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ICE-T lyrics - Power

Radio Suckers

Original and similar lyrics
People,it's time for the Ice crush So listen to my words I bring much Sense,as I commence,my lirycs intense Get telephoto,break out your big lens Look,check out the sales charts My record's kickin',I'm breakin' P.D.'s hearts They banned me from their shows Because they said I'm too hard But no sell-out,I guess I'm just barred I ain't changin' mine for no body They bleeped words from Doug's LA-DE-DA-DE I can't get a bleepWhat's the deal Maybe my words are just too real It's not profanity,it's just the man and me He doesn't want you to see what I see Doesn't want you to be what you can be Word,censorship of reality Radio suckers never play me [x3] [sampler of PE 'rebel without a pause'] Suckers don't,but some do The real troopers bring the ICE to you And close friends to me,yea,PUBLIC ENEMY These stations have high intellect They don't pretend to be,too bourgeois to rock a jam raw Understand what I'm sayin',they're down by law They play the jams that are right,sometimes not polite They realize you gotta get some people uptight Speak the word,your voice will definitely be heard Lie to yourself,you're destined to be to the curb Some stations don't care,they'll never put on the air Nothin' but commercial junk,their brain power's impaired They don't listen or try to hear what I write Maybe just think once,or try some school at night They're makin' radio wack,people have to escape But even if I'm banned,I'll sell a million tapes Radio suckers never play me [x3] I made records for music,not for the money To some of you that might sound funny But I ain't broke,and I don't joke And my lirics are known to make ears smoke Clear as a gun scope,I speak the pure dope Can the radio handle the truth...Nope Uncut,no edits,no censors You can get a plastic rapper from any ol'dispenser A penny a yard,to make a record ain't hard But to make it mean something,that's a job But then we do it,they refuse it So I tell them duck suckers to cold go screw it We shouldn't sell out,we should just yell out And get them wack motherfuckers the hell out Radio suckers never play me [x4] Cruisin' down the street what do I see Crash Task Force,L.A.P.D. Gangs illin',wildin' and killin' Hustlers on a roll,like they got a million Girls on the strap and you know that You know the guys will stop wildin' if you stop that crap But you can't,you want money so bad You'll jock anything with the Gucci tag You gotta have it,so the men go get it Robbin' and stealin',soon to regret it Livin' in a jail cell,feelin' like a dumbbell While you jump the next jock,well That's reality,that's what I see Nobody says that you have to agree Censorship that ain't the way to be I thought you said this country was free Radio suckers never play me [x2] Tone it down,...Is what they say to me The FCC will not allow profanity Your subject matter's too hard,make a love song You better get real,come on I ain't no lover,I'm a fighter Hard core radical rap rhyme writer Pushin' the botton,E does the cuttin' Everything I say amounts to something More than a single rap,I'm too deep for that I lay my lirics with logic,press the wax Play it on your tape deck,feel the effect If you can't take the heat,eject But I know you can,'cause you're an ICE-T fan No sell-outs here,my man Radio....[fade out]

