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Hieroglyphics lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
One, Two One, One, Two One, One, One, Two One, One, Two One, One, Two One, Two, Three One, Two, Three, Owww You can go to the jungle Go to the city Visit Soweto Live in the Bay or Somewhere in between But you'll never be unseen Go to the jungle Go to the city Visit Soweto Live in the Bay or Somewhere in between Cause you'll never be unseen Unhh Now this is how it is We try to handle biz And make moves in this land where the power lives Where they devour kids And acts of cowardice rule from a tool of violence and a shrouded bliss I try to release my malice And develop my inner peace in a place so callous Maybe I'll go to Angle or other Gold Coast And blow smoke with the old folks cause they know most Capture the cultured pearls, jewels, and gems It's a treasure hunt to stimulate your medulla stem The furthest reaches are within your clutches Concrete covered countries to the most birded regions Virgin territories, those exposed to man made woes They know them Hieros Electrified with lectures, collect respect and ride on Before you even know this I'm gone (No) Go to Saigon, Singapore, Sicily They consider me epitome in Italy (That's right) Hit Libya, India, Morocco Or go to Oakland and hit the eight deuce block dough Chicago, Liberia, Nigeria 'Frisco is cold like Siberia The list goes on Deport the gulf of Spain Maine, San Juan, Guam, or San Luis Obispo Go to the jungle Go to the city Visit Soweto Live in the Bay or Somewhere in between Cause you'll never be unseen Go to the jungle Go to the city Visit Soweto Live in the Bay or Somewhere in between Cause you'll never be unseen I don't know dog Maybe it's just me But I feel I'm clutching To hold nothing I mean bluffing I got the poker face I don't really know my place And I never chose this way So I go astray Throw aways blow away Every hope I hold today We were sold as slaves The sky is cold and grey My niggas showed the way So fan and listen now with this I see my golden age Unhh Times on travellin' Boundary crossin' Now we talkin' Worldwide, now we cost em' Fo' sho' partner I'm a globetrotter Downing shots of gold slaga' Smokin' like a 'O' roster I've flown lots of places in a Continental Every spot we've been to We monumental We rock the venue like we dropped a missile But it ain't an attack That's why the people keep on bringing us back, feel that I didn't tap a belly Still I'm lovin' Makaveli Trying to reach the pinnacle And we will, so be ready Said we jetty I've never stolen energy Combined with visionary minds so we itchin' to blow Like a Dirty Harry trigger finger With a needle quicker than my Pilipino homies on the two turntables See the truth enables sight through your damaged cornea We got the formula from Oakland California Go to the jungle Go to the city Visit Soweto Live in the Bay or Somewhere in between Cause you'll never be unseen Go to the jungle Go to the city Visit Soweto Live in the Bay or Somewhere in between Cause you'll never be unseen One, two One, two, two One, one, one, two One, one, one, two One, one, one, two One, one, two One, one, two One, one, ahh One, two One, one, two One, one, one, two One, one, two One, one, two One, two, three One, two, three, ahh

