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Heltah Skeltah lyrics - Magnum Force

Gang's All Here

Original and similar lyrics
[Thunderfoot] Aiyyo I been spittin this rap shit for too long To let y'all heads get me hot under my collar through songs And best don't get it twisted My Magnum Force practice Operation: Lockdown And don't you clowns ever forget it The other half'll feel my brother's wrath, that we break through And always been the type to take you there like ?Warren Staples? Blow spots wit no glock the show stop when domes pop You should of stayed your ass home bop, you got a flow--not [Illa Noyz] I set it off on a mission like the Sentinel Cuz I was sent to do, murder the crew sayin I'm merciful I wrote a few, journals in my Nocturnal state Blaze like an inferno, watch niggas just cremate Too late to run and turn to Rev. Run Some blessin the section, givin them niggas quick trips to heaven Straight murder wit the unheard-a, lyritifical Beneficial, that you never pursure the issue The ninth initial, thought as to rip the bits n kibbles I kick ass, more than a little, my rhyme riddle Your mind's a dead veg-e-table when I hit you Doin like I should do, bringin Noyz to my acquittal [Steele] Wit no discrepency, I rip MC wit no referee Devil tested me, can't let him get the best of me Wit accuracy, I'll attack an MC Spittin like I emptied the M-1 from the M-P Wit no apology, unload on your property causing atrocity At a rapid velocity, mental artillery, military anatomy After you battle me call me your majesty for mastering The art of fastening, grappling, locking down this rapping thing Tackling the majority, bomb with authority More than minority, S-T got seniority Rhymin since Knowledge and Quality wit college degree (Kill out to all the enemy, we killin all a dem Kill out to all the enemy, don't matter if it's enemy or friend) [Doc Holiday] Doc ain't nuttin but the truth, 100% when I get bent It's possible that I'm mad, forget ? I'm blind, deaf, and mute To all you shit poppers, put your money where your mouth at I roll wit bank stoppers, five-foot Reps who whip ass Erases coppers, it's mandatory, that D-O-C stay shittin Laws and lows to keep you hoes on my didick My foes stay foes so all you jacks need to quit it Doc shines, hot lines, and jackers come and get it And one false move, I'm guaranteed to be acquitted [Lidu Rock] Aiyyo, we gang bangin, through the tri-state area Act up, my MFC niggas'll have to bury ya Ain't nuttin scarier, than a five-foot eight nigga Holding the big toast, make yo chest piece shake I cut niggas like class and glass from dirty bottles Runnin through these streets high-speed at full throttle Ghetto role models, so what the fuck y'all tellin me Misdemeanor cats wit raps, wannabe felonies Fuck sellin trees man, I smoke too much I lay my raps, get my traps, then I roast the dutch Y'all niggas boast too much, about the shit you got I hope the money save that ass when the shit get hot It's Lidu Rock [Rock] Many think I ain't got it in me, cuz I'm plenty-friendly It could be because I'm skinny But I'll fuck you up like Henny and Remmy ?If any of trash?, we'll I'll scream gimme To any who make it hard to Get Away like Tim or Penny Semi-auto, wit a swift into your track, ?it cracks? And creeps morse code, I'm sendin smoke signals That's how my gats be Tactics, I crack piece are phenomenal Ask peeps, what kinda drama do the Bummy Jab wreak He'll tell ya, the boy cause straight Heltah Skeltah I got the block sweltering and hot like your biotch when I felt her So don't fuck wit my head, got static I'm buckin you dead I'll bend your body like Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Fuck what you said, for y'all I got nuttin but lead-o And stop fuckin askin me why Ruck cut his dreads It's up in the air, we buckin from here, to where you rest at In a jet black, Expedition fishin to get some get back (Kill out to all our enemies, we killin all a dem Kill out to all our enemies, no matter if it's enemy or friend) [Rustee Jux] My militant mind's impervious to submission Maintain in the rank, glorious in this division Killa Cartel-N-MFC in collision The scene could get bloody, two teams wit one mission I stomps through the crack slums of mother Medina Push weed to stack funds for my mother Dina Rustee Jux-man, Brooklyn mercenary Some say it's rap, some say it's legendary The pack that run wit me, attack wit guns swiftly My young legion niggas got