What's On Your Mind

Eric B. Rakim "Don't Sweat The Technique"
I seen her in the subway, on my way to Brooklyn Hello, good looking, is this seat tooken On the A-train, picking at her brain I couldn't get her number, I couldn't get her name I said I still like your style of fashion But I hate your hostile, 'itty attitude wit a passion Is it because brothers like to hawk alot Is it because your sign don't talk alot She turned away, no play, I said ok You don't really look good, I hope you have a bad day Sat back, relaxed though the ride was tight I was thinking of the rhymes I wrote last night Next stop was mine, a familar scene I was meeting my friend, killer Ben in Ft Green Where the girls are real, they tell ya how they feel If you're soft, you're soft, or if you're hard like steel See i don't bend and I won't rust And I don't break and I won't bust Stomped up the street and did I hear a treat? Hard high heels tappin' on the concrete I took a peek, it was the girl from the train behind me Did she live in the area, was she trying to find me? Hm, I didn't wanna play myself out I played it off, stopped and I bought a Guiness Stout Now was she shy, she didn't walk by She came in the store then she even said hi Curiosity- at a high velocity Maybe possibly she had the hots for me i said if we're playing games then we're gonna play mine I'm a lay the rules 'cause it ain't much time If you hide your feelings, and they hard to find, I wanna know what's on your mind CHORUS About a week went by and I called her, Hello I said yo, can I speak to, um, she said no Hey yo, I know I didn't call, I didn't wanna stress you Go out my way to impress you, press to undress you See I wanna get to know you so I can show you What a strong relationship can grow to But you gotta trust me and you're gonna love me Squeeze the phone and hug me, use your mind to rub me Now how does it feel when my mental, massage ya temple Telephone's hot from the vibes that I sent you Now tell me your inner thoughts and deepest emotions Next you see ectacy's explosions Now I'm coming to see you to spend some time I'm a romantic warrior but is it a crime And if you hide your feelings and they hard to find... I wanna know what's on your mind I wanna know what's on your mind Now it's been months and it's smooth and lovely I'm in your head so you'll be thinking of me So we met in Queens and went to Valley Streams And, uh, couldn't remember the movie we just seen But it's Wednesday, take the train uptown How do the 125th street sound Amateur night, Showtime at the Apollo Probably be watching Bill Cosby tomorrow Then after that get into it, I mean intimate Every word is an instrument Making sounds and tones and songs and moans My lips so close to your ear, it's like headphones You smile, you said you never know what the day will bring It's always a new song to sing The next day I went back to the her rest Knocked on the door, intentions: finesse She let me in and had nothing but a neglige on Smelling like Liz Claiborne I sat down and got comfortable and watched the Huxtables She sat next to me and said what's up wit you I got the feeling for sexual healing A mental healing ; how you feeling She caught the effect and said she feel the same Could you massage my intellect and stop the pain Desire's yearning, the fire's burning You hot 'cause it's alot you're learning Now I'm ready to explore you inner world It's take a long time cuz I'm just beginning, girl... Take it easy, cut off the TV Cut off the lights, use your mind to see me, Use your physical form if I'm hard to find 'Cause now I know what's on your mind... 'Cause now I know what's on your mind...

I Am Your Future

[Verse 1] I'm gonna take you back .. to 1980 People thought she was crazy for keepin' her baby Being only thirteen thinking' how she would love a son Barely a child herself .. now she would mother one When that had come to past some wondered how she had made it by Some had bets on the side that she wouldn't live to see '85 But she would prove them wrong .. corrosion kickin' strong And like the calm before storm so was mom when it was on Back in '86 .. as he grew up in the mix Watchin' his mother hang around men that slang the cain to make them licks Strugglin' year after year switchin' daddy to daddy Last one had him a lincoln .. this one got him a caddy Plus a house in the subs and apartments run by thugs Pushin' dubs to them scrubs 'cuz he got a connect with killa bud Little young buck seen all of that then the man had a hand on that crack And he out there lookin' for tear that come black Cuz he know that smack on a comeback He was nothin' but 9 years old doin' nothin' but what he was told Always the one that would hafta hold Till the man let him know when it was sold Then he would take what wrapped in the paper sack Make the drop and he'd make it back Imagine that to play the mac And not know how one's s'posed to act [Chorus] When them hustlin' on them corners Don't play them for weak cuz them will shoot ya Real young killa gangsta rude-boy destined for death yet O'm your future How can the youth be humble when we live in an age of rage too young and naive to conceive that them diggin' an early grave [Verse 2] And by the time the nineties come around .. Mom's had a frown since the man went down Kites fly penitentiary bound and lil' man's left to hold his ground Playin' his art stayin' in school .. Nothin' short of payin' his dues Mamas heart's what made him choose .. Got him a start in breakin' rules Hittin' them books hangin' with crooks .. Watchin' out when that law man looks Money's put in them pocket books And business good 'cuz he got them rooks To make the run getting' it done .. With the advantage of bein' so young Nobody cared about what had begun .. Then by the end of '91 He was the kid in junior high Lookin' to get some new supply Got him a hook up through some guy Livin' like either it's do or die Under the influence of the game .. Already been through the love and the pain Feelin's to him that one in the same .. Gotta maintain or go down the drain It was the life he learned to live .. He's never had an alternative Most forbid the things he did .. But what would you do if you were the kid growin' up Around the cut only exposed to what's corrupt Nothin' could break a boy so rough except the touch of his mother's love [Chorus] [verse 3] Around the summer of '93 .. Everyone's packin' artillery Do many wantin' to be a 'g' Ready to make a delivery Whatever it took to get in a set .. Not even worried about regret It's who could pose the biggest threat And catch the most of all respect He can't stop .. He won't stop .. Even though every spot is hot Givin' it everything thing he's got .. Tryin' to keep from getting' caught Never the one to be any place Long enough to catch a case After all no time to waste When doin' your business face to face He's comin' equipped to make the lick .. Not about to play the trick Puttin' in work to make the hit and keepin' it low to stay legit Mom's and dad's i'm talkin' to you .. These are the things our children do Hopin' you listen and catch the clues then maybe [Chorus]


