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in the meantime (3:11) ---------------------- earth tone suits you so give it a smile if i could hold your feet down get to know for awhile to make due is a promise hard to keep without help never taught to look in i'm too concerned with my health help me spread right, ash is cow fertilized come down in a feed town strength to minimize hold it in the meantime ironhead (3:23) --------------- safe to kill it all comes back or stick it out and wage my own attack lift me up through what i've found bite my lip how far down is down? time to take what i know keep it in and live here all alone what's the worst or better dead wear it out the pain is in my head give it (4:17) -------------- killing hurts has to be done peace and love and who's number one the right to give learn to bleed it's free pain is outside lift it up to see step ahead always wear the past dying soothe me beneath the smell of grass no world secret kept is too intent i've got my nerve self-help confidence confidence unsung (3:59) ------------- your contributions left unnoticed some association with an image just credit time for showing up again attention wandered i'm left with it gone by sin too slowly can't pass it up then i thought nothing is right i turned it off to die unsung would really bring you down although wet eyes would never suit you walk through no archetypal suicide to die young is far too boring these days your will to speak clearly exposed too much unsung once too often could not rub off turned out (4:13) ----------------- come off crisp and play up to the cynic clean and schooled right down to the minute you need to hear that your life is rough speaking out and cold that you've had enough you know how to live and your heart's gone bi substance rush giving art a try your righteous squat's been burned to the ground pass the buck never utter a sound high times, hard times downtown julie brown you turned out wasted time need escape me missed it, right? you turned out take my time give it to you get out he feels bad (4:02) ------------------- so i take it out every chance i get left to be mean still it's sane and so sympathetic want to feel bad but you can't say no it's no cause at all it comes down to you and who bleeds who? just pass the day pleasant leaves you comes to you the same way passed on every day's the last day no one sees you walk the part to stay not you judge yourself again age is no excuse had to find a way to close my eyes, call it back and shoot better (3:09) ------------- get it right my last word sins i taste it now omission wins for keeping down my better side i still ignore and try to hide so get out the easy word will never slip i brought it down to take the lip don't need to know don't have to feel you better side i had to steal your better, you die better write down the day, expend it work it in again, death ends it you borrowed (3:49) ------------------- i'll throw you scraps and talk the bad things the language or the motive affected shown is self imitating trust the dying breed the pitch i made has been on my end i trust in what's left here to lie is admired you trust in without fear you borrow my world of one speak up the good things the guidelines let me follow offense is borrowed FBLA II (3:22) -------------- lost senses attention you get short step is mighty now your need turns sick to realize is the fastest defense stand yourself on right and wear this thin land it i have to get it get it right what i need it's what i need role model (3:31) ----------------- assume my stance i could certain lose it reach out show you help look down and take a chance feel like i've gone too far the reason comes beg to know talk to hear wonder how it came out wrong one saves gone right one begs lost sight

Battered Old Bird

ELVIS COSTELLO "Blood Chocolate"
The landlady's husband came up to town today Since he left them both ten years ago to serve the ministry The dark down road of his approach in constant rain was drenched The tenant's boy said How d'ya do then swore in French Did you teach this little child these curses on my soul You should both be shut down in the coal-hole That's the way to treat a child who cries out in the night And a woman who teaches wrong from right Chorus: He's a Battered Old Bird And he's living up there There's a place where time stands still If you keep taking those little pink pills Hush your mouth you hypocrite His humour cut her deep The tight lipped leer of judgement That had seen her love desert her just like sleep Filthy words on children's lips are better, my dear spouse Then if I were to speak my mind about this house Chorus On the first floor there are two old maids Each one wishing that the other was afraid And next door to them is a man so mild 'Til he chopped off the head of a visitor's child He danced upon the bonfire Swallowed sleeping pills like dreams With a bottle of sweet sherry that everything redeems Chorus And on the second floor is the Macintosh Man He's in his overcoats more than out of them And the typewriter's rattling all through the night He's burgundy for breakfast tight He says One day I'll throw away all of my cares And it is always Christmas in a cupboard at the top of the stairs Chorus Well here's a boy if ever there was Who's going to do big things That's what they all say and that's how the trouble begins I've seen them rise and fall Been through their big deals and smalls He'd better have a dream that goes beyond four walls You think he should be sent outside playing with the traffic When pieces of him are already scattered in the attic


