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ICE-T lyrics - Home Invasion

That's How I'm Livin

Original and similar lyrics
I was born in new jersey, I said it before But I guess nobody heard me My mother died young No sistas or brothas, I was the only son When I was twelve my pops died too What a brotha was supposed to do They sent me out West To live with my aunt I guess they though it was the best But there was no love there Growin' with no moms I guess I was prepared to live in a vacuum The bedroom the kitchen, the hall and the bathroom I didn't leave home much, didn't like L.A. Didn't have no friends to trust Got busted to a school Blacks and whites, I guess the shit was cool But in highschool I changed Didn't wanna bust, didn't wanna play the game I walked to Crenshaw high, shit was fly I hooked up with new cru Some brothas that knew what the fuck to do You might call it gang but we called it a set And it was our own thang The whole school was down And one way or another everybody fucked around When the hardcore or not you wore the right color or your ass got shot That's how i'm livin'... I did three years in and made close friends Havin' no love my homies came my only I was glad: a family I never had But I grew up fast got a girl on 10th grade pregnant Needin' cash, I had to change my style Switched from bangin' to hustlin' No more goin' buckwild Had to get a cashflow But my hustle was weak, it was a no go I join the army, four years in that shit Be all fucked you can be Came back to the hood My homies had done good Had elevated their game About 100 gees a lick, no mothafuckin' shame Passed for the jewels Baby sledgehammers with the tools I speak on this with a hesitation Even though it passed the statue of limitation... I checked the bank Bought a porsche and gear, earn high streetrank But as I grew my whole crew fell thru Cops had us on the books as innerstate crooks Murder robbery rape escape, the whole damn nine You robbed a nigga blind I had too much juice, I cut my boosters loose I was intread with the pimpgame Took on the ice-name But the pimpgame moved too slow Especially for a nigga who was hooked on quick dough In one nite late I was in a carwreck And I was lucky to escape Hospital for teen weeks, in bed almost dead And when I got well, I got gaught in a cross And got locked in a jailcell That's how I'm livin'... They cutted me loose And I had to change troops This time they didn't catch me Next time they'll strecth me Cause my time was gettin' short All my homies was in court Or locked in a hole, this shit was gettin' old So I changed my life Putted down the gun and picked up the mic It took ten years to get from there to here But I still keep a gun, cops got me on the run And they hate me more now Than they ever did before My homies came back from pen And we all worked together True friends but every once and while Some punk mistakes me as a junk And he gets in my face Wrong mothafuckin' place And I aint lyin', that's how you dyin'...

Camouflage Ninjas

Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
Yeah Masked avengers, check it, yo Masked avengers Camouflage ninjas Masked avengers [Yes, masked avengers...] The indians near, there's no time for fear MC's better beware, of their worst nightmare Soldiers of the Wu infantry out and locked on your vacinity Killarmy take on those who walk on the street to the danger zone When you grab the microphone, this is my rap empire The so called game who get fired, overthrown, stone the devil Stampede, doing religous rituals, blind individuals Brothers get lost like laundry, Jews on a pilgrimage My team pack beams on the line of scrimage The first one that strikes get the advantage Lyrical destroyers, five in the midst causing damage Shotguns --? Shotguns --? Shotguns --? As I stab the darkness, faces of death is all thats left Intensity, filled with suspense, my minds condensed Subjected to projects not one aspect of jiggy Dark and senile from the dark ages are dark like the the crule sea Killarmy, we roll in armoured vans Mobilizing sinister plans Fertilizing cocaine plants on forty square acres of land Extortion, importing, escort services Niggas too nervous to even purchase on this drug surface To be committed by the CIA Criminals in the army engage in war games 'Cuz we're living in the last days Most killers make you hate, The world is too late, Ohhhh, and it rained. Yo, yo, yo Picture this, rap specialist, you know were killing shit Come equipped or else fall victim to endangerment I'm certified, high specialized within homicide To those who die, there by choice, fool its do or die The wilderness is the battle field by will I shoot to kill, aiming guns at niggas who squeal At ease I'm putting sess to my nose, it's urban warfare Time be here, another one go unprepared, like Goldilox Representing what I'm about, no impersonator Those with fake moves can get the casket later Commentater verbal chrome beat that make the lecture later Fugitive, running from jakes, avoiding major danger Jail time, ain't trying to get locked up Though my thoughts be in my high so niggas better duck Or get fucked up for trying to run the game on point Situations be coming, waking up that ass with a twenty-two Yo, yo, yo, yo My brain hold ammunition for a mental war like a missile carrier I'm sick like a kid from Somalia, carrying Malaria When I rhyme I split razor blades that fix the sound barrier I exercise my brain with thoughts thats military trained Lyrical uncontrolled substance damage the main part of the brain like cocaine My heart push blood that keeps them brave While others is trapped inside barricades The new industry order MC's become slaves They'll all go against the order dig the illa veins I rush spots, crush plots, then hide out in the Marriot Cops get shot for trying to break up minor scuffles in parking lots A vision of in the war prison Held up convicts with ice picks The lights go out, G's was stabbing his shit I chopped a rapper from excellence to his back hatch Windpipes get cracked Flashbacks attacked like seven maniacs with wooden bats Daily evidence I erase, can't be traced by jakes Nucleic niggas from the mind penetrate the star gate MC's found chopped up and thrown in lakes In all fifty-two states, I did it with the help of escape inmates Most killers make you hate, The world is too late, Ohhhh, and it rained. Who will be free now Who will be pinned down Who will be free now


