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Figure It Out

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And I don't know And you got doubt And I don't feel the way you do And you got doubt Let's figure it out Yeah, I said "I'm too young to be tied down Looking at the world from my east side town And we find now, I swear later will be different She leaving me a present, but baby I am gifted Maybe I'm a miss it like Christmas Either way you could stay at the top of my wish list No receipts and no return policies And I return when the whole world follow me Apologies to lames who couldn't get real I'm a dreamer trying to catch it up in left field Wit' a nanny, I be givin' her the best feel 'Til I have her screaming out "Oh Mr. Sheffield [Hook:] And I don't know and you got doubt And maybe later on we can figure it out And I just go and you lock down And maybe later on we can figure it out And I don't feel the way you do Is there a way we'll make it through And before this thing goes south Baby girl let's figure it out Let's figure it out So does that mean I'm immature, for sure Then we don't need to be no more, on tour Cause pussy is just bound to get picky Mind set, gotta steal base like Rickey Face like Nicky, I mean Lionel's daughter And I'm still shallow like a fly on water Turn your dimes into quarters Mine if they gorgeous Got a goldmine I'll be hoarding Like we in Frisco, So sweet, Nabisco Take you to the movies like Sisqó Look better than your pixels in person So let's figure out if it's really working [Hook] [Obey City:] It's like what we really got to talk about (talk about) Every time we speak, we start a bout (start a bout) Baby girl your doubts, you best be erasing Your fruit looks ripe for the tasting I keep it moving like Chess pieces I stop looking at your chest pieces So let's leave it You're not the best even Drake lies Take my advice, let's go back to the Bayside [Hook]


Judge Cryptic "An Artistic Funeral"
Dysfunctional, uncomfortable, these thoughts ain't wonderful Not loveable, I feel the thunder pull Me closer to the storm, worn from the fear I'm tired of crying, tired of sportin' the tears Dried on my cheeks, I'm tryin' to speak Eternal problems like hell's cookin' a side of beef Stress running through my head, I can't get rid of it Like hammers pounding on my cranium, my heads splittin' kid Rejection, my world crumbles by depression Stressin' taxes, trapped in, dreams that I'm in question That I'll ever achieve, they tend to fade out I feel like I got more beef then a steakhouse I'm trying to break out, this shell of constant fury Doctors and pills just can't seem to cure me It fuels me how; I can't even make it past the dust And how my life can't even paint the canvas with a brush… [Chorus] My life is like a crawlspace… Seems easy at first, but it's hard to get through, but not always Sometimes transforms to a hallway That you can get through, but still fall way Down into depression, like the abyss in the sea My heart is like a crawlspace, storing pain in me Revelations, rotate through my cold brain I've written letters to god, and left no name I'm too afraid, to be known by my errors My thoughts have been destroyed and dismembered Remembered, how the shards of my past Don't seem to hurt my walls, but target my glass Only leading to destruction, I'm fuckin' out of it It's like kats is fake, they all counterfeit I'm bound to flip, and crack like cocaine My fear rests on a canopy, so I don't show pain Like band aids, covering scars and cuts Feeling clogged in the mind when it's hard to bust Rhymes and lines designed to climb the beat's spine You see my, head down, feeling dead now About to break like a wishbone, sit home and cry Depressed cause I feel alone inside… [Chorus] It's kinda funny how our lives are on stage It's kinda funny how I can go from insane, to gone sane My anger rests in ponds, lakes and when the bomb breaks I can't even stay inside my mond (mind) state My life feelin' shitty like diapers, in this city of vipers And snakes that wait to stick me with cider Of poison, etched into the birth, of my thoughts Peace to my deceased peeps, in the earth under moss You're not lost… or forgotten But in reality, I'm the one who's turned rotten Locked in, a sanitarium within my own mind Writing poems and lyrics, like a gold mine Hold mine, down, like gravity, tragedy feelin', endless Heartbroken, un-mended, descendin' To my lows, behold the question… It's a cold world, and I'm out in it Or in my house sittin', with my mouth spittin' lyrics I got criticism from my boys Kyle and Nick And improved how I wrote, with my style from Rick As the stress inside me, piled real quick I started to realize, yet deny the sick Thoughts I had, I needed a helpin' hand Needed to tell things id never tell a man