smacked on one-fifty Cold mashin, straight blastin, steady mobbin I rose to large drug dealin from petty robbin [Supreme] Well it's the five-eight, hands I'm holdin brothers for ransom Operation generation down to the seeds of your grandson And blow off like a handgun, hittin niggas at random Damn son, got love for thugs singin my anthem I amp them, spittin my raps spectacular Forever clappin the rapper that's bitin like he Dracula You see what happens to all of these fake rhyme fashioners I bring disaster to niggas thats claimin they done mastered the Art, who's the next on my chart to mark You know I swim wit the shark, why y'all niggas wanna start Big gram and knee low, stay on the d-low Rollin black in the back of the fat Ex-P-O [Tek] Well it's the lazy-eye criminal, baby nines the minimum In the gat cabin, Tek we make it happen You just rappin, bitch niggas get bitch smacked when You start yappin, get your shine snatched for flashin Straight extorted, like an IRS audit You never gonna bust that gun, so why you bought it? See you came home frolic, but you show fake love Like the Feds try to get close and lay down bugs Try to skate but got schemed on, you had to lay Didn't know niggas got Desert E's and PK's [Starang] Me and my crew ride up and down St. James like a pack of great danes Ain't shit changed, see y'all niggas take your gold frames Spit in your face and I'm a have to smack flames Out your ass for tryin to laugh and plus play games (word up) We ain't Connecticut, ain't even sweatin it Pack up your bags bitch, come wit some better shit Son them niggas probably home right now, for real regretting it I don't want to be y'all, when we see y'all I'm settin it Niggas on my dick so much I brought a saddle We can take it to the streets(word up word up), bring your heat, battle For your seven-forty Beamer, wit your shorty Kima in it If you platinum you can drive me through Manhattan while I hit it Everywhere I go, I let em know Starang's the shit Over three-hundred thousand fans and ain't never had a hit William H. is the name, MFC's the click Y'all niggas takin us out?, y'all smokin the shit (Retreat retreat, all pussy boys, retreat Magnum Force come to take over Retreat, retreat, all pussy boys, retreat Magnum Force come to take over) [Ruck] SEAN P., you better recognize, I be wreckin guys Fuckin cockroaches still breathin up your pesticides Like D-Con, see Sean be on some shit from day one Spray guns at funny style niggas who actin gay son Ruck made the paper, you could turn to page one Butt-fuckin your chick wit a mothafuckin gauge son Who said that? Ruck said wack shit, aiyyo dead that For the headcrack, leave your face lumpy like Craig Mack I read that, niggas want beef aiyyo so get back ?Happen in? person cuz I'm hurtin niggas who said that You fuckin wet back, smack you wit the fuck med's pack Then have sex at, the same place I park my Lex at [Buckshot] The last black gene, green socks Serve the fans quick like servin fiend rock Understand the scene is locked, when you dead bolt Hit em in the throat, ride em like the jet black colt Through the jungle, it's another rumble when I set it so free And flee from his body back to the OGC I never heard of that nigga, in the first place I hit him in the worst place, hid the waste Need a replacement killa, hustle dope shit so I'm a drug dealer So for real-a, on point wit the nine mill-a Straight give a nigga guillotine shit Heads come off the ?lean? wit one stroke Two tokes from the mack tilly Give a mothafucker two to the belly Stop, look and acting like the shot from your ass whippin Nigga, why you trippin, don't start slippin now Fool keep flippin [Rock] It's not over, it's not over, oh oh [Louieville Sluggah] Yo it was on to the next phase Spit ink on a page, hostile rage No sugar and sour like lemmonade Bing came to me in a dream he said come clean So I scalped and praise, I'm on my way Gat and pick straight out the gate When I see yo say you back up on your duty ? Yo my mouth spittin arson, new shit is startin But ain't shit changed, you know your range, beg your pardon Starv like Marv, I'm on the job First rob and ?slug? mothafuckers licked the knob Be like that, when I clap back time I feel it deeply, for my niggas I left behind I rep for mine, here son feel the shine Can't say no names, cuz all my niggas is on my mind Yo I'm all about me sonee, hand me money Ja Ja, and bring yo ass here to poppa [talking and threats to the end]