Buckshot "The BDI Thug"
[Buckshot] It was a puff of black smoke, in the air I choke, then I witness two beady eyes there Glare, wit no fear, pitch black Waitin for the brother to attack, I tried to speak I tried to talk, but my voice is gone I feel like I'm on the other side, word is bond But he ease up and tell me to stand still I can't move at my own will, chill, I don't feel That the situation cause for panickin, I'm stiff like a mannequin But then again, when I felt the cold breeze Ease across my back, lay back, in the wind, watch a brother cease in Out the window, smooth like a puff of smoke, when I take a toke I feel the body ain't no joke So follow me, as I follow him Into the night, and you can see the light [Chorus 4X] I feel like I'm trapped in the world of rap I feel like I'm trapped [Buckshot] Wake up, you can kill the steady talk We gon' steady walk, where? First look in the eye of a needle and stare Dreads in my hair, oh yeah, the BDI glare, yeah Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, you can come near me, don't fear me But spare me, the bullshit you talk to everybody else Cuz it's irrelevant to those who got knowledge to self Why equals self, so why ask why, I try Not to ask why, while my shotty lie beside my bed Thoughts in my head make my dreads grow, so you bled slow But you wouldn't let go, the best is yet to come Lay back as I kick some lyrics from my dia- Phragm, God damn, somebody got lost, here I am, whose the boss? Verbal floss (floss) if you know what's best for you When they rescue, BD Buck shot at the average group Ain't nothin personal, but at rehearsal I'm serve justice for a click, and we roll thick [Chorus 4X] [Buckshot] One man steps up to the mic, right, by a little man, right Short height, smooth throat, that's made to float And came to drop the bomb, everybody is listenin, so I remain calm And drop it on the topic of the dress code Timberland strapped type, and stomp a nigga head mode We reside on the bowls of peace in the belly of the beast But how cant here be peace when the Devil never cease To cause mischief, this shit is makin me griff Outta control, I'm fed up wit it, I'm dead up wit it See I'm ready for head up wit it Shit it on who? Back in '82, it was you Yup, you started it, now everybody wants a little part of it What, the rap music, I know you can't refuse it But I'm here to tell you that you must lose it Strictly convo, rhythm and poetry, shit, it got to go [Chorus to fade]


Verse One: Big Boi In the zone like Keyser Soze, always the Usual Suspect No check, all I got in this game is my respect and Southern pride I be, checkin my fuckin head Scared, lookin up in your face, boi I see dead If you test like SAT, then I guess that we may be, enemies In the P's freestyles be freebies I be that wrong nigga to fuck with, wouldn't I Wouldn't I be the wrong one to try, never eating chicken thighs Only the twenty piece mojo, flow zone like Flo Jo I wanted to figure out, just how low could yo' hoe go The beat hit like Beat Street, Krush Groove and Breakin Never bakin, rebukin Satan, we had you waitin For the Second Coming funny how time flies when you're rhymin La-Fa-Ce records, I think they got that perfect timin to be doper than Sadaam believe the Nation of Islam Fuck the police and the dogs, sniffin that dope up out your car I think they overstep they boundaries O.J., not guilty, that's how they found he Verse Two: Andre I felt the pressure like sun shinin, while raining at the same time I kept on rhymin, not complainin Storm bringing cats and dogs my catalog be the size of golf balls Throw up your Daisy Dukes I'm Hazzard-ous to all you Boss Hoggs And Roscoe P. Col' people, who could boost my locomotive But enough of that everyone can rap unless they ain't supposed ta I use my gift of gab to boast and brag in every rhyme I compose won't y'all get sick of that, cause I know I do when I hear those Flows that ain't hip-hop, you find that shit in the gift shop But to each his own, my speech is gon', keep that shit up outta my zone Long as you happy then I'm happy Even if you just hate my fuckin guts go 'head and dap me Cause I'm gon' dap you anyway and then go home and pray for yo' ass later Cause we might need you in this war I'm wailin on you traitors Like that...

