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ICEHOUSE lyrics - Man Of Colours

Man Of Colours

Original and similar lyrics
Icehouse My obsession (Davies/Kretschmer) I used to be the one who made you feel So safe and strong I could always make it right When everything was going wrong I don't know why it seems So different now I'm on my own And I don't know what it is That scares me when I'm all alone I can't believe that everyone I know Would lie to me When they all tell me that I'm not the man I used to be Don't want to hear about the things That I already know You've got to say it isn't so Oh no, it's the... Chorus: The ghost of you that gets me every time Just won't let go until it brings me down I try to hide it but there's only one My obsession is you Yeah, my friends all turn away They tell me not to waste my time They say they just don't understand How anyone could be so blind And there's one thing you can't change Forget about her now you know she's gone Hey boy, that girl is just no good She's only gonna do you harm So I watch the hours turn Until I lose the last lony roy of light And I know I can't pretend Those shadows won't come out tonight (Chorus again)


THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT "The Airborne Toxic Event"
All dressed up, no place to run No car, no girl, no pills, no fun Nothing to do in this empty room I've got to get my head together soon Alone again, no plans, no friends You come around at half past ten You say "How are you holding up my friend? Are you sitting around getting drunk again?" And I hear the desperation of those lines Wasted hours, all this wasted time Oh yeah, I've been just fine! Then we're out the door in an hour more We stumble down from the second floor And we're swaying, braying We don't know what we're saying And you grab my shirt, you're always so curt I swear to God that this doesn't hurt When you stare like that, you put on that act You say something and then you take it back And I feel as though I've done something wrong Oh, how I miss you when you're gone And I wish I had the guts to scream, "You know, things aren't always what they seem" When you walk away, I want you to stay Don't leave me here to pace and pray All these nights I burn, these hours I turn You'd think that by now I'd learn That you're only what you pretend to be I guess that was just lost on me I can't stand the way you look at me in that dress Papillon, I might be alright I guess If I wasn't such a mess I'm such a mess

Secret Lovers

COLOR ME BADD "Awakening"
I never really thought that this could happen Me fallin' in love with you girl We were always good friends Now how do we ever start explaining Coz being my best friend I know he would'nt understand Now how did we get this far Coz i remember all the things my mother said Chorus What's in the dark Must come to the light You know we can't go on Livin' a lie We can hide the truth and make believe For only so long Before they discover That we're secret lovers Now tell me what we do about our situation Coz it's only fair that they both know what's going on Now tell me what we do about our obligations Before we both destroy our happy homes Now how did we let it get this far Girl i don't know but love has taken control Chorus You know we can't go on You know we can't let it go Although we've gotta try Although faith ain't on our side You know i'm feelin' inside We can no longer disguise We know they're gonna find out We know without a doubt The word is gonna get out Chorus

I Was Only Joking

ROD STEWART "Blondes Have More Fun"
Ever since I was a kid at school I messed around with all the rules Apologised then realised I'm not different after all Me and the boys thought we had it sussed Valentinos all of us My dad said we looked ridiculous But boy we broke some hearts In and out of jobs, running free Waging war with society Dumb blank faces stare back at me But nothing ever changed Promises made in the heat of the night Creeping home before it got too light I wasted all that precious time and blamed it on the wine Chorus: I was only joking my dear Looking for a way to hide my fear What kind of fool was I I could never win Never found a compromise Collected lovers like butterflies Illusions of that grand first prize are slowly wearing thin Susy baby you were good to me Giving love unselfishly But you took it all too seriously I guess it had to end (Chorus) Now you ask me if I'm sincere That's the question that I always fear Verse seven is never clear But I'll tell you what you want to hear I try to give you all you want But giving love is not my strongest point If that's the case it's pointless going on I'd rather be alone 'Cause what I'm doing must be wrong Pouring my heart out in a song Owning up for prosperity For the whole damn world to see Quietly now while I turn a page Act one is over without costume change The principal would like to leave the stage The crowd don't understand

Feelin' So Good

Music: Sean Puffy Combs, Steven Standard, George Logios Lyrics: Cory Rooney, Jennifer Lopez RAP When I opened up my eyes today Felt the sun shining on my face It became so clear to me that everything is going my way I feel like there's no limit to what I can see Got rid of fears that were holding me My endless possibilities has the whole world opened for me That's why I'm feeling... CHORUS: I'm feeling so good I knew I would be taking care of myself Like I should 'Cause not one thing can bring me down Nothing in this world gonna turn me round... Now the day is turning into night And everything is still going right There's no way you can stop me this time Or break this spirit of mine Like the stars above I'm gonna shine Anything I want will be mine Tonight I'm gonna have a good time Call a few friends of mine 'Cause I'm loving life And tonight's for feeling... CHORUS (2X) RAP CHORUS

Saddest Song

NO USE FOR A NAME "More Betterness"
What's wrong with everyone There's a panic in their eyes Like others getting close are aliens, in disguise They smell conspiracy on the lips of dearest friends Reminds me of a time long ago, They think it's the end Of what we all created, used to love but now we hate it Life is as simple as the mind it lives in The truth is a waste of time, when we're conditioned to understand Lies are the right way as we watch the blind leading the blind Everything that we see is another's suffering Learn to enjoy the message your TV is delivering You're safe behind the glass like being at the zoo The face of guilty thoughts turns around and looks just like you Don't want be another, victim but you'll watch them suffer Organized, de-sensitized and trained To wake up at six a.m., go to work come home and in bed by ten When the feeling is safe and warm Horrified by any change, living by consensus destroys us Paints pretty pictures at the same time we'll do us more harm

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