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It's Easy To Get Bored

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If I'm half informed Sympathize because it's easy to get bored I don't have time to waste I'm busy cultivating useless good taste You need to know how to lie The savage civil servant's beady eyes I can call him names And maims Then we'll only see eye to eye And every breath expelled is wasted And somebody manage the same lie I'll spread some more good news Invented facts that you know you Can use Sell them door to door with Religious fervor that no one can ignore It's so easy to get bored It's so easy to get bored It's so easy to get bored It's so easy to get bored

Ok, Here's The Truth

JAVIER COLON "Come Through For You"
There's a look on her face She's starting to master And she carefully closes the door She's been coming home late With pre-packaged answers To questions she tries to avoid Now she's talking too fast And I just have to ask Baby what's all the cloak and dagger for Okay here's the truth I ran out of gas & I didn't call cause I thought you'd be mad So I started to walk Took an hour and a half To get off that highway and fill up that can I was hoping that you'd understand She's getting good with the lies So good that you wondered If the rabbit in the hat tricks for real She turns water into wine And I'd almost believed her If her eyes just for once could keep still Now my patience wasting Cause she's late once again Honey tell me what delayed you this time Okay here's the truth It's gonna sound kind of strange But I took a new way home from work for a change It started out fine Til I got to Route 9 When an hour away before I realized I'm sorry I ruined all our plans I was hoping that you'd understand And there watching her secretly talking It is just about all I can bear Now I know why she's been wearing Make-up and caring So much about changing her hair The telephone vibrates on the table again Another damn private call coming through And now she's visibly shaking And I just feel like taking that phone Throwing it clear across the room She answers “hello” A mans voice I don't know Says “it's time that you tell him the truth” Now I can't take this no more Honey I'm out the door No, I won't relax I got my suitcase all packed What she said next stopped me dead in my trust Okay here's the truth It's not what you think The man that you heard is head of oncology I'm sorry I lied To you all of those times I didn't know how to tell you I might not survive Okay there's the truth I've got six months to live I wanted what's best for you and the kids I promise I'll fight With all of my might But if I lose this battle I lived a good life So baby just please hold my hand And tell me that you understand


So here she's actin' happy inside her handsome home And me, I'm flyin' in my taxi, takin' tips and gettin' stoned. I got into town a little early. Had eight hours to kill before the show. First I thought about heading up north of the bay Then I knew where I had to go. I thought about taking a limousine Or at least a fancy car. But I ended up taking a taxi 'Cause that's how I got this far. You see, ten years ago it was the front seat Drivin' stoned and feelin' no pain. Now here I am straight and sittin' in the back Hitting Sixteen Parkside Lane. The driveway was the same as I remembered And a butler came and answered the door. He just shook his head when I asked for her And said She doesn't live here anymore. But he offered to give me the address That they were forwarding her letters to. I just took it and returned to the cabbie And said I got one more fare for you. And so we rolled back into the city Up to a five store old brownstone I rang the bell that had her name on the mailbox. The buzzer said somebody's home. And the look on her face as she opened the door Was like an old joke told by a friend. It'd taken ten more years but she'd found her smile And I watched the corners start to bend. And she said, How are you Harry? Haven't we played this scene before? I said It's so good to see you, Sue Had to play it out just once more. Play it out just once more. She said I've heard you flying high on my radio I answered It's not all it seems That's when she laughed and she said, It's better sometimes When we don't get to touch our dreams. That's when I asked her where was that actress She said That was somebody else And then I asked her why she looked so happy now She said I finally like myself, at last I like myself. So we talked all through that afternoon Talking about where we'd been We talked of the tiny difference Between ending and starting to begin. We talked because talking tells you things Like what you really are thinking about. But sometimes you can't find what you're feeling Till all the word run out. So I asked her to come to the concert. She said No, I work at night. I said, We've gotten too damn good at leaving, Sue She said, Harry, you're right. Don't ask me if I made love to her Or which one of us started to cry Don't ask me why she wouldn't take the money that I left If I answered at all I'd lie. So I thought about her as I sang that night And how the circle keeps rolling around. How I act as I'm facing the footlights And how she's flying with both feet on the ground. I guess it's a sequel to our story From the journey 'tween heaven and hell With half the time thinking of what might have been and half thinkin' just as well. I guess only time will tell.

Good News

AVALON "Joy - A Christmas Collection"
Good news / Good news / An angel brings Good news / Good news / Good news / I meet you with Good news * Close your eyes / Fold your hands / For a moment let your sorrow fade / Why, oh, why are you afraid / Has this world stripped you of your faith / Close your eyes and on bended knee / Listen to an angel pray / And once again prepare the way / So you'll see a gift that's given / For you a time of joy/ Behold a baby boy * Bow your head / Speak not a word / Let the silence take you far from here / The spirit disappear / Bow your head and on bended knee / Hear the story once again / The child grew up to wear a cross / A child grew up to pledge a life / For us a time of joy / Behold, Christ a baby boy * For us is born this night / In a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes / Christ the Savior, Christmas day / All our burdens washed away / We break the bread / We pour the wine / And angels decend with a heavenly sigh / *From the album JOY*

Waiting In Green Velvet

Waiting in green velvet with a suitcase in her hand, standing down a ways from the bus stop sign, looking at the sky, like she was bound for the promised land, checkin' out her watch like she was losing time. She was checkin' out her watch like she was losing time. Chorus: Thought I heard her talkin' somethin' 'bout Rainbow lights, a psychedelic sight, it'll be here soon, comin' down to fly us all away. Can't you hear the roar of the distant engines from a far-off moon? Are you packed and ready for Judgement Day? So I just sat there on the bus stop bench awhile and watched her stare into the sun. Reminded me what my grandma said when I was just a child, That'll hurt your eyes, dear little one, that'll hurt your eyes, dear little one. CHORUS The bus pulled up and I got in but the girl didn't even move. This was not the ride she was waiting for. The bus driver just shook his head 'cause there's nothing in the world to do and I waved good-bye through the slowly closing door. I just waved good-bye through the slowly closing door. CHORUS

Some Other Time

JILL SCOTT "The Light Of The Sun"
About another time, some other time How 'bout you call next week, We'll get something to eat. We'll just hang and chill, Just to keep the thrill. About another time some other time Oh my God, I really had a good time tonight. It was fun. I had stars in my eyes. Oh my God, (he was fly) he was witty and sweet, Relaxed and comfortable. (Fine) Conversation was nice and easy, Steady moving, (sense of humor), smart. There was a kind of dignitary vibe Like an original hip hop melody break dance soul train. He's kinda Don Cornelius to me (Cooler than a fan) [x2] But it's only been two weeks. About another time, some other time He can be a snake in the grass Deceptively hiding, waiting to spill his venom on my ass. (You know how it go) He could be cold blooded With another woman behind another door Another couple of kids, three or four He could be lying about his money (shit no doe) Ain't got nothing to show He could be be a lotta things, a lotta things He could be a lotta things. I just wanna see (spirit of discernment) about a [x3]

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