JAMIE T "Panic Prevention"
Sitting heavy in the operation and the people said they can't walk out I remember you walking in that's why you've got this door Looking lock stock on the older days my time Seems to be running away singing up songs or the rights and wrong I don't expect any more from me, oh To all the dead people especially out to Diego A friend with the criminal intention of the bad liaison To all the dead people especially out to Diego A friend with the criminal intention of the bad liaison Take your problems to the United Nations Tell old Kofi about the situation Tell him how you left the whole congregation Sitting on their own in the pews all alone Well the have ago hero shouts in the old door luck Sinning it down this sucks For the breaks of the no go zero kicking it down Don't want to raise, sing him up, give him away Have a good luck I ain't no abacas but you can count on me love To all the dead people especially out to Diego A friend with the criminal intention of the bad liaison To all the dead people especially out to Diego A friend with the criminal intention of the bad liaison Take your problems to the United Nations Tell old Kofi about the situation Tell him how you left the whole congregation Sitting on their own in the pews all alone Take your problems to the United Nations Take your problems to the United Nations Take your problems to the United Nations Tell old Kofi about the situation Is it away out of the day calling yourself back to kingdoms Is it a time singing your lines for old Broadway Time it has passed for being the last to enter the race for the future It pass so fast and fast is thin and that's why were withering So good is the bad the ugly left with your face in the morning You screamed at the back told her just jack about how you lived on the weekend So killers in the midst told you about it years before you answered The whole of the point the real today is passed and now you're finished You scream like nothing's wrong Sons of silence are in them songs Out loud for the reservation It's all thriller no filler Then a beat came up the line 3 or 4 times It's the first time you say It's all filler no thriller To the lost boys in a lost town, to the lost girls in the lost and found I'll find you out when you hit the ground Don't stop moving baby dance around x3 You scream like nothing's wrong, sons of silence are in them songs out loud for the reservation, it's a thriller no filler Then a beat came up the line, 3 or 4 times, it's the first time you say It's all filler no thriller.

Do It To Me

E-40 "The Element Of Surprise"
[Featuring Busta Rhymes] [E 40] Charlie Hust' Busta Bust' let's do it [Busta] Hehehehe Flipmode Sic Wid It You know what's best for you you better get widdit [E 40] I heard him talkin but then he walkin now tell me why they never been incarcerated in a correctional facility for doin this kinda street chemistry (hell yea) I'm an original rapper retrospected by plenty hated by people Me 40 we took it back as street soldier You got my back I got your shoulder Peas and toes, tryin to make it, it's all oh's Impossible is a hit never get caught diggin in my nose Ex d-boy used to be a big time neighborhood rock star although I never owned a gui-tar I-uh-I'm lyrically inclined with my start stutter scrilla type delivery, 40 and Busta Rhymes, was drinkin and smockin hickory, on the porch one time When I came up with this line: I was perkin off of some of that Carlos Rossi wine -- whatcha playa patnah got Flows, like a latina female orgasm Hoes, be yellin and screamin causin contractions at my shows, they take off they clothes and throw they pantyhose on stage Any appliable age from dookie braids to suki braids, deal widdit Chorus: Do it to me baby, do it to meeeee! (Do it to me baby, do it to me baby) Just do anything you want to do to meeeee! (We go do it, do it, do it) Do it to me baby, do it to meeeee! (Do it to me baby, do it to me baby) [Busta] Just do anything you want to do to me (2X) (We go do it, do it, do it) [Busta Rhymes] Check it out yo Do it to me I'ma do it to you Rubber you glue, bounce off of me I stick it on you Weather whatever you could never ever measure my pleasure Dig in my treasure, be making your lungs cave in together Blow smoke out my face, pick up the pace Speed up the race, never let a hot joint go to waste My dogs'll bark when your marksman trespass You better use caution, your body parts might get auctioned No need for you to keep stalkin, HELL but what you talkin have you dusted like a zombie lookin straight Christopher Walken Shorty tried to call me and warn me and E-40 about these other corny rappers that ain't got nuttin for me You know they all blew it, time to move it Blow the spot you knowin how we do it, capitalize Upgrade to gold now we platinum-eyes Keep my flavor holy sacred and pasteurized, WHAT! Chorus [Busta Bust'] We doin this to blow through it til you suffocate, losin your breath til you satisfied, you know we do it to death Ay you know we do it to keep you flippin, do it for whylin Doin it for me to get my hustle on, do it for profilin Do it for the love affair because I'm lovin it When we clubbin all you hear is the live DJ rubbin it Runnin it all into the ground, doin it for days Do it for money, know I gotta keep my bills paid! [Charlie Hust'] My reals be pokin and stickin out like nipples The felines, be lookin at us like we some popsicles Busta Rhyzzzimes, and Charlie Hustle, or should I say Fonzarelli Poppin they collars and workin they star jelly Up in the club, order the one, the party's just begun Love, batches outnumber the fellas ten to one push come to shove, forgot my gun, but it won't hurt fool My music come up out the woodwork, beatch! Chorus w/out Busta (3X to fade)

