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Heltah Skeltah lyrics - Magnum Force

Perfect Jab

Original and similar lyrics
featuring The Representativz and Rustee Jux Intro/Chorus: all together This goes out to my Magnum Force When we lay a nigga out they come and drag him off May the Force be with me and if not our fault For LIFE fuck alla y'all [Ruck] Yo you can't manage this (manage this) the bomb scandalous from here to Los Angeles Ruckus tossin the random shit But can you get with the nigga Tall Sean manuscript Man you shit, all up in your pants when the cannon click Man I flip, on niggaz for no apparent reason Squeezin shots at you heathens, to stop you from breathin When the cops come he bleedin, I think he need some CPR See we are the illest niggaz out that's on your TV pah So when you greet me pah, better have your fuckin shit straight Your fifth make, nobody move, I think your shit fake You fishcake, whatever the fuck Ruck dictate The shit great, higher than shows made by Rick Lake You'll lick eight, shots at them niggaz who be fuckin with international irrational beat got you Ruckus bitch Enough of this, bullshit talkin let's start wettin shit Peep the etiquette of a nigga that's known for settin shit Chorus [Rustee Jux] When the weather get free yo I hate the scene, drinkin seagulls V.O., novacainin my sufferin through the strugglin Easin the agony, postponin the misery Smoke some weed, blank out my memory momentarily Calculatin my every motion, cautious coastin I see the blue and white scopin, slowly approachin Eyeballin me and my sons, like we the ones with the stashed guns, hopin we run, like the last ones So they can get they rocks off, sound they glocks off Light my blocks off, gangsta nab niggaz bump cops off Drunk from red scotch, got a dead shot Jamaicans in the dread spot'll blow a fed top Chop a pig into hamhocks, got it on slam lock Hit the SWATS with a cinder block off the rooftop Regulatin, livest motherfuckers on this side Bitches dick ride, stone soldiers with brick eyes Chorus [Rock] Keep on talkin aight? Get more than your style rammed up You see me? Don't say shit like Pink Panther You Talk Too Much like Run'n'them and your breath smell like Pampers Get knocked the fuck out by Dr. David Banner DJ at the bar be act like records got dandruff Makin niggaz scream Oh! Oh! and throw they hands up You know this man's ruff, so my man Ruck could do stand up So who wanna battle? We'll learn you some manners, god damn ya You niggaz make me sick as cancer, I slam ya Whole crew of emcees, DJ's and your dancer Half-steppers can't run, panic catch a tantrum Teared a new hamstrung, I stick niggaz for ransom ? again now they got front, I slap cats at random Deflate your egos you too gassed off the Mylanta Take your dough and hoe and dissapear like The Phantom Send her back pullin her hands up, singin the M.F.C. anthem Man dem, strong like Samson, shorty and Jux Cause I'm that nigga Rock from Heltah Skeltah plus I'm handsome But scrape that, bring handguns, my crew sorta bananas like plantains, any questions boo-YAA your answer Chorus [Representativz] Aiyyo I'm movin through this life shit with the only fam I got My Triple R rated niggaz steady blowin up spots You think not it's Little Rock we bust shots at your car and leave you stretched in your ride like these fake rap stars This shit right here I'm handlin'll leave your head scramblin All that panickin'll get your shit ran up in I can't stand it when MC's get caught ramblin Have crews abandon them from slugs that my cannon send In this land of sin where they break fool for the chips over jewels and whips pack my tool and my clips So when we start to bust clips on y'all, niggaz assume the straight, dead position when my lead go BOOM Embeddin this tune, all into your fuckin doom We move through these evil streets steady holdin chrome My Rep niggaz stay mashin, big up my thugs on ? Forever gat snatchin everytime we see the cops passin Your team is has-beens, gaspin from the ass slashin The Repz baby, time for action, action * what's uttered by various BCCers * Chorus 2X [Rock] Throw y'all middle fingers up in the air Say, Fuck y'all niggaz, we don't care! Word is Bon Jov', oh oh We run up on foes, oh oh oh oh oh Niggaz think they fuckin with my Magnum Force Cause when we lay a nigga out they come and drag him off May the Force be with me and if not our fault For LIFE, FUCK alla y'all Hehehehe, see Slogan is made of Force be with me Not our fault You can't fuck with that? Fuck you all Word is Bon Jov'..