The Game Don't Stop

AZ "Undeniable"
[Verse 1:] I'm a 80's baby "Mercedes" made me Crack money and "Moet" made me crazy Strapped hungry with' no vest they named me "AZ" Amongst the militant, too insane to raise me Was "Swayze" Some old school pimps embraced me And built real between daffodils and daisies amazed me The cars changed, switched attire Broads came, partied like "Richard Pryor" [?] frames, no lens to protect my pupils Thou' their hearts changed, love amongst my men was neutral Beau'ful We puffed, there was dough to spread With' enough bread to [?] I fled Instead I had a mouth to feed 19 my queen claimed she handled my seed Do the right thing is wise, that's what "Spike Lee" said So disguised as a mic fiend, my ties was dead [Chorus:] The game don't stop 'Til the player gets knocked Or the shit flip-flop And you sittin' on top [Verse 2:] My kid here, career in the bloom I don't live there no more, I done moved to the moon Whips is like spaceships that zoom on fumes Flooded bracelets they lit like an eclipse in june No cartoon I symbolize the coldest itself Once told he who hold don't expose his weatlh But what else When one life's faced with' crisis And you see hate replace the holy faith of the righteous I just Handcuffed and jailed myself Jammed up and bailed myself With' no help Made my own V.I.s and mailed myself It's all B.I. I had to tell myself I'm on lock The game don't stop 'Til the player gets knocked Or the shit flip-flop And you sittin' on top Flashin' my wrist watch Like go get cops Bitch I'm legit got rich off Hip Hop [Chorus] [Verse 3:] I'm one man but so many monsters in me With' one gram had plans on conquering cities So on one hand could've signed and launched with' "Diddy" But I ran with my other man, the response was pretty A few grams, a few nigga's fiances with' me New sedans, was feelin' like "Fonzworth Bentley" Who the man? My homies at the concerts with' me I was back on my deen Then the jacket with' the jeans Then the hatin' and slackin' with' the team Now I know what it means Things ain't always what it seems It's the ones that smoke blunts with' cha Rap with' cha But really want your black ass out the picture Bet the God won't slip I'm indie with' the semi on the "Remy" loaded talents in the clips Rubber grip Got the silence on the tip So call it what you want I'm on my New York shit! [Chorus]

My Turn

BIG PUNISHER "Yeeeah Baby"
[Big Punisher] Uhh.. psssh.. it's my turn, y'knahmean Get this motherfuckin money y'know Shit.. Yeah I went double, y'know Niggaz goin triple.. five.. ten platinum Can't do what I do This is my game, this is me.. [T. Squaders] Y'know [Chorus: Big Punisher] Yo it's my turn, I demand my respect Give me my burn, or get slammed in your neck cause it's my turn, I'ma reach to the top Gimme my burn, I'ma speak with the glock cause it's my turn, don't make me turn your wig Gimme my burn, don't make me burn yo' crib I'ma rhyme it right, and keep the ghetto in a trance But when the time is right, me and the Devil gon' dance [Big Punisher] Fuck you and yours; make way - I'm comin through the door And screw the law - breakin the rules ain't nothin new at all I'm true to all the shit that I done, check the clip in my gun Respect the click that I'm from, or get lifted and stunned Dunn, you just a small fry, fuckin with the fall guy Big Pun, The Honorable, all rise Sky's the limit, nuttin less if my guys is in it For the right price, even Christ could get it Fast life we live it - all my memories are vivid I remember only minutes that's how I mentally get rid of all the enemies The spirits that definitely mimic my every melody and lyric which so heavenly rhythmic In magic do I build, but math do be equally compatible And secretively battle you to reach my peak in equilateral I'm from the streets deep in the bottom yo ain't no Mario Brothers Official Bronx niggaz, quick to body yo' mother (ouch) [Chorus] [Big Punisher] Jesus H. Christ, how many times I gotta pay the price You scared to death I'll make you twice as afraid of life I bring sight to the game for every night you complained you couldn't see the light - I was bright in your brain Ignitin the flame, keepin your third lid Speak and observe with the mind what are blind sleep til they worth shit I'm earth wind and fire, the first one to fire Reppin T. Squad since birth til I retire I wire your jaw, wire the walls with plastique explosives and riot the halls at the malls where all the crackers live Keep flappin yo' gibs and I'ma come back with those kids from the back of the bridge I think two and touch means tackle the bitch I rap for the chips, but I'm truly assassin Four hundred pounds, six feet tall, brutally handsome That's the pro - got beef with Pun, you gots to go Mafia style - tear you a new ass-a-hole Flash your dough, but you too cool for the captain cause I don't give a fuck if I was quadruply platinum And to the 50 Cent rapper, very funny, get your nut off Cause in real life, you don't know I'll blow your motherfuckin head off (ooh yeah) That's my motherfuckin word, you understand Thought we was a fuckin joke Shit Terror Squad nigga, you don't know me You don't know my name, don't say it, you understand Told you before I ain't no motherfuckin rapper understand Shit, I don't make no songs about rappers I don't like If I'ma make a song, it's gon' be how I beat yo' motherfuckin ass understand That'll be the name of the motherfucker 'That's Why I Had to Beat Your Motherfuckin Ass' featuring Tony Sunshine T. Squaders, T. Squaders, T. Squaders [Chorus]

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