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ICEHOUSE lyrics - Man Of Colours

Heartbreak Kid

Original and similar lyrics
Dusty wind blew 'cross the high plains as a stranger rode into town with a certain reputation for the ladies and a gun he walked to the bar so casual just as easy as you please he was bound to do some damage with those valentino eyes well, the barmaid was an angel and she looked so out of place and she said her name was 'Sunset' she was different from the rest and she couldn't help but notice the moment he walked through the door that the gunman was something special and the bullet found a score and the one mistake you make is just enough and that one mistake is Boy, you talk too tough only takes a single bullet bring the fastest trigger down only takes a pretty woman put a gunman underground and you may hear the same old story in ev'ry town, on ev'ry street the story of 'Sunset'... and the Heartbreak Kid dirty rain soaked through the doorway of an upper westside bar and the TV news was talking to the crowd of people there ...well the kid was always reckless he said I'll never stay too long... ..and when she knew that he would leave her Sunset shot that gunman down... [chorus] Oh, the story of 'Sunset'... and the Heartbreak Kid.

Sunset Man

JAMES OTTO "Sunset Man"
I used to wake up early every day Just to feel the sunrise on my face Me and my woman in the front porch swing Listenin' to the mornin' mockingbird sing Well I woke one day to a screen door slam Found a good-bye note on our nightstand Next to a coffee cup and a wedding band Since then I've been a sunset man [Chorus:] When I see the sunrise comin' up I draw the curtains down 'Cause the mornin' brings her memory around I know it's warm and beautiful and lights up the sky But these days it only hurts my eyes I don't show my face to the afternoon Anything A.M. is just too soon 'Cause it reminds how she up and ran And damned me to be a sunset man [Chorus] It's hard not to cry but I'll do my best And just keep this ole chair facin' west Till she puts that ring back on her hand I guess I'll always be a sunset man Well I'll always be a sunset man Yeah I'll always be a sunset man

Texan Love Song

ELTON JOHN "Don't Shoot Me (I'm Only The Piano Player)"
Music by Elton John Available on the album Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player I heard from a friend you'd been messing around With a cute little thing I'd been dating uptown Well I don't know if I like that idea much Well you'd better stay clear I might start acting rough You out of town guys sure think you're real keen Think all of us boys are homespun and green But that's wrong my friend so get this through your head We're tough and we're Texan with necks good and red So it's Ki yi yippie yi yi You long hairs are sure gonna die Our American home was clean till you came And kids still respected the president's name And the eagle still flew in the sky Hearts filled with national pride Then you came along with your drug-crazy songs Goddamit you're all gonna die How dare you sit there and drink all our beer Oh it's made for us workers who sweat spit and swear The minds of our daughters are poisoned by you With your communistic politics and them negro blues Well I'm gonna quit talking and take action now Run all of you fairies clean out of this town Oh I'm dog tired of watching you mess up our lives Spending the summertime naturally high

Good Friends And Neighbors

JERRY REED "Georgia Sunshine"
Well it was midnight cold and rainy In the sleepy town of Fairburn population small An angry man stood out on Main Street Shiverin' in his coat sleeves by the City Hall wall Thumbin’ every car that’s passed him in for an hour But they wouldn't look at him at all So he yelled damn you friends and neighbors you won't give me a ride My feet are sore from walking and I'm froze to my inside Lord a man could catch his death of cold or a severe case of flu Thanks to friends and neighbors like you Well he come storming into my restaurant Dripping water soakin’ wet in a freezing cold I poured him a hot black cup of coffee took his coat off cussing mad And here's a tale that he told Said I picked up a young hitchhiker Took my billfold and my car and let me off down the road Well I must have walked for hours to get here Went to see your friendly sheriff in my desperation He just sit there and picked his teeth Laughed a little when I told him of my situation And when I finished he leaned back and belched Said let me see some identification Cause he said damn you friends and neighbors seems like every Saturday night I get an earful of this same old bull cause some drunk gets off half tight Every weekend's the same old story don't get home till one or two Thanks to friends and neighbors like you Well I called your sheriff a dirty name Then was thrown out through his front door by a big deputy I hit that sidewalk cussin' shook my fist back in his face Said you can't do this to me Cause I'm a circuit judge for Monroe sheriff And you gonna pay for all this indignity Well I've seen some angry people But I never seen a man as mad as that fellow was He said I never did like Fairburn I hate the rain I hate hitchhikers And I'm sick of your local fuss And if I ever saw a town that needs another sheriff This is one town that does And he yelled damn these friends and neighbors as he grabbed his coat to leave Well this night I spent in Fairburn just too funny to believe Lord I could write a book of jokes about what I've been through In this town of friends and neighbors like you

