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ICEHOUSE lyrics - Icehouse


Original and similar lyrics
The masquerader in the mirror appears to be a certain stranger to me he slips a film of glow through glow on his hand and paints my features where his face ought to be young flesh, young frame slow pulse, no pain inside my fit on skin sometimes I wonder just where to begin I need action inside my fit on skin I make a novel of everything it's like fiction inside my fit on skin another side of my twin The face he fits is unmistakably mine without a trace he leaves the scene of the crime the story always reads exactly the same I need my live protection all the time Hack

Pimple Life

Now I just want to sing 'bout life With our dreams and feelings, truth and lies With our friends and pretty girls And you all just can hear how I growl PIMPLE LIFE Now our hero it is young guy on the party He like cool drinks and like very much Some good farting Drink, my young friend Vine, vodka, whiskey and beer And tommorow your face Will be not very clean Rash on face it's so cool Just because you has been fool Pimply life your fate And you looking at pimple with hate Wake up dead-neck And open your fucking eyes Look at this mirror And you will see big surprise Great plans about Your pretty girl-friend will smashed Your nose and all Your stuped face in frequest rash Pimple on cheek So red You can frig But they tread Fuck yourself Stupid bastard you suck Pimple life And this rash are young drugs Face of pus And you can't stop disease Scratching skin Working like swarm of bees Now our hero Is standing near girl-friend And our sory Reaches it's happy-end Young girl's appearince is Blinding him like lightning flash Red nose and all Her stupid face in frequest rash

Whore Of Revelation

Helpless she flies through the darkness over the abyss of her lost thoughts. In her mind, like the eternal fight between black water masses and unholy rocks, fight her deepest wishes against the endless sorrow. In her life she does not find the way out. In her dreams she lives in another world. Through the woods, the woods of eternity to the mountains of deliverance. Her face, her skin, her pale tremble skin are wet from the black tears they are running down. In front of her there stands a burning cross in an ocean of candles. The twitching lights reflect in her eyes. Now she has only one wish - to die. Imploring she falls down on her knees and cries out her fear. Her whole body trembles in the light of fire, her face is agonized by pain. Like sustained from a foreign power she is suspended into the flames. The body cremates, the soul is delivered. Her screams sound over the woods.


STROKE 9 "Nasty Little Thoughts"
Frozen fingers on my skin Guilty hands clutching gin Your tin, thin eyes can't see within Soul to soul and skin to skin we burn And the silence won't subsie As I crawl to your scaly side Your eyes could never hide My eyes and all their pride My shoulder to your face is so warm Dim light from moon outlines our form You're sinewy and shiftless and so forlorn Between here and thereand everywhere you're torn Carving out a piece for me, saving three for you Squeeze me tight that's all Waiting... waiting for you To call out my name, speak to me And say that it's alright to be on the wrong track Call out my name, speak to me And say that it's alright to be on the wrong track There's a warm breeze in the city tonight Soft light makes every sad sight seem alright And I'm spinning around and we're holding tight Soul to soul and face to face we turn...

Burning Inside

Will these dreams still follow me Out of dark obscurity? Can't you see it up in the sky As it kicks you in the face and sucks you dry You never had the answers And now you tell me the facts of life I really couldn't be bothered with you Get out of my face and watch me die Burning inside! Burning inside! Absolution and a frozen room Are the dreams of men below I try to grab it but the touch is hot The mirror collapses, but the image can not I'm scared of the darkness and light I scare myself because i know i'm right I see the evil in your savage eye As it cuts right through the sky Burning inside! burning inside! Calling a mantra with a blade in the skin For the demons within I feel the pain is the death and decay But the lesson never fades away Turning to shadows, turn them away You throw the man through the window pane Another slave and a victim of fate Another lesson in hate Burning inside! Burning inside!

Bigger On The Inside

You’d think I’d shot their children From the way that they are talking And there’s no point in responding Cause it will not make them stop And I am tired of explaining And of seeing so much hating In the very same safe haven Where I used to just see helping I’ve been drunk and skipping dinner Eating skin from off my fingers And I tried to call my brother But he no longer exists I keep forgetting to remember That he would have been much prouder If he saw me shake these insults off Instead of getting bitter.... I am bigger on the inside But you have to come inside to see me Otherwise you’re only hating Other people’s low-res copies You’d think I’d learn my lesson From the way they keep on testing My capacity for pain And my resolve to not get violent But though my skin is thickened Certain spots can still be gotten It is typically human of me Thinking I am different To friends hooked up to hospital machines To fix their cancer And there is no better place than from this Waiting room to answer The French kid who wrote an e-mail To the website late last night His father raped him and he’s scared He asked me How do you keep fighting? And the truth is I don’t know I think it’s funny that he asked me Cause I don’t feel like a fighter lately I am too unhappy You are bigger on the inside But your father cannot see You need to tell someone be strong And somewhere some dumb rock star truly loves you You’d think I’d get perspective From my view here by the bedside It is difficult to see the ones I love So close to death All their infections and prescriptions And the will to live at all in question Can I not accept that my own problems Are so small You took my hand when you woke up I had been crying in the darkness We all die alone but I am so, so glad That you are here You whispered: "We are so much bigger on the inside, You, me, everybody Some day when you’re lying where I am You’ll finally get it, beauty We are so much bigger Than another one can ever see But Trying is the point of life So don’t stop trying Promise me."

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