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Holly Tree lyrics

Glad Boys

Original and similar lyrics
Hey! You man what's in your mind? He doesn't know Being a jerk all the time, now he knows Sick aggressions for free, hey you suck And everybody knows that, can't you see? For you I'm the sucker, but I know you're the sucker, stupid sucker Turn around and face the wall Everybody knows, You're so useless, We're alright so fuck you And you're so glad, About that gun in your hand, We're alright so fuck you Every night you'll be there to fuck, you suck You make people feel stuck I hope you never get close to me, he'll get Cause you're always the shit, how he knows Hey kids you're fucked up

How Low

AGAINST ME! "Searching For A Former Clarity"
Now I wake up around 4 or 5. Eat, shower, and get dressed in about an hour's time. Take my vitamins, check my messages, and call around to some friends, make plans for dinner and drinks sometime after 9. Oh we're definitely going to call it in early tonight. I need to dry out and take some time to clear my mind. But before you know it here I am again, fucking 2 o'clock in the morning, standing in a bar, with a drink in hand. How low can you go before you can't turn around? Now seriously, this is my last and final time. Well I'm making some big, big changes in my life. No, you won't catch me down here again, waiting to score sweaty money palmed in my hand. What are you cutting this with anyway? 'Cause I have got some really big plans. And today's the day I'm putting them into action. But before you know it, here I am again, fucking 6 o'clock in the morning. Rolled up dollar bill in my hand. How low can you go before you can't turn around? I'm sick of feeling like I'm losing my mind. Sick of doing the same things most nights after night. Sick of self-loathing and self-absorbtion, self-destructive narcissism. I'm sick to death of being constantly fucking sick of. I don't know who I can trust. Thought there was us, but no, there is no one.

Momma Said

JOE BUDDEN "A Loose Quarter"
[Hook] Here we are, all alone Who gives a fuck about what they say I'm sure I've heard much worse People need to worry about them first People need to learn to mind their business instead of mine Here we are, all alone Who gives a fuck about their dismay But still I'm face to face With the one person I can't replace One person I can't just tell I'm doing fine What up Ma Been a while Lot of catching up to do Know you got a ear full I'm listening [Verse] Momma said she loves me, said she cares Said if I need her, she'll always be there But even her saying that struck me as weird Why did she feel those words I needed to hear? Said she understands me, that was rare Cause no one understands me, not even my peers And these just thoughts I never bother to share So as I write, my eyes start to tear I ain't tell her I'm tired, but still trooping Alone, but I find myself regrouping Ain't say my brain now feel like a prison Figured I'd shut the fuck up and listen She continued, that was honorable Said said I get more and more irresponsible For normal folks, she said that's a challenge Luckily I mask mine behind talent She said "you are no longer yourself" "I don't know what to expect of you" Said I'm putting up with things I normally wouldn't She don't know why it's acceptable She said "people living in your house" "Don't pay shit, not respectable" I told her, they're folk I think highly of She said "well they must think less of you" "Must feel entitled, all you doing" I said I'll fix it, she said no you won't Then I got defensive, but still replied I told her I need them, she said "no you don't" Then she said, "when's the last time you spoke to your father?" I said he's self-centered, why bother? Cause he only really call about his needs And I ain't got enough time to deal with his greed Cause my days are darker Cut from a long shank but the blade is sharper I'm making my not-so-vague departure Tell pop I'm his son, not his spades partner Last time that we spoke He wanted to use the crib, throw a party here Which wasn't partly fair My home need to feel like home Even if I throw a party here Then he catch an attitude And I catch one right back at you We adore each other, but ignore each other Think this is how the fuck I wanna act with you? Things just ain't the same But he sure will call about a Yankee game Like call C.C. and get back to me What's ill is he say it so casually I love him so much he can have all the perks Hurts so much, I take all the Percs Hurts so much but fuck it, it works Hurts so much that I can't sleep Mom say I need to sleep more Then again, she ain't on this stress level So many people rely on me I'm trying to get us all to the next level Wait, told her I took baby girl to the doctor It was only for a check up though And she gave me the face like "Now would be time if there's anything I feel I need to let her know" But, that's just mom again, just being a mom again Looked down at the tat on my arm again God please give me the strength, keep calm again She asked me if Kaylin was pregnant I looked at her like she was crazy Cause that's my baby, what's wrong with a baby? She said "nothing at all when you're not dating a baby" "Beautiful girl, I like everything about her thus far" "I just don't wanna see you fall" "Just a tad bit young, so she got some growing up to do" And I replied don't we all Momma said "why can't you ever be alone" I said what do you mean? Went to correct her, she did it herself She said "at least that's how it seems" Pop ain't called, he's still mad Still pissed, he's still angry I'm still going, no plan of slowing No way I'll ever let his immaturity taint me Momma said that Tahiry called That ain't shock me, they speak a lot She's helpful.....

