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Hoffs Susanna lyrics

Something New

Original and similar lyrics
you want something new, something sweet to rinse away the bitterness of another day fading away you want somthing new, something bright to lighten up the shadows of your darkest fears hovering near you get so lonely lately, lonely and afraid maybe nothing really good will ever come your way you want something new, something hot flames of passion buring all your bridges down don't turn around i lie awake and watch you toss and turn i ask what's wrong, you turn away and say it's not my concern you want something new, something new but there is nothing i can do to make you see what you mean to me cause you know i love you and i know that's nothign new that's nothing new.

Turn Out The Light

LOU REED "Legendary Hearts"
Lover, lover, why is there light In the itchy gitchy evening and it's dark outside And what's the difference between wrong and right Wrong and right Isn't it funny how pain goes away And then comes back another day The air feels very good today - Good today Lover, lover, why is there light Did you forget to turn off that light Well that's all right but it's way too bright - Way too bright See the eagle above the hill The lake reflects and is so still The tension has gone from my will - from my will Moon on the mountain shining bright First there is dark and then there is light And sometimes the light is way too bright - it's way to bright Why don't you turn out the light

Moody's Mood For Love

There I go, there I go, there I go, there I go Pretty baby you are the soul, snaps my control Such a funny thing but everytime you're near me I never can behave You give me a smile and I'm wrapped up in your magic There´s music all around me Crazy music, music that keeps calling me so very close to you, turns me into your slave Come on and do with me any little thing that you want to Anything, baby just let me get next to you So am I insane or do I really see heaven in your eyes? Bright as stars that shine up above you In the clear blue sky, how I worry bout you Just can't live my life without you Baby come here, don't have no fear Oh, is there a wonder why I'm really feeling in the mood for love So tell me why, stop to think about this weather, my dear This little dream might fade away There I go talking out of my head again baby won't you come and put our two hearts together That would make me strong and brave Oh, when we are one, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid If there's a cloud up above us Come on and let in rain I'm sure our love together would endure a hurricane Oh my baby won't you please let me love you and give from this awful misery What is all this talk about loving me, my sweet I am not afraid, not anymore, not like before Don't you understand me, now baby please Pull yourself together, do it soon My soul's on fire, come on and take me I'll be what you make me, my darlin, my sweet Oh baby, you make me feel so good Let me take you by the hand Come let me visit out there In that new promised land Maybe there we can find A good place to use a lovin' state of mind I'm so tired of being without it And never known what love was about James Moody you can come on and hit me, you can blow now if you want to, I´m through

Sweet Love

Me'Shell Ndegeocello "Adam (Instrumental)"
Tell me, what is a girl to do. I try so very hard to try and please you. Even though you know you don't really care. Or is that you find your feelings too hard to share. Friends say I'm crazy for the way that I feel. You don't love me now. You probably never will. But my love is far stronger than pride. Even though I know there'll always be another by your side Let me make sweet love to you baby x2 Cry my tears by candlelight. I'm just another lonely heart, here on a lonely night. Screams of passions. I call out your name making love to another. Just to ease my pain. Will this ever change? Will you ever feel the same way about me? Let me make sweet love to you baby x2

Price Of Love

John Waite "Falling Backwards"
Girl sometimes it seems to me That I don't say the things I should To you I act like I'm no good And you wait for me patiently This house is not a home without you It takes two hearts to share Your eyes will always see through me And bring me to my knees And I will always turn to you You're everything I need And through the good and bad times You have always been there We hold each other close You tell me its alright The nights we fight about it Never dream of giving up That's the price of love Love sometimes it makes us cry Forgive me when I get it wrong Sometimes it's hard to be that strong And oh I would do anything For you I'd turn the stars around I'd find the way somehow This time you'll see I'll build A bridge to you again Love shines to sweep away the past We're more than lovers more than friends And through the good and bad times You have always been there We hold each other tight you tell me it's alright The nights we fight about it Never think of giving up That箂 the price of love Your eyes will always see through me And bring me to my knees And I will always turn to you You're everything I need And through the good and bad times You have always been there We hold each other close you tell me its alright And sometimes I can't give enough That's the price of love That's the price of love That's the price of love

Lift Us Up

ADEMA "Planets"
So many times he crossed the line, overboard, overdrawn, over looked, it's over now She looks at herself no one to turn to, then she wonders how it got this far Right to pain and plight she enters false pretend to make him fight harder Lift him up to watch him crawl, so simple when women come Laughing as it all unfolds, self-righteous grudging soul Retrospect never shined so bright, different goals, different lives, never saw, I don't know why Inflated stories reel my mills? from the course back to the source words in circles all lies He tries to make her feel so used, has her pain all in vain so he can close the door Lift her up to watch her fall, her broken heart grows numb Laughing as it all unfolds, Self-righteous grudging soul All that you breed will become your disease and will only hurt ourselves, As the love that you make, not the love that you take that keeps us alive And you give and you take and you learn from mistakes and we all will survive And the sky make it dark and the sun will then set but tomorrow is another star People try to hold you down, success keeps them alive, if you falter you will soon find quick responses from behind But if you prevail they'll turn inside out act as if they never even had a doubt Lift us up to watch us fall, not even we've gone on. Jealous right from the start We've only just begun

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