HELMET lyrics - Born Annoying

Shirley Maclaine

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Best selling advice now you're famous Fortune earned, this time it's painless Light's out, show them your peaceful grin Confess, step up and shed your sin Say you don't hate You fix your smile painlessly Your face, strain you can't recognize So sad pushing that nervous state Your brain, you lost it you can't get in Say you don't hate Colors vibrate in me He sings about me Rock gods aura found TV Inner glow shit, peaceful harmony Turn your happy camp away from me Rainbow bodies vibrate, so absurd Thanks for your concern you saved the world

Let's Get It On

JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A. "Riot Musik"
[Verse 1: Lil' Cease] Uh Yo, I call my connect, get it sent across the border Chop it up, bag it in bundles of all quarters I might just hold it and sell weight Have my shit pumpin all across the tristate Nigga I'ma gangsta, I'm the word to define great You's a old-timer, you a hustler design late Shit, I got my own company, why should I hate? My paper long as fuck, high as a pie steak And my cell phone never ring, it just vibrate Did a couple years in the pen, I don't sign state A nigga had a brick and the stash on the highway I'm always on time like Ja Rule and Ashanti Ya boy on the grind like it's Friday to friday A nigga like me cherish days like I'm Sade No time for the bullshit, no time for the foul play Now I'ma boss, I'ma do this shit my way So nigga what you want? [Hook x2: Lil' Cease] I got my own company, why should I hate My paper long as fuck, high as a pie steak And my cell phone never ring, it just vibrate Did a couple years in the pen, I don't sign state [Verse 2: Banger] Yo, Yo I got that work that the africans stepped on, the pope blessed on The 2 for 5's, the whole hood slepted on Don't kept growin toes, never got stepped on Nowadays, nigga recognized I'm a real don Since Big passed, is when the fame and the thrill's gone Left 3 mill on the block, and I'm still on Niggas see my face when the real's on I do the stealin, but I never get stoled on My life is like Cash Money bitch when I roll on And anytime I lay wit a bitch is wit no clothes on It's hard doin' right, cuz all my life I did so wrong Pissed, I popped shit like Monica, I'm so gone After fame comes success, now that my team's strong Nowadays, I don't need a shoulder to lean on Just put me in the booth, give me a mic to scream on And any gun I pack got its infrared beam on So nigga what you want? [Hook x4] ...Why should I hate ...High as a pie steak ...It just vibrate ...I don't sign state

Eminem Feat. J-black, Masta Ase

[Announcer] Welcome back, to the stage of history [Eminem] Yo.. Slim Shady! Yo.. I'll fuckin.. I'll.. I'll puke, eat it, and freak you (eww) Battle? I'm too weeded to speak to The only key that I see to defeat you would be for me to remove these two Adidas and beat you and force feed you 'em both, and on each feet is a cleat shoe I'll lift you off your feet so fast with a roundhouse you'll think I pulled the fuckin ground out from underneath you (Bitch!) I ain't no fuckin G, I'm a cannibal I ain't tryin to shoot you, I'm tryin to chop you into pieces and eat you Wrap you in rope and plastic, stab you with broken glass and have you with open gashes strapped to a soakin mattress Coke and acid, black magic, cloaks and daggers (ahhh!) Fuck the planet, until it spins on a broken axis I'm so bananas I'm showin up to your open casket to fill it full of explosive gasses and close it back with a lit match in it while I sit back and just hope it catches Blow you to fragments Laugh, roll you and smoke the ashes [Chorus: J-Black (repeat 2X)] I see the light at the end But every time I take a step, it gets dim Tell me is this hell we're livin in? If so, heaven's got to be better But if we're hellbound, whatever, let's go down [J-Black] Am I the worst? Because I, never go to church (never) I run a red light then sideswipe a hearse I'ma drink 'til my liver rot, see the doc Leave the E.R., then hit a bar for a liquor shot, 'til the liver spot One day we all gon' die But when I die, I'ma be so high that I'ma get up and walk, leavin the concrete bare with the chalk outline still there I smoke 'til I choke and I sex a lot I got a cross on my chain but it's just a rock Now if I pray everynight (night) Do I still have to hold my trey very tight? You feel me God? I done did so much shit while on Earth I smoke, I drink, I curse, and to make matters worse I bust my gun first, and then I chat with your corpse Since way back, I was one to never like back-talk See me at the pearly gates in line, wearin a Nordface Nickle nine at my waist, God done lost faith Angels greet me but I don't reply back Just show me to my quarters, and oh yeah, where's Thai at? [Chorus 1/2] [Announcer] Maxie was seriously wounded but the soul still burns Final battle, fight! [Masta Ace] Analyze the strength of my game, like Lee Corso Call me a lost soul, with a vest on my torso And of course, yo, y'all know I'm no stranger to danger Like Christ in a manger, feel a whole range of my anger I breathe down shit so hard you can see sound And beat down these rap clowns in like three rounds My pen 'bout as sharp as a dagger, walk with a swagger Tie your wife to the back of a black Jag and I drag her Ten blocks, untie the bitch and I still bag her Give her a smack in the ass and a six pack of lager My shit go as deep and as dark as a train tunnel My flows spill like usin the wrong end of a funnel Everyday I grow more older, and more colder Fly you to Colorado, roll you over with a Boulder I know you want to retaliate but you won't dare Cause you fuckin with some niggaz like this who just don't care [Chorus] [J-Black] But every time I take a step, it gets dim.. Tell me is this hell we're livin in? Haha.. [Announcer] Time's up! You lose!