Can I Live

JAY-Z "Reasonable Doubt"
Yeah, hah, yeah Roc-A-Fella We invite you to, somethin epic y'all know Well we hustle out of a sense of, hopelessness Sort of a desperation Through that desperation, we 'come addicted Sorta like the fiends we accustomed to servin But we feel we have nothin to lose so we offer you, well, we offer our lives, right What do you bring to the table While I'm watchin every nigga watchin me closely my shit is butter for the bread they wanna toast me I keep my head, both of them where they supposed to be Hoes'll get you sidetracked then clap from closed feet I don't sleep, I'm tired, I feel wired like codeine, these days a brother gotta admire from four fiends away My pain wish it was quick to see, from sellin 'caine til brains was fried to a fricaisse, can't lie At the time it never bothered me, at the bar gettin my thug on properly, my squad and me lack of respect for authority, laughin hard Happy to be escapin poverty, however brief I know this game got valleys and peaks, expectation for dips, four percent pertation we stack chips, hardly The youth I used to be, soon to see a mill'in No more, Big Willie my game has grown prefer you call me William Illin for revenues, grateful dim the light channel 7 news, round seven jewels, hand gettin the mic Forgettin all I ever knew, convenient amnesia I suggest you call my lawyer, I know the procedure Lock my body can't trap my mind, easily explain why we adapt to crime I'd rather die enormous than live dormant that's how we on it Live at the main event, I bet a trip to Maui on it Presidential suites my resedential for the weekend Confidentially speakin in codes since I sense you peekin The INXS rental, don't be fooled my game is mental We both out of town dog, what you tryin to get into Viva, Las Vegas, see ya, later at the crap tables meet me by the one that starts a G up This way no fraud Willie's present gambling they re-up And we can have a pleasant time, sippin margaritas Ge-ge-geyeahhh, can I live Can I live My mind is infested, with sick thoughts that circle like a Lexus, if driven wrong it's sure to hurt you Dual level like duplexes, in unity, my crew and me commit atrocities like we got immunity You guessed it, manifest it in tangible goods Platinum Rolexed it, we don't lease we buy the whole care, as you should My confederation, dead a nation, EXPLODE on detonation, overload the mind of a said patient When it balls to steam, it comes to it we all fiends gotta do it, even righteous minds go through this True this, history school us to spend our money foolish Bond with jewellers and, watch for intruders I stepped it up another level, meditated like a buddhist Recruited lieutenants with ludicrous, dreams of gettin cream let's do this, against T-D-S So I keep one eye open like, C-B-S, ya see me stressed right Can I live Can I live Can I live Can I live Ha-hah, Roc-A-Fella y'all

Death March

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[Virtuoso] I'm omnipotent You claim to win battles So when the beat starts I'll punch the tree bark And pass the chainsaw to a ????? heart Severing every animal I'm doing dirt like earthworms I'm sick and original Boy, I gave birth to the first germs I spit the acetate To make your lips evaporate The Master Ape Bare hands will decapitate and bash your face Pass the eight, sack of shake Twisted in plasma tape I came for y'all through the castle gate I come across a substance yet I couldn't lacerate Virtuoso is an unidentified flying object to make your space shuttle ??????? So while you drunks look for a hook and say you masturbate Telling 7L to sratch a plate In due for respect I slap your face Ask to make my specs, I'm a tackle ya You're a neck and I'm Dracula Have sex in the back of a black Lex or an Acura Met with the, Jedi Mind Tricks We rhyme sick and side ????? for dime chicks I'll strangle you, use my same hands to give you the Heimlick So you can live to face more punishment from my divine lips [Jus Allah] Jus Allah prays on the minds of the young Silencing the devil that speaks with forked tongue Taste my blade sharpness Ranked in no class like Marxist The heartless Rise out of darkness I'm the last head you should ever try to fuck with Be the next member in the cast of my snuff flicks Rough shit, don't even attempt sleeping At war with the demons that live in infernal regions Spawned from eternal semen bred flesh predators Wings of the arms when you heels like Pegasus Grabbing your leg, so you live to the heavenless Drop this prejudice and follow me to Exodus [Ikon the Hologram] We ravenous Exhume the tomb of Lazarus You blasphemous We bring war to pacifists Tarantulas, burn flesh like a nine glock Your mind stops from nine of my divine shots A pine box is fine for a killer to run Swing from vines and rhyme like Atilla The Hun Bring the gun, your tounge is what I'm slicing We slap tracks and attack like M. Bison Ilohem, fuck the pagans we mark them And take turns to burn religious doctrines Concoctions of pain hits from eight angles Locked in the brain to lacerate ankles [Esoteric] Yo, I rip mics, stick lames Wreck nights, spit flames Lead pipes, split frames Kid ain't shit changed Act trife I grab the mic and bag your wife Sacrifice you twice Motherfucker in after life Decimate your paradise Burn tracks like thermostats My personal attacks snap back to murder cats I might advise You type of guys should revitalize Your man power, I sabotage the fire flys With a dope rhyme Take control of your soul Grab a fourty fo' for the po's Get your broken nose Opponents go to shows Now they know their robes damn hoes that fold my clohtes I bark at these, mark emcees, park and freeze My world hypothesis Kill beasts like heart disease Man please You can never fuck with the Eso-teridactyl My rap skills will thrash you Motherfucker

