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HOUSE OF PAIN lyrics - Fine Malt

Put Your Head Out

Original and similar lyrics
I rip shit like a bow when I flow When I score points with the joints that I throw Cause I flow deadly I'm no punk see I break backs, make tracks and get funky There's now where to run to cause nobody cares MC's drop to your knees, say your prayers The luck of the Irish is about to kick in Prepare to die and notify your next of kin I'm goin' all out, buck, duck and call out That's how I'm livin, punk you better call out This is the House of Pain To come inside is insane [Chorus] I'll put your head out [4x] Jump up spread out I'll put your head out I'll put your head out Put put your head out Jump up spread out I'll put your head out Hey what up punk(punk) I'll put your head out Who steps the booze When the hoods wanna take a cruise They're feelin' the effects of the booze Ain't no clues to hold with them fools Who got smoked even though they scrat crews You got bruise but I got the booma Trigger to blast ya askin the bull Take my life shit, I'll take you to school In the do what's the difference if your think of droppin Jews Carbon copy think you're so cool Stop dreamin' and hallucinatin' You're caught up in a piece of pain Clip clip, punk, now you're thinkin' oh shit Quit while you're ahead before I fill you full of lead [Chorus] Blessed with the gift, and gifts with the rhyme I never say quit when I'm out to get mine It's live and let die, sit back and get high Smokin' a fat blunt, waitin' for some punk To act up like he's got somethin' in him Then I grab the mike and start spittin' out venom Coughin' up headstones, blowin' out headphones Steppin' to me, you'll wind up in the Dead Zone It's nothin' personal, that's how it goes, G Step up with beef, and you'll wind up losin' teeth Cause I don't give up the mike that easy Step back, this ain't government cheese, G You can stand in line, but you ain't gettin' it Talk all the shit you want, but I ain't sweatin' it [Chorus]

Go Head

DMX "Ryde Or Die: Vol.2"
(feat. The Lox) [Styles] Ruff Ryder Nigga, Volume 2 We show niggas the meaning of ryde or die So all that bullshit you talking, go head nigga [Jadakiss] You don't gotta slap me five or give me a hug And it hurts when you gotta kill a nigga you love But I'm gone deal wit my enemies sooner Cause I got'em looking for my solo album like Kennedy Jr. Fuck crush ice, go head and get your shine on I'm bout to cop rocks that y'all niggas can climb on Don't worry bout why I ain't got mine on I want some new shit, I don't want nothing that you can tell time on Things ain't all good right now Cause some more niggas die an turn all you in the hood right now Y'all can stop acting like that nigga J gone squeeze Cause all I got is misdeameanors and some ACD's Y'all gon make me lay something down I promise And Puff wear scarmas and listen to Carl Thomas Puff running and hide and we coping more guns An we coming outside cause somebody gotta die [Chorus] Go head you know we getting plenty of Dough Go head you know we lighting plenty of dro Go head you know we coming from Y-O Go head truly though Go head really though Go Head you know we hitting plenty of hos Go head you know we ripping plenty of shows Go head you know we coming from Y-O Go head truly though Go head really though [Sheek] Now I warned y'all niggas that Sheek was the one Now I'm warning y'all niggas that I got my gun Read to kill, don't worry bout no doctor bill It ain't gone be one of those just yo casket clothes Lox, nah you rather fuck wit the cops Cause I pop and turn y'all like the optimum box No paper feud, it's straight hate wit dude So I'm hungry and let the morgue zip up your crew you wanna hope on our dicks and go whilly yo bikes And wear Ruff Ryder tees, motherfucker please You a poke-a-nose nigga, want you stick to the skis And I don't hear a nigga raps no more So I don't bother to go in the store an cop y'all shit Only time I cop y'all shit if Lox on it I shoot you in yo mouth ain't no calling the cops I want my shit back like cash flo and Elian's pop [Chorus] [Styles] I'm always that, I'm always this But the floor stay nasty like hallway piss If you here the P spitting it's a deep ass song When I die mama bury me wit street clothes on Cause drama be the threapy, the beef goes on should've been speaking out of it makes it a lot But I was fucking wit the savages, kicking the drop Live for the money, die for my niggas, run from the law Catch me smoking my weed or fucking your whore Push my whip to the limit kind of hoping it flip Throw my clip to the tip kind of hoping you flip I feel sorry for the crackheads, but happy for myself So I got mixed feelings about this hussling shit I keep saying I'm gone quit after a couple of bricks But I can't stop building and I don't pop children But I got no problem kidnapping a bitch

