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ICE-T lyrics - VI - Return Of The Real

Pimp Anthem

Original and similar lyrics
'96 Ah shit Ice-T back Representin, nigga, once again That real shit, nigga I thought you knew, bitch Better recognize [ CHORUS ] Players, check your grip before you get popped Bitches, get my money before you get dropped Gotcha - buggin off the words I say Because this type of pimpin happens every day [ VERSE 1 ] Niggas wanna know my steelo Bitches wanna get with the baddest Hustlin apparatus It's the LA cash flow master-roller No one gets colder, I used to flip boulders Of caine, on my brain, it's outta control, crime plot A dead-ass cop and muthafuckas get got In the game it ain't safe for the weak or the timid Known to break a bitch but barely rarely slide up in it So you see me in a club, grab your woman like you wanna Blink your eyes and the freak is out there freezin on the corner She got caught by the curls and the jewels Lookin for a nigga that is quick to pull tools Now she's breakin herself, makin herself Respect my technique of pimpin, minus all simpin Check it bitches, it ain't nothin nice You're gonna seal or sell pussy if you roll with the Ice [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 2 ] Oh my God, the nigga rolls hard.. Every player mentions me The hustler of the century (Ice, that nigga ain't nothin nice!) I got more freaks than Heff', my bankroll's off vice Commandin straight pimp tactics None of y'all can match this Meet a freak in a week, her workplace a matress Really though, recognize the pimp type flow I don't smoke endo, I count cash on my patio So much love on the streets, don't need no bodyguard Big up to my homies with the pimp type nod I'm off the hook, checkin traps in Vegas [Name] Full link mink with the matchin borsalino I change cars like you change drawers, bitch I got a stable full of thoroughbreds that make me rich Niggas hate me, cause they can't control they roll They see that fat old ass and start givin me cash [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 3 ] My mind's blown off fine champagne So bent on currency, got green in my vein So damn smooth that every woman wanna touch me So much sexuality that nuns wanna fuck me I kick back with my pimpin ballin brothers Stand over the bed, dump the cash on the covers The game's got me, I'm a slave to the roll Hoes belong on the track and I belong in gold Silk and satin, I deserve a pimpin pattin Been in the life so long cause I stomp bitches who start rattin Mostly friendly, but do got that gorilla in me Save it for the player-hater niggas with the envy Lot of niggas talk it, but they can't hold a hooker Ice took her, she was too long a looker It's strictly straight-lace hustlin on mine I been pimpin all my life and I don't mind dyin [ CHORUS ]

Code Red

JAY ROCK "Follow Me Home"
[Verse 1: Jay Rock] (What's up, Jay Rock?) Shit, just the same old same old Same fiends in the hood, chasing the best dope Project hustling, chasing them pesos It's a struggle everyday, man, you know how this shit goes But my demeanor'll never switch, cherry red beamer Gangbanged the fuck out, red rag around the nina No doubt, I'm living it Been claiming the set since the year found Snoop innocent Slanging hard rock when the rap game was ran by Timberlands Deport ya asses back, where's my strap? Lemme put a hole in 'em, and what's concealed in the black denim Will rock 'em to sleep like I babysit 'em I seen it all - loyalty, betrayal, envy My close homie died in my arms 12 hundred project units under the sun Ain't about where you at, it's about where you're from [Hook: Kendrick Lamar] Welcome to Watts, California Where we ain't scared to run up on ya You ain't prepared when it go down You already dead right about now Welcome to Watts, California Where we ain't scared to run up on ya If you're prepared when it go down Then you know it's Jay Rock turn now [Verse 2: Jay Rock] The homie told me, "Put your feelings aside" But since I got signed I been feeling the Vibes Niggas play the background and screw they face all day Wanna walk in my shoes, wanna take my place So at any given time they might take my life So I take the .38 when I ride at night Broad day, no exempt, niggas kill you when the sun is out Make sure your gun is out or stay inside your mama house It's that real, you don't feel me yet? Fine, niggas, drop the beat and just let me vent No mask on, fuck around and kill your whole squad Be the last person you see before you meet god Keep the rifle on top of the tripod Aim art, if you live your body might need parts Jay Rock, putting it down for Top Dawg From the bottom to the top, we shooting straight for the stars [Hook]

