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FromMon Jul 5 21:20:01 1993 Date: 05 Jul 1993 23:16:01 -0500 (EST) From: THE DARK ELF Subject: meantime To:Meantime by Helmet ==================== in the meantime (3:11) ---------------------- earth tone suits you so give it a smile if i could hold your feet down get to know for awhile to make due is a promise hard to keep without help never taught to look in i'm too concerned with my health help me spread right, ash is cow fertilized come down in a feed town strength to minimize hold it in the meantime ironhead (3:23) --------------- safe to kill it all comes back or stick it out and wage my own attack lift me up through what i've found bite my lip how far down is down? time to take what i know keep it in and live here all alone what's the worst or better dead wear it out the pain is in my head give it (4:17) -------------- killing hurts has to be done peace and love and who's number one the right to give learn to bleed it's free pain is outside lift it up to see step ahead always wear the past dying soothe me beneath the smell of grass no world secret kept is too intent i've got my nerve self-help confidence confidence unsung (3:59) ------------- your contributions left unnoticed some association with an image just credit time for showing up again attention wandered i'm left with it gone by sin too slowly can't pass it up then i thought nothing is right i turned it off to die unsung would really bring you down although wet eyes would never suit you walk through no archetypal suicide to die young is far too boring these days your will to speak clearly exposed too much unsung once too often could not rub off turned out (4:13) ----------------- come off crisp and play up to the cynic clean and schooled right down to the minute you need to hear that your life is rough speaking out and cold that you've had enough you know how to live and your heart's gone bi substance rush giving art a try your righteous squat's been burned to the ground pass the buck never utter a sound high times, hard times downtown julie brown you turned out wasted time need escape me missed it, right? you turned out take my time give it to you get out he feels bad (4:02) ------------------- so i take it out every chance i get left to be mean still it's sane and so sympathetic want to feel bad but you can't say no it's no cause at all it comes down to you and who bleeds who? just pass the day pleasant leaves you comes to you the same way passed on every day's the last day no one sees you walk the part to stay not you judge yourself again age is no excuse had to find a way to close my eyes, call it back and shoot better (3:09) ------------- get it right my last word sins i taste it now omission wins for keeping down my better side i still ignore and try to hide so get out the easy word will never slip i brought it down to take the lip don't need to know don't have to feel you better side i had to steal your better, you die better write down the day, expend it work it in again, death ends it you borrowed (3:49) ------------------- i'll throw you scraps and talk the bad things the language or the motive affected shown is self imitating trust the dying breed the pitch i made has been on my end i trust in what's left here to lie is admired you trust in without fear you borrow my world of one speak up the good things the guidelines let me follow offense is borrowed FBLA II (3:22) -------------- lost senses attention you get short step is mighty now your need turns sick to realize is the fastest defense stand yourself on right and wear this thin land it i have to get it get it right what i need it's what i need role model (3:31) ----------------- assume my stance i could certain lose it reach out show you help look down and take a chance feel like i've gone too far the reason comes beg to know talk to hear wonder how it came out wrong one saves gone right one begs lost sight [*]=====================[*] [*] [*][*] [*]=====================[*]

Carry Me Home

Ac "Stiff Upper Lip"
(Young, Young, Scott) The bartender's working on a late night shift She's bonka blonds and Bon aims on a midnight drift And the dance band's playing the same old slam I'm sinking whiskey and you're sipping fine wine I don't know what it is you're trying to prove Well it should be you but it's me who can hardly move And I've got my reputation lying on the line Come on baby, be a good dog and help the blind Won't you carry me home (Like a truck, pick me up) You ain't no lady but you've sure got taste in men That head of yours has got you by time and time again My arms and legs are aching and my head's about to blow And your back's been breakin' and I'd hate to spoil the show But I've just spent next weeks wages and I'm right out of coin But you want more and it's half past four and they want to close the joint But we can't afford a taxi, and it's too late for the bus But I've been told by friends of mine you're someone I can trust Carry me home Won't you carry me home Carry me home (Don't let me lie here in all this beer) You drank all your booze and half of mine I'm bleary eyed and you're waiting for the sunshine (to come and kill me) Just like the man who threw me on the floor Don't matter, while I'm down here I might as well try and find the fucking door Excuse me, have you seen it? It's about this big And have you got a plastic bag 'cause I'm gonna be sick I'm dead drunk and heave'n hanging upside down And you're getting up and leaving, you think I'm gonna drown Carry me home Won't you carry me home (can you help) Carry me home Carry me home Won't you carry me home Carry me home


ALL THAT REMAINS "This Darkened Heart"
[Solo: Herbert] every word that falls from my lips falls on deaf ears and I suffocate now righteousness cast aside thrown to the ground I close my eyes and I see you there but my eyes deceive me every other sense says I'm alone now waking hours melt to sleepness nights and all fear has left me if I could learn from my past I'd posess the strength to walk away let your sweet taste fall from my lips but it resonates and now I hold this so dear to let it fade would tear me apart if I now left this all behind simply turned and walked away would the dawns light fall upon my face to end this tragedy still deep in the long black behind the shimmering blue I'd swear that I have seen the last soul that I care to so this is passion and it crawls upon my skin and it sinks into my bones and I am whole again and I feel it filling me and I pray it will never end now it burns within my veins and I am writing in ecstasy


ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
[Slug] BAM!! We land at your table like dinnertime Asinine amount of women in the ticketline Hit it from behind the picket sign Switch the design and reposition the shine Subdue what they knew thrown askew Cut through with the focus of a "fuck you" Frozen moments grown up made work Open up the doorway, sewn up, pay dirt Everybody wants to party full belly still suckin on the parsley Star sleeps between the hard sheets You only parked on the street to hear the cars beep Pan left, pan right, damn right the econoline Weaves through the landmines Continues until I leave mankind Can't find control of the wheels on the van like BAM!! We land on your plate like a housefly Just another face from the southside The fall guy, all eyes on the tall small fry While I try not to make this doll cry What you call "fly"? what you call "fresh" Multi-bulls-eye-sex-and-checks-and-death I guess I'm best left for dead in a breath That was never impressed by what's possesed Girlfriend I need your help Cause the head on my shoulders won't fuck itself And homeboy, I need you as well, cause I gotta live And I got a little bridge to sell Gonna build a home out of syllables Gonna be alone when the whistle blows Cut the embyllical on the cymbols The break'll shake your silicone when you feel it go BAM!! (and when they started to scream, I thought of Mike G singin "Everything good aint as good as it seems" get ripped like flash) BAM!! WE land on tour tongue like words Didn't understand they were sung by birds The sunlight burnt to disturb the earth When the gun-fight burst occured BAM!! WE land in your gut like hungar Sunk your ship while you slept in the bunker The thunder don't stop the slumber, plug in the sub Turn it up, let the drummer go BAM!! We land on your head like rain drops With a chainsaw laced in napalm Weight loss, pill pop, chaos Thank god the best plays are made when the game stops BAM!! And if I gotta die, I got faith the decision was made That I was outta line BAM!! And if I gotta die, I'ma smile from the pile Cause I wasn't on the bottom, I'm a man With a child and a voice and a lovelife IF I get a choice then I hope I go just like BAM!!


ARI HEST "Someone To Tell"
Why must it always be stop and go? Where in this life can I find constant flow? Inconsistency on a larger scale Impersistence forcing me to bail out Look left look right look left again before you take a giant step All this side to side takes me out of my groove makes me feel inept I toe the straight line for one short time Forget about regrets and doubts that Make me stop on a dime I'm a fool for distraction Can't keep cool throughout my action Once in a while I find satisfaction I have too much care beyond my reach And too much love that I can't preach What I really need is consistency Everywhere that I go I don't want to be Cause I keep telling me "You're missing out, gotta move, gotta break on free" A modern-day busybacksoon Kind of figures cause I was born in June The month of moody, happy feet The people that no one would like to meet Of wandering no-clues, but why should I have to choose? [Chorus] What if what I need is just to believe Day in day out I find I'm searching for the key My head and heart are too stubborn to agree Where it begins must lie within me I've been so busy finding my way I'm not content with the roles I've been playing But something occurred to me just the other day I am who I am come what may

Choctaw Bingo

JAMES MCMURTRY "Saint Mary Of The Woods"
Strap them kids in, give 'em a little bit of vodka In a cherry coke, we're goin' to Oklahoma To the family reunion for the first time in years It's up at uncle Slaton's 'cause he's getting' on in years. No longer travels but he's still pretty spry Not much on talk and he's too mean to die And they'll be comin' down from Kansas and from west Arkansas It'll be one big old party like you've never saw. Uncle Slaton's got his texan pride Back in the thickets with his asian bride He's got an airstream trailer and a Holstein cow Still makes whiskey 'cause he still knows how. Plays that Chocktaw bingo every Friday night You know he had to leave Texas but he won't say why He owns a quarter section up by Lake Eufala Caught a great big old bluecat on a driftin' jugline. Sells his hardwood timber to the chippin' mill Cooks that crystal meth because his shine don't sell He cooks that crystal meth because his shine don't sell You know he likes that money, he don't mind the smell. My cousin Roscoe, Slaton's oldest boy From his second marriage up in Illinois He's raised in East St Louis by his mamma's people Where they do things different thought he'd come on down. He's goin' to Dallas Texas in a semi truck Caught from that big Mcdonalds, you know that one thats built up on that Big old bridge across the Will Rogers turnpike Took the big cabin exit stopped and bought a carton of cigarets. At that indian smoke shop with the big neon smoke rings In the Cherokee nation hit Muskogee late that night Somebody ran the stoplight at the Shawnee bypass Roscoe tried to miss him but he didn't quite. Bob and Mae come up from some little town Way down by Lake Texoma where he coaches football They were two A champions now for for two years running But he says they won't be this year, no they wont be this year. And he stopped off in Tushka at the pop knife and gun place Bought a SKs rifle and a couple full cases of that Steel core ammo with the berdan primers From some east bloc nation that no longer needs 'em. And a desert eagle thats one great big old pistol I mean fifty caliber made by bad-ass Hebrews And some surplus tracers for that old BAR Of Slaton's as soon as it gets dark, we're gonna have us a time We're gonna have us a time. Ruth-Anne and Lynn come down from Baxter Springs That's one hell-raisin' town way down in south eastern Kansas Got a biker bar next to the lingerie store That's got Rolling Stones lips up there in bright pink neon And they're right downtown where everyone can see 'em And they burn all night, you know they burn all night You know they burn all night. Ruth Ann and Lynn they wear them cut off britches And those skinny little halters and they're second cousins to me Man, I don't care I want to get between 'em With a great big ol' hard on like a old bois d'arc fence post You could hang a pipe rail gate from do some sister twisters 'Til the cows come home and we'd be havin' us a time. Uncle Slaton's got his texan pride Back in the thickets with his asian bride He's got a corner pasture and an acre lots He sells them owner financed strictly to them. It's got no kind of credit 'cause he knows they're slackers And they'll miss that payment and he takes it back Plays that Choctaw bingo every Friday night He drinks his Johnny Walker at that club 69 We're gonna strap those kids in give em a lil bit of Benadryl And a cherry coke we're goin' to Oklahoma, we're gonna have us a time We're gonna have us a time.

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