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IGGY AZALEA lyrics - Reclassified

We In This Bitch

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] Right, Iggy back no playtime I just gave y'all some break time to miss me So stressed on what's next My last little bit of success ain't even hit me So keep it light on the advice Look at us, we must be doing something right clearly In convo I don't talk to too many I just talk to the fans in the songs cause y'all feel me Now let's reflect on what we left on New Classic I overstepped what was expected, I blew past it So best bet is respect my perspective Or go get your sight checked for new glasses The fact is you combine the stats with The history I made, the message should be established I guess what I'm explaining in laymen's Is ain't nothin' about miss Azalea average [Hook x2:] Now we in this bitch Admit it get borin' with no me in this bitch Now we in this bitch What's a world with no I-G-G in this bitch? [Verse 2:] Unpolished product of my environment Tryna get the same type love and respect as peers I be rhymin' with But everything is so one-sided, divided and biased That I can't get a fair judge panel not in the slightest bit In light of this, I had to write a hit to get this type of chip Ridin' dick won’t get me nowhere and I ain’t that type of chick That's so unladylike 'specially knowin' they be like "Iggy this and Iggy that" long as you say it, say it right Right, they might be playin' but Iggy ain't 'Til Iggy faint, I just wanna fill this Iggy bank See I emerged from the smoke without a smudge on me So back up up off of me unless you got some love for me, right [Bridge:] Even with my back against the wall I still don't know fear and won't shed a tear Cause when I think back, I've seen it all And everything that ain't stopped me got me here so [Hook x2] [Verse 3:] Look in my eyes and see what I see You know that nothin' happenin' surprise me It's like I seen this before This is everything I was dreaming for Relax your mind let ya conscious free I got expensive taste and I ain't waiving the fee It's like I seen this before Life is now everything I dreamed and more And more, life is now everything I dreamed and more And more, life is now everything I dreamed and more And more, life is now everything I dreamed... [Bridge] [Hook x2]

Just Maintain

XZIBIT "At The Speed Of Life"
Just Maintain w/ Hurricane Gee and J-Ro [Xzibit] I look you in the grill And I laugh inside Niggas always perpetratin Like they down to ride But please don't try to tell me What I can not see What's the real definiton Of A Fake MC [J-Ro] Muthafuckas only rappin since 93 And expect all props [Xzibit] Them gettin dropped like hot rocks 'So stop what you doin cause I'm About to ruin'..... Like Shock-G get turned to stone Tryin to rock me I seperate my thought process From stress, 24 tracks inside my brain Tyrin to maintain I bang shit without no gang or jherri curls I seem like Kadeem In a whole different world It's the girls the cars niggas lose themselves Forgettin who they are When they try to be that superstar They don't understand It's all in the game plan Exploit the art And watch Hip-Hop fall apart But I'm a do my part, and stay true And keep breakin down bitch niggas like you HOOK [Hurrincane Gee] I'm not the type To play games or drop Name I just maintain And burn rappers out the frame Doin my part to stay true And keep breakin down Bitch niggas like you [Xzibit] But above all else I represent it for myself Leavin muthafuckas stretched out Or better yet X-ed out Xzibit, Excelerate, I rush it to the extreme Like nicotine, never get me clean From your blood stream We all can't bust, so do it how you must But if you hustle, avoid gettin rushed With hand cuffs plus In got we trust but don't trust us, we just Add to the ashes, then pick up the dust Like that [J-Ro] I make it seem Like you havin bad dreams Have you wakin up out your sleep By your own screams Xzibit has arrived Goddamit [Xzibit] We bout to rock the whole planet And bitch niggas can't stand it Try to play the back and look intense You need to hit a fence You don't want none of this Hands on experience I'm no the type to play games Or drop names I just Maintain and drop rappers out the frame [Hurricane Gee] I bring it to the ruffest toughest Mic killers And you wanna be niggas And you burn bithces, type vicious Imitating Hurricane flow for riches You don't know the half I got the ill vocab double rap style Gettin bucked More freaky than your last good fuck Milkin you like ba ba pieces Meetin niggas lyrical wishes Writin rhymes and washin out dishes Flowin with the likwid wicked Representin with my nigga Xzibit And we gonna do it And do it and do it Til you satisfied! cause shit is tight Bodiqua C.E.O. on the mic Smashin and trashin Fuck Moschino fashion All you muthafuckas need to stop askin Valued more than the chrome On your last set of wheels Hurricane here to reign on your brain Just maintain