From My Hood To Your Hood

(feat. Beanie Siegel) [Memphis Bleek] Yo I park where da crack at Heads by packs at Down in Philly Where my niggas roll crabs at Pack gats at Run up in a label Take a nigga ass cap You ass cat [Beani Siegel] I'm dat kid Dat'll catch a himmy and post bail Get locked for another niggas body Won't tell Get head from a dime bitch And won't nail Bag a dime from a half a brick Wit no scale [Memph Man] Yo you know where to find me In da PH. lobby Two first and Siegel Niggas know not to try me Post wit a shotty Tims on how I be All blacked out Hoody on wit da crack out [B Mac] You can catch Mac in Marcy 4-5-6ing it Orange Bo Jackons New York Knicking it Durag Nautica sweats Slaughter da set Dope spot rushin' Set up shop on Flushing [Chorus] From my hood to your hood Yo I got you nigga From block to your block Yo I got you nigga My bitch to your bitch My hood to your hood My block to your block Aiyo I got you nigga [2x] [Beanie Mac] Tray snub in da club Real high when I come through Layin' blood in da club You can die if you want to I stay strapped Slugged you out That's how I ride in da jungle Imagine Mac 'What a Thug About' Live in da Tunnel [Memph Bleek] I roll up Philly live Pearl handle 4-5 Killer Ginuwine drive I ride or die Me and Beanie got front doe Puttin' in work And I'm a Brooklyn nigga Put da semi to work [Beanie Siegel] Yeah you know how we play From PA to BK Smash and scrape scrape Stash and break cake You can feel the steel Get cut or bust down Front on tech ball Smith and Wessin like Buck Town [Memphis Bleek] I'm in da 7-6 Jers Wit twist up herb Nigga got nerve Frost bit wit no furs Chofers Straight to Philly no turns Exit Ben Frankiln To brake down da birds [Chorus]

The Come Up

J. COLE "The Come Up"
Money coming soon, nigga... I'm on the come up, chill nigga, don't run up, A yellow nigga finna rise and shine like the sun up, (yea) My mind on that paper, I ain't tryna wife a slut up, I'm dying for this cake and I ain't tryna wipe a crumb up, They ride with the gun up, kill you and light the blunt up, (uh) Don't shed a tear, for a nigga might get done up, But just say a prayer for a nigga might confront us, Cause his life is summed up, the medics wipe his lungs up, You coming to the ville, you gotta get a license from us, City on my back, I feel like I'm holding Big Pun up, No pain, no gain, my nigga, I just numb up. I blow brains, go bang a nigga if he jump up, With no shame, don't blame a nigga if you shot up, This is cocaine on flames, baking soda and water, And if you feel that, then I guess I sell crack, get it? Fall back, man, a nigga feeling crazy. Shitting on niggas, like a nigga was still a baby, (uh) Carolina nigga, shout out to the ville, it raised me, So many hoes whipped, you woulda thought we still in slavery. And niggas still sleeping, they feeling lazy, (uh) A killa? maybe, you make me, I will (uh) Cheat me on my scrilla, I'll send you to meet Dilla, (uh) From them NC streets where beef they deliver, And the clip is on 'E' cause your chest got a filla. A nigga like me just getting head like a pillow, Bred like guerillas getting bread, So long as my momma and my niggas getting fed, Fuck what a niggas said, (man) I'm Fayettenam bombing, Cause hatred is flattery, you bitch niggas is charming. Who the fuck you harming? Boy y'all niggas is Charmin, (uh) And I'm on it, waiting for a target. You fucking with the best, like Common. Ah shit, pardon a nigga for departin', I'm just getting green like a yard or a garden. A nigga finna blow, while you niggas is false alarmin.' (uh) And just think though, I was raised on Ramen, (uh) Chicken noodle soup, now I'm filet mignon.' I promise my momma I was coming to make this money, And I swear I'm a kill the nigga that try to take it from me. Yeah That's real talk, nigga! It's J.Cole, nigga, Therapist, Whatever fuck you wanna call me, don't matter, Make y'all niggas understand, man, Yea! Know y'all can't believe yourself right now, Yo this nigga from the south, naw, He can't spit, how the fuck is he so good? Hahaha Open your eyes, motherfucker, Can't see? Niggas on top! yup! On top, yup, yup, On top!