Arsonists "As the World Burns"
[talking] Rock Steady was a B-boy crew, but to me it's all about hip hop, So, rock steady is a hip hop crew now. Its about all four elements, And we represent those lovely, sratch pickers, arsonists, All the b-boys that are down with us, the b-girls, we have some dope B-girls, and you know, we got graf artists like East and Zero T, Its just straight up on skills, this is Crazy Legs from the Rock Steady Crew, I'm out Hip-Hop was breaking, spray paintin' full train cars DJ's cutting emcess presents the ghetto stars I was the skinny shorty wop, with the bop in my step Shams the bear and teloids, playboys and I was set Running through the streets of the boogie with a bang Pops was kinda strict, so at times I couldn't hang But whateva the case, I stuck close to my hip-hop Somethin' in my soul just kept that, on lock And oppurtunity never knocked, but we was still open Saying ish like fresh, like def (dope in) And crack was on the corner rumblin' the dry goods With something I decided never to persue in my hood I was, too busy in the middle of the streets playing skelly With Ray and Big Lou, listenin' to Flash and Melly And rockin' block parties, seemed to be my route But I had to give that up, they always ended in shoot outs Hip-Hop was rhyming, hard timin', radio hits No dats, so the D.J's was still in the mix Grafitti and breaking took a back seat Cuz the A R's couldn't figure how to make they ends meet I was the high school rapper to the girls in the hall While my nigga Clarence Greer was slammin' with a basketball Tune my radio on a saturday night Daydreamin' 'bout grippin' mikes and being in the spotlight Fat rope chains in a pair of A.J's in the p.j's frontin' like I had status (what) who's the baddest? The brotha on swinten ave, though fresh out the lab You just couldn't tell Q-Unique what he couldn't have It all started in Bushwick, defacin' the community Around the way, all you saw was nothin' but graffiti As a shorty I was poppin' never could I ever stand still Always battlin' cuz it was all about the skills Never learned windmills, but my boogie took me places When I started emceeing, I kept it fat like my laces Wrestlin' was the bomb, kept me from doing my homework Radio was my thing, when red alert went bezerk [Chorus] 4x's Yes yes y'all, let me get some Cuz we, never forgot where we came from