Get Ya Shit Together

T.I. "Urban Legend"
[Intro - T.I. talking] As you see the O.G.s from Grand Hustle done laid it down again T.I.P. shawty Hey yo, this for all my homegirls like to see a baller do his thing Get ya shit together come on All the eight, nines, and dimes I'd like to welcome y'all to the best time of ya life Ya understand that All the stones is real And it's all chrome on the wheels, ya know Anything less is uncivilized [Verse 1 - T.I.] Pull up to the club, lift both doors up Hopped out clean and yo ho chose us Walked in the door, make the show hold up Cause my neck and my bracelet is so froze up The kind of stones bitches wanna see close up So we don't appraoch them, they come and appraoch us Roll the dro up then go post up Look down with the west fixin' go sho' nuff In the V.I.P. and all eyes on us Hoes chill, poppin' pills blowin' dro no dust What cha say, got a man so what I don't know him baby and he don't know her I got a new Phantom and my own chauffeur Ya think ya fixin' be thinkin' bout him, no sir Probably prefer to tel ya man good night Unless you don't wanna know what the good life look like [Hook - Lil' Kim, T.I.] [Lil' Kim] If you ain't gettin' money good night I know what a broke nigga look like When ya ridin' in ya wheels get ya shit together Boy them diamonds ain't real, get ya shit together [T.I.] Now we can ball seven days, six nights If tht head and that pussy hit right Hey, match ya panties with ya bras get ya shit together Go get ya hair and nails done get ya shit together [Verse 2 - T.I.] Hey, I'm off the scene with Louis the thirteenth Chains swings to my jeans, and my T-shirt clean In case you been researching, I'm the King With a style as mean as the Earth seem Chest on ice, and my wrist on gleam 30 karats in the ring, money ain't no thing You think I'm playin' but I ain't joking The dro king, if it ain't purple, I ain't smoking Rubberband bank rolls, fifty thousand dollar cheddar knots Try to shine, is you out your mind, boy you better not I walk around with more money than you ever got Shrewd attitude like I never had to sell a rock Shawty I can get you in whatever spot Backstage, front row, what I got to front for I'm getting bored, don't even know what I stunt for Got a lot of rides, what it hurt to cop one more [Hook - Lil' Kim, T.I.] [Verse 3 - T.I.] To all my hot girls, if you wanna come chill Or roll on chrome wheels, let me tell you what it is We fixin' throw a little party at the crib Where the floors tricked out and the rooms like ill The basement's cool, but the pools unreal Where that millionaire lives, shit remains concealled So pop a pill, put on your blindfold I'm hitting the dance floor, and grab eighty-nine more Let em' know we on the way where they been trying to go I knew I had em' when they asked me 'What kind of diamonds are those' Headed to the spot pouring double shots of XO Play the 'Love Below' ane watch'em undress slow Flicks on the flat screen, make em' want to 'Get Low' And spit shine this dick of mine until it gets swole When they kick it with the king, they don't wanna let go So whatcha gonna tell a nigga, when he tell ya 'Let's Go' [Hook x2 - Lil' Kim, T.I.]

I Know You Strapped

Lil Wyte "Doubt Me Now"
smoke a blunt, get drunk, hit a line of that funk, now you fallin' up in the spot and you thinkin' that you crunk, you ain't crunk, yous a punk, and I'ma show you that tonight all it takes is one killer to step and we can start a fight in the middle of the club, bitch wasup we can do this shit security ain't gonna jump in the way because they scared of this implantin' this into ya brain so you know the next time you cross the line again it's standin' full of sin when you fuck wit the boss biggest,badest,roughest motha' fucker, but ya still a bitch I'm comin' in crunker than the others for th fuck of it liquor bottles hit ya harder than some syrup when ya slum have ya shakin', fakin', body achin' by the time I'm done legally this isn't right but ask me if I give a shit peacefully I'll read your rights and have you beggin' me to quit hit ya weed and liquor or whatever else it takes to jump just remember, just cause you fucked up it doesn't mean your crunk, chorusx2: I know you strapped, but you cowards like to play hard and know that you don't wanna catch a murder charge , see butsters to get full of that weed and liquor snort a line, in ya mind now yous a killer Talking: man gotdamn paul man you might have to slow this motha' fucker down a little bit man I'm on that syrup man I'm high and I'm drunk man you need to slow down Verse 2: I'm not scared of you just cause you came in actin' a damn fool runnin' lip talkin' shit, bet you wouldn't without ya tool now ya hard very hard ballin' down the boulevard, pissy pants doin' ya dance I'm behind ya in a faster car, weak as water so is yo mama, father and ya faculty, quickly sauder up yo lips so you can't trip or speak of me watch me creep up froom the back wit gats and pick you of by ones, had to repaint the walls wit ya while ya smokin on ya blunt, next time when you step to the plate come back and just let it rip, stead of bitchin' out I thought your, you ran back to ya whip, holy ghost is up in ya when you see me you fade away, makin' fun of all you cowards powered by a pack of bay hopefully one day you'll find out in th end you just a bitch until then just keep on drinkin' smokin' snortin' up some shit chorusx2...fade out

Whatz That!?!