Tough Guyz

MC Eiht "Last Man Standing"
Yo Geah Yo Half Ounce in the house, what? Check it out, check it out Don't be comin' around my way with that tough guy shit Only West Side allowed and we won't get hit, geah We got the ho's locked down Half Ounce in the house It's like this Mon Diggi Yo Stick 'em [MON-DIGGI] My visions outta focus cause I lit the hocus-pocus All I'm leavin' for you vultures is a couple of cockroaches Mon-Diggi split your wiggy - probably incidental When I rape your instrumental but we gon' keep that confidential I really can keep a secret but you tellin' lies Hesitant to represent You like a bitch in disguise Talkin' about you need a trend so you can wet the tough guyz And suspense is your evidence, lay it to scuff guys Must I - do the cappin', I would love to keep rappin' But I heard you always packin' and bitch-made when it come to scrappin' Mon-D, sinister M.C. is X-fac'in' Lookin' for your captain so I can smack and P.D. wack him My tactics are more than just bad bitches and back Shiiit, Jackie Chan would fuck around and get his ass blasted Stupid bastard - Diggi blessed the session Niggas in my section are lookin' for some new direction [EIHT] Don't be comin' around my way with that tough guy shit Only West Side allowed and we won't get hit We gots the ho's locked down from town to town And we keep on payin', don't give a fuck what you sayin' Don't be comin' around my way with that tough guy shit Only West Side allowed and we won't get hit We gots the ho's locked down from town to town And we keep on playin', so fuck what you sayin', geah [BOOM BAM] We got problems that you wouldn't believe The world is filled with hatred, player haters and greed (geah) And I can't lie - cause we all done took part in it And ain't no pointin' no muthafuckin' fingers of who done started it You gotta be down for your get down You gotta be ready to put your hit down Then ready to split your grip down (geah) The middle - gotta be fair Signs posted in the hood, all niggas beware, now check it (check it out) One Time can't maintain no order They the ones gettin' checked, need a restrainin' order (chin chin) Against niggas like me that's on the warpath So get your umbrellas ready because the forecast is gloomy My extra large T-shirt be roomy For the gat that I pack, new jacks that wanna do me L.A. is the place where punks die quick (Half Ounce is the click you can't fuck with) [EIHT] Don't be comin' around my way with that tough guy shit Only West Side allowed and we won't get hit We got the ho's locked down from town to town And we keep on playin' so fuck what you sayin'... Criminal minded's the kingpin, I starts my lootin' Killin' these bitch-ass niggas when I starts my shootin' Hundred miles and runnin' stops from the cops In the back seat hops as I starts to pop Givin' a fuck, got the extra clip in the under cover Blast with the ski mask, blame it on another Old dirty E from the C-P-T Still kill from C to shine M.C. Deadly catastrophe Competition, compete it's costly Killing you softly Holes in your body with the shotty (boom boom) Where's the party, it's killin' any - body (geah) Ho's turn silly like the ??? Evil stunts like ??? packs my piece Before I escape, uh Eiht ain't done yet Kill 'em all And ride into the sunset Don't be comin' around my way with that tough guy shit Only West Side allowed and we won't get hit We got the ho's locked down from town to town And we keep on playin' so what you sayin' Don't be comin' around my way with that tough guy shit Only West Side allowed and we won't get hit We got the ho's locked down from town to town And we keep on playin' so fuck what you sayin' Geah Come on Half Ounce in the house Half Ounce in your mouth bitch


METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Street Life, Raekwon, Masta Killa) [Method Man:] Uh [Masta Killa:] Deadly Melody part two [Method Man] Thats my word It aint safe no more bitch [Masta Killa] Yo yo Brain is punctured and drained through the nasal Hour of assassination be upon you Moving with the tiger strike, bound, gagged and shot the head in, (not sure of this verse) East remains hot with police But I keep a lease for my, four-fifth automatic Extended clip rewind, bust mine, Anytime you reveal your snake is raising actions Observe the magnetic attraction [Method Man] And its time for some grid... [Street Life] ...iron rap, action-packed grudge match Tough act to follow, hard copy novel throw you off the Farasauno We swimmin with these sharks, yo I raked body guard Stamp my initial in your birthmark, P.L.O Plus like a calico, tally ho Black expo, checks in afro, we back yo, Stole-a-mite, crash your wind pipe, with the (right to right) Fatal strike, daily mic fights, shoot-out street lights [Method Man] Sight beyond sight, late night, city light Tight like a virgin, merging with my aye-a-like Splergin, dirty to the grain, no detergant Filthy, innocent till I'm proven guilty Submergin, deeper in the lecture I'm servin Truth or consequences, life or death sentence I'm hurtin, your person, I'm certain, its curtains [Chorus:] It aint nothing like hip-hop music You like it cause you choose it Most D.J.'s won't refuse it Alot of sucka M.C.'s misuse it Don't think that Wu can't lose it Too much to gain you'll abuse it The name of the game is rapture This one is completely captured bass [Inspektah Deck] Yo I bring chaos to blocks like the riots in Watts Rapid fire shots ripple through Kevlov, 9 Glocks Technique your rhyme part machine gun ammo Sporadic flow buckle the foe, intro to outro Galico, throw verse, we slide my dough first I make thousands in the club with no shirts, go beserk >From the Shao burrow, wylin out on the furlow Commando, style thorough, solo inferno It burns slow, thermal nuclear degrees Heads of underseas down to the youngest seeds Wannabes clone, they light like summer breeze Hundred G's for the garden, the fierce stampede >From the die cast, hit the mic like the iron-palm blast Equipped to perform the task S-I-N-Y, and what, had a gut The head rush, will cause your cerebellum to bust [Killa Sin] We be the world's most fabulous, hazardous, to fuck with these ravenous Killas get you stuck to the wall like wooden cabinets Extravagent, drop a helicopter high Up into the sky, lines philosiphie Watch my pockets ride, to the bottom bus Confide in God and Sin, I trust the villianous Criminal minded killas rust I intend to build a fortifying man, Mastermind vying men, navigate the globe and retire quick [Raekwon] Aiyyo fluid rap bend, through a black Veluga black act Tackle that, ghetto tabernackles throw it in your lap Slang A-K, national, geographical, mathematical Slide up in your worth casual Night air dog, who wear it all, blouse down to bra All a thousand with a bloody hair, flammable Rap mayors, who clap Himalayas pinky fingers Ever glacer, lacer, hand laser touches grail bomb blazers Sly-workin, network beserk, mad hurting Killing whales, fucking up sales, crash Bloomindales , John Lennon tenor break, mad descendo Fuck yall niggas carve my ice through my beige window [door creaking open] [gunshots followed by a car alarm] [Chorus] [Method Man] Spazz Spazzola Ola S-I-N-Y 10304 Lock your door Crack your jaws Drop your draws It's all day everyday with this rap souflee' Muzak...

