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I Love Ladies

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Ya heard the Ice was rockin', ticket sales were high Bought some fresh Adidas so you could look fly Broke out from your crib rushin' to get here Tripped ans stumbled almost broke your neck comin' down the stairs Jumped into your ride, pushed the speed to the limit Jumped out of your car faster than you jumped in it Now you're at the jam but in for a shock Stupid big line wrapped around the block Through the walls of the hall you could hear me rhyme Methodically you schemed a way to cut in line But when you got inside the sight straightened your curls Cause as you look around all you could see were girls I love ladies I think it's time that I tell the truth I been dissin' females since my early youth But you know that's a drag and there's no doubt Cause females are the one thing that I can't do without Female companionship is my one vice I love to buy the girls things, love to treat em real nice Homeboys you must admit the best part of each day Is when a beautiful lady comes walkin' your way Females possess that one commodity that no man will ever have Not that hangs around me They got it, we want it, they move it, and flaunt it They shake it and sway it, we'll die just to lay it We try to supress it until they undress it And beg 'em to use it, and cry not to lose it No man can deny it so don't even try it!!! I love ladies Ladies are you with me (Yeeaahh!!) I Love Ladies Ladies are you with me (Yeeaahh!!) That sounds nice (You know we love you Ice!!) I'm junkie for females and that's a fact I'm not into havin' my homeboys rubbin' my back Don't dig goin' to the movies alone Or talkin' to myself on the telephone Goin' to a disco that's packed with men That's like tryin' to get a dance in the federal pen Walkin' through a park with a gang of the guys And a beach full of fellas never opened my eyes And man if females are one thing that you don't need You better get away from me at a high rate of speed Cause if you don't like them you must like men And homeboy that's where our serious problems begin Because to me women are God's true gift There's absolutely no question who I'd rather be with I love ladies I seen this fly girl walkin' down the street Jammin' a box rockin' to the beat The girl looked pretty, she really looked nice So I said to myself she's got to be with the Ice Walked over to her, started sayin' my rhyme She said 'Ice you're so bad, you damn near blew my mind' I kept on rappin', runnin' my mouth The next thing I knew I was at her house Looked at her closely, said for goodness sake The girl was cut like a diamond, had curves like a snake Her top half was heaven, the bottom was the hell I knew tonight that the Ice was gonna rock well But then she started talkin' mess about love and romance Until she noticed the bulge growin' in my pants You should'a seen the girl's eyes as my body expanded She grabbed for my leg, raw sex she demanded My knees started knockin', I tried to run She said 'Please don't leave Ice, I want you to come' This girl meant business I had no doubt This is just about the time that the Ice passed out The next day I woke the girl was through Room still smokin', my legs black and blue My eyes bloodshot, my hair pressed straight My knees still knockin', I knew I lost weight She was the best y'all, yes on this earth I would'a paid a million dollars, that's what it was worth If I had got her name or number it would'a been nice But I'm here to let you know the girl went off on the Ice I love ladies Ladies are you with me (Yeeaahh!!) I Love Ladies Ladies are you with me (Yeeaahh!!) That sounds nice (You know we love you Ice!!) No when it comes to partyin' the ladies know how When I ask for a reply they always scream owww!! It's the homeboys always tryin' to act real chill Sometimes it's jealous MC's mad cause they ain't on the bill Maybe they scared if they say ho! They might lose their cool But I got some news for you: a fool's a fool But don't get me wrong, most fellas do rock They put their hands in the air, they take the show to the top They start rockin' with the ladies once the show begins They don't stand lookin' stupid like some mannequins They don't lean against the wall like they're I some trance They did not come with no intention to party or dance You know what yo dead beats should just stay home Leave me, my homeboys, and the ladies alone We love ladies