Midnight Cowboy Song, The

JONI MITCHELL "Unreleased On Record"
I was in an all night movie When I heard the usher say Here comes the midnight cowboy Got his gun hired out for pay; You were walking kind of faded From the Netherlands Hotel With your hat tipped off to ladies Really looking well. Aw Joe, why don't you go back home? Really hate to see you falling down Get out of town. Well you came to New York City With a calendar full of gold Now they locked it up in the bedroom And they kicked you out in the cold; Now you can't afford a little blanket You can get one from a friend You can trick one off the corner You can even keep the change - to spend. Hey Joe, why don't you go back home? Really hate to see you come falling down Get out of town. There's a soldier in the depot He's a fighting nightingale Wearing western boots and buckskin on Reading fortunes from the penny scale; Now today he's got a a quarter For the photograph machine But tomorrow he'll be lonely lonely That's the way it's always been. Poor Joe, why don't you go back home? Really hate to see you falling down Get out of town. I was in an all night movie When I heard the usher say Here comes the midnight cowboy again Got his gun hired out for pay; You were walking kind of faded From the Netherlands hotel Hat tipped off to ladies Tipped off to gentlemen as well. Well Joe, why don't you go back home? Find yourself a girl and settle down Get out of town Get out of town Find yourself a girl, go and settle down Hey Joe, looking more lost than found Get out of town.

Boogie King

JERRY REED "Red Hot Picker"
Well now he rolled into High Point North Carolina In a 1929 Chevrolet cut down coupe Sportin' them alligator sneakers and wearin' that Real bright outta sight tight fittin' double knit and pinstriped suit He said folks I come from Hump Alabama My old man played doghouse bass and he was outta sight He taught me how to do my thing Makin' music in a redneck joint every Friday and Saturday night Said people call me the Boogie King I like to make all of God's chillun sing Stand back woman let me do my thing Uh careful I'm gonna lay my Saturday night move on ya again Boogie boogie boogie boogie Well now he come on so strong with them pearly teeth And them tailor made clothes and all that slick black hair That he had all them folks around High Point North Carolina Just scratchin' their heads sayin' I declare Well before too long he done opened a joint on the edge of town Called the King Of Clubs out on Highway One Where all the folks includin' the mayor and his cute little wife Used to come every night and just dig all the fun People really dug on the Boogie King They liked to hear the boy pick and sing They got all tore up when he done his thing Oh don't get close to me honey I might rub off on ya Well the Boogie King he just rocked right along And the town folks thought he done found him a home And was settlin' down until the day the boy turned up gone And so did all of the money from the local bank downtown Well the police said my it sure looked strange The day old Boogie King up and left town all the money left too But they said whoever done it really knowed his stuff Cause he was slick enough to get in there and get it and not leave a clue But I'll betcha in another little town somewhere There's a fast talkin' devil with slick black hair Makin' all them women say well I declare He calls his self the Boogie King Ah come in there sideways son with them hot licks Honey they call me Killer Dealer Ha ha ha the Nashville Thriller Ha ha ha ha ha how'd ya like that move I laid on ya there huh Ya can't get that at your local Five And Dime

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