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Heltah Skeltah lyrics - Magnum Force

Brownsville Ii Long Beach

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[Rock] Just understand the whole shit son, y'know y'know It's too much doodoo over here, there's doodoo over there KnowhatI'msayin? Get with the real, from here and the real from there And make it Mo' Better like Blues everywhere YaknowhatI'msayin? Dynamic Duo times two bro [Ruck] Fucking global, fucking domination in this rap shit [Rock] Word is Bon Jovi.. Yo, whattup, yo.. you know how me and Ruck go Worldwide Boot Camp with smoke by the truckload Or the West Coast, where they show me tons of love Doc and Tray Deee crackin jokes bout guns n drugs Buggin on this wack rap shit from coast to coast Why not the real from both sides lick and go for broke? No ass Joke, like Buck or Rakim, long arms like Down Syms Snatch up your hoe, fuck her or pass it, it don't mean na-thing [Ruck] What's the deal Pah? I hope shit is peace and love But if it ain't fuck it I'm forced to release these slugs Peep these thugs, Sean Price, MC Most Miraculous When pumped up, I'm forced to jump up punk and smack the shit Act like it can't happen when would I ever let you slide Two fly niggaz becomin victims of whorides You try to avoid my clutches that's when you die News fly fast as fuck on how Ruckus done bruised guys Cornball niggaz screamin, Ruck you on some other shit Mad cause I make music no longer for the love of it What is this? Y'all niggaz is soft like some velvet You get dealt with, a single shot to your pelvis [Rock] Now throw your hands in the air if you feel this here Shit'll bump everywhere because it's real this year From the city of Long Beach to my home Brownsville Cause real recognize real everytime for real [Daz] Who mashes with the craziest niggaz in town? Kill em willingly who got the right to make a sound? My style break blocks corners avenues and drives It's about time to mash in, it's a ride Take you on a mission, be on a mission, I pack the steel Steadily givin these niggaz don't pass these zones limits I live the unusual cruicial life, so pay attention as I come through, for you and your crew It's just a man and his music, I ain't afraid to use I bruise you badly, you want confusion, I mean it's useless to step to this, we in effect we dangerous Contain the mental murderous and ain't afraid to diss We can't quit we can't stop we got to do this shit (do this shit) Cause Heltah Skeltah and this Pound bout to run this shit (run this shit) If you don't know you gotta know you never trust a bitch (never trust a bitch) Game Trump tight, we try to run this shit (run this shit) [Kurupt] Life without money, that's like breathing with no air Prepare, there's no love in warfare Engage, I meet the front page, like Nicholas Cage and get served, front and center stage I'm breakin through, throw up your Teflon barriers And get penetrated, telekinetic superior Hostile, verbal apostle in 3-D Hittin every galaxy, throwin up D.P. [Rock] We in the house, even when we outdoors we in the house with dick in your bitch mouth From here to down South to the Westside, my vocals Test Drive you crazy, the shit I spit'll make a nigga praise me So say OH, you love the real shit frequently OH for Dogg P-O-U-N-D and B-C-C Me, Bummy J and the D-A-Z Dillinger and Ruckus and Kurupt what? We equal fo' bad motherfuckers You want lumps? We got some, worse than that we got guns from hot ones, to legal shotguns, hold up I'm not done Oowops son, and mad Glock 9's, the red dot kind to make a snake hit the bricks like stopsigns, you feel me? [Ruck] At the same time, you can catch me on corners yeah smokin trees hopin these, niggaz don't battle the Ruckus vocally Potentcy, that's what I'm kickin while all you jokers be on some bullshit, niggaz you movin at a slower speed You know it's the, Show After-Party Hotel like Jodeci Make me blow the back out these bitches bangin they ovaries I know you be, on my dick Pah but yo I totally Smack the shit out of any nigga I think that's clonin me [Daz] Now who, wants to be a real dope MC Like Heltah Skeltah and the D-P-G Swervin all through your fuckin town And layin punk motherfuckers down, hah! [Kurupt] Man, these niggaz servin me? I thinks not That's facin a blizzard in a fuckin tanktop I took tricks to New Jerz to Cape Cod You could be adventureous up against tremendous odds And face a poltergeist, I bring it to you nice And have the whole scenery surrounded like the vice Who could it be comin through in all blue? Dogg Pound Gangstaz, number one, number two Never evade the principle, the top principal Up against the top invincible, rhyme assassin I lay the cards on the table, take a pick The wrong choice'll get your whole chest cavity split That's when all the bullshit ceases, this whole frame and format crumble right before his eyes into pieces Fake ass assassin with no heart and no mind No money, no hoes, no flows, and no rhymes Waitin for poetical Satan, creatin slaughters Runnin through camps like Walter Payton I'm all about money makin, and not makin mistakes You're only worth what you create in the garden of snakes Motherfucker [Daz] Yeah, and that's how we do it Heltah Skeltah and Tha Dogg Pound Runnin this motherfucker Yeah!