For The Ladies

KJ-52 "Behind The Musik"
This is for the ladies, all the ladies all around the world This is for the ladies, this is dedicated now to every single girl This is for the ladies Alright, I don't care I wanna say this from the mic Right now right here in the place its ladies night I know I might just sound crazy right there's some things thats goin down and its time to make it right the world will tell you you gotta be a certain type, look a certain way, or be a certain size do what they say and it'll just alright girl the only thing you gotta be doin is servin Christ 6 years ago I was blessed with a wife she was sweet and lovely and beautiful and nice but the one thing that just made her my type was the fact that Christ was #1 up in her life so take my advice forget them hollywood stars, the hollywood hair and them hollywood cars next time you thinkin' that you ain't up to par remember God made you beautiful just the way you are this is for the ladies...etc Sick of BET, sick of MTV, I'm sick of the sex that they always use to sell me I'm sick of the messed up images they showin me Im sick and tired of the messes that they say to me That women are nothing more than sexual property It's time we come back to treatin women properly So what I gotta say, I'll say it real loudly We oughta be treatin' all women like royalty Only God should be speakin what you gotta be Only God can give you the love you gonna need Ladies, if a guy won't treat you as you ought to be tell him goodbye, show him the door, and way to leave Don't be afraid to tell a guy to wait for me Don't be ashamed just to live your life in purity See what I say now, I say it just with certainty that God has so much more if you'll wait and see If I don't know what I wanna dedicate this song to all the women that just keep on seeking God Just keep on movin and continue standin strong Keep doin what you doin girl you got it goin on And the single moms thats just barely holdin on And you're workin two jobs tryin to make it on your own No one's home cause the kid's dad is gone God promises to never ever leave you alone The final thing that I'll say then I'm gone To the female singers tryin to get their pose on Now I ain't tryin to be a hata but wrong is just wrong Now Britney and J-Lo, please put some clothes on! Whether yall are red-headed or just a blonde Make sure that the Son is the one you focus on And with that said, I'm gonna say so long So get your hand up in the air, ladies, and sing along

Ghetto Love

JAHEIM "Ghetto Love"
You got me baby This here going for all the ladies, oh 1- All I really want is your ghetto love 24/7 we'll be makin' love I'll take it downess if you want me too Just one and many things I wanna do to you (Girl) Don't you get scared I'm gonna take my time Whatever it takes that'll make you mine It's getting late save a thing for J Let me love you my ghetto love way, yeah Baby 2 weeks ago I might you at that party You was knockin' by and rockin' lookin' my way Standin' at the crossing at the party I was tempting (Tempting) to slide across the floor To drop my digits Then you looked and turned away Like you weren't with it But I knew in my heart that I Could rippin' girl I'm givin' you what you wanna do Repeat 1 Stop frontin' it's time to give a Nigga what he wanted You know I got that flavor Don't you want it? (Don't you want it) While I'm lookin' in your eyes As you kissin' on my lips Girl I'm rubbin' on your thighs You got me slippin' (slippin') To find a tahj got a nigga chicken, yeah So all I wanna do What you wanna do? While you persistent upon I got's to tell the truth Repeat 1 (Flippin' up) Stop the fake keep it real What's the deal (Wanna tear it up) You know just where a man Ain't trying it right for you (Wanna wipe it up) Slide up to my crib That's where I penetrate (Wanna tear it up) Shawnalay by the fire place you ridin' (Wanna wipe it up) JaJa's gonna freak you know How you want it girl (Gonna tear it up) Gonna put in work until you see the sun Come up (Gonna wipe it up) Hands up in my back She done it like that That's all I really want Tell me can you handle that? Repeat 1 til fade