TWIZTID "Mirror Mirror"
Microphone check, 1, check 2 now what dat feel like [Madrox:] They say were just a couple in the way, ass, talkin way too fast, and all our shit it sound like trash. You cant see us, replicate us and try to be us,envonius swab meet, twoo stripe adidas, now what choo holdin down, dog yo whole style is sunk, yo rhymes is wack yo shit dont bump, you say im hatin, hell naw im jsut tellin teh deal, and since i hate you then i dont give a fuck how you feel, we keep ya dead jumpin, put yo hands up in the air, you can diss the un-real, cuz the un-real dont really care,we dont give a fuck, load bodies off in the trunk,everyday is prolly the 13th wit bad luck, somehow we made it through, dont know how, somehow we do, without relyin on radios or interviews, where my killas at Middle fingers in the air, and we spreadin the numbers everyday so be prepared. [Chorus:] What thats thats what its like, and I dont want nobody to know, (nobody) What's that thats what its like and I dont want nobody to know (nobody) [4x] [Monoxide:] I cut ya eye ball out wit an exact-o blade, you still couldnt see my freek show my state, levitate up in the middle of the room and have everybody shakin in they kung-fu shoes, i got, madrox wit me packin a bowl, I got, 17 keepin one in the hole, I got a , stash spot that I keep on the low, in case I gotta put in work on a bitch ass Jugghoe, people sending me the death threats, but i got somethin for you fake ass bitches better believe that, my axe swinging I got ya blood on my face, witcha body still floppin cut in half at the waist, its like, deeper than a mad man, shit it aint nouttin to lose but my shell and you can have dat, never void, muhfucka never die, wit tha axe and the pistol representin the East Side [Chorus] [Madrox:] we got the dialect, to dialate yo intellect, we teach of love and hate without no textbook or no internet, we stomp on waves(waves) play in the graves (graves) adn the take the minds of poserless and knee it at your face, Man define minda frames, everyone is king, and the pressures of the world are crumbled by teh words we sing, I ain't content Im pissed and sick off all this bullshit we all up in yo face, run up on this Geractric [Monoxide:] WE aint the trance or the millenium, I cann tell ya dat, you can keep that freestyle rap and back back, we are the drama seekers, lookin for non -believers, we walk and water and clouds, and slit the dream weavers, I hope ya glad to meet us, now get a blaze up, you jsut a hounddog, stalk bitch, so raise up, you outta mind outta body, outta spirt, outta rhyme, sneak up on you in teh dark from behind [Chorus]