Letter To Dr. Dre

KING LIL G "Blue Devil 2"
[Intro:] Dear dr. dre Was wondering if you'd ever sign a mexican.. That's right You crazy [Verse 1:] Imagine we could take it back Just imagine when radio still played gangster rap And rappers talked about being from the streets True stories about the ghetto Fuck the police Imagine drake really being from a hood Imagine if lil wayne was a real blood Would he go to watts? Or would he chill in compton? With no bodyguards Will anybody rob em? Getting gangsta on a song But you never killed I know get tat'd up You can say you're real A bunch of mexican rappers with no deals I pissed the fuck off I gotta tell you how I feel Fuck the dumb shit I want a big deal I'm talking bout them jay-z eminem deals Making 10 mils I want the best wheels If this bitch don't fuck Than the friend will [Hook - Big Swiisha:] I keep telling em But they don't understand me Can't you see I'm coming from that west coast Selling out shows Grinding in the streets It's all that I know I keep telling em But they don't understand me Can't you see I'm coming from that west coast Selling out shows Grinding in the streets It's all that I know [Verse 2:] Imagine it was based on race And that's the reason why my demos Got misplaced If thats the case Then imagine all latinos Since it's about race They never buy your ringtones Never buy your albums And never go to shows Imagine there was no latinas in your videos Imagine me at the mtv awards Next to kanye laughing at a year ago Imagine doctor dre saying "fuck the cops" Rick ross use to be one Now you give em props The rap game is upside down And now I'm writing letters to you Trying to figure this out Eazy-e fucked with mexicans 2pac mentioned us I bet that in compton you lived next to us So why the fuck can't we get in? I got stories, gangs & drug dealings [Hook] [Outro:] Proud to be a muthafucking mexican Los angeles mexican shit Even though they tried They won't be able to muthafucking stop us

Fo Ridas

C Bo
Uh This one's fo the money Uh Verse 1 We ridin raw '97 Suburban's wit the chrome kit every nigga on trigga ready to dome split got a million but still ain't satisfied gold thangs on every old school that we ride got keys so many g's bitches on they knees dyin to get wit these if a bitch ain't about her money man I can't fuck wit that got to be down to run the street sellin that pussy or move some yak ask yo folks bitch like 40 I'm so serious about my scratch livin like a straight hustla b pass the weed, man fuck a batch from Vallejo to Sac pushin new Lacs an '96 Ac's we roll strapped, lounge wit the money from the game of crack some million dolla macks gettin taxed for the crack sack from 'ol skool seven-deuce Chevy's an glass packs representin to the fullest, the west-side of the map where we roll strapped wit black ridas stuck in the mack ridas. *(Chrous- C-Bo)* I was born in hell juss to be a rida wit lo-lo's an 4-4's an mo hoes fo the ridas keep my pants saggin stay strapped wit the magnum ridas desperado outlaws do the dirt Verse 2 I got bitches like the mack, out to get my scratch pushin the '9-7 Lac, movin keys of yak an ain't a damn thang changed about the dope game but the bitches size the money an the price of the caine from ruby 13-5's is how we get it cracked out, the metro packs saran wrapped an get it if it's money then a nigga, gots to get it hit it an quit it, but I ain't wit it less it's worth a mill ticket I'm a savage about my cabbage I gots to have it automatic, movin through traffic prepared fo static got a sack that weighs a ton, wit a mac-11 one, uh jackas when they come, get done-ditty-done, trick mutha fuckaz can't hang wit the Garden Blocc gang packin tech's, quick to wreck brains I'm insane, like the loccest mutha fucka on caine to kill first like a rida, is the rules of the game rida. *(Chorus)* x1 Verse 3 Diamond rings, an chains down wit the Rolex name ridin Lexus's in Texas i where my pits get trained mo pain then I proceed to gain like a gumbo pot full 'o sell 'em up full of caine got a 4-5 got a Stang I'm Major Pain inflictin pain no pain, no gain was out fo murda when I came don't tame mo niggaz, then a million man march an hang those niggaz, blessed wit a weak heart no marks in my game, then bump an pull triggaz mash off an ridas leavin nuthin but dead niggaz I'm real wit this, that's why they kill wit this young ballaz on alcohol, that'll peel yo shit don't try to act like you hardcore knowin you ain't Mafia's ready fo war bringin the yellow tank westcoast is the spot where I slang my yey distributin it nation wide, all across the state fo ridas. *(chorus)*