Road To Perdition

[Ronald Reagan:] "And they say if we'll only avoid any direct confrontation with the enemy, he'll forget his evil ways and learn to love us. All who oppose them are indicted as warmongers. They say we offer simple answers to complex problems. Well, perhaps there is a simple answer—not an easy answer—but simple" I got that black on black skin tone, actual-fact syndrome That's why I dropped the jewel on every verse you heard me shit on Okay, it's a Slumdog opera The tale of a king whose name wasn't on the roster My road to glory was Road To Perdition And Act II: The Turn is just the memoirs with no omissions We came a mighty long way from standing near the stove In the cold, the greatest story ever told The realest niggas see the pain in my story boards The true believers say, "Wallahi, I support the boy" My life feel like a highlight reel This is lightning striking, feel how the Zeitgeist feel Get a slight chill [Bridge - Jay Z:] I got these niggas, Breezy! Don't worry about it My swag is on 1.21 gigawatts, 10 trillion kilowatts Hardcore Thriller pop, Michael Jackson, nigga rock Google me, baby, understand where I'm coming from My destiny's to hit a grand slam when my number come All hail the lyrical, Grand Wizard Imperial Nigga signed the dotted line with Hov, that's a miracle And I ain't leave the thugs alone The humble in me will surely inherit the mud we on And shoot up every club we clone The flow is too atomic The poetry's too Qu'ran-ic, the young prophet Muhammad And I could drop a verse to change the whole vibration The whole Roc Nation, the whole Live Nation So pour libation Beware, but prepare for the polarization, it's the globalization Warn all the clergymen and notify Satan I been waiting, this the notarization, I been patient [Bridge] A thousand kisses to the haters cause they made me greater A thousand wishes from a million slaves could raise a savoir A thousand disses to these dickheads at these major labels From Big Daddy Kane to Big Daddy Kane and Abel You pay a cost to be a boss, nigga, I paid the wager Mastered both sides of the force and plus I made my saber Yes sir, I'm a soldier of love Drowning all my sorrows and woes in the club My white boys say, "that shit you spit last year, bro Was like a real fine Merlot and a cashmere throw" Some black chicks say he ugly, white women they love me My Asians and my mamis don't put nothing above me I call it as it happens, the art of quality rapping One autobiographical chapter could start up the rapture And even though I walk in the narrow valley of death All I see is green pastures, bitches screaming from the rafters

How Do I Feel (Sex Room Remix)

K'LA "The Coldest Winter Ever"
[Verse 1:] I trace his facial features with my fingers And blessed the texture with kisses on the spots at wich they linger As he puts pressure on my spine until it tingles Conversations turn sexual every time our bodies mingle I'm single, he single, together we get too buck Practicing passion and then mistakeing it for true love He took off his jacket, pants and shirt just to suit up Forget fashion, we in this room like a nude club The music, up, the lights is down Sight is lost in darkness, but the senes of touch is found He leads me with his voice, so I reach out and touch his mouth And thank God I found it, cause now I don't hear any sounds He turns me round, zips me down Drops my dress, picks up my pounds Sits ms on the table, lays me out Puts his hands inside my thights and prepares to drown [Hook:] How do I feel? (I wanna know, said I wanna know) How do I feel? (How do I feel babe, how do I feel babe) I wanna know right now How do I feel? (Ohh, yeah I wanna know, I wanna know, say I wanna know) How do I feel? (How do I feel to you baby) [Verse 2:] Ice chips drip slow, we don't slip He kiss mine, lick mine and bit his own lip If I'm a crime, then that makes him the culprit Cause he just beat it in, like no one ever told him don't hit But don't quit, don't stop Wait, don't move, stay on top You can speed it up, but don't pop And please God tell the neighbors, please don't knock No interruptions before I get my eruptions Oe before I give you yours, that's the purpose of this funckion I know you tipsy, cause you in me, like a puncture So if you ain't wanna hear me whine, you never should of drunk it But I want it and you like it Rough, and so do I, so we make love as if we're fighting Shit, you might lose, baby you might win Just so you know you'll be KO'ed, before the night end [Hook]