Release Date

XZIBIT "Man Vs Machine"
Release Date Yeah, today the big day (Xzibit) Been here four years, eleven months and twenty-nine hot ones One more day and I'm a free man walkin Leavin from behind these gates, I paid my debt to the state And ever since they took the weights Wasn't much for a nigga to do but start thinkin Wishin I was back home drinkin every weekend Remember like it's yesterday, eight-teen and ? I can't remember the letters I just wrote a lot of them Goin for a ride that I cannot stop Set up shop in Cochran, connect the dots And for those that don't know, thats the Pen-East to Fresno Northeast to Baskersfield, fuck 'Let's Make a Deal' Livin around niggaz who kill, right along with the niggaz who will At the drop of a hat, sharpen up anything hard to stab you with that Niggaz givin up the manhood they can't get back It's a sick university, murder the cirriculum Concrete campuses, I miss Los Angeles More than that I'm missin my kids Missin my turf, missin my bitch, what could be worse? Shouldn't have asked that, called the bitch collect (It's Xzibit) Some nigga picked up, wanted to break her neck When kites slide up under your door, you slide them back Cause when you pick em up and read em that's where you're at And if you ain't rollin with that then watch your back Level four right away, gettin hit the same day Playin the price for the games you play Never realize how precious time is til you give it away Can't remember what a t-bone taste like I stayed awake nights listening to the sounds of prison life Motherfuckers cryin, shanks gettin sharpened Tacs gettin taced up, plottin and talkin Sellin everything from weed to blow When it's time for you to go you're the last to know niggaz holdin weight, essays got the power Locked down, one shower every seventy-two hours ? tuna, trigger happy sharpshooters Waitin for the jump off, can't wait to thump off Had to smash a nigga readin my shit Tryin to intercept my outside and write my bitch I seen niggaz sleep for weeks, get too weak And then physically and mentally cannot compete Find new shit to master, make the time move faster Home sweet home, shipped off to Land Caster Kept a low pro, close to home and I'm trippin Time to catch up with all the shit that I been missin Everybody runnin they mouth, pussy to count Cause bitches in Cali love niggaz thats freshed out But some of these niggaz on swipe Gettin out with the virus caught from the nigga he liked Fuck that, when I touch back I got plans If I can't rock the powder, rock the fans Give my naked pictures away, shake some hands Hope I never seen none of you motherfuckers again On all times take the long walk to the front gate Dress out expandin shit, today my release date (Talking) [X] Alright my niggaz, I'm gone, see you in an ounce dog, woo! [G] What's up nigga [X] Yeah, what's up nigga [G] Hey get in the car, my nigga, sup X? Here goes ya motherfuckin chain nigga Lucky I didn't pawn that motherfucker [X] Ha, yeah right Check it out dog, everybody know that you just got out That shit was all on the radio But dig it I got two strippin bitches just flew in from motherfuckin Las Vegas ready to get down and dirty, I got a pound of weed, got on the Hennessy Everybody at the club waitin, what you wanna do? [X] Take me to the motherfuckin studio