Q & A

JOELL ORTIZ "House Slippers"
[Chorus:] Let me tell you what I'ma do today Today is just me and you, you and I for a Q and A I know the questions you gon' ask, all I'ma do is say what's on my mind; I'm just, tellin you why This ain't, snapback meets New Era This new era gets smacked 'til they necks snap back and that goes for whoever I ain't done workin, I'm just one person that promise to keep this shit pure, like a young virgin Your dumb version of hip-hop got us uncertain Your daughter dress like a nigga, nigga your son's twerkin I'm still a two-stepper, steppin with two heffers Still step to your crew extra quick, that's what I do, let's just tell 'em why I'm such a thoroughbred Born and raised in that Brook', you shook, look what my borough bred [Chorus] All this, time away from workin solo, snappin photos with my bro-bros and the Slaughter's been an honor but I'm back to dolo Feet is Nike, the hat is Polo, I'm no fashion logo No gay bashin but if you tough then don't be actin homo Let me tell y'all why I hit the tread Wasn't to lose weight and get this bread, nah homie, you've been misled Last year I shot a fair one with my nigga Fred and damn near dropped dead, I should've won but I got whipped instead I ain't like that so I stopped that liquor to the head Dropped the Newports, copped new shorts and watched my figure shred Y'all cuffin chickenheads Speakin of cuffs, I made this slut marry my nigga in the Feds to give him visit head Man let me tell y'all why I'm real rap Why I don't need a rope chain or dress like Soul Train to bring that feel back [Chorus] This for those who ain't know that Ortiz spit clean It's e'ry lil' girl birthday, here's a +Sweet Sixteen+ Went from a 40 waist to a 3-6 jean But that 40's still on my waist with a mean sixteen But I ain't here to talk how I protect myself Or how I lived in the gym last year to perfect my health Nah, we could rap off, I'll off you rap niggaz with a rap off the top, I ain't wrapped too tight, back off! Off the back door into the bleachers, hit the teacher off the backboard and in, y'all in the in-crowd but mad off Y'all God and Mike in tight slacks with hard bottoms, hit the bottom hard after you moonwalk like Mike Jack' Huh, B-R-B, I don't mean I'll be right back I mean B, y'all R&B singin, I write RAPS! "But Ortiz, you went all complex and said the shit!" Yeah you right, aight cool, let me extend the clip Penmanship, my pen is sick, you in the pen's then hit the bench and lift Chest against the bar and do a extra six E'ry year it's some new nigga they put the best against Put they neck on the line but I twist it up like "The Exorcist" If I'm your comp I understand why you a pessimist Point blank with an infrared scope, bet these pests'll piss they pants, can't shoot at Godzilla, man them pellets itch The fire that be leavin my mouth'll melt your whole relevence You lil' niggaz, lil' boys is cute My bars hard, they hurt like Ray Mercer, you don't want it duke So save the subs for Quiznos, keep the talkin mute Cause I'll punch you in your big nose and watch your faucet shoot Y'all chasin pop hits, FUCK a pop hit One of my joints pop? Sheeit, another check deposit! [Chorus]