WTF Collective 3

Yo... MC confusing... WTF 3 mother fuckers. Got more hamstrings than a pile of wings 2012 - Bringing west wing DVDs to a blind date First on deck every day normal guy [everyday normal guy Everyday normal guy here to get the track started My average lyrics are between genius and retarded I drink tap water and watch all the CSIs I put my 30 dollar pants on on leg at a time Sleep 8 hours a night eat 3 meals a day I'm motherfucking content I got no reason to complain I have a roof over my head and I got clothes on my back My verse is done it wasn't great but hey it wasn't that bad [MC uses time machines irresponsibly] Yo I'm MC uses time machines irresponsibly Went back and found Jusad Iscariot in 33 AD Gave him 31 pieces of silver to rat out the wrong guy Then I planted monsanto seeds in dinosaur times Gave Bill Gates my iPhone in 1973 Then I travelled in time to the night that I was concieved Then I met up with my parents and we hung out all night Come to think of it they didn't have any alone time (NO) [MC nausious] MC Nausious up in this mother fucker I don't feel so hot shit I think that I am gonna [bluurg] Why'm I so sick, what I eat Cat food will make expired yogurt taste less like cheese (oh right) [MC cock blocks himself] MC cock blocks himself, hey girl what's up You so sexy we should probably hook up Crawl in a hot tub with a bottle of champagne By the way I have a girlfriend and I think I might have AIDS [MC necrophiliac] MC necrophiliac, where are my dead bodies at Crashing funerals just so that I can get a whiff of that Decomposing bodies are (they're[?]) my favourite aphrodesiac Flatlining gives me a pavlovian erection in my pants Turn-offs include breathing pulses and signs of life My turn ons are rigor mortis cold flesh and suicide If you're not stiff as a board I won't be stiff and I'll be bored Wait what do we have here? Looks like I'm about to score [Talking, Zombie chorus guy] Wait a minute... no! no!!! NO!!! [singing] -You have to be kidding me What the fuck is going on -This cannot be happening I don't wanna do this any more -This must be a bad dream Leave me alone -Why am I still singing? I mother fucking killed myself [MC gets sidetracked easily] Yo! MC gets sidetracked easily back in the heezy By heezy I mean house but not the show I think it's cheezy My favourite show is Dexter that guy is also in 6 feet- under my first experience with death I was just 16 My dog got run over by a truck and its head exploded Like Robert Patrick in Terminator 2 when he's frozen Its freezing in Iceland I was just there on holiday Hold on I think I got lost again what was I trying to say? [MC who couldn't speak in the present tense] I was MC who couldn't speak in the present tense I'm gonna have a lot of money and my dick was immense It would've been difficult, people assumed I was a retard I'll have a serious problem, communicating was hard [MC constipation] Yo I'm MC constipation It has been 3 days since My last bowell movement I'm starting to get impatient Spend hours on the toilet Yet nothing never comes out of it Intestines like polititions They're constantly full of shit I wish my bowell movements where a little more like my rhymes Always smooth and free-flowing It would save me a lot of time Push for hours with no result Not even a brown brussel sprout My shit's like a gay republican It's not planning on coming out [MC] Yo I'm MC invisible You can't see me The only rapper in this industry that can't be seen With the naked eye I won't lie It's hard to get a fanbase When image is everything And I litterally don't have a face [MC on the phone with Ted Danson] I'm MC on the phone with Ted Danson Keep it down Just skip to the next verse I'm on the phone with ted Danson Not now hold on ted I don't wanna be in this song anymore Leave me alone This is more important I'm on the phone with the guy who played Sam Malone [MC confusing] Yo MC confusing wrapping up the song Like a plasticine high fiving (high five and) a helicopter thong I got richochet highlitghts from the fleet fox's knife guy We out like a rice fightin' a vampire's wife's life [MC zombie chorus guy] -Maybe this isn't so bad Better than my last job -Taking it in the ass for cash 20 bucks a pop -Maybe things will turn around Being a zombie's pretty cool -Things couldn't get worse anyhow (get's tackled by MC necrophiliac) [Talking] [MC necrophiliac:] Yeah that's right uuhh. [undoing fly/zipper] Oh you're gonna get it you little dead bitch. [Chorus Guy:] No! No! Ahh! [getting raped] ow ow, I spoke to soon [MC WCSITPT:] UUGH! That used to be so gross! [MC Nausious:] It's just a guy having sex with a dead body. There's nothing (BLURG) [MC invisible:] Dude! you just puked all over me! [MC Nausious:] sorry [MC constipation:] That's a good idea, I should get an enema [MC cock-blocks himself:] Enemas, puke, guys having sex with dead bodies... you ready to go back to my place ([girl:] uugh (walks off)) What am I doing wrong? [MC fatigue: (wakes up)] Did I miss anything?