All I Ever Wanted

Mase "Double Up"
[Intro] Uh uh Get Money all over again Get Money all over again Get Money all over again Get Money all over again '99, Double Up, uh uh Yo, when you look in my eyes, what chu see? A sincere man or just a bunch of G Why second guess, the brotha would last They took a whole clique from the George and the Ave' The booties in Aruba, boats and hoover crafts So if Biggie could love the dough, Murda could love the cash Butter Benz, gave the Tahoe to my other half If she got the Benz then guess what mami have Why dread it, tell the waiter too much ice in the crib Blink's so drunk, he think we singing 'Nights Like This' He say when he grow up he want a life like this Sleep all day and plus you want ice like this? While girls throwin' head I ain't even touch dice I ain't trust Don King, how my trust Mike? I date bull daggers, ain't I don't trust Dykes Need a cleaner nina, cuz they don't bust right I ain't stingy, when everybody see the plush life Buy rims before the benz so I look just right Girls love me try to get the girls that love Mike All I need is cup of Kool-Aid, I got enough ice [1 - Cheri Dennis] All I ever wanted was you for me Cuz that nigga who I'm with don't give a fuck about me And all I ever wanted was to be there for you Cuz that girl who you with don't give a fuck about you You unhappy, and I can see it when you cry You look like your life has just been minimized I ain't your man, I'm your man on the side You just call me when you plan to slide And if you ever feel like you wanna creep All you gotta do is just give me a beep Only way I won't call you back less I'm asleep Gettin' my money or layin' it wit' a piece We hit the block, shop alot She see her man, but she don't wanna drop the top And you know that don't really mean a thing to me Can't no girl ever run game with me You know Mase, got alot of places to be Spots in Ohio, kick in NC And I be wit older dudes and know the rules So if a man pick up I know what code to use [Repeat 1] If you cheat on me, I'mma cheat on you If you don't speak of me, I won't speak of you I'll tell you now, we wait about a week or two Then I know what we could do We could just get our food and stay in Cuz people on the block is hatin' They know your man and know we datin' So we gotta do this just to stay friends (OK) Amen [Both] I lay back, I zone You say that it's on [Mase] Then the girl try to snatch the phone So I knew I was happier home [Repeat 1 until fade]

