the time I want to crack a lie But fuck it, I'm still a wannabe rapper guy Hahaha, yeah I guess that it seems that way I get to see the world, and it's decent pay As long as somebody want to see us play I wake up every morning and I seize the day It's all love, we're cool But you don't tell the president what to do It's like that y'all, it's like this y'all I don't get to call in sick y'all

Crush Tonight

FAT JOE "Loyalty"
(feat. Ginuwine) [1 - Ginuwine] Baby, if you wit' it, just clap yo' hands Stop playin' girl, back that ass up and Spend that cash dog, drink the Henny and Freak that girl like you tryna have a baby cuz Everybody's out to fuck tonight The fine women, they out to fuck tonight My niggas, they down to fuck tonight Ladies, fellas, the won't stop players [Fat Joe] Came through the door, seen it before Hands touchin' the ceiling, booty streakin' the floor You ever felt good to the point you so sure that All the attention in the club is yours Got your hair done up, shades Christian Dior Leave us, trade a little happy on your Vickey draws Gettin' your dance on hard, who could wish for more And your crew's all but know it's a horse Got the Don all warm and it ain't the Hen' Feelin' like the Don woman, you could wrestle her chin Shorty, come a little closer while the record spin I wanna freak a little longer, can they play it again [Repeat 1] Yo, got my mind on my money, money on my mind And to let you know, you just as good as gold It's like we got our own little private party goin' on And the scene just changed into shores of San Juan It's so intimate, we so into it Such a tender thing, but fuck I'm innocent Grindin' so hard you gotta know what I'm thinkin' Laughin' cuz I'mma kidnap you for the weekend Now we at the pad about to crack a case Playin' the couch like Ceasar's, she feedin' me grapes Not for nuttin' hon, the sex is great But you know you got to go, I got checks to chase... next [Repeat 1] [Ginuwine] If you're wit' it grab your friends, follow Joe and me Cuz it's on, it's on Went in and got the Cris' and a pound of weed It's on, it's on [Fat Joe] Now mami, let's get serious, cuz by the looks of it It seems your sexuality is just a little curious You got a friend, we could gather then split If not, I got a girl for every girl I get There's a drop in the lot and it whip so fast We hit the swiss hotel before you finish your glass And you know you wanna be where the cake is at Where the pockets just like calories, extra fat Mami, your body like Malery on Natural Born Killer She like, they got money but ya'll are more realer She wanna roll wit' us, pretty much to crit' us No beatin' around the bush, just beatin' it 'till you bit us [Repeat 1]


Bloodlet "Entheogen"
Infantile bed wetter stew for the murder minded psychotic episodes bending numbers rise in my flesh count to three brace yourself close your eyes and call my name I am your Messiah at 106o followers enter my reality washed impure in the tears of the unloved now repelled by the stench of my true love blind incompetent bent on destroying the knowledge dance as they torment the dead the bed you set me in will give true sweet slumber live in infamy shapeless fury lies of victory enkindle my soul there is a time for bleeding there is a time for healing but there is no time to mourn see these images I paint on these walls surreal as they are they are my religion feel my stare at your window you can't see me but I'm there look upon the piss stained face of an angel and mend it's broken wing take my hand and be my new true love soaked in sin white knuckle holocaust disgust and triumph glass exile burning long progress so I will live as I have lived and I will live forever

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