Duets For One

Look at you, could I have been so foolish and so green A face that smiled at every passing scene Look at you, you're lost behind the web of woven time When each emotion pinball in your mind Look at me, I'm happy now I see your face and smile I was the judge and jury at your trial Look at me, you know the road ahead will twist and turn Now I have the time to stand and learn But you and I have come so far With a shaken faith From the pain of a broken heart Toward feeling great Feel like life has just begun No more singing duets for one I hold your picture here beside the bed You had a party raging in your head Look at me, I look at you with vacancy and hurt And here today all I can do is learn Look at me, I'm happy now I see your face and smile I was the judge and jury at your trial Look at me, you know the road ahead will twist and turn Now I have the time to stand and learn I have this picture of me looking at you Looking at me And I would like to say Goodbye sweet memory

Hip Hop (Remix)

[Intro: Joell Ortiz {Jadakiss}] Yo do me a favor? (what?) Accidentally step on your white sunglasses (ha ha ha) We don't wear those over here, this is hip-hop {uh-huh} This is Carhart jackets (yeah) Timberland boots unlaced {yup} This is Champion hoodies, chicken wings and french fries {uhh} R.I.P. pieces on the handball court (you see it) This is us still fightin police brutality {AH-HAH!} [Jadakiss:] Everybody runnin they mouth 'bout how they real Ringtones blowin the doors off album sales Need to be tellin the people 'bout how they feel So that's how it all started, I'm surprised they feel I'll Music just ain't what it used to We used to have songs that, you could shoplift or boost to This is the truth too, listen we gon' pop in the Juice Crew Then run up in the mall, get loose boo Hard streets, hard times, beats and hard rhymes Five Percenters teachin the god lines Two turntables, a mixer, few speakers Haze didn't exist yet, they blew reefer Pink Champale, plenty of malt liquor Extension cord was ran through grandma's kitchen Fashion statements, bats was safe then Now, D-Block Royal bash your face in [Chorus x2: Joell Ortiz] Aww man (man) this is hip-hop Hands up, if you forever a fan of hip-hop I wake up hip-hop, go to sleep hip-hop Dream about hip-hop, cause I am hip-hop [Joell Ortiz:] Uhh, geah, check I said hip-hop, started out in the park Man I knew it was goin down from the start I be backstage with that extra pound in my heart Butterflies, what a vibe when I tear that whole crowd apart It's hip-hop, my lips got problems, I spit hot shit Watch the kid rock albums, I hurt verses And bruise flows, who knows what's next and when I'm like a NBA game, nothin less than 10 It's like all kinda diseases infest my pen I'm sick [cough] I gotta spit, I can't digest my phlegm This gift, could be a curse if you don't use it right So call me now, tell half of these dudes good night They let the lion out the cage, the dragon from out the cage Dudes worship him, girls be draggin him off the stage You dudes weak, you ruin beats, you don't hurt the track Give your producer my contacts I'll murder that [Chorus] [over Chorus: Saigon] Knahmean? J-O! See you my nigga, haha Bring this shit back man Bring it back in time man, check [Saigon:] Just when y'all thought Queenbridge was a wrap Nas came back (Bridgin' the Gap) Joey Crack told the whole map to (Lean Back) For a second you woulda thought New York was takin the scene back Even Ja dropped a mean track - it went "I'm from New York!" The first city that have heads to fiend for crack Now all I hear about is who's a Blood, who's a Crip Religious leaders only teach half of the truth and shit I'd rather rock a fake gold crucifix Than them platinum white Jesus faces; he rap like he's a racist Know a philosopher that reads the pages So that knowledge I try to keep away from me for ages (Aww man) It's like I'm in a race against time Couple years ago I couldn't wait to get signed I thought automatically that my face'll get shine But bein lyrical was just a waste of slick rhyme Cause so, still I annihilate though The sire lace the place with the fireplace flow The day y'all could fuck with me or Joell Ortiz? That's the day Hell gon' freeze [Chorus] [Joell:] Aww man [echoes]

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