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Ice Station Zero lyrics - For President

The Game

Original and similar lyrics
Who do you know - knowing who to trust Walking the walk - putting up with the fuss Seeing through lies - learning the game Connecting the people - to carry the name Constantly waiting - never know what to expect Avoid allowing - your ride to wreck It's all a game anyway you say it It's all a game anyway you play it It's all a game It's how to convince - control an audience What's cool - and what they should do 'Cause it's a simple language - for those simple minds Repetition is crucial - and universal appeal It's reaching a wide - vast amount of people Learning what works - having tricks are a plus Too much soul to please Determined like a disease, as we seize The license to achieve, that's where we are climbing, Always nickel diming, just trying, soon we'll be flying to a beat.... of a different song. ICE STATION ZERO'S what's going on. Questions, we got all the answers, get in your veins like a cancer. Run with this, but feeling overwhelmed, well, court's dismissed. It's all a game This game is brutal - the reward is sweet Always watch your back - so they don't chop off your feet Have your inner circle - woven be strong 'Cause one moment you're a hit - the next you're gone Would you care to play - you know the rules Checkmates on your pawn - out the door with the fools

December 4th

JAY-Z "The Black Album"
[Jay-Z's Mom:] Sean Carter was born December 4th Weighing in at 10 pounds 8 ounces He was the last of my 4 children The only one who didn't give me any pain when I gave birth to him And that's how I knew that he was a special child [Jay-Z Verse 1] They say 'they never really miss you til you dead or you gone' So on that note i'm leaving after the song So you ain't gotta feel no way about Jay so long Atleast let me tell you why i'm this way, Hold on I was conceived by Gloria Carter and Adaness Revees Who made love under the Siccamore tree Which makes me A more sicker emcee my momma would claim At 10 pounds when I was born I didn't give her no pain Although through the years I gave her her fair share I gave her her first real scare I made it from birth and I got here She knows my purpose wasn't purpose I ain't perfect I care But I feel worthless cause my shirts wasn't matchin my gear Now i'm just scratchin the surface cause what's burried under there Was a kid torn apart once his pop disappeared I went to school got good grades could behave when I wanted But I had demons deep inside that would raise when confronted Hold on [Jay-Z's Mom:] Shawn was a very shy child growing up He was into sports And a funny story is At 4 he taught hisself how to ride a bike A two wheeler at that Isn't that special? But, I noticed a chance in him when me and my husband broke up [Jay-Z Verse 2] Now all the teachers couldn't reach me And my momma couldn't beat me Hard enough to match the pain of my pops not seeing me, SO With that distain in my membrain Got on my pimp game Fuck the world my defense came Then Dahaven introuced me to the game Spanish Jose introduced me to cane I'm a hustler now My gear is in and i'm in the in crowd And all the wavey light skinned girls is lovin me now My self esteem went through the roof man I got my swag Got a volvo from this girl when her man got bagged Plus I hit my momma with cash from a show that I had Supposedly knowin nobody paid Jaz wack ass I'm geting ahead of myself, by the way, I could rap That came second to me movin this crack Gimme a second I swear I will say about my rap career Til 96 came niggas i'm here Good-bye [Jay-Z's Mom:] Shawn use to be in the kitchen Beating on the table and rapping And um, until the wee hours of the morning And then I bought him a boom box And his sisters and brothers said he would drive them nuts But that was my way to keep him close to me and out of trouble [Jay-Z Verse 3] Good-bye to the game all the spoils, the adreneline rush Your blood boils you in a spot knowing cops could rush And you in a drop your so easy to touch No two days are alike Except the first and fifteenth pretty much And 'trust' is a word you seldom hear from us Hustlers we don't sleep we rest one eye up And the drought to find a man when the well dries up You learn to work the water without workin thirst til die YUP And niggas get tied up for product And little brothers ring fingers get cut up To show mothers they really got em And this was the stress I live with til I decided To try this rap shit for a livin I Pray i'm forgiven For every bad decision I made Every sister I played Cause i'm still paranoid to this day And it's nobody fault I made the decisions I made This is the life I chose or rather the life that chose me If you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack Maybe you'll love me when I fade to black If you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack Maybe you'll love me when I fade to black [repeat 2 more times to fade]

Games People Play

They Just Can't Stop It (Games People Play) ( The Spinners ) Can't get no rest Don't know how I work all day When will I learn? Memories get in the way I walk around I can't hear a sound, folks talkin' loud, but I Don't see at all I gotta get away, gotta get away, I don't Know where to go It's hopeless so I guess I'll leave it alone well I Spent all my day Fixin' up to go somewhere Thought I was late And I found she wasn't there I guess I'll find Love, peace of mind, some other time, but I Still have today I gotta get away, gotta get away, I don't Know where to go It's hopeless so I guess I'll leave it alone Games people play Night or day they're just not matchin' What they should do Keeps me feelin' blue Been down too long Right, wrong, they just can't stop it Spendin' all day Thinking just of you Twelve forty-five Headed for the subway home I took my time 'Cause I felt so all alone Not far away I heard a funny sound, took a look around, and I Could see her face Smilin' as she came, callin' out my name, so I Know where to go We'll take it slow Guess I'll call it a day Games people play Night or day they're just not matchin' What they should do Keeps me feelin' blue Games people play.....

