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Holly McNarland lyrics - Sour Pie


Original and similar lyrics
Sour Pie If i told you the story of my life Would you break down in laughter Or run from me, hide from me in fright 'Cause i'm stormy again With your questions Not knowing what's right I will taint you and poison your mind I will eat from your heart, Tearing you apart Does it feel as good for you? 'Cause i'm stormy again Yes i'm stormy again With your blood soaked lips Wet my appetite And the hunger's knotting up inside I yearn for more than just your mind My eyes won't ever leave much behind I yearn for more than just your mind You would die 'Cause i'm stormy again Yes i'm stormy again You would die for me


JOSEPH ARTHUR "Big City Secrets"
A porcupine Crawling out from inside of your mind Like you growing a crown of thorns But you're no messiah You think more like a spider 'cause guilty hearts beat upside down Silver hubcaps replaced your eyes As you went spinning on a daydream down Forgiving the road every inch for miles If your tyres survive You know your heart will explode And if this song was a sponge Soaked in your blood Well then I guess the story would be told A fateful day You became a spider As I fed you blood from my nose Now you're just like me


Lunacy Sign of death In your thoughts and dirty eyes Losing mind Bloody arms Your fucking tired veins are incised Deadly pain Atrophy Soon you will suffocate Cracked brain Feel like dead Your reason in mutilation Alien I ives inside your fuckin' mind Controlling your life and all what you do This commander hates all mankino And now this bastard ordering to you Tear your flash Take in hand Your beating heart from your chest Drink all the blood From the veins And you will feel loathsome taste Take a knife Let loose hate And rip out your burning eyes Odliteration Fucking damnation You commit this suicide sacrifice There's the beast inside your morbid brain Commanding to destroy yourself You feel this fuckin' terrible pain But you can't break invisible cell Hey! You fuckin' fool! Look at your stupid face Now you passed this rules You're jackass in that case Searching problems for this stupid head This dumdum wants a lot to be dead He does not have all this buttoms I don't give a damn for these bastards I don't give a damn for suckers With their problems and their life God damn these fuckin' motherfuckers They may cut their neck with knife

Birds Of Passage

Bel Canto "Birds of Passage"
Feel the winds on the ridges the whirls in the meadows the ice-capped reed announce that the air is colder I feel the strength of my heart quiver inside me buy I have no cure for the laughter in your eyes The wind will carry me away the wind that would have killed us both it saves my life Your wisk I'll keep in mind and if it won't come true our dream will dream


JEREMY CAMP "Beyond Measure"
I tried to find anything I could To fill the void that I had felt inside, I tried to hide because I never could Release the very guilt that was in my mind, But every time that I'd trace these lines, I'd feel like I had been so blind cause [CHORUS] You are everything that I hope for, Everything that I breathe for, Everything that this heart will need, Everything that I hope for, Everything that I crave Sometimes I feel a fight to release the grip And trust that everything will be alright It's been so real to feel the peace that you give Start unfolding when I let things go, Every weight that I build inside, When I lay it down I realize that All these pointless ties to endless lies That this temporal life will satisfy, I hide my life in you

Got The Feeling

JEFF BECK "Rough & Ready"
Yeah, the day is right, my friends To live life as full as you can It would do you no harm Do what you want yourself There's a fog down inside I would like to guide, oh [Chorus:] Ain't no good being all alone Life's a never ending road If you feel like running (you wanna run) You better slow down, what's your hurry now We got the feeling We got the feeling Don't let sadness collide It's the future you don't want to hide Sadness will spread on your mind So leave all your troubles behind And I'll bring you the sea That's where we wanna be [Chorus x2]

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