Fly On The Wall

JAY ROCK "90059"
[Ab-Soul:] Fly away, sometimes I wish I could fly away Fly away, sometimes I wish I could fly away [Verse 1 - Jay Rock:] There was a young ghetto child going wild after running 'round Who came from a happy home, then got lost in the jungle Hit a lick for like ten chicks Brought it back to the bricks then got everybody rich Started his own clique, recruited all piranhas His favorite phrase: that's on hundreds His niggas trained to go Wherever he point, you got shitted on Or smoked like a joint Here comes the line-up, first 48 people remain silent All his goons still remain violent Damn, there goes another body, oh shit, sirens Another bite the dust like Mickey Thompson tires Lights flashing, niggas stunt like the grammys No one’s exempt, they’ll sell a rock to your granny Now this is the part where jealousy comes out to play Hood politics official when they want you out of the way Now back then we ain't never mention this word ‘Cause if you caught snitching consequences fo sho Niggas'll throw you out on the freeway with a shell in your dome And no feelings is shown Then look inside the eyes of these killers A blank stare, that's different than stones Got you wondering, where in life, where they went wrong? Don't wanna cross these types, if you do think twice It's life saving, don't get caught slipping when you ice skating [Hook - Jay Rock:] When you stand still you could witness it all Picture the vision from the fly on the wall When you stand still you could witness it all Picture the vision from the fly on the wall [Verse 2 - Jay Rock:] Now when the sun rise, this young man sees money's a big deal New Chevelle, wipe in the morning dew cross his windshield Killer's saturation while the smokers run through sanitation For the bags of hands, this young man, calculating for the long run Since ya homies been on one lately No one's safe, he keeping his chrome off safety Headed to the function, momma's gone, they children out cussin' See this young man hit this bitch for all them niggas she fuckin' Knowin' one man's been intimate touchin' Til the big homie found out, gave his ass a concussion He don't want nothin' now, he walkin' on crutches now Couldn't see him from the shoulders He thinkin' how can he buck him down Hold up, the eyes is watchin' Gotta be more smart now, devise this option Watch how the plot thickens The clock tickin', his weak spot is a thot Just notice he can't stop trickin', got him Now this how it starts He take a bat when he know to go play with his heart Had his nose wide open while gettin' head at the park She set the GPS location like this where we park Now you know what's next It's crazy how life can end all through a text Got us wishin' we was all born with a vest I know you prolly witnessed it all But picture the vision from the fly on the walll [Hook - Jay Rock:] When you stand still you could witness it all Picture the vision from the fly on the wall When you stand still you could witness it all Picture the vision from the fly on the wall [Verse 3 - Busta Rhymes:] Jay Rock what up though? I'm here with you Let's give 'em a classic, you know I'm here and prepared with you Keep niggas inspired, you know I'm comin' to share it with you And when the wheels fall off I'll get out and put on a spare with you Let me be real with you, mhmm It's been selected, let me give you my fly on the wall perspective Sometimes niggas don't listen, I'm hopin' this serves its purpose Cause that's some of the realest shit that you talked about in them verses Hopin' they feel this shit despite how the devils is workin' To avoid tellin' on myself, I try to speak in third person See we done been through some shit, throughout my lifeline We was flies on the wall too from the shit we seen in our lifetime And through these songs there were digressions Some stories we shared through music Question if we in our right mind Now I'm a new fuckin' fly on the wall I wanna see how many rappers really write rhymes And we've been rockin' for a long time, Jay Rock They ain't got a clue of the timing I heard about you from Slay when you started shinin' They ain't knowin' this our fourth collab from 2009 and Slay heard about you from my nigga Wack But they ain't know when Top Dawg introduced you, nigga The way we out, we always give you crack Not knowin' that we had the raw just to split you, niggas To tell the truth there's no problem we can't solve So let me tell the truth, again I'm so proud of how you evolved And while me and Jay Rock kill these niggas 'til they dissolve I hope you appreciate my view as the biggest fly on the wall

Who Down to Ride

MASTER P "Only God Can Judge Me"
(feat. D.I.G.) [Master P] Told y'all I was gon' let them niggaz run that beef shit til I get tired of it Then I'ma put them motherfuckers to sleep - you got them extra heaters nigga Let's go ride [D.I.G.] Who the fuck, that is, on the side of me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to get high with me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to ride with me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to die with me Yo who the fuck, that is, on the side of me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to get high with me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to ride with me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to die with me [Master P] I'm feelin sick, I done swallowed a fuckin rock I ain't even runnin, here comes the cops I got my soldier gear on, and I'm motherfuckin ready You _Nightmare on Elm Street_, you Jason and I'm Freddy We got a job to do, then it's a motherfuckin lick Fifty G's on his ass, then it's a motherfuckin split Me and my homies gon' smoke and when we get done we gon' get blunted And after we handle our business, we gonna chase after some honies Nobody fuckin move, nobody get hurt Don't make me put your face on a motherfuckin shirt I'm from the 3rd Ward, where we all crack skulls And we don't give a fuck cause we all toss broads Now if you snitchin, then they gon' find you in a ditch But if you bitchin, then they gon' find you with some dick Nigga we Uptown, where the lights don't shine But with the pistol, and this chrome, watch yo' ass get blind by these youngster that I hang with, I mean these niggaz I sang with We all soldiers for life nigga, we on some gang shit [D.I.G.] Who the fuck, that is, on the side of me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to get high with me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to ride with me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to die with me A maniac killer, I'm the nigga quick to rip it up So buck and get fucked stuck like Chuck bitch, now that ass is out of luck I'm from the ruts of the city strictly ghetto born Swoll up hard so you haters best be gone Or he gone like that, I'm tragic on your street I got what it take to get the glock that knock you off your fuckin feet I be the terror in the dark just like a thief Releasin the beast, be deceased, all increase, uhh T-E-C, N-I-N-E, relieves to any problem I got the fuckin cop killers nigga you can't dodge em Like a mirage I'm the nigga you think you be seein I'm leavin em stinkin I'm leavin em invisible even up when they dreamin You don't where I went, or how this nigga gon' be on that ass and blast, gimme the mic, I'ma show you what I mean froggy fat But clean as a mouth full of Listerine Unseen supreme the king, indisputable Inflictin pain, even my name is immutable My game is beautiful, fuck with me and I'll murder you Who the fuck, that is, on the side of me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to get high with me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to ride with me Yo who the fuck, that is, down to die with me

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