JAY-Z "Magna Carta... Holy Grail"
Let's work [x4] D boy drug dealer look Billionaire, billionaire From the cocoa leafs to the farmers To the polo fleece to the bombers R.I.P. to Gianni Now we on our way D boy drug dealer look Billionaire Let's work [Verse 1] Bally shoes, Gucci sneakers Pharrell's a pharaoh, peep the features Unlaced Adidas Top of the world like pyramids in Giza Fila sweats, 88 I rocked a mock neck Carried a nine in my projects Bucket hat EPMD cassettes Now I'm smoking loud in Ibiza Mix the D'USSE with the reefer My whole life is leisure Gangsta lean like the Pisa Eiffel Tower, Hermes towel The Feds perched like an owl Real niggas all feel the hook [Chorus x2] [Verse 2] What you know about going out, head west Maybach, 3 TV's all up in the headrest Mase niggas at Madison Square Garden 20 million sold and we still catching charges Rope chains, Rakim and Eric B Bought my sidekicks Suzuki Jeeps and Cherokees Hoop earrings Coupes with the rear cameras Put that bitch in a cherry M3 I'm not ya average dope dealer Silver Toyotas four runners and four wheelers Me and Teflon Q45 infinite Windows tinted White girl all up in it Britney, bitch MCM seats buck 50 stitch Versace plates got the Basquiat Collab from Versace place Cuban link 5 kilo You life is illegal When your chain can get the RICO Real niggas all feel the hook [Chorus x2]

Ghetto World

JACKI-O "Poe Little Rich Girl"
Yeah everybody wanna know who Jacki-O is (Jacki-O) Well I'm just a girl that's trying to stay a float Trying to make it out of this struggle no scars It's hard real hard baby you just got to do What you got to do, do what you got to do [Jacki-O] My old girl gave me strength and she raised me well She said don't hold in you got to write about this hell Well momma you had a born winner and I ain't crazy I'm a survivor hell I'm a 80's baby The streets raised me A bitch don't get no rougher then that Liberty City? It don't get no tougher then that Don't get it twisted I'm from the hood I'm a fortunate girl I see more money then them bitches in the corporate world Kick in the cloey party in prada, shop at the harbor? I'm a booster bitch, why bother? I love the way my weed blow in the ghetto breeze I'm in Miami where I live it ain't no palm tree's Niggaz be on the block with work they got from the dock We Flintsone kids we surrounded by bricks and rocks And my thugs don't give a fuck about catching a case We bring them stacks back I-95 and they exit on 8 [Hook: (Jacki-O) O'Damia] I'm addicted to this ghetto world (survive in these streets) It's hard on a ghetto girl (making ends meat) What am I gonna do? When this is the life I choose [Jacki-O] This nigga put me down but he started to change He put the chevy up nigga went and cop the range Tucking in his shit then he started talking funny But I say I'm a gutter bitch and I won't change for money I ain't a little girl I'm out here on my own And the decisions I made they turnt me to a woman The booze the bars the jumping into dudes cars Fights with broads the life of a ghetto star I could be lamping on ripplekey? I done seen the stacks But I be in U.S.A getting my weed stacked If that's chanel I'm rocking maybe a topic Of a bitch conversation in the latest street gossip So be it I don't even see it I just breeze through the hood Blow tree's and I'm good The box of shifty I'm linking bout fifty My gutter bitches get me vibe and sing with me [Hook: (Jacki-O) O'Damia] I'm addicted to this ghetto world (survive in these streets) It's hard on a ghetto girl (making ends meat) What am I gonna do? When this is the life I choose [Jacki-O] It's been so bad to fast walking the streets Auction for half the cost we got it for free That's how we eat showing love breaking tips off Making ends meat with that instant credit rips off We love the streets ain't nothing out of reach We play hard and be strong the struggle won't be long As I open up my window to a new day The sun shine but the skies are still gray All the scars I bare I'm glad God is there Aint no complaints it's hard but it's fair I ain't laying down even when it's trouble It ain't nothing I just keep me a hustle I roll through the beams then through the scotts Enjoying my hood and listening to pac I remember not to let it control me I just keep my head up and I won't let it fold me [Hook: (Jacki-O) O'Damia] I'm addicted to this ghetto world (survive in these streets) It's hard on a ghetto girl (making ends meat) What am I gonna do? When this is the life I choose [Repeat till end]

