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Indecisive and deaf or dumb Tongue-dried in the sun Nervous speech and your mental health Drunk on every detail Loosened up from the moral slide as though There's nothing to hide It corresponds with your secret view and Never weighs upon you I'd blame someone but I've got you Like everyday that bores me Sleep fine at night and Wake up to my early speechless morning It works like crime, adjust your view Waste your time improving She's cut so well and lifelike too You'll bleed to death before me


Life used to be life-like Now it's more like showbiz I wake up in the night And I don't know where the bathroom is And I don't know what town I'm in Or what sky I am under And I wake up in the darkness and I Don't have the will anymore to wonder Everyone has a skeleton And a closet to keep it in And your mine Every song has a you A you that the singer sings to And you're it this time Baby, you're it this time When I need to wipe my face I use the back of my hand And I like to take up space Just because I can And I use my dress To wipe up my drink I care less and less What people think And you are so lame You always dissapoint me It's kind of like our running joke But it's really not funny And I just want you to live up to The image of you I create I see you and I'm so unsatisfied I see you and I dilate So I'll walk the plank And I'll jump with a smile If I'm gonna go down I'm gonna do it with style And you won't see me surrender You won't hear me confess 'Cuz you've left me with nothing But I've worked with less And I learn every room long enough To make it to the door And then I hear it click shut behind me And every key works differently I forget everytime And forgetting defines me That's what defines me When I say you sucked my brain out The English translation is I am in love with you And it is no fun But I don't use words like love 'Cuz works like that don't matter But don't look so offended You know, you should be flattered And I wake up in the night In some big hotel bed And my hands grope for the light And my hands grope for my head The world is my oyster The road is my home And I know that I'm better Off alone

Don't Waste Your Time

MOTORHEAD "Sacrifice"
Bet you're scared of dying, scared of death, Think you might choke on your final breath, Wanna go to Heaven, scared of Hell Scared of the Devil and his tail as well, Ain't no insurance for the final ride, No photo finish, nobody to bribe, Baby, I know only you can live your life, And there is only you can do it right. Don't waste your time, Don't waste your time, Don't waste a minute listen here, Don't waste your time, Don't waste your time, Everybody going, standing in the line, Don't you worry, Baby, worse things than death around here. Don't chase after money, you are gonna lose your soul, Same for religion, out of control, Don't fall for money, or heroine again, Needles for your enemies, bullshit for your friends, The way we're going, same as we came, Bought the fucking picture and we're playing for the frame. Everybody asking you when they gonna die, I think that they should be askin' why. Don't waste your time, Don't waste your time, Don't waste an hour of your life, Don't waste your time, Don't waste your time, The ghost walk beside us, been there all the time, You damn well there is worse things than death to fear. Don't waste your time, Don't waste your time, Don't be staring at the wall, Don't waste your time, Don't waste your time, You better find a reason why you should be alive. If you're just a taker, then you might as well check out, that's all.

That's A Lie

Kim Richey "Kim Richey"
I let the porch light burn all night 'Till the early morning light But you never did come by And now you're calling me Just to say you need A little room to breathe That's a lie you tell yourself so I Can't touch you That's a lie to shut me out but it's Just not true Can't you see you're not fooling me a bit Yeah, you can try to tell me you don't care But I know that's a lie Well you never will be free If you let her memory Get all tangled up with me I'm sorry for your pain But I won't take the blame All women aren't the same [Repeat Chorus] You say you'd like to be alone You do just fine all on your own [Repeat Chorus]

Lazy Life

Holly Tree
since we've started to play it's been so hard, we've worked everyday nobody helped us as we need and now our heads are starting to bleed in our house we had no support school didn't let us stay now none of them will forget our name when they sleep and they wake all they in fun, and sleep all night that's what we need in our lazy life we had to listen in our lives to have a band is not a good way to survive but without it we wouldn't live don't ask for something we can't give we are out of money all the time and we just wanna be free now we do what we like write songs about the problems we see

Are They Comin' For Me

DORO PESCH "Machine II Machine"
Have you heard the latest news War burning in the human state Can't keep it in the name of God Can't take it in the name of hate Dirty lies of a promised peace Running with the falling rain Down to the bone we lose compassion Keep a secret, lose the faith Does heaven bleed? What could it be, are they comin' for me In the night a child's cryin' All lost in another disease Can't stand it in the name of God Can't blame it in the name of peace I'll trade you a hand grenade For a night that doesn't scream Down to the bone we fight with passion Keep a secret, lose the faith Keep your distance, feel the pain Keep the fire, take the blame Does heaven bleed? What could it be, are they comin' for me And if I saw you Would you recognize my face War can change you Rearrange you all the same CHORUS :

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