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Heltah Skeltah lyrics - Magnum Force

Magnum Force

Original and similar lyrics
featuring Doc Holiday Starang Wondah Starang: They don't like us Rock: Word Up Starang: They don't like us Rock: They ain't gotta like us fuck them son [Starang] Starang forever like Wu Tang my crew brings drama hangin your ass upside down by ya shoe strings Smoke tell em how we doin this Stop the whole shit just to big up my newness (Now by all means) I do a show in New Orleans and get wit Bout It Bout It Mystikal (Starang we been missin you) Last year ATL we almost got physical I can't talk now read about it in the interview (While ya'll up in D D) I caught two and three stitches I was still gettin bitches in the tunnel takin pictures In the mazda listenin to Kris ‘I Got Next' I wanted Hot Sex so I ran and got the Lex (aiyyo) [Rock] Aiyyo shit goes down Time to throw down show up this a showdown So down low now I'm low down Hold down the fort now wit a fo' pound blow down ya whole town first go round Yo smile'll quickly be switched bitch and you'll frown when I dig in ya pockets and take all the dope out Lay ya gold out now and don't pronounce one word Shut the fuck up probably cryin hold down Tired of punk asses takin shit for a joke Now watch you'll pounce gat pointed at yo door (POW) Act like you know now We could be so foul shake your hand run up in ya bitch no doubt Chorus: I ain't havin that - 4X Shit yo game be asses I got two passes to the Baja Ah ha then turn into night we fuck Yo cars superthug privelage I ain't got to brag because I did it Run before the rap when I was scrappin On these motherfuckin mean streets of Brownsville gun clappin I ain't got to front I make it happen Strictly snappin necks, strictly macs and techs Head all night overdeuce deuce the feds [Rock] Yo matter fact here's a list of some of the shit I ain't havin First of all there wont be no more talkin out yo ass man I ain't havin no back stabbin I ain't havin shit Run yo mouth you get smacked in it (Why) Why? why? Why ask why say goodbye to mister nice guy say hi to the bad guy Four horsemen head the magnum force man rip you get lit the fuck up (Speeed) Like a spliff of human torch man this shit scorchin Do the research your feet hurt from half-steppin Bitin my shit a make your teeth hurt Word is bond - jovi B you wildin My dick dont stay out my high stop ridin (My Diiick) Son niggaz tryin ta beat me in the head wit gats fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) Run up in the piece think you gone dead that fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) U.S. marshalls at my crib tryin ta take me back fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) We could take it ol school at 3 meet me in the back fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) [Ruck] Yo, yo.. where ya at? To all my peoples Henessey passed off Give a toast to my whole MFC While you clowns waitin Ruck is shakin the foundation Wit some groundbreakin shit that'll leave the town thinking When I cock back my pistol drop back and whistle For my niggas to hold me down because this here bout to get hit dude We miss you stick a niggas roll and his fool clique I gotta full clip for you and all of ya bull SHHHH [Doc Holiday] U.S. marshall and your little wittle when left is caught up on my pillow Eat a dick between 2 slices of bread you fuckin fag MFC keep it cookin (Keep it cookin) We emerge wit the blue print to plan my escape from central brooklyn Rock pick the lock Ruck bust the sha sha Keep with the blast CC4 to blow the door (Now we blow the spot) Armed and dedicated semi under rated fuck it to me dated by a wip ass You niggaz lick ass we blast gas pletal freak mass Doin the Macarana over 2 pounds of hash (We ain't havin that) I ain't havin that - 5X [Ruck] You dont got no wins in mi casa My shit's proper you still suckin my kielbasa From hilshire I still fire from helicopters Watch the birdie I heard him tell the tale to the coppers Clock ya comin from the precinct singin operas Met you at ya crib from the blind side I dropped ya Knocked ya, teeth out ya mouth when I popped ya Sent you upstate to get a gun from ya poppa Yo live niggaz on the wall write that smoke crack fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) Yo ya smack me and I smack you back fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) Ya'll niggaz think ya'll gone come around here flashin' track fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) And if you niggaz owe me dough besta get my trap fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) [Starang] Son you know they can't stand me Cuz my crew pack heat like Miami Ran for these rappaz outside of the Grammy's They be killin me how they willingly be grillin me Cuz they shorty wop just be feelin' me Could it be, my name, or my big gold chain Now when we in the airport on our way to soul train I got niggaz on the west coast (WEST SIIIIDE) That meet me at the airport carryin weed in they trenchcoats In business class eatin french toast and coffee Tell the stewartess to back up off me we on ya'll Warned ya, but ya'll still couldn't wait for the all-time great William H. word up And if ya call and I'm not home then you can call me back fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) You just can't smoke if you ain't put in for the sack fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) Son don't fuck her raw here's a jimmy hat fuck that (I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that) Here's a tic-tac your breath smell like ass crack fuck that (Wooooo) Starang: And when you know, that when your MFC, your MFC for life 98 shit, Willam H. Duren, Doc Holiday