Down Bottom

DMX "Ryde Or Die Vol.1"
[Juve] Mmmm hmmmmm [Drag] Ha ha hah Oh! Damn, now bop to this Yeah, uhh, uhh, y'all know what this is (flame on) Juvenile, Drag-On (flame on) And now.. Swizz Swizz Beats, yea! [Drag-On] Me and my niggaz done licked shots, even done hit cops Betcha niggaz can't wait til my shit drop Treat you like your momma, give you lip a pop Nigga you don't want my clip to drop Cause that means I'm empty, and you're full of it Check what the bullet did Missiles gonna hit you get you, rip through tissue Shoot another rhyme just cause I missed you I make plus cash, you little niggaz can't fuck wit Drag Got the chain out, so his muscle grabs Nigga fuck that, you better bust back 'fore ya monkey-ass land where the dust at Ride like the girl but you can't trust cash Spit line of fire and he can't touch black All you can do is cuss back in your weak raps bout how you bust gats Nigga we don't need that, I don't care about your feedback Y'all niggaz don't feed Drag Til a motherfucker pull out, bust a bullet out in the safe house, nigga where the keys at Nigga where the stash at, nigga where the weed at Nigga pass that 'fore I pull my trigger Matter fact where the ass at, cause I got the 'Rough Rider' and I ain't talkin bout my niggaz Cause nigga we can go hoe for hoe, toe to toe, blow for blow and when you feel your nose crack That mean I broke that, I fill a po'-po' wit a flame thrower like I told yo' befo' ya know umm - you can't handle You can put me on wax but my fire burn candles And who that nigga Ruff Rydin, Drag-On Y'all niggaz and Southsiders [Chorus: Drag-On + Various (repeat 2X)] Do y'all niggaz bust y'all guns (Hell yeah we bust our guns!!) Do y'all fuck them til they cum (Damn right we make them cum!!) It's for the North (HEY) South (HEY) East (HEY) West (HEY) Ruff Ryders gonna show y'all niggaz who ride the best [Juvenile] Hmmmm, hmmmmmmmm In the late night, we be cockin high and givin you stage fright Yo head might explode, when I bust with the lead pipe Now say it right, Juvenile, HE tight Stay hype, now page Mike and make sure he got all the yea, aight I'm tired of you niggaz, be thinkin that you usin me Runnin with them petty-ass niggaz lookin like fools to me I'm workin wit some change aiy And aint afraid to put fifty up on ya brain yay You bout warrin over yo' people I'm the same yay Look, I'ma have somebody sayin that's the shame yay But if them people come they ain't gon' give no names yay Play with the number one stun'na don't play no games yay Come outside and see nothin but camouflage and bricks Them gather up boys strapped with cannons tryin to knock off yo' shit, you stanky bitch I'll Ruff Ryde your ass then, Cash in for Money Juven' ain't gettin nuttin ha ha hah that shit is funny [Chorus] [Drag-On] When my niggaz get knocked we gonna bail them out When it come to my gun my shells is out You better get the message, cause I done mailed it out that I'ma bang it like a hammer and I'ma nail the South East West, and write letters for my niggaz up North My guns made in China, so you better dust off Comin to getcha, you gon' bleed ketchup, I always got cheddar I never ass bet ya, and I won't even sweat ya You won't roll four and better My dough is never low, but if Drag is down on his last I'ma reach in my sweater, bet my Baretta Make a nigga feel the heat in the cold weather Can't stand a nigga hype, throw me his bitch Bitch come to my shit, you betta come get her Be like a dog with a bone I run with her Y'all make me so tired Y'all niggaz still rappin like you don't know my flow is fire and y'all ain't got ya suits, ain't got ya boots Probably gotta gun that ain't never shoot When we come you better hope they don't name you Cause like two sticks rubbin I'll flame you Don't try to be me cause I ain't you 'fore I have your spirit with the angels My shorty keep a gun on the ankles Wanna fuck Watch out she'll bang you cause I taught her well, y'all players better haul to hell But you niggaz couldn't borrow a belt Whoever wit you is goin to jail Do you niggaz bust your guns Oh you ain't bustin none, huh You wanna fuck em til they cum, huh Drag-On, Juvenile, Double R, what you want huh [Chorus 2X]

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