Poker In The Sky

JOE BUDDEN "Some Love Lost"
Just trying to explain the unexplainable More than trying to attain the unattainable Trying to make it sustainable Collecting all the parts, see if they interchangeable Killing me slow, but I'm glad it's entertaining you Everyday it amaze me The same thinking that pay me the same thinking that plagues me How can I think I'm crazy? Sway me Cause to profit off of shit that aches me is actually pretty wavy I'm painting the perfect picture Only perfect cause the imperfections are highlighted To gross currency off of that kinda sickness Changes the meaning of mind my business Giving what was given to me So the soldiers come over unsober And call me Yoda instead of Joseph I be like "why they come to me for advice?" They should really come to me for a vice I got 'em all Got a counter full of liquor, pocket full of pills The illusion of control, I can tell you how it feels Accounts full of paper and the women I play with All got criminal bodies, innocent faces Come around and we have a ball, could have it all Well, I ran out of Adderall, but that's a matter of a call, check it Odds is they start telling me they hardships Regardless, they end up wanting hard dick, aww shit You would think they been ordained Got her legs in the air, she screaming the Lord's name I'm feeding her more game, more game, more game I started fucking her mind, that's when all them thoughts came She keep saying if I want her I should fight for her My plight for her says I don't know if I'm right for her Even so know there's a fire I ignite for her Staring at her ceiling, seeing me like I'm a nightcrawler It's like she love me, but she don't That's when she lose me, that's when she confuse me It's what I get appalled with, can't call it She think I should remove her hurt since I installed it But I wish she knew I was returned 2 birds Feel it hurt me more knowing I hurt you Even though it exists I don't ever bring it up We don't be doing nothing, but it's everything to us Presently she bring up the past and it's filthy You not talking to who I was or who I will be But that's my own assignment You want to take all the feelings and the time spent And give it realignment Check the catalog, lateral God I self-sabotage, I'd explain further, but I'd rather not Salute, on me, everybody have a shot I do it for the niggas they said wouldn't have a shot But some days are better than some days Still yet here I stand on numb legs Women don't give a fuck that I have these scars I'm fucking the same hoes that the athletes are What a rollercoaster, we argued and we sexed Face in her box, James Harden in her texts Nigga from the Clippers every morning text her "good morning" She be sleep, he just be talking to me, my nigga None of this is a pain to see I only care about her if she pertains to me Shit I'm tending to emergencies with urgency That urge in me is my daily fight in her purging me Fuck hoes, I ain't got time to be sprung now Grandpa's cancer just made it to his lungs now In 2012, docs gave him few months; wild He's alive somehow, outlived 2 sons, wow So no the observation Says he'll die quicker with chemo and radiation He ain't strong enough to even go through operation Know that death's coming, he just in the house waiting So you telling me there ain't a way to fix the shit? Or is grandpa too old for you to give a shit? Let's switch the shit, give you my predicament Wonder how you would feel if I was telling yours live with it And it's traveling to his heart soon Of course it all hit me like a harpoon I was in shock and then it was all clearer When he called me and asked me to be his pallbearer I was floored But then the next second was back To being self-centered, self-absorbed And it became about me, fought it off long enough I could help carry your weight, but I ain't strong enough But why do I have to be? This the shit I be naturally asking me, I'm such a catastrophe See me breaking down with my father in back of me So for me to attend, I'm trying to think of a strategy But I'm happy for my dad He was incarcerated, but his mama didn't make it So for him to get that chance again with you Means the world, he could be there til it end for you and me I bleed out through this pen for you Can't carry this around, gotta vent, it's due Cause now, grandpa'll be closer to his wife Have cards when I come, we playing poker in the sky