100 Percent Of Something

HOODIE ALLEN "People Keep Talking"
[Intro:] I said my tour just sold out Album's been bought out, girlfriend might put out - terrific Oh that's the good route, shit that you dream 'bout Now that you got it feels different I don't need no one, no one to tell me Everything will be alright Hair just like Elvis, hands on her pelvis But let me delve in [Verse 1:] I said I got a lot of dreams and you got a lot of needs So there ain't a lot of time for me to help it And I ain't slept in nearly 20 weeks, is that healthy? I'm making money when I go to sleep, is that wealthy? I'd rather talk about my self esteem but that's selfish Lot of folks complain about the cards that you dealt me But I'm still here shuffling the deck, yo what's come of it? Used to know it all, now I'd rather just discover it So fuck it, man, I said fuck it, man Yo, fuck it, man, I'm just a lucky man [Hook:] Baby I want it all [x2] And I can't run away, don't know what to say or do anymore [Verse 2:] She like "oh you so worried about getting bras and shit" Comin' to my shows just to hear applause and shit They get mad at me when the fans throw they bras and shit Tryna tell me that it ain't part of my job descrip I'm re-writing the history either way you interpret it My life is like a circus the way these clowns have been surfacing But you had my back, you memorized every word Maybe bridges are meant to be burned And when he gave you passes, I was gassed I can't lie But I was busy living out my passions, that's why My friend's just laugh, it's funny The type of shit I'm mad at 90% is love, but all we hear is the bad I wish I could take back the time we wasted talking 'bout you I wish I could take back the time we wasted being mad The funny thing about it's that I'm better off without you It'd be worse if nothing changed So now I'm glad that I matter on my own Yeah I matter on my own Really out here on my own And I just thought that you should know [Hook] [Bridge:] And I don't want to let this thing go Cause they leaving me with nothing, nothing Leaving me with nothing, nothing On my own I'd rather just watch it all grow Cause at least I got something, something 100% of something, something On my own [Hook x2]

Terrorist Threats

'an open microphone can be dangerous' [chorus: Ice Cube (WC)] (duck nigga, westcoast) I can make a promise now to take your life (westside, bustin' that janky..) I can be that threat that make you change your life (duck nigga, westcoast) I can make a promise now to take your life (westside, bustin' that janky..) [verse 1: WC] It's about fuckin' time niggaz ta came up with some real shit and start bustin'on you bitch niggaz and kill some shit high shells and cocktails, rags on faces a terrorist fuckin' it up in chucks with fat laces in my cutoffs I stand with triggery canon nah bitch, I ain't from the Taliban I'm from the niggaban westside, roll 'em motherfuckers up call me Dub McVeigh about to blow this motherfucker up [chorus: Ice Cube (WC)] [verse 2: Mack 10] We got you niggaz scared like a snitch and a gangsta cook out and when the meter read red all cowards get took out back with more firepower than before to us a nuclear bombin' is just a drug war and I got no gangstarizm and stardom and got niggaz shakin' that ain't even from Harlem spit rapid fire down in the whole place and it's hard to breathe with duck tape on your face [chorus: Ice Cube (WC)] [verse 3: Ice Cube] I'm from that WSCG car beat you up in ER from my PR nigga, superstar, smokin' on a cigar little homies know who the OG's are been the shit since '86 and even right now and gotta brag to this bitches 'bout my lifestyle no mistake the westsider for Al-Quieda this ain't soopafly nigga I'm a spida [chorus: Ice Cube (WC)] 'an open microphone can be dangerous'