At A Later Date

Why must we be put down when we try to get away? Why must we all grow up when we could just play and play? Good things in life are free, can't buy everything, that's true Only one thing wrong with that, what it don't buy I don't use Only thing I'm thinking of is "Why are we all here?" There must be more to do at night than drinking rotten beer The world's a very shady place, and you can't trust a soul "Grin and bear it" seemed the thing, when it just gets a hold At a later date - it might come out a fright At a later date - I hope that you're alright Human beings are dangerous and they call me in the dark But everything gets twice as cold in marching for a lark There's loads of things I'd like to do if I could find the time Working really tires me and I think I'll turn to crime At a later date - I hope they start it soon At a later date - before we hit the moon I just can't be bothered to make an effort here at all People make you feel your contributions are too small At a later date - I'll be awful great At a later date - someone somewhere blew it At a later date - at a later date

You're Only A Customer

Intro: Ha ha, ha ha, Roc-a-Fella y'all Futuristic shit beeotch Uh, what the fuck? How we do. How we do. Uh ha Verse 1: Triple platnum nigga with the solid gold fade All that nickle and dime shit, don't hold no weight Fortune 5, top 5 in the Forbes (you'll see) as you Thumb through the Source I read the Ride report Class C, cold me down with the plastic That's all I Ask Of You, like Raphael Saadiq At the hotel, Nico, robbin' the val suite My people's eyes through the peep hole I'm lovin' you down freak as I Shoot through the city like a rumor Not soon enough, to stop 'em from spreadin' the news Paper headin' read Jay-Z breaths, 80 degrees the only thing to cool them off is a Malibu day breeze Can't sop for the feds, say cheese You know they wanna take a nigga picture Pray for the day to get ya, but I'm a parlay and stay richer for now Jigga hasn't done dirt in a while YOu know my stomach getin' weak from livin' on the streets for real Tryin' to oversee it from suites, orderin' eats At the top where the criminal minds meet That's where the cream is (right) , that's where your dream is (well ain't it?) Hook: You're only a customer (uh) Walkin' in the presence of hustlers You spend money all night long All night long - Mary J. Blige Verse 2: A-yo my youth had a nigga too aggressive I use to speed excessive, both eyes closed No thought infested Hittin' pot holes, cop-o's will snatch your weight But your game most precious Had to rethink things, is pinky ring worth Life on the run and time served in Sing Sing I don't know to tell the truth If I'm pressed for doe, I got to consoul Irv Gotti y'all Irv Gotti: Heads got to roll Jay-Z: I was raised to live, Lord I pray you forgive If not, I just handle it like Jason Kidd What you're facin' is official (it's official) Most cases when I m blazin' won't miss you (won't miss you) Case and point mad bullshitted issue I see it to the end, my writting is so personal My heart bleedin' out my pen, make no mistake aobut me It's only one nigga livin', I got a half a cake about me I got love, to make a nigga die bleedin' is nothin' You make a motherfucker die breathin' then you sayin' somthing, beeotch Hook (X3) More flavor than y'all can image havin' Graphic like Sega, Saturn, traffic like the Bodega It just so happens, you caught me at the the tail end of my dive My brain ain't right from inhaling the work of my life Fuck it, 3's in ya, had to hold D.C. high pissy off Cristle 3 G's high seasoned Bacardy, UV's Blesses my body, we be fresh at the party Play yourself go head if you don't no the ledge It's like spittin' to God Get it in your face fuckin' with niggas over your head Take your time with me, shiftee Use to make Coke stretch like the samplin' a 950 Shit with that, while I'm o a Kawasoki bike At the light, doin' a pike, with a bitch on the back And take flight, my life like it was directed by Hype In 35 slow-mo, with the Rockafella logo Accapoco to Arruba, bay breezes and caviar baluga Very little loot, a loser In the grashish blueish, Les Coup it's the root of evil in these people Hook (X3)

What Have I Got

Henry Rollins "Hard Volume"
I've got a wantless need I've got a thoughtless mind I've got a needless want I can't unwind I've got a heart that aches I've got hands that like to break They tell me to hold on They never let me go I am a clenched fist Looking for a wall to kiss I am a looked door looking For a foot to kick me to the floor What have I got I've got everything What have I got nothing much at all Self rejected well protected Too looked up inside myself to over get free Frustrated self hatred my hands turn to fists Violence so hard to resist I get so mad I do things that I regret So stupid but not stupid enough To ever forget Got no name got no brain It's alright I feel no pain I've got music pounding in my head Stop looking start looking You better look out I'm not feeling too nice today Can't be late can't relate Don't take my time Don't give me your hate I've got enough of my own I can't stop I can't start It holds me together While it tears me apart

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