Turn It Out

Jermaine Dupri "Life in 1472"
[JD and hoe talk, then argue] Nas: Spit at the world My lyrics, I could spit at your girl Spit when I hurl, spit on the Dutch and finish the twirl Spit facts, spit on whacks my whole lifetime Spit on my watch, make the ice shine Spit trife lines, .44 spit slugs out Ready to thug out at the clubhouse Chickens who lickin' or spit a nut out My name within itself is a language that bring you wealth Careful, comin' at me is like hangin' yourself at a I know you thought I'd be locked up Dead by now, shot up, full of lead by now Got up wit' JD though, crazy dough Queens with the So So Def, ATL's best Every ride up the 9-5, fly friendly skies Thug passion for J Doves, heneys for Nas Then we mix that shit, tip that shit Pass it around, hook the hood, everybody get wit' it Chorus: Nas: Through thick and thin, from beginning to the end Never do I lose, all I do is win Cause Queens Bridge is in the house This is Nas Escobar and I turns it out JD: Through thick and thin, from beginning to the end Never do I lose, all I do is win Cause Collin Park is in the house They call me Don Chi Chi and I turns it out ----------------------------------------------------------- JD: I'm slumpin y'all dread like locks, get bread by the flocks Bitches love me and I'm duggy from the head to the socks Too much to handle, here da man of the year Hit rooms and light'em up like a chandelier From C-P to the Bridge, y'all know what it is Been gettin' money like this since I was a kid I'm in the corner with bitches and buckets of Cris Pourin' at the most goinest nigga with shit that showin it Now look at my ice, look at your ice, DAMN Look at my life, look at your life, DAMN See, I got niggas wantin' to drop me, top me, stop me Copy Chi to the T cause I'm nice in the 3 black same color AMG's T.V's, front and back pack with nuttin' but ladies You can look up or down, right or left But all you gon' hear and see is So So Def Chorus Nas: Touch the whole global with cold vocals and dark words Vocal cords translate what my drunk heart slurs Chest clogged up with sparked up herb, I feel faint Tryin' to hold myself together, coulda spilt my own drink All I hear is beats bumpin', I'm seein' in doubles Last thing I need to happen is to be in a scuffle Where my dogs at? These ain't my niggas I love Help the guard, forgot my niggas took some girls to the car Tryin' to make it through the crowd, which way is out? Which way is around? These grimy motherfucker's pointin' me out I wish I had the drink, but then I'm too intox to aim and put the clip in It's like the floor's wet and every step is like I'm slippin' And yo, I can't lose a step, I feel my enemies followin' All I got is a weapon and this Hennessee bottle I'm talkin' to myself, my peoples should be stickin' with me Somebody grabbed me up, Yo Nas, come take this picture wit' me My ice strillon, I'm feelin' my arm Thought my Roley was gone, now I wanna swing but I'm calm Still got that, DJ musta threw on another hot track Think it was this one here, bounce to that Too much Thug Passion and smokin' Made it outside, mouth wide, vomittin', gaggin' and chokin' From behind, niggas plottin' and scopin' Everything was blurry at first, but now shit is movin' in slow motion I saw my niggas pull up, Perelli's they skidded They open the car door and toss-ed me in it My cats tried to rob me, the crowd was rowdy But one thing's for sure, So So Def know how to party All night long ('til when?) Til the early morn (it don't stop) And uh (it don't quit) And uh (So So Def with the dope shit, bitch!)