Never Change

AZ "A.W.O.L"
[Intro:] [friend:] Yo A what's goin on? [AZ:] Yo yo, what up baby boy? [friend:] Ohhhhh [AZ:] Hahaha [friend:] What's the deal my nigga? [AZ:] Look at you, uh huh, lookin like money [friend:] You know what it is [AZ:] Yeah [friend:] You know what it is [AZ:] Yeah [friend:] It's been 2 or 3 years, right? [AZ:] I know, I been a minute right? [friend:] I know man, listen here [AZ:] It's all good tho, you know I'm maintaining [friend:] You lookin good though baby boy [AZ:] I mean whatever, lets get it poppin [friend:] Alright, well I'm with you, gimme ur number [AZ:] No doubt, no doubt [friend:] Here go my number right here [Verse 1] You know the happenings, homies just yapping and Hand shaking, laughing, and exchanging all they math again You usually lose touch when you traveling A few dudes bruise up in the batteling Parked on Madison across from the Radison We talked about the taddling some niggaz did in Maryland Plus discussed, no homicides unraveling I asked was he dabbling he laughed and said he managing His Cardi frames was as clear as a camera lens He hardly changed, I was near in comparison We joked about how police choked him out And he claimed as far as fame I had enough to bust in Operas mouth In other words, I was up in clout And from the curb I need to pull a Larry Bird fore I'm up and out Without a sound, snatch my Guinness off the ground Rose up, gave him a pound and told him, "Homie, hold it down" [Chorus] You know the game insane in the brain Big thangs in the Range, real niggaz never change And though we homies and we no longer hang You know you know me and that love still remains So thru the fame, thru the fire and the flames I adapt to the pain, real niggaz do the same And though we homies and we no longer hang You know you know me and that love still remains [Verse 2] It was Tuesday when I saw him, figured Friday I could call him Woke up early Wednesday morning, flew a chick in from New Orleans She ain't that average bitch who be dogging for dick You know them chicks that get you sick when they keep calling Up in Nostrum's for a fresh pair of the Force 'em Of course with footwear I be that first nigga that sport 'em Caught 'em, before the salesmens even had time to assort 'em Bought 'em, before any celeb stylist eva saw 'em Warm soon as I copped 'em in the spot playing possum Debating my destination, lacing, weighing my options Celly started rocking, I anwsered, "What's poppin'?" They anwsered and said, "They shot him, now the hood got a problem" I had to swallow, reaching out for my water bottle Tryin to figure what nigga, why and by who, then Before you know it, the other voice told it It was homie from the old click I just seemed to spoke with Oh shit, this can't be serious, that's my word, pssssh [Chorus] [Verse 3] It's Doe or Die, we survive till we slain And it's no surprise, homie was prolly high when they came I know the guy, he was fly, him and I was the same A Gemini, with a status symbolized as his name Godly trained, he could camoflague on any terrain Cardi frames, we go back like bottles and James It's a shame cuz they say his baby mom is to blame But nonchalantly I refrained cuz it constantly changed From close range, somebody please slowly explain If they just wanted some jewels why didn't they go for the chain? If they just wanted some news they coulda left him in his Hanes But no, they just left a nigga breathless and banged [Chorus x3]


TWISTA "Kamikaze"
(feat. Highbeam) [Intro] This is for my ladies, Sexy like champagne Glass, You what I'm talking about, A reflection of a Pena Colada, Listen up… [Verse 1] I know you heard the terms chicks are like cars, Well I treat bitches like drinks, When I step in the club and by out tha bar, So let me quench my thirst wit you and a friend Instead of the juice and gin, Why don't I pour out the drink and you hop in, Glass full of ass for a true mutha fucka, Wit that that turquoise Coogi on, You remind me of a blue mutha fucka, Your friend was sexy when I seen her in prada, But I think Gina was hotta, Cause her skin tone was like a Pina colada, I saw two Japanese chicks that got bodies, So I ordered them a mi tia and hot saki, Then I got cocky, And asked them do they come to this club a lot, Well ya got a brotha hot, Hop in my bubble drop, Can I get a double shot? Or get wit these two mamacita one wit the karma of margarita, The other one like two shots of tequila, And they all fine I really don't know what to think, As I get bubble and choose and try to figure out, [Chorus] What's my favorite drink, Girl can I sip on you, Sip on, [4x] What's my favorite drink, [Verse 2] Know not to bring no Cosmopolitan asses, I like the one that makes your face drop like a Neapolitan masta, No telling what these thick bitches would do, Reminiscent of a big old picture of Bo, But hit cha like a slow screw, Dip in a strip a club in LA wit a bankroll, Where the weather aint cold, So I can see some hoes slide down a poll, I met two dancers named Moet and crystal, I was checkin they style, We had a session It was wet it was wild, Then I dug these two twins thick wit Hennessey one was Remy Red, Wit skinny legs, Both of them game to give me head, Wit a little bit absolute vodka fo they homie Tasha, Tell her to come closa, So yall three can give me a Sammy Sosa, If I was mayor I would campaign ass, Politician wit women swimming around the champagne glass, Drunk so much I might earl in the sink, And if you ask me why, I couldn't figure out, [Chorus] [Verse 3] If you would suck my soul, I shall lick your funky emotions, Look at that big old donkey you toting, I wish I could pour some of you in a bishop cup, And have a toast wit King Boo, And celebrating the fact that you thick as fuck, I holla Church cause its pimps in tha party, Let me sip on ya body, Get a good buzz of ya like you lemon Bacardi, Or a long Island havin sex on da beach, Or in tha Llac sunroof let back wit a tech on tha seat, Got a red bone I call her strawberry Daiquiri, Bring her back fo may, Carry packs fo may, Had her suck off my facultay, Got a little mamma name Mimi, Who remind me of martini and Asti spamanti, How she move to my cd, I got a chocolate chick who deep throat, She help me shake up dope, She the complexion of Crown Royal and Coke, And they making it hard for me to decipher and think, As I get bubbly and choose, And try to figure out, [Chorus] [Highbeam] Hennesy mixed wit some of that Alize, Gimme a shot of that remy, and a whole lot of tanguray, keep it comin wit that cognac, pop tha moet lets sip on that, naw playa put ya money back, cause these drinks on me, give me a bottle of that belve, long island ice tea, hook me up a apple martini, all these dinks on me, I want to have a sex on the beach, How about a gin and juice for me, So put away ya money G, All these drinks on me

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