City Electric

This life's electric You can feel the pulse out on the street The boys keep moving Girls they always seem to follow the beat This town it breathes in A hunger deeper down it's underground These changes, they change Familiar faces at one time look strange Call me crazy cause I still hold on Call me foolish I'm a believer We were never meant to walk alone I don't think I'm the last of the dreamers City's electric tonight Burning under bright lights The city's so active, alive Can you feel it? You know we're living out loud Like we still need it City electric The city's electric tonight The search is still on Voices calling out from wilderness Some say to let go Some things are out of your control I tried but I just can't stop Tried but I can't stop Til we progress Call me crazy but there's still a chance Call me foolish, an overachiever We can be exactly who we want I don't think I'm the last of the dreamers Live like you feel it Live like you need it Live like you feel this Live like you love Live the life you love The city's electric tonight

Respond React

Its jazzy, hip-hop hanging in my head heavy Malik said 'Riq, you know the planet ain't ready, for the half' Boy, we comin' with the action pack On some Dundee shit representin' the outback (Yo, we do it like this) All the way live from 2-1-5 (You witnessin' the fifth dynasty family click) All the way live from 2-1-5 (Across the map, one time for your...) All the way live from 2-1-5 (Its time to react to respond to react to respond) All the way live from 2-1-5 Chorus: We setting it from south-side pushing this up north From Illadelphian reps to fly points across the map Bring it back to respond-react To bring it back to respond-react to this Verse One: Bad Lieutenant/ M-Ill-itant The attractive assassin, blastin the devil trespassin Master gettin cash in an orderly fashion Message to the fake nigga Flash-in Slow-up Oc before you get dropped And closed like a caption Fractional kids don't know the time for action Styles got the rhythm that of an Anglo-Saxon Round of applause then avalanche a clappin *PLOW* that's what happen, now what's your reaction We heavyweight traction, pro-pornographin Specialize in science and math and Original black man Bustin thoughts that pierce your mental defense Rippin your sacks and Vocal toe to toe impeccable splittin your backs son Simple as addition and subtraction Black Thought- the infinite relaxed one Shorties say they love it with a passion Bring the international charm See a squad I harass REACT You best adapt when I sling this rap Another chapter Before when I have to trap ya Map your whole path out Go get your crowd so we can clap out I drive down streets and take back route- positionin When I'm in your system like glycerin Fans listenin , from Michigan to Switzerland Malik be blitzed again- on the station with the discipline Solicitin , sometimes illicit or explicit with it then From the deep end where the hills are steep Nobody cares to speak- a land where life is cheap The street mentality mixed with the intellect Personality, hell where I dwell is well Niggas rebellious Bodies are found down in the cellars My man caught a shot to the stomach Now who want it Confronted by these dusty blunted- cats Who act like they don't know that the fact is that they're being hunted A process of elimination Activate your mind with the stimulation Enter your zone with penetration I've seen more horror than Brahm Stroker Strip your broad a play poker, then drink mocha The sometimes socializer The joke despiser You woke the wiser Dealin with the Roots vocalizer Up in your flesh from south Philly to west I stampede your style I'll compile the bless Chorus: 2X Verse Two: Black Thought/ Malik B Hey yo, I'm just a lyricist A chemist of the hemp The beat pimp The ill Philly resident That's far from hesitant Corrupt like a president Never benevolent But poetically prevalent Cooler than peppermint The lieutenant for niggas talkin bout represent No doubt, its obviously evident I get bent Far from temporary son I'm very permanent Hittin m.c.'s like an intoxicant Sent to prevent Monopoly is my intent The means is what I invent This mental murder pay the rent Lyrically I'm the dominant ingredient The swift extravagant Smooth lubricant Down with the M-the-Ill-itant (ch-ch-ch...) That's the sound of the dynasty chant We surround your camp Assumin the war stance And bring it from the chest Now let's dance M-ILL-ITANT Feel the fifth Gorilla chant Ya'll talk about bodies But you would not kill a ant My skill is amp Would peel a nigga like a stamp Caliber is of Excallibur now you be damp When I operate a crop or copulate my game I make a womb populate and 2-1-5th is this stock of hate Peep the logistics Slump your squad of misfits They all get they wrists slit Blast your ass if you insist it Leave no trace so there's no trace for ballistics Turn your soul and body to statistics In particular I've got that extracurricular Squad in the stash who could be stcking ya Slip and they vicking ya Harass your police commissionar Don't like chicks with weaves talking bout 'I need conditioner' That shits deader than niggas with a mortioner A gymnanza(?!) Up in your flesh like plasma Take away your last breathe when you got asthma Then meet Bad Lieu down at the plaza Hip-hop extravaganza Tell your man I slump him with a stanza Now who's the boss not Tony Danza My force not green but the force is obscene P.O. took a piss test it came out not clean Brody with my man Miz-Moose and Hakeem My squad from deuce-four up the West Oak Lane All the way to Takahwana and Frankfurt they know the name It's like that... M-Ill-itant Chorus to fade