That's My Bitch

KANYE WEST "Watch The Throne"
[Kanye West:] Hello, can I speak to a, a, yeah you know who you are Look, you had no idea what ya dealing with Something on some of this realest shit Something, something Yeah. thats my bitch Thats my bitch Sh-shorty right there Thats my bitch Thats my bitch [Chorus - Elly Jackson:] I've been waiting for a long long time Just to get off and throw my hands up high And live my life And live my life Just to get off and throw my hands up high [Kanye West:] I paid for them titties, get your own It aint safe in the city, watch the throne You say I care more about them basquion's, basquiats She learning a new word, its yacht Blew the World up as soon as I hit the club with her Too Short called, told me "I fell in love with her" Seen by actors, ball players and drug dealers And some lesbians that never loved niggas Twisted love story True Romance Mary Magdalene from a pole dance I'm a freak huh, rock star life The second girl with us, thats our wife Hey boys and girls, I got a new riddle Who's the new old perv thats tryna play second fiddle No disrespect, I'm not tryna belittle But my dick worth money I put Monie in the middle [Chorus - Elly Jackson:] I've been waiting for a long long time Just to get off and throw my hands up high And live my life And live my life Just to get off and throw my hands up high, high, high, high Silly little vixen, mixes 'til morning Not swerving, oh, yeah Swear you never strolled on a bottle of that potion Stop motion, ooh, yeah [Jay-Z:] Go harder than a nigga for a nigga go figure Told me "keep my own money" if we ever did split up How can somethin' so gangsta be so pretty in pictures? With jeans and a blazer and some Louboutin slippers Uh, Picasso was alive he woulda made her Thats right nigga Mona Lisa can't fade her I mean Marilyn Monroe, she's quite nice But why all the pretty icons always all white Back to my Beyonces You deserve 3 stacks for the Andre Call Larry Gagosian, you belong in museums You belong in Vintage clothes watching the whole building You belong with niggas who used to be known for dope dealing You too dope for any of those civilians Now shoot trigga, stop looking at her tits Get ya own dog, ya heard Thats my bitch [Chorus:] I've been waiting for a long long time Just to get off and throw my hands up high And live my life And live my life Just to get off and throw my hands up high Silly little vixen, mixes 'til morning Not swerving, oh, yeah Swear you never strolled on a bottle of that potion Stop motion, ooh, yeah [Kanye West:] You have no idea what you're dealing with Something on some of this realest shit Pop some nines, so I give you the Fifth Something, something, yeah That's my bitch, That's my bitch Sh-shorty right there? That's my bitch That's my bitch

Ghost Of My Ex

ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) "Medicine Bag"
Ain't a doctor in the world gotta cure for this, mind state medicated I'm a psycho, bitch. All day I'm paranoid and I'm bout to explode, because the ghost of my ex still want's control. (so) She comes to visit just to tell me that she's hurt, and it's my fault, that I'm the the reason that she's in the dirt (it's because of you) What a weight to carry on my back, when it was you who didn't really know how to act, bitch! [Chorus] I see the ghost of my ex-girlfriend and that bitch still hates me. (that bitch still hates me) She always said that I would see her again but this is way to crazy (that bitch still hates me) If I treated you better instead of how I did, would you still be living but this time as a friend instead of the ghost, of the ex bitch I used to fuck that still hates me (that bitch still hates me) I stay awake, with some jager in my energy drink, contemplating in my mind how this monster fits And how I could be to blame for her suffer and pain, that I put this girl through when I treated her strange. cuz you know we never really got along, and it always seemed like I was doing her wrong either one way or another, it was my fault... That's why I had to let her go or at least I thought... (but she's still with me) Come back, saying asking if I still care, and if I don't I should take my life or just beware... Like she's a higher power, given me my final hour wantin me to drop to me knees and go out like a coward Who the fuck this bitch think I am? telling me to look deep inside her pentagram I know she want's to take my soul, and it's just not fair So, I gotta be prepared if she dare [Chorus] Did I do it? That bitch stressed to death, but I did get on the last nerve that she had left. She should'a never told me that I wouldn't amount, cause ever standard I see I put up I start breakin it down. This girl was always on my back tryin'a tell me what to do Now I'm sitting in the pitch dark lookin like a fool Now instead of hangin with homies under the deep blue sky I'm being followed by the spirit of a past stoned love life (cause she's still with me) Brain-dead with her wings spread Clothes still stained, from the blood shed (she's with me) Like a shadow that ain't mine, bottom line wish I could just give her the peace sign And now we close the gates to hell [Chorus till end]

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