Request Line

BLACK EYED PEAS "Bridging The Gap"
Pick up the phone call up the line Call up the re-quest line Call up the line Call up the re-quest line Nana nana nananana na na nana nana So call up the line Get down wit, down wit us (Chorus) (Macy Gray) This is a re-quest Mr. Radio Man Just one desire from a hip-hop fan Hey Dj (your on the line girl) Hey Dj (On the request line girl) Play the record by my favorite band I like to hear my favorite song on the radio So I called and requested on the radio Tell the DJ spin it on the mix show Make a brother feel like I'm down at the disco And we gonna keep it going like crisco Cuz the DJ grab the record by the fist full by the crate full, and we grateful When you hear the stuff of records get a tasteful (Last night the DJ saved my life) Cuz of the collection of the records he saved To the direction of the record we swayed And all night through the session we stayed (Hook) Cuz you know you got the feeling (All right) Good god got the feeling (All right) Touch the ceiling when I'm feelin (All right now) And I be feelin (All right) Dont stop keep it goin now come on (Chorus) (Macy Gray) This is a re-quest Mr. Radio Man Just one desire from a hip-hop fan Hey DJ (your on the line girl) Hey DJ (On the request line girl) Play the record by my favorite band Turn table lets bless me on my stereo Play my favorite song on my stereo Like Macy Gray, Roots, and D'Angelo Mos Def, Flay Nubience, and De La Soul I like them cuts with the soul and original Never afraid to be creative on your radio Spin my jam when im cruisin down the bario Turn my audio up, create a party yo (Hey DJ would you play ma song) And get ma rock get ma roll get ma hip-hop on And (I'm dancin) all day all night Gimme some inside, make me feel hot inside (Hook) (All right) Got me feelin (All right) Got me feelin (All right) Got me feelin (All right) all shots down (All right) got me wanna get down all night (All night) All right now (Chorus) (Macy Gray) This is a re-quest Mr. Radio Man Just one desire from a hip-hop fan Hey DJ (your on the line girl) Hey DJ (On the request line girl) Play the record by my favorite band Jump up enjoy the sound Show everybody how just how you get down Get loose now, get down Everybody everybody have a good time 2x Last night a DJ saved my life (Fading effects) (Chorus) 3x

Born In The Ghetto

FAT JOE "Loyalty"
Yeah, It's time, baby It's time to speak the truth, maturity Huh, niggas gotta evolve to let niggas know the real Ya call yourself real, ya gotta start speaking about the real This is Joe Crack The Don, and this is what i'm bringin' to you uh, yo nowadays, I'm flirtin with uncertain death Lord I gotta be dying, coz after all this crying, how much more hurtin's left? When will the pain stop? This depression and anxiety is gonna make me show another side of me My niggas ride with me coz I'm the truth There's benefits to rolling with this clique, don't nobody fuck with you Still they label me a tyrant and a backstabber but study the facts of Crack, the shit don't add up I'm bringin opportunity to my community Probably the only rapper that cares but still you out to ruin me Who you foolin B? I'm for unity Latins and Blacks, could you fathom the strength we have of the two are attached Born together, roaded in life These uncle charm polititions ain't holdin us right How could the same nigga be 20 years in office when it's clear the only thing that's rising is unemployment, abortion, little kids having kids the school system is failing us, now ain't that some shit? While the rich keep gettin richer, the poor keep dying young, I can't hide it no more, the time has come (chorus) I was born in the ghetto, trembling, try'na stay alive Coz when you're born in the ghetto, No-one seems to hear you cry Brown skin, you know I love my bro-o-own skin Everyday I'm confronted with racism These motherfuckin coppers wanna bag us and have us shackled up in state prisons After all the taxes I pay, you would think when they stop us they would have something nicer to say than GET THE FUCK OUT THE CAR! WHERE THE DRUGS AT? ALL THE JEWELRY YOU'RE WEARING, WHERE THE FUCKIN GUNS AT? Once they search the car clean and find nothin, the same crooked cops try to act like they know us or something Laughin, tellin jokes by the thousands 2 seconds ago they tried to send us to the mountains Leave my son without a father, my wife without a husband the more I think about it, man it's just disgusting Stii=ll, we live amongst them, everybody wants out That's why we rap like we got silver spoons in our mouth Like we ain't grow up on welfare Nigga don't even go there, you probably wore Pro-Plares! We need to educate the youth, tell the seeds the truth Too much to share, the bare minimum will exceed the proof (chorus) I was born in the ghetto, trembling, try'na stay alive Coz when you're born in the ghetto, No-one seems to hear you cry Ooh, yeah So much pain Tryin hard to stay alive, stay alive Out in these streets, oooh Man sometimes in can get so tough Oh yes, yes it can Yes it can, yeah It can get so hard, so hard, so hard

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