Goin' Be Some Shit

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
I think it's time I start feelin bitchy I've been too nice, too muthafuckin long Yeah, it's definately time I get nasty [Goin' be some shit] Sheek: Yeah, yo, well if I can't talk less squall finish streets like the westerns Ten paces, turn around and squeeze at unfamiliar faces First y'all industry niggas shut the fuck up Swear you know a nigga's shit by readin the Vibe Well some faggit-ass reporter don, wrote in your life I stop the presses, don't let this be your last interview you do I say it straight, print it straight to avoid this bullet wound boo And y'all niggas kill me with that Windy Williams shit Well see a playa (?), swear a nigga Puff jerkin niggas money Something ain't right, them niggas ain't got no whips Where they rolley's at, but fuck y'all we got more chips Shit y'all doin nothin, I can buy a (?) for a bitch Now let me see what else, oh yeah these hoes act like we married We ain't engaged, don't be mad if I don't take you backstage Yo, if I hit that I hit that, why don't you leave it at that Instead you try to star sixty-nine my bitches on jacks That's why you get smacked, cause y'all hoes ain't never gon' learn That's why many of these younger brothers don't go on that turn As for y'all MC's, whoever write your rhymes Might as well hold your microphone, thats how I feel if it ain't your own But we spit as indivually writ, why you paid sixteen stars to write your sixteen balls Bought like sixteen cars and ain't like none of them yours Y'all niggas lucked up and made it through these doors, shut the fuck up Chorus: Shut the fuck up [Hot damn] (Goin be some shit) Sheek: Yo, yo, yo, aiyyo I pump up, get big walk through the party jig Hat back, tattoos thats straight to the bar, kid No weed, healthy as an ox the big man from Lox You see solo in some spots, no crew just blocks The freaky one, mom said I was soon to be done Because I sexed more, and my career's yet to begun But I can't help that, you bless me with they looks and pops with the yanks So now the dimes gimme brain, and spot me faster in his hand Sheek baby, my style been rough until Puff showed me the better things in life And how to live phat like Biggie, so I present my shit like that Half rough half jiggy, this part time college nigga, part time job Had to taste the cake one time and decided to rob, and buy drugs Caught slippin almost got Sheek plugged, Jack Daniel, dog Shorty rushed the buildin with the pump out, he spit around I'm like, whoa! I guess it was God that pushed my head down, cause I ain't know, word yo And since then neither religious or christian, but I keep the faith in Him Plus the desert eagle clan, so if niggas click they know by now they better (?), wha (Chrous) Sheek: Yo, aiyyo, my whole click been ConAir, everytime we fly but we don't jack shit We play it cool when in doubt no cash, platic, gats plastic Now thats sweet, unditected, so when I walk through the scanners it don't beep I hear fuck Sheek, fuck the Lox, Styles, and Jay, so what they signed to Bad Boy Puff jerkin them anyway, but the difference is if i'm gettin jerked I'm still seein noise Push the big boy toys that fly by like zooms So I sit and (?) like a bitch, Lox in Cancun Up in daddios fuckin wild hoes, the groupy chicas So fuck y'all, we paid y'all (..?..), we train hard continuously, cause we smart I rock you ran up them stairs, we run up charts and won't stop til one of us depart With one through the heart, but even then that won't stop us Cause or spirit gon' guide us, till we rich and old, hand worn down from arthritis In the hall of fame, we killed this game in your website like spiders Old and gray we're still the same Lox you can't divide us, wha (chorus)

Miss U

Notorious Big "Life After Death"
[Notorious B.I.G.] Yeah, dedicatin this to my nigga O We miss you nigga Goin out to all the niggas that died in the struggle Word up, shit is real in the field You know, sparkin blunts to all you niggaz Word up Each and every day The daydreams of how we used to be See your family And that baby's lookin just like you Why'd you go away I've been missin you lately Tell me why you're gone and thru [Verse One: Notorious B.I.G.] I remember sellin three bricks of straight flour Got my man a beat down to the third power He didn't care, spent the money in a half hour Got some fishscale, ain't no competition that could sour Got the coke cooked up, a crackhead heaven In eighty-eight, when Kane ruled, with Half Steppin A thirty-eight, a lot of mouth, was our only weapon We was king till the G's crept in And now I'm missin em [Chorus:] Ooh, I'm missin you Tell me why the road turns, why it turns Ooh, I'm missin you Nah nah nah nah nah, oh tell me why why why why [Verse Two: Notorious B.I.G.] We work all week, we dancin, play the movies We rock flatops, our girls rocked doobies Made a killin, even though the D's knew me Eventually, you know they try to do me Fuck it Fed up, my nigga want to take it down south Sick of cops comin, sick of throwin jacks in his mouth Gave him half my paper, told 'em go that route Few months, he got his brain blown out Now I'm stressed His baby's mother, she trippin, blamin me And his older brothers, understand, the game it be Kinda topsy turvy You win some, you lose some Damn, they lost a brother They mother lost a son Fuck, why my nigga couldn't stay in NY I'm a thug, but I swear for three days I cried I look in the sky and ask God why Can't look his baby girls in the eye Damn I miss you [Chorus] [Verse Three: Notorious B.I.G.] There was this girl around the way that make cats drool Her name's Drew, played fools out they money in pool People swore we was fuckin but we was just cool She used to hang while I slang my drugs after school She'd watch my bomb, help my moms with the groceries My little sister, the girl was kinda close to me A little closer than the average girl's supposed to be Far from a lover, my girl was jealous of her Then she started messin with some major players Handled keys, niggas called them the Bricklayers A dread kid, had a baby fore that bitch Taya Found out her baby's father cheatin, now Drew she gotta slay her One night, across from the corner store Taya ran around the block with a chrome four-four Squeezed all six shots in the passenger door The dude lived, what my baby had to die for We missin her [Chorus]