Working Girl

CHER "Chér"
Come Monday morning You see her waitin' On the street for her ride In an hour she'll be working In a tower made of steel in the sky She's just a pawn in the struggle In a never-ending fight to survive Mama had to play someone else's game You learn to keep it inside CHORUS: Working girl, livin' in a man's world Working girl, you gotta take a stand girl The boss checks out her body She's on the phone tellin' his lies Run and get the coffee And a smile hides the rage in her eyes Tonight she's searching for a reason As she's walking home alone in the rain Mama had to play someone else's game Someday she's breakin' the chain Chorus Nobody knows the dreams She dares to dream The plans she had made Or the times she has prayed inside Or what tears at her pride Chorus

Lovin' You

Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
featuring U God [Intro: Inspectah Deck] Uh yea. In my time I've seen a lot of people come and go. A lot of new faces been to a lot of new places. Wherever we went we always held it down. While we conquered new grounds. It's a universal sound. The Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game. Yo... [Chorus (x2): Inspectah Deck] Not many last in the game Wu Tang come through breakin out the same way we came This is not an act, this is actual facts Nothin but experience placed upon the tracks [Inspectah Deck] We stand perpendicular with no flaws Breakin all laws, plus jaws, the writin's on the walls Heartless, starvin artists, out to get our's Regardless, marvelous doctrics, we shot this Fist of the black lotus, bustin out the steel cage Iron Mic Duel made the front page Outlaws, out for your's, get down on all fours Rebel with a cause, without a force to the score Pillagin with 'donna Cap's, the personna raps Hittin like a quarter back, blistered on the track Fully-auto, cop the mic blow, strike low High-caliber flow move the crowd, twist your torso 2009, block party, Bobby Digital, pop corks to us and the God's we trust, it's adjust To the highs that we bring with the lows and the Mr. Hell speakin out in morse code Runnin wild like dogs out the kennel through the venue Simple chemistry, vitamins plus the minerals Organic vowels, consonants, syllables Condition critical, ill individual Paint a picture too vivid for the visual Material rips through to the gristle [Chorus (x2)] [U-God] Yo, the measures in my music grab you, stuck in my sentence Got to spit from the bottom less pit, speakin my vengeance Masked avenger never surrender my heritage Killah Hill resident, 5'10 be my measurement On land we stand under flags as confederates You think you rule, pitty the fool when the shell drops Hot bodies scream to the extreme, damn, I'm delicate We livin irrevant, intelligent, dirty habit Lake full of fragments, abandon all 10 commandments Damage is done as the records spins, hatred in my features Untamed, thus these cold blooded creatures bust Architect gladiator radiates the power Erupt with corrupt minds, locked in the tower The crook's pressure cooked invasion be destroyed Self-employed paranoid androids [Inspectah Deck] My rhyme cold winds clear streets and slams shutters Basic Instinct to tear the roof off the mother Drastic verbal gymnastics, far from the average Hold the planet like Galactus Lone Ranger ancester scroll with zone bangers Never met a force deadly as my own anger Clutched performer, raised on the blood soaked corners A real life with real tight feds, they brain on ya And not many last on the game Whether it be lies, fly songs or drugs you slang In the beginnin, it didn't come fast amongst the gun blast Strivin, my eyes on lump sums and cash Cash Rules Everything Around Me, surroundin me with champagne wishes But I see long distance, a strong vision planted deep within the missle Mind detect mind and analyze what I sent you [Chorus (x2)]

Adventures Of ...

Above The Law
Chorus To the people thats been locked away for a while Keep your head up To my peoples thats been strugglin all their life Never give up (No never give up) To my people that are lost along the way I'll never forget (I'll never forget) Live your life the way you have to to get ahead With no regrets I used to run with straight cap peelers Hardcore killers To the people next door I wasn't nothin but the dope dealer Stayin up all night to make ends meet Ya, cuz livin in the ghetto ain't cheap And ask me do my momma know a thing - hell nah Cuz she gon be the first to turn me into the law I got tired of seeing the drama on her face All stressed out and depressed tryin to keep the place So I worked odd job after odd job for the man But that didn't even get my ends close enough to shake hands Im stressed out right about now So I hooked up with the homey from the streets to put it down He said you make 2 G's a drop Nigga don't be flossin about it or your ass sure to get popped Thinkin to myself I'ma do this for now Come up and blow up and move moms in the cut I'm doing about six drops a week I'm knowin niggaz from everyhood - partner it's all good I'm in school tryin to live out moms dream Outsell y'all and make a bomb ass smoke screen Locked in the game doin my thang like Bruce Wayne Tryin to ease momma pain and stop the rain I thank God I never been to the pen But if I had to I'd do it again Y'all better ask somebody (Phone rings) What's up man, this is Vin man -yo what's hapnin man I got some drama with some old playa haters -ah man, that's why you was blowin me up man? (-stop through) old horny ass, I'll be there in a mintue Like G's we roll with the ass rocked Like G's we roll with the tops down Like G's we coast til homey past the post Cuz yo we finna get fucked up I say uhhh kick the ? and uhhh Can you fell my illustration I'm thick for the penetration No hesitation I step to a f blowin the dust off her shelf I'm kinda horny - I just bounced from the county So if you don't mind me absorbing the womb Hit it smooth then slide out the room After making you assume the position Now I'm in the twist after goin on a mission Gotta spit at my homeys though - you know my peoples Yeah the ones in the hill plus the folks in the hood - we all equal I was talkin to my partner the other day We was sitting in the mall parking lot He was bout to serve three chicken wings He said shit ain't changed, homey, shit ain't changed So uh, strap for strap even though I rap Ain't know way in the hell I can watch my own back So I got my brother on the right and my brother on the left One in a khaki suit, the other one well dressed Hit you ass like the stealth - Above the Law Too much caviar, put holes through ya, lick you thorough your radar See I'm pistol whipping clicks with my lyrics I'm on a cheddar run so my family benefits I through the videos on the table for my young ones Let the maid know that I'm out - y'all I'm on one To meet with some real conglomerates on the street for some heat Then we smoke baby, then we drink baby Now my homies, I love my Cali scene It's the real thing, its the real thing

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