The Mayor And The Crook

No more pencils no more books I built the city out one brick I had a mayor and a crook I made the crook stab the mayor then slay himself in the guilt I stole the brick back and migrated east, now let's build Every tenderfoot cadet better they be slit-throat percentages Chicken penmanship tied the thirteenth knot (Hangman) I arrange panoramics of a plastic catalogue And where wild dogs sing tailor-made lullabies tried by my offspring I'll bring the butterflies and he can bring the centipedes And she'll bring the cadavers set em' free and let em' feed The devil tree penciled me in but I slept thick through my alarm sock Slick Willy hid in the barn while farmer charmed the crops And I'm a warden My tongue is full of glass Because I promised my friend I'd chew up the bottle If he truly drank the poison I'm alienating the mating man to the high ride, base tied Face mine's and make God clones We can manufacture medicine Cut into 5-digit slide clock the essentials in (I'll be a bill collector) My destinies resting with red worms chewin" off the carcass anyway Let me slay artists for tips in the penny tray By the way if that diamond ring don't shine That's cause I bought it at the five-and-dime but don't neglect the sentiment I'll pedal my tricycle through the f-5 logistics of a twister Soaked in the religions of a nit-picker [Chorus] If I botched the operation I apologize (sorry) The air's rooted in carbon I'm but a mortal archer parked in amber waves of starlets I'm fresh out of Geppeddo's woodwork asylum Cedar frame, wire-bound knuckles Let a tug of the puppeteer steer my hustle Well when a page becomes a squire, re-engage, clap your wings When a noble's demoted hope it don't sucker-punch the colony But when the catapult releases lease your claims behind the bunker And fasten stinger pageant results to the public eye (glory hunter) Is it genuine enough to feel baby felon Negotiate comradery of wills Hows this my little loom Perv surgeon with dirty dominion monitor boxes Hovering inches 'bove pertinent urchin toxins Now y'all ain't excused from table side Till the dinner plates fly Slurping' liquid happy citzen enhancer I got this slicky sycamore head shaker Mimic stitch and splinter entry Thereby filtering citizens hit-man prior to acts descending (tight) Cats know the ambiance calm beyond comparison Captive, passive spring loaded serenity I'm trying to give this city acupuncture Shovin one-way pins in subway systems Stand up where I'm layin, now that a runway vic (push) Made you go batty, spreading spawn legitimate Spice the bishop, sever the ties, splinter the kinship See every now and again I love life but hate to admit it Cause it spreads the jinx on a sleeping cynic [Chorus] I'm quadruple six plus scruples category mayhem stems So one overlooked the scene including loopholes When Christ studies the return ramifications I'll burn the campus to impress him Then rock like medusa glances You ran the final mile before the blanks blow Home alone sippin beetle juice Just to numb and then shimmy the needles loose I built a castle out of fifty-two cards Plus jokers with an image Modern theory jars us while remaining harnessed to the vintage I'm mad at how far this is dishonoring Occam's Razor But it seemed so being fatigued knuckle work (labor) I've patched the little leakage in the shell around my greed In case Tommy Turbulence located the matrix then impedes ...

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