Now Y

La the Darkman "Heist of the Century"
[Intro: La The Darkman] Yeah. Yeah. Yo. Yo. Yo. Trapacanti. Yo. [Chorus: La The Darkman] When I walk these streets, like bamboo, I'm strapped Get your brain tapped by fourty-four caliber gats It ain't like that, cats gotta learn to relax If I let the gun clap, you have no wish, you're on your ass [La The Darkman] If you see at cat without his vest hangin by his neck Then La done it, I'm tryin to see this benz six-hundred With a fly bitch, a gat and cognac gettin blunted Readin the tablet of my money from the kids that I fronted You don't want it, shootin slugs outta an armored green lex From four pounds that fuck you up like a plane wreck Don't gamble with a tech, car is quicker than the eye My style, top secret like a Bosnian spy Now Y, New York have you laced in chalk The South Bronx, what you thought when we let are guns talk? It's bloodsport, the Darkman call it like he sees Been in buildings, doin eighty in a black m3 Medallion swingin a linx, costin bount ten g's N.Y.C., where killas bust cops at me [Chorus] [La The Darkman] New York ain't fuckin playas, we live gun sprayers Movin crack frm the streets of Manhatt' to the Himalayans Amadeus, why these Cali craps tryin to front? Ass gotta cut ropes, tryin to bungee jump Tight cunt, all white planes roll, we night creepers in bubble coats, eight hundred beapers, force one sneakers I stay fly, holdin it down for my block What up ock? You could get a four-four shot And don't think it can't happen cuz you on the T.V. rappin I sneakin from B.X., B.K. and the Staten Manhatten and Queens jookin kids for rings New York, New York, the big city of dreams Some rap legends were put in jail, you thought we failed Now I'm back like LL, when he was rockin the bells Takin rap back to the days of foodstamps and tramps Pit stains in the stair case and vise-grip clamps Kid, I'm amped, cats try to diss the originators In Land Cruisers, on Timbs, subways and elevators Holdin steel, you frontin niggaz better get real I'm gettin money, blow my nose with a hundred dollar bill How you feel? And fuck where you at, it's where you from To that cats, that's eighty-five: blind, deaf and dumb Run and get your gun, I come in the name of Allah To my people, the Inglewood family swine, power refined You can't see, we runnin outta time If the east and west kill eachother, who gon' shine? We losin our mind, the rap shit is turnin into crime Nowadays soft niggaz bust techs and nines So, what?

Roman's Revenge

I am like magic I am a classic Putting heat to these bitches like I'm ironing fabric Can't satisfy the appetite of a savage So I'm eating til' I'm at the top Open and passage, Open and passage, Oh it's so drastic Killing shit and have them bitches holding their casket I am on point bitch I'm verbally cactus And It's my turn now like a rotating axis Tell em' I don't hold myself for no one I'm a fucking asshole so forth so on And I rap circles around bitches I got em' running in relays Have they jaw dropped in the same position for three days I hear them hoes hating I got a proposition Until you come bold you ain't no competition I put bitches in a bag, V- Necks Coming up like gag, reflex These bitches on my sack deep dip Give in I sneak previews, free clips Y'all bitches don't want the drama I'll end your sentence in like colon comma Call me Mrs. Take the lead to these bitches On tracks like glue to the weave of these bitches I'll take em' all in like I'm breathing these bitches And put a couple tricks up the sleeve of these bitches If I don't kill it best believe I'll make you bleed and need stitches Can't believe that ya'll really be believing these bitches Watch em' all get signed like I'm breeding these bitches Ha, Ha Y'all hoes is slacking If I catch you slipping I'm a lunge and attack you I'm a break your neck I'm a rumble and drag you I'm the queen of this shit and you approaching my castle Rah, Rah, like a dungeon dragon Rah Rah like a dungeon dragon Rah rah like a dungeon dragon like a dungeon dragon like a dungeon dragon I'm abuse to these bitches then doing domestic violence Going hard like the roar out the mouth of a lion All these hoes scared to leave even when I ain't watching Putting all ya'll careers into custom made coffins Yes I'm a problem Fuck that confusion Success is like a lonely ass road of seclusion Me I'm prepared for it I know I'm a dare do it I'm about to blow like balloon put some air through it Tell em' what I don't give 10 fucks Dead skin and they about to get nip tucked Mind like a bullet I'll kill you if I shoot it Perfecting my craft, Nabisco cool whip Fuck this game when I'm coming in it raw shit Overlapping bitches, that's running it like they jogging Ready or not I'm coming for you bastards Whipping niggas asses they finna call me massa Uh My flow so massive Fuck outta my space ho NASA Point is that I'm on point and appointed To flex on these bitches like I'm fucking double jointed Th y'all all over On top of that green like lawn mower I am a head Y'all all shoulders Get the fuck off my clit y'all wall holders Ha, Ha Y'all hoes is slacking If I catch you slipping I'm a lunge and attack you I'm a break your neck I'm a rumble and drag you I'm the queen of this shit and you approaching my castle Rah, Rah, like a dungeon dragon Rah Rah like a dungeon dragon Rah rah like a dungeon dragon like a dungeon dragon like a dungeon dragon

Gutter 2 The Fancy Ish

ANGIE MARTINEZ "Up Close & Personal"
(feat. Busta Rhymes) [Busta] Busta Rhymes and Angie Mar-ti-nez Sippin on mar-tinis Check it out now, check it out now, c'mon, c'mon [Chorus: Busta Rhymes] Now let's take it from the gutter to the fancy shit, c'mon Make you really wanna do the nasty shit, c'mon Bounce all night and wave ya hands and shit Everytime we come through, me and my mans and shit [A] Let me get my girls, drink a couple grand and shit [B] Angie, I love the way we form a plan and shit, c'mon [B] You know we got 'em lovin how we movin 'em crazy [A] How we put it down you love the way we doin it baby [Busta] Yo, lemme talk, shit, prepare for the worst Oops spit on a verse, she call me like she got the gat in the purse Niggaz need to rehearse (you) Lay you on a stretcher like you caught a heart attack in the church Reverse in the hearse, another body bring me the nurse Make you react first Shoot the sound of my bounce, so when you hear my gat burst Ask() me, we floss fancy, me and Angie Take shit beyond where niggaz really can't see Flow freakin yo' music together like we nasty When you pass the L baby, make sure you never pass me Do whatever we stack cheddar the smart way Blaze treets and speed down the Pulaski Parkway In and out of them lanes, you know we whippin all day Checkin the passenger seat, pettin my baby sharpei (woof) Loyal like Kemosabe, haters could never really harm me I rep for my niggaz, you rep for Puerto Rico mami! [Angie] Listen up, nigga get on the bus, ride with us Most high we trust, other than that Everybody suspect, don't bother come test Funk Flex blastin with it, I'm masterin it Linda Carter of the rap game With gold bangles on my wrists, latin chicks on the map mayn man the game plan's arran-gin a house on the hills of the main-land, get on board Step inside, arrest my eyes, I don't sleep Confess sometimes I roll deep Underestimating mine is to not know me I, analyze, every situation And I rise to any occasion And I, stays in, do me mode then I'm runnin the streets, in do me clothes with a sweatsuit and a fresh pair of sneakers In the Benz Coupe, smokin weed or Cohibas..

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