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Turned Out

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come off crisp and play up to cynic clean and schooled right down to the minute you need to hear that your life is rough speaking out and cold that you've had enough you know how to live and your heart's gone bi substance rush is giving art a try your righteous squat's been burned to the ground pass the buck never utter a sound high times, hard times downtown julie brown you turned out wasted time need escape me missed it, right? you turned out take my time give it to you get out

Hard Life

TQ "Second Coming"
Introducing the hard life As if you all ain't know about it Just another one of them ghetto things Hard life living in the diningroom (Chorus) When I think about the days go by All the times You wish that you could fly away Into the clear bleu skies Just to live the hard life And when I think about the times we had I remember good as well as the bad I can hear sounds of laughter When the lays sweet cries In the hard life Dear mister president I was watching the news the other day You talked about a whole lot of issues But something about the neighberhood you never did I tooke it for myself to change the channel Figured out I was better of watching videos Now you trying to get a litlle fool for my soul. Late at night when they play to old tune (Bridge) I can't get no satisfaction another live lost on quick reaction Only time I think about calm and relaxing is when I write a new song (Chorus) Just a little some for my neigberhood Holla if you hear me Tough time in summertime feeling good Remenise about my partners who past away Just like little ronnie me and him and melinda Just wanna be somebody But to go now Asked me how I feel about Well I thank the lord who blessed him So I sang about it (Bridge) (Chorus) (Rap by E-40) (Chorus - 3x)

Deja Voodoo

GOLDEN EARRING "Paradise In Distress"
From the Album: * Paradise in distress In broad daylight Your clean cut town Has turned into a hunting ground And Mama don't need no crystal ball To see the weight That's coming down 25 hours a day 25 hours a day In the heart of night It howls for more The beast that prowls The killing floor And Mama don't need to read the cards To thell you times are gettin' hard 25 hours a day 25 hours a day You've seen it before It's been done to you In another life, it spell taboo Mama calls it Mama calls it: Dà jà voodoo When sweet turns to bitter And not before When wolves come scratchin' At your door That's when mama's tea cup prophecy Will tell you how it's gonna be 25 hours a day 25 hours a day Tomorrow rips up your yesterday While it stars in your old passion play And mama can hear the spirit's song Singing in her head all night long 25 hours a day 25 hours a day

Until the End Of Time RP Remix

2PAC "Until The End Of Time (Disc One)"
[Chorus sung by RL on (Disc One), Richard Page on (Disc Two)] [2Pac] Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side Somewhere inside my childhood witnessed my heart die And even though we both came from the same places The money and the fame made us all change places How could it be - through the misery that came to pass The hard times made a true friend afraid to ask - for currency But you could run to me when you need me and I'll never leave I just need, someone to believe in, as you can see It's a small thang to a true, what could I do? Real homies help you get through And come to knew he'd do the same thang if he could Cause in the hood true homies make you feel good And half the times we be actin up call the cops Bringin a cease to the peace that was on my block It never stop, when my mama ask me will I change I tell her yeah, but it's clear I'll always be the same Until the end of time [Chorus] So take, these broken wings I need your hands to come and heal me once again (Until the end of time) So I can fly away, until the end of time Until the end of time Until the end of time [2Pac] Please Lord forgive me for my life of sin My hard stare seem to scare all my sister's kids So you know, I don't hang around the house much This all night, money making got me outta touch, shit Ain't flashed a smile in a long while An unexpected birth worst of the ghetto childs My attitude got me walkin solo, ride out alone in my lo-lo Watchin the whole world move in slow-mo For quiet times disappear, listen to the ocean Smokin 'Ports, think my thoughts, then it's back to coastin Who can I trust in this cold world? My phony homey had a baby by my old girl But I ain't trippin I'm a player I ain't sweatin him I sex his sister, had her mumble like a Mexican His next of kin, no remorse it was meant to happen Besides rappin the only thing I did good was scrappin Until the end of time [Chorus - 2X] [2Pac] Now who's to say if I was right or wrong? To live my life as an Outlaw all along Remain strong in this planet full of player haters They conversate but Death Row full of demonstrators And in the end drinkin Heneessy made all my enemies envy me So cold when I flow eliminatin easily Falls to they knees, they plead for they right to breath While beggin me to keep the peace (haha) What I can see closer to achieve In times of danger don't freeze, time to be a G Follow my lead I'll supply everything you need An ounce of game and the trainin to make a G Remember me, as an outcast Outlaw Another album out, that's what I'm about, more Gettin raw 'til the day I see my casket Buried as a G while the whole world remembers me Until the end of time [Chorus]

Lost Love

JUDAS PRIEST "Nostradamus"
I carry with me all the love that you give You bought me serenity - a reason to live Our life is a journey That we took from the start We made all these memories together I can remember The first time that we met The feelings you gave to me - I'll never forget I knew from that moment When our love first began We'd last till the end of time forever And though there were bad times We stood by each other And did what we had to get through You live in my heart - when you're far away I see you in dreams - where I hear you say I'm with your forever in true love By light of the day - and stars above And when there were bad times We held on each other To face what we had to get through You live in my heart - when you're far away I see you in dreams - where I hear you say Look up to heaven - and I'll be there Still guiding my heart Still saying our prayer

Trouble Man (Sign Of The Times)

Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
[Inspectah Deck] Check out the avenue, New York, New York the Rotten Apple We grapple in the streets to stack loot and slip the shackles I'm currently, servin twenty-nine to life Duckin the searchlight, no sleep for like the third night The big life is trife, got the young kids hyped Cops shoot on sight, heat pipe be blowin through the night The land where you ain't fam, there's no pity Similar to Chocolate City, ten times gritty Hittin hard, liquor's God, niggaz plottin on the come off and come off, quicker than the clothes on the stripper and slide like she doin up and down the railing Bitch tailing in the Range with Golden Arms smooth sailin The clock's tickin, somebody's on the block snitchin The plot thickens, phones are tapped, cops listen Too hot for prison, plus too cold to hold my girl cause I married this life and she's my whole world Chorus: {unknown singer} It's just a sign of the times Calmly listen - to these lines.. I'm goin out of my mind Livin - the street life.. [Inspectah Deck] Aiyyo, aiyyo Make me wanna holla way they do my life My life, is like a carousel one endless night Where most die for pies, some holdin their chrome A large percent die for causes not even their own When the Inspectah Deck be long dead and gone long live the INS clone they workin on Til then, I hold a section, I stand alone no co-defendant Showin the weapon, this saga had no story endin It's ghetto heaven, and at the same time hell - shots propel The one that missed me got Chanel In the future ruled by computer, I self tutor The music is the simulator, facin the user I do it for those who walk the same road And no regrets do I hold for the path I chose No sleep since the intro, patrol the windows I reminisce, with the chalice and my eyes half closed If I could do it again, I'd probably do it the same Thought I was through with the game, I'm goin through it again The hood life, I'm in it to the limit Couldn't quit it for a digit, die for it cause I live it Chorus [Inspectah Deck] Yo, been around the world but just can't seem to leave the state of mind that causes tangled web I weave Made my home in the heart of it Move like Seagal, Hard Target Most want no part of it, it's logic Cutthroat party in the Shark Pit Cold blooded souls carry bulldogs and oxes, knowledge this Maintain and remain sane In the cold world where the rules ain't changed Still Rebel to society, government be eyein me They probably watchin me right now as I'm speakin But all I'm guilty of is teachin you the truth They got proof, so you know I'll be home before the weekend The hood life, I'm in it to the limit In it from the scrimmage, livin it, lovin every minute and every hour, til the powers that be eventually stress me to the death

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