Handle Your Business

XZIBIT "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz"
[Xzibit] Yeah, uh, what, worldwide Yeah, Im forever, ever lastin, spread the wealth Procrastination like masturbation, your fuckin yourself So we gonna move on em quickly (what) No chance to think about coming back Chain smoke em, turn they lungs black See I was raised to love black, but sometimes Black folks wanna sweat you harder than the one-time Never participate in dumb, def and blind shit Plus I got my little man, so daily I'm reminded The ride only gets rougher (right) But I'll be damned if me and my niggas suffer Smuggle this motherucker with the raw shit, I'm blessed wit Lookin at the world, burned for the young and the desperate Showed heart, but got cardiac arrested More than a nigga with an image and a press kit The wreck hits, creates desert land, desolate The whole intent to rock the shit, keep the herb lit Chorus: Xzibit (Defari) Handle your business before your business handles you Mister X to the Z (and Defari Herut), one two (Remain true, regardless what we go through) Yeah, handle your business so you can stand on your on two *repeat* [Defari Herut] Everyday I puts in down in LA, hustle in this Assassin lyricist, serious, muscle in this I call the bets, I know we got coordinates on more games to wreck We blaze shows, never no Half Step Tactics, B-Boys, no games no antics No false images, no bullshit semantics We planned this, for hundred of thousands Reignin/Rainin on they brains with lyrics, from the mountains Don't contemplate what you can't even demostrate Defari lottery draftpick, never the second rate Nigga who wanna hate but front like its all great I gots no time for these emotional niggas, I gots to motivate Moves to make, best rhyme straight That's for the old school, this here's our year, it's time to elevate Handle this, don't hesitate got money to make Push maximum levels from the Golden State Chorus [Defari Herut] This combination's high calibre Hatians stay amazed and confused like this was algebra I'm scoutin the, best land for property Never sloppily, picture someone stoppin me From gettin mine, line after line And you wonder why I call these fake niggas Miller they think they Genuine; I'm startin to shine, imported Italian With a custom made Herut charm as my medallion [Xzibit] Seem like, I recite the same prayer every night Watch my folks, make sure my dogs stay tight And fully prepared to gunfight in broad daylight Till then, lick it to the chin, let it begin We could break bread or break skin; and watch me send it Try not to break the law, sometimes I gotta bend it And my directions, suggest for your own protection You motherfuckers keep it movin like an intersection Chorus Serious business *scratched in background* Fuck you, like that Mr. X to the Z, Defari Herut. Yeah, yeah right *3X* What, keep it movin like this y'all

Retro Godfather

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
Come on (come on) Take it back (take it back) 70's style (style) I'll do, anything All y'all old school Studio 54ers That's, my, word! There's nothing in the world that I won't do I'll give my world to you, if you want me to I'll do, anything That's, my, word! O.D.'n on this one fleein, all eyes seein Dominant supreme being, face the mental Deep concentration break the point on a pencil Keep my cliches out your dental, capiche Shit that I been through is cause for parental discretions no question my Westside Connections L.A. Confidential, world don't stop 'less it's mental, Staten residentials, you wit it Wu-Tang, Forever and a day, 'til I'm old and decayed I'm commited; look ma, we did it Top of the the world, tell it to my firstborn and my baby girl, did it my way, take the low ride on the highway, out the sunroof, yellin 'Thank God it's Friday!' Show a nigga love If he got my sound pull the plug, he's not underground call him mud, when I flood the airwaves Household and stairways (rainy days) Waiting for these paydays, think not of the ends If I got twenty, my brother get ten Now let the madness begin motherfuckers! There's nothing in the world that I won't do I'll give my world to you, if you want me to I'll do, anything.. anything.. anything.. anything.. There's nothing in the world that I won't do I'll give my world to you, if you want me to I'll do, anything.. Yo, yo, yo! We got love for those with love for us Baby you can look but don't touch, I'm fried off the dust And plus, the only thing I trust is a fund Ain't no fun, just paranoid niggaz totin guns in apparel, keep us camouflaged in the shadows That's where I bring this tale that you never get to tattle Obliterate the tri-state, and the crime rate Tell them swine niggaz fly straight, you can call it fate And if it ain't mine, call it fake, bottom line End the case, spoonfeed the track just a taste of the side dish, soup of the day, I come Wright like N'Bushe for them Dead Presidents Fuck what you say, and he say, and she say, and they say Vacate the premises, caught up in the melee Sentence this song, to twenty-five years hard labor in the system, where it takes the form of my wisdom Respect mine, take my time and protect nine Next on the frontline, Mr. Meth No more no less, what you see is what your ass get Set it off I suggest There's nothing in the world that I won't do I'll give my world to you, if you want me to I'll do, anything.. anything.. anything.. anything.. There's nothing in the world that I won't do I'll give my world to you, if you want me to I'll do, anything.. anything.. anything.. Not a problem that I can't fix Cause I can do it, in the mix Not a problem that I can't fix Cause I can do it, in the mix

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