My Entourage

Big Ed "The Assassin"
featuring C-Murder, Mia X, Mac and Snoop Dogg (Big Ed) Chorus Nigga make some room, nigga back up, back up No limit soldiers bout to act up, act up x2 (Big Ed) Ha, Ha were my mother fuckin soldiers, its time for war (attention) salute your captin time to get even Fire in the hole take cover got you punk ass nigga trippin fallin over each other Seen that 50 calibur spit that bits, unload, reload and extra an clip, I thought i was watchin gymnastics the way i seen that hoe flip Its the A-S-S-A-S-S-I-N who am i (the assassin) Big Ed be puttin it down like dat get your gat A-R fully automatic now whatch how act It's survival of the roughest nigga, toughest nigga When im drinkin happy, so they call Mr. bucka nigga Ask my nigga Chris Artis he say No Limit niggaz be the hardest From Coast to coast regardless Better then the last soldiers, throw yo nut, nigga what nigga what Chorus x2 (Mia X) N-O -L-I-M-I-T (Repeat) Bout it niggaz from the streets (Repeat) TRU is what we claim (Repeat) We break that ass then we take names (Repeat) Sound off (Click Clack) Sound Off (rat tat tat tat) Break it on down (We aint to be played with) Shit! startes better take heat Ya'll could fuck around and get smoked like weed Bleed like a minstral, boy dont play no games We done give a fuck about tha family's pain All the game is me find me in the N.O. Told ya he's got no name once the 50 sprain Who ya kiddin 2, whatcha been through Aint the issue, choppers hit you Nigga soldiers tryin to spit you Rip you you to pieces leave you funky like feces Talkin ride ride know when you aint tryin to see Tthese down south about more problems than a lil Watch out the bound nigga comin 4 your grill The real feels so they tryin our shit Why the fakes hate because they cant relate Nut fuck it we got duckets in the buckets for a rainy day And Momma Mia's verbil A-K gon spray 4 my Soldiers (Mac) Nigga die die die in the swingin battlefield (field) You can kill me if you kill (kill) I got that horse shoe on my grill (grill) I'm a soldier (soldier )I never die (never die) When you No Limit niggaz, we stay camoflage (camoflauge) wooo! The full metal jacket that Mac it i pack it clickin clackin T start spittin, they start subtractin No retreat no surrender never take me alive Got the game in my vein and the killer in my eye I'm shellshocked i aint you clock spittin and aint no bull shitin Murda, murda that when yell before i serv ya A-S-S-A-S-S-I-N dont make me dig into the hearts of men Wooo! Chourus (C-Murder) Im a motha fuckin no limit soldier till im dead and gone ya heard me and i aint going never let a bitch nigga serv me Bitch im bossalini that means I run all this shit First leiutenant of a bunch of ignant niggaz in my tru click Fo the fedz if my regrets be real I cant explain why all my mother fuckin enimies is gettin killed We No Limit Soldiers I thought I told ya Make millions on rap my lyrics burn like dolja We breed fight machines military minded mother fuckas With a past of sellin crack 2 some cluckers So make some room nigga, cause we combat ready So back up , back up, or you gon fell this meshedie We Soldiers (Snoop) na, Now i can lay play you or just spray you Buck you up or fuck you up or just chill And i will on real nigga But id rather not speak on it cause i know niggaz be litenin and twistin shit My vision is to stomp on niggaz like a marin core vet We ease your stress with 2 to your chest Mr gangsta ganasta how ya do dat I'm a tru tankdawg all ya'll niggaz already knew that I got 2 kids in the back seat of my tank And 4 rights on the front door And every state i go to hoes have to salute me Even though they know they niggaz probably wanna shoot me But thats what big pokey big V-90 there fo C-murder is fool and Big Ed you know hes got tools And Silkk got all the bitches in high school Livin the life of a no limit soldier man that shit is way too cool Now I don't know what ya'll been told (I don't know what yall been told) But gangstas and soldiers boy they roll (Gangstas and soldiers boy they roll) Guns ammunission and plenty of weed (Guns ammunission and plenty of weed) And a couple bad bitches oh yes indeed (Couple bad bitches oh yes indeed) Sound off 1-2 Sound off DPG N-O L-I-M-I-T

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