Genius "Words from the Genius"
I hopped on the train and cold clocked a chick Who looked good as hell but she appeared to be sick I would say she had to look as if she swallowed a worm Then again she could've swallowed several ounces of sperm Giving me the eye as if I was the right antidote So I decided to swing a smooth episode While the train stopped at Grand Central turn Before I knew her name I was massaging her perm I said, My you look drunk, have you been drinkin alcohol? You got a fever here's an Extra Strength Tylenol She said, Great a comedian, comic She leaned on me, I said, Please don't vomit! She said, I'm not I just need some rest I said, A few more stops, The Genius house is best Got to my rest, her whole attitude change But deep inside, she seemed sexually strange Went in the room and she flopped on the bed With wild-ass thoughts inside her headachish head I went in the kitchen to prepare some food When I came back in she was completely nude I know it sounds weak but believe it or not That the fever in her head ran straight to her twat She was burning! Burning up out It took more, than firemen, to put that out And yo, I was hard, just as hard as a rock That I can hit a home run, with my cock She said, Let me show you what we do uptown I huff and I puff till I blow your balls down Wild as a wolf from off Wilderness Ave She said, My what a great big ahhh! you have I started dripping and dripping in consecutive terms I know we must save water but that does not include sperm Did you ever know a girlie who just loves to switch From a Part Time Lover to a Part Time Bitch While she's loving part time, she's riding on mine She says, I love you long as you keep making me feel fine! In her behind, vagina, or heated climax That I would sew, control, finger then wax Now she's swingin so low yo she flex like wrecks Cuz she can set records on oral sex There's no lie what I said, she lives in the bed If she got married, she'd be a worn out newlywed And if she heard these words yo she would not cry Because sperm, the only damn tears in her eye Her drip-drop face is the one I painted Just stared in her eyes while she damn near fainted As she choked, goggled, then spit up Cuz cream, was flowing, all over her cup On the bathroom floor cuz her parents were home And I just could-n't tolerate her moans and groans Genius, oh Genius, oh rock me so hard! Cuz I don't want to stop, I love you God! But there's one thing she could never erase That the thing she really wanted just sprayed in her face So she regret, she ever swung low before But this little hot bitch comes swingin for more It used to be one, now it's five fingers of death That rips her insides, as she gasp for breath To say, I love you! I love you! Forever so! I'm getting hot getting hot let me blow let me blow What she thought was love, turned out to be lust That made her live by the laws, in sex we trust

Why Can't We

Dalvin Degrate "Met.A.Mor.Phic"
Gave you all my soul then What? What? What? Say what? Sing! 1 - If you gave me all your heart And I gave you all my soul Then why can't we be happy? Good lovin' no frontin' Come on baby show me something Why can't we just be happy, oh girl? Such a sticky situation Your girlfriends say I am not for you Girl you are the object of affection No matter what they say I'm gonna run to you Here's an open invitation Trip around the world I'll make you my girl There will be no hesitation My love is waiting So tell me what you gon' do? Repeat 1 (2x) Girl I just wanted to let you know How much you turn me on Boo I feel you strong, uh You're body is my inspiration What I would do for you Honey you have no clue Ever since the day I met you You stayed on my mind Damn you are so fine So come on now just meet with all your love I swear I'll set you free From all your misery Repeat 1 (3x) Uh, uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh, uh Danger zone, danger zone Uh, uh, uh, uh yeah Just bounce, just bounce Just bounce, just bounce Repeat 1 If you gave me all your heart And I gave you all my soul Then why can't we? Ay yo I don't think you heard me baby But just in case here's something To keep it real for ya Why don't you let me know? I need to know Just let me know I need it now Whoa let me know I need your love Why don't you let me know? Ooh wee baby now, why?

Love Scene

Yeah Ooooo..., Ooooo... Well, well, well, well, well, baby, mmmm... Listen baby Take One Baby lying on the bed, exotic fantasies going through her head Take Two I jump into my SL6, I gotta make my way to the crib mad quick Take Three I see my baby as I step inside, she's staring at me with those bedroom eyes Take Four Honey sippin' on some chardonay, the sex is even better when she's feeling that way Bridge: All I wanna do right now is love her down I don't give a damn about who hears the sound Movin' and a groovin' 'til the sun comes up Together we'll get lost inside the run Chorus: Let's make a love scene Steamy and blue Erotic memories for an audience of two And we'll make a love scene Let the foreplay begin And we play each moment again and again and again Take Five The jacuzzi's just bout ready for us We step into the water, and you tremble at my touch Take Six I see you gettin steamin Girl let it, just the bubbles been hitting the spot Take it on, take it on, take it on 'til you get enough Any way that you like it's o.k. come and get my love [Bridge] [Chorus] I'm gonna keep lovin, I'm gonna keep lovin you baby When the good time drops OOoooo We won't stop (we won't stop), we won't stop ooohhh Oh baby Chorus(version 2): Let's make a love scene (Let's make a love scene) Steamy and blue (See I got what you want, you got what I need) Erotic memories, for an audience of two And we'll make a love scene (We'll make a love scene) Let the foreplay begin (Oooo baby) And we play each moment again and again and again Girl, I'm down to take a sip from your cup If you drink from a fountain of love Girl, I'm down to take a sip from your cup If you drink from a fountain of love Sixty-nine was a very good year If you know what I mean my dear Sixty-nine was a very good dear If you know what I mean my dear [Chorus]1st version

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