Goin' Through Some Thangs

MASTER P "Ghetto D"
Chorus: [Master P] I'm going through some thangs These bitch ass niggas got me goin' through some thangs. I'm going through some thangs I'm going through some thangs These bitch ass niggas got me goin' through some thangs. Verse 2: [Master P] I close my eyes, I can't sleep, I visualize death I seen my little homie get smoked like a cigarette and these G's on the streets, enemies, they'll take your life for a hundred C's I mean a hundred dollars or less the game gets so wicked that I wear a bulletproof vest and now I'm grown, and they wonder why I'm crazy Imagine feedin' tablets and beer to a baby Never had a chance when I was 5 nigga took me in the car, took me on the ghetto ride Cruisin' through streets that I've never seen pull the clip off a 30 round magazine Taught me how to deal with a triple beam and ever since then I've been servin' dope fiends I got the game in the bag that's so big nigga see my nuts it's like two figs swoll to the fullest, in my heart to my vein, pumpk nickel plated bullets and this ghetto got me stressed (stressed), cuz niggas that you know ( bitches) will rob you blind amp; leave you to rest. Chorus: [Master P} I'm going through some thangs These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs I'm going through some thangs I'm going through some thangs These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs I'm going through some thangs I'm going through some thangs These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs Verse 2: [Big Ed] I hit that nigga with a AR-15, do it clean back up in the lex, bumpin' Mia, with my mug mean Bulletproof vest, Smith amp; Wess for enemies fuckin' steppin' in my direction I'm gonna teach these niggas a lesson. Flexin' like an Anaconda, I'm stuffed like bombers Hit ya step and get wet, then duck my doorway teck. I holds my own like I'm pissin' beef with us is death wishing, I put to work because they didn't listen They tryed to set me up, why did they push me Hook me up in the town with the killer pussy rap me up between the sheets nigga bust out the closet, but my 9 made 'em dead meat. I shot the hoe who set me up I'm drivin' off mad because the niggas threw off my nut I'm going through a thang, ain't no thang though cause before I left, I hit the set amp; took all the dope Chorus: [Master P} I'm going thorugh some thangs I'm going through some thangs These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs I'm going through some thangs I'm going through some thangs These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs (Mr. Serv-On) So if it seem, point the beam Since a youngster,these niggas pushed my cemetery dream Lean my body if they could, and wished ya die, I wished ya coward motherfuckers would Everyday, I thank god for my baby, she fall asleep on my chest but if her momma catch her callin' me daddy, she whoop that ass I'm not scared to blast, why my momma wish she never had me She know these streets got me crazy I'm hittin' my momma for some pocket change, to stay one step ahead all these niggas in the game My daddy, gangsterism pumpin' d up in my vein. Should I kill a nigga for respect, or should I let him go and if I do, someone please close my eyes when I'm layin' bleedin' on the floor That's why I never trust a bitch cause now a days these bitches carry an extra clip Ready to knock ya head off for that paper always down for a caper, Mr. S-E-R-V I'm going through some thangs, lord help me Chorus: [Master P} I'm going through some thangs I'm going through some thangs These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs I'm going through some thangs I'm going through some thangs These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs [Master P talks] Going through somethangs, ya heard me I done made it out the ghetto and every nigga that I know, that still there Think I owe them somthing and every motherfuckin' nigga that was down with me or wanted to be, wanna be just like me They think I owe them something Every bitch I stopped fucking with, thank I owe them something Know what I'm sayin' Nigga can't even ride in his motherfuckin' car Nigga can't even walk though the streets without a motherfucker thinkin' a nigga who think he owe him some I got mine, and you can get yours Motherfuckers in my family, they think a nigga just got boo-coo money, just a blown on them, just to give to a motherfucker that don't wanna do nothing for theyselves motherfucker Be a real motherfucker, be a TRU nigga, get ya own Damn, can't even mourn the dead anymore without motherfuckers thinking if you a big nigga in the hood you must be stickin' prices on other niggas heads But I'm bigger than that nigga I got family in the Caliope, the Magnolia, and the Saint Bernard nigga

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