Def Wish

Compton's Most Wanted "Straight Checkn'em"
Geah. The MC Eiht's in the mutherfuckin house y'knowutumsayin? The Compton maniac, here to break your ass something off real proper, y'knowutumsayin? Damn! Suckers, I go for broke so dont choke on the smoke. Cause if I hit the chronic, Eiht starts the rap bionic. So enough with that punk shit. With your fucked up lyrics you can't shoot the gift like it should be shot. Gots no hearts, punk ass marks, dont start you'll get got. And at the end of the trail is whats left. Is a sucker mutherfucker who done simped to death. So if ya got static go and gather up your army. you'll be a short ass punk trying to harm me. I bet you sorry MC's never seen this. A sucker punk hung up by his penis. So watch out for a sucker on the gank cause while Compton's Lynchin, I'm taking money to the bank. And its the MC Eiht on your shit list. Commence to killing you off you gots your def wish. [I'll make you famous...] [Now when I go for my can start shooting] Phase 2, Its the brother who be taxing. Running over punks like my brother Bo Jackson. As your card's on freeze frame your chicken. It's the Eiht double M and I'll keep sticking. All that pay back shit is in effect. Cause I'm the type a brother who'll blast your ass, check. So if your biting my lyrics, then fool you'll pay. As you commence to say em you'll get tooth decay. So give up to the Compton psycho, Biting me Quik will mean you get the duck sick quick. Not a funny man, but still I gives surprises. Lyrics are deadly plagues, the death toll rises. So now your shit outta luck with your rhyme scheme. And now I hunt your punk ass in your bad dreams. Another victory on my list. One more punk ass fool with a def wish. Chorus Now say your prayers, because its difficult to get with this. I'll haunt your studio, become your ghost lyricist. No mistakes I make, so don't fake. Yous as sorry as fuck, so jump your ass out a cake. Dont try to bargain with the maniac mistro. On the stage I'm in a rage with a gangsta show. The Capital E, The Capital I, the Capital H, The Capital T, down MC. Mike T is the partner down with me. Suckers got static, here goes the G-A-T. So take a step up and play for the rhythm. From Compton boy, and this is what I give em. A blast from the gat just for talking that junk. Feel like handling the business might smoke the punk. I run the nine one, fool, so get hip to my ways. And don't be no hero like in the western days. At sundown, you'll press your luck and try to shoot me. Grab your davey Crocket, I'll grab my gangsta Uzi. And after all that, you'll still be R.I.P. If you fuck with me...Fool theres your def wish. Geah, y'knowutumsayin? MC Eiht stepping to the mutherfuckin 91 My DJ mike T's in the mutherfuckin house. Down with the DJ Bolo, and Unknown. Geeeaaah.


They trying to tell me that aliens built the pyramids It’s funny ‘cause they probably did [Hook:] Fuck I’m doing talking ‘bout pineal glands Fuck I’m doing talking ‘bout pineal glands Ancient ways of Sumerians Ain’t nothing wrong with a righteous man Uh, this is my Anunnaki flow Oh, this be my Anunnaki flow Yo, I got that Anunnaki flow You are now on Planet X, I’m the God, show your respect HiiiPower I’m the destroyer, and this is doomsday 360,000 years since I made way Hey, I hate to be the one to warn ya Your government knew all along Guess they wasn’t tryna spoil it for ya Boy oh boy, I’m hot to death, high as my magnetic field Theologists preach of me but they don’t think I’m really real All my angels up in here, all my demons up in here I know who brought you in this world They will take you out of here The law of relativity’s cute, I even sunk Atlantis too NASA on some bullshit, they always cropping out my crew (Yep) and they be loving the crew (Yep) yea they be loving the crew I know that you heard about me, bout me way way back in school Mayan calendars, you went to church, we all know Revelations You see Porsches Behold of pale horses galloping ‘cross the nation Watch out for them Seven Seals, I’ll be in the sky The Euphrates River’s dry so you know it’s real [Hook] No man knoweth the hour of my return It’ll be like a thief in the night, make sure your people's alright That’s right, the writing's on the wall They was only worried about Sodom ‘cause they ain’t have the balls to go against the gods The only brown dwarf swaggin’ Cross yo sun just like a dragon The Japanese know what’s happening They was debating ‘bout Kobe and LeBron The Bible or the Qur’an, they should’ve been taking cover They said I’m red but gold is my favorite color Witnesses agreed, they see me with wings when I hover Might even make your pole shift when I’m skipping through My orbit is a bitch on her menstrual They underminded the prophecy of Daniel That’s a bummer, now I’m at your doorstep but not for sugar This that anunnaki flow, Enki and Enlil would love it Serious as the war in Syria, bitch [?] [Hook] Global warming's a lie, the moon is a satellite Holographic universe we enter to the light "Back in the 1950's - most people weren't aware of it - but there was a scientific storm in America all through the late '50's - about this thing out there in space - it's because the astronomers were all watching it, and that was back when they weren't afraid to talk about it..." Ayo, just in case I get killed for this shit You got your heads up Make sure you tell 'em JMSN ain't have nothing to do with this shit God bless y'all Killuminati...all through my body Blows like a 12-gauge shotty I told Punch I’d probably get assassinated by the government He probably think I’m sniffin' cocaine and some other shit

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