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Heltah Skeltah lyrics - Magnum Force

M.f.c. Lawz

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: [Voice] Hahaha Yeah, Heltah Skeltah (Outlawz) Outlawz Doc MFC, almighty Ruck, yeah, yeah Verse 1: [Ruck] I spit the vocab (vocab) While most fags, go rap No paths and brags about they bitch coach back Don't play it in the cup, ready to blast and twist Any Nigga who be takin' I'm a pacifist Yo ass can diss Told you couldn't last to this When you ask of the force of the Magnum, bitch You drastic (You drastic) Hastic about the car Smack 'em up with the heater give 'em (?scips?) and scars (give 'em (?scips?) and scars) I'm hatin' y'all Niggas try to disrespect Techniques, next week I will disconnect Your fuckin' head of your shoulder When the dread come below the bombastic, pullin' bad chips from his hoster Natural addict with lyrics on your transistor On your radio takin' no shit about the inflister Knew that nigga slapped on Me so I crapped on (?The ab, it's the mack, with more barry than steffon?) Yes y'all (yes y'all, hahahahahaha) Who the best in the indusphere Ain't it the same Nigga that disagree than shook 'em here (shook 'em here) Vinagar, I be puttin' motherfuckers plenty fear In the heart of these bitch ass nigga with my steady chair (steady chair) Chorus: Who we be? We be the B double O-T-C,-A-M-P Who we be? We be the O-U-T-L-A,-W-Z Verse 2: Rock, Young Noble [Rock] Livin' this hell like the Skeltah Who can I trust [Young Noble] Move emotionless Puffin' this vibe we got among us [Rock] I'm sick of Niggas livin' legal So we got some Outlawz [Young Noble] Push the Southpole [Rock] Mad Niggas don't get pushed in the Southpole (in the Southpole) [Young Noble] I got y'all Snatchin' guilty tactics cause you're ashtray [Rock] Straight up faggots My Mag spin to make a Nigga backwards [Young Noble] Attack shit like a full blooded pimp for sins [Rock] With them aimed at your (?) [Young Noble] Named man with a vengance unless you lay for a thinkin' [Rock] Now I get so stupid, Niggas couldn't complete for a (?) [Young Noble] We livin' Every single day at full speed, full breed, thugs be [Rock] Fuck with this, you bleed (you bleed) Now we're keepin' best act boy at Alcatraz [Young Noble] Out for cash [Rock] Moreno brought it down blast [Young Noble] Oringal done clock niggas, fuck these rap niggas [Rock] (?) [Young Noble] What they need is all together All my thugs is to perform If you ain't down for applause [Rock] You can get the fuck off [Young Noble] See them all at the strong And get paid and move on If you ain't down for applause [Rock] You can get the fuck off [Young Noble] Captured by the snitch Suddenly the people fall Y'all ain't down for a


JT Money "Blood Sweat and Years"
[Verse 1] She's a hustler, get it off the muscler, raw motherfucker Other hoes can't touch her Fly bitch, do or die bitch, my bitch don't play, baby Doin' every damn thing for J, baby And she luv to see a nigga on top Even though she know there's other bitches wantin' the spot But they can't fuck wit Slim, cuz baby be the real Got nerves of steel, feds can't make her squeal She's a freak in bed, love gettin' head Keep a nigga welfare wit plenty of bread Call her Superbitch, love nice shit All the high price shit, the golden ice shit Wit the game to mack, no strings attached Type of bitch only rich niggas dream they had All the money that she make, it be comin' to me And that's the version of the ideal woman to me Oh, you don't know? [Chorus] She's a Superbitch, a Superho 'Bout chasin' flow, and always good to go She's a Superbitch, a Superho 'Bout chasin' flow, and always good to go I say, now where J's babies at (Hey) Huh? Where my hustlin' ladies at (Right here) Huh? And if you freaks start makin' stacks (You know it) Huh? You a female mack, You a (I'm a female mack) That's right [Verse 2] She's a hood thang wit some good thangs Good looks and brains, bout makin' some change Talkin' fine as fuck, for all eyes to see Might blow a lil' weed and be on the grind like me And the next for the playa, but I know ho's shit Cuz that's slowin' down the money that she can go get She's a polite assassin, always classy Exotic, erotic, far beyond trashy Female rider, keep the heat inside Down with gangsta shit and my getaway driver She is J's baby, number one lady Luv the way she play me and drive these niggas crazy She's a ??? Swiss, and I'm her pimp Know how to work these hoes and how to break these ??? All the money that she make, be comin' to me And that's the version of the ideal woman to me Oh, you don't know? [Chorus] [Verse 3] Who dat chick? Down to do that shit A Superbitch, I ride wit a crew that's sick Shorty keep it off the chains, I don't fuck wit lames If I'm pushin' my nigga whip, better send my name I'm the one wit the keys to the cribs and the cars So I ain't worried at all bout y'all other broads Shit, a nigga gon' flirt, for whatever it's worth You the fool if you twerk and let him get in your skirt But until he done testified up in the court session And answered every question wit not to my recollection Now shorty gettin' steppin', a Superbitch don't snitch If you insist, I show you how real it can get Shit, I ride for my nigga, grab the heat and aim Do time for my nigga, won't speak a name You don't know another chick can keep it realer than this Man, all y'all niggas gotta feel me on this Cuz I'm... [Chorus] [repeat until fade]

All The Time

[Hook: Natasha Mosley] Early in the mornings when I think about you Yeah - I hit you like “what you sayin'?” In the mornings when I wanna fuck you Yeah - I hit you like “what you sayin'?” I-I-I-I could fuck you all the ti-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime I-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime, i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime I-I-I-I could fuck you all the ti-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime I-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime, i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ime [Jeremih] M-O-Ë-T, that's the fuck we sippin' (sippin') That's the fuck we drippin' (drippin'), trap house still tippin' Facetime when I'm gone, she give me dome from a distance And she love to climb on top, she love to walk off limpin' Pimps up, hoes down, legs up or toes down Why she jock me? ‘Cause she knocked knees and we got trees, so Mary go around Gotta know I ate it, she so sweet, now and later I want that all the time, all the time, I’mma give you all of mine when it’s… [Hook - Lil Wayne (Jeremih)] Uhh, p-p-p-pussy for breakfast, that’s how I start my day My dick is a pen, it’s written all over her face I put my tongue in her mouth, I make them pussy lips drool She got that junk in her trunk, you know I like junk food I tell her like this, life is good (good), your pussy better (better) I put on a magnum (magnum), like a gold medal (medal) And if it’s sweet then I’mma eat it ‘til I get sugar diabetes I’m a blood and she anemic – we perfect Tunechi… oh yeah, I make her say... YOUNG MULA BABY! [Hook] [Jeremih] Damn, damn lil’ mama, you’re sticky, icky, icky, got a nigga out here feelin’ picky, icky, icky Every time you put it on, man, it leave me real trippy, every time we on it we keep it 50-50, uh Don’t let the time ticky, icky, icky while I’m snappin’ off your bra, and bitin’ on your Vickie's (HEAD, SHOTS) feelin’ real tipsy, gettin’ real freaky and it’s gettin’ real frisky She never say, “no” – damn, she’s so, cold Up and down, that pole – she go, go… (go, go and) Fuck me like you hate me (yeah), kiss me like you miss me (yeah) Anything I want to (yeah), that’s what she always lets me

1, 2, 1, 2

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Redman) [Meth] Come on 1 2 1 2 uh uh 1 2 1 2 Mr. Meth and Doc 1 2 1 2 Uh uh 1 2 1 2 DJ Scratch on the track 1 2 1 2 Wa wa 1 2 1 2 Break your motha fuckin back 1 2 1 2 Ah yo yo My, lyric is 8 ball Batter up play ball Fuck ya'll analog Niggas we be digital, subliminal, come in From the 5 star general Attack you from the blind side, invisible To the naked eye Where them criminals Better have your 8 essential vitamins and minerals The wu is coming through you know the outcome Critical Condition in your physical for injurin The officer and gentleman who stack by the benjamen [Redman] Off a beat like this I keep a night stick In case any stick up care where heat might miss I chicken fry rice bitch In a white trench Bustin off two macks I'm like 'I'm hit'!!! I'm just playin, I clear the croud out Like a peppa can sprayin I throw lightin out the arms raiden Go guard your pray Next year I do nothin more than Y2K [Hook] We say Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2 Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2 We say Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2 we say Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2 We say Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2 Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2 And if you say fuck me [Meth] I'm a say fuck you [Redman] Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2 [Meth] From deputant down to stripper I'm too nonchalaunt A drink mixed with four kinds of liquors Catch me at the bar 'Fu Bar' Ladies know who we are and Dream of fuckin a star Who da scrub Shotgun in this man car Burnin up Forever gettin thrown out the club It be us Paul Shot out and bugged I smoke bud, sniff a bee's ass to get a buzz I'm everything you think you don't know [Redman] I throw a 5 in the power Poppa wheely with the front end hittin speed bumps, 40 miles per hour I'm out at Howard, next to Baltimore Takin change out the fountains at shoppin malls Rats can only afford Chuck E Cheese The blood in my jeans is tough like Buddy Lee Semi-dart auto off ya, blood coughin Meth pull the last spark plug with a heart pump [Hook] [Redman] Call me will, enemy I state When 4 Doc run the scam New jacks studderin, that the man from the upperhand Punch, atomic bomb I hit many From Bricks to South Park you dyin with Kenny While you bailin I'm trailin Rockin hard hat helmets clip the satellite servallence When I walk by you better not be kickin Or i put two more in that terriyaki chicken [Meth] You've just been fitted for them seeman shoes This is bottom of the lake raps Stab you in the back Kung Fu 52 cops can't withstand the 52 blocks Unless they bust like 52 shots I'm the has been that have not Battle kids at Maxwell's house Know when I'm good to the last drop Whats my name Meth he's name Doc Just like urban See me in the gran transportation splurgin Drivin with a turban who push a black suburban (come on) We rollin windows half down through the urban Network law lay it down like a persian M to the E to the F, spell curtain [Redman] Get out your car sucker This ain't yours Robbed you with a gun that filled with paint balls And brauds got the nerve to act funny You a champaine ho, with kool aide money Frown bitch, Doc up in that town quick You back down a point on NFL blitz I'm lyin buddah break fool and take two And put your hole in the earth to escape through [Hook] [Talked] DJ Scratch Not ready for prime time playas Mr. Meth, Funk Doc Def Jam 2000 mutha fuckasssssss!!! [echos out] Calm me down baby Nod your head to this Come on Ey yo this is WKYA radio We kickin your motha fuckin ass Yo Flex Thats right it's goin down Redman, Method Man blackin the funk out Now listen

Get In Touch With Us

LIL' KIM "La Bella Mafia"
{*scratched: Now you've seen this before; don't, don't tell me what's been happening. Okay, just let me sit here, enjoy(?) *} [Lil' Kim w/ scratched in samples] Yea yea yea yea - I'm back Aw yeah - I'm back I'm back, and I'm about to murder cats Aw yeah - I'm back I'm back Yea yea - I'm back I'm back, and I'm about to murder cats [Lil' Kim] If you see a 745 and a body that's wide Take a peak and make sure ain't nobody inside Fuckin with the Bee you might not make it alive Cause it's MURDAHHH; ain't talkin Irv and Ja Y'all sleep on baby girl, I seldom frown Spit the shank out my mouth, and bust you down Biggie left me the torch, so I'm holdin it now And you sick cause I'm a bitch and I'm holdin it down If Styles say get you, without no doubt I'm a set you real good then I'm airin you out Rep your coast, we got the crack, one hit you overdosed That shadow that you see, that's my motherfucker Ghost (Whattup nigga?) S.P., Lil' Kim, we in it to win it Do a bid for my crimey, that's my co-defendant And you snitch niggaz tryin to get a nigga locked up Come through in the ice and truck and tear your whole block up [Chorus: Lil' Kim w/ scratched in samples] + (Styles) Fuck that, bitches don't deserve to rap - yea yea yea yea And I'm about to murder cats - aw yeah And I'm about to murder cats - yea yea yea yea (She Bonnie, I'm Clyde) (I kill your mom and watch you stand there traumitized) Fuck that, bitches don't deserve to rap - yea yea yea yea And I'm about to murder cats - aw yeah And I'm about to murder cats - yea yea yea yea (It's the Ghost and the Queen, motherfucker get in touch with us) [Styles P] You know the Ghost'll steal your soul from you Lil' Kim'll pull the four and leave a motherfuckin hole in you I need an antidote.. to take away the pain I gotta smoke weed or crack a nigga canteloupe I used to dream of this (I used to) but now I got the money and the house and the shit seem meaningless (What's it all worth?) If the grind don't ever stop (huh) Then my mind won't ever stop, nine won't ever stop (uh-uh) They say you too violent (fuck you) I say you too silent You scared to represent, I'ma make the news column This is Holiday and Lil' Kim (yes it is) Bust your gun, sell your crack, puff your weed, drink a lil' gin (Go ahead) Watch the drama ride (watch it) she Bonnie, I'm Clyde I kill your mom and watch you stand there traumitized You can't fuck with us (sho' can't) you think you could? It's the Ghost and the Queen, motherfucker get in touch with us [Chorus] [Styles P] It's the Ghost [Lil' Kim] And the Queen [Styles P] I'ma shoot at most of your team [Lil' Kim] And I'm leavin with most of your cream [Styles P] Nigga knock off the riffin shit, understand that [Styles P] I'ma kill a made nigga [Lil' Kim] And I'ma kill the witnesses [Styles P] Y.O. nigga [Lil' Kim] Crooklyn bitch [Styles P] Nigga bust off your hammer [Lil' Kim] And cook them bricks [Styles P] If you really had dough like you said you did [Lil' Kim] We woulda run up in your crib and been took that shit [Styles P] If I want a nigga dead then I'm doin the shit [Lil' Kim] And your girl right behind you with the oo and the fifth [Styles P] It's the Queen and the Ghost, who shit this tight? [Lil' Kim] Yeah Frank is the King, so call me Ms. White [Styles P] And I ask niggaz who wan' dance [Lil' Kim] And I got his back like that bitch from True Romance [Styles P] S.P. the Mack Milli' [Lil' Kim] Q.B. the Tech [Styles P] Got the +Money+ and the +Power+ [Lil' Kim] Now where's the +Respect+? [Chorus] [Styles] It's the Ghost and the Queen, motherfucker get in touch with us

Evil Streets (Remix)

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Intro: Method Man] Spark that shit up and lets fly Oh my people Heyyy Ohhhh Ahhhh Hooooo Eiiii Heyyy [Verse One: Sticky Fingaz] I'm a hoodlum A dick in the dirt is what i'm holding Sporting mad Polo but only if its stolen I got no morals my mind is in the gutter KId I'll open up your face with my orange box cutter Soak you when you least expect it Before I met Russel I only had a jail record Plus nothing ever hurt me when I was at home These Evil Streets got a mind of their own My Pops left me for dead with just the clothes on my back I grew up selling crack And learning to drive a car jack I got street smarts and I use intuition I can spot an undercover with my x-ray vision And if anybody test me out there They gonna make me kill them and throw away my carear I'm my Mothers first born, Her last bad seed [Verse Two: Fredro Star a.k.a. Never] Its all about the next caper The cocaine, props and acres For the sake ah Snatchin the green paper Me and my crew roll in the zone of the twilight The news highlight When the next shit don't go right Its so tight its blazing A nigga squeezed hayz in got 'em geezing for a runner Then the plot thickens On point like Rod Strickland Clocks ticking Makes the hardest niggas clicks stop ticking Hitting they stash And murdering like and expert Cover ya tracks And conceal that dirty shit [Chorus: Method Man] This is for the gun Triggers The noise bringers This is for the gun slingers Bell ringers The bootleggers And every day bangers And all my hood hustlers who know where we headin' [repeat 2X] [Verse Three: Sonsee] Its all about the $50,000 cars Dice games and ice chains We out of the average niggas price range Rings and Remy mixed with Henny Chicks with Fendi sucking disk in the Infinity This nigga had mad deco Fucking petro the nickel metro Blow All you heard was the gun echo On a dead nbight I get my head right Running red lights no headlights Pumping Buddah in a black Benz Pulling out Mac 10's Its just the smell of fucking cigarettes Broke niggas with assed out Took 2 puffs and passed out Woke him up with 21 shots of penicillin amped him up I guess thought it was hempacillin Yo chill kid lamp kid, chill kid you livin' Aye yo JB hit me one time [Verse Four: Method Man] Its the Blaze that be Johnny Not many shots can do that ass raunchy Lyric to the muzak we rolling Watch out for the niggas that be holding Raunchy fucking up your colon Of course its Tical Verbal assault We can walk these dogs through all 5 boroughs of New York Some talk While other individuals walk In my square tryin' to hide thoughts Spreading lies in my ears Got me questioning my peers That be show and prove they don't belong here I be the Chef in Hells Kitchen Pop in the clip and hit the DJ if the records skipping My competition gotta keep me at arms distance I know myself onion head niggas don't listen I shoot the what Got no time for that wiz bitchin' I'm about to blow in 5 seconds The clocks ticking consider this another mission impossible as he gets hostile Uncut blowing up your nostril We There Come on take another if you dare The reason why its so raw cause its real I swear by the hairs on my Chin Chiggy Chin To the day I die I represent the Grimy niggas The ones who can't afford Tommy Hillfigger The down and dirty Johnny fill Niggas